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VR-Zone is a leading online technology news publication reporting on bleeding edge trends in PC and mobile gadgets, with in-depth reviews and commentaries. Our inquisitive team of journalists cover key international events like CES, CeBIT, MWC, Computex and local exhibitions like CommunicAsia, IT SHOW, PC SHOW, COMEX and SITEX.

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VR-Zone Tech News for the Geeks May 2011 Issue

  1. 1. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Stuff for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.Seagate announces 1TB perplatter hard drivesSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/seagate-announces-1tb-per-platter-hard-drives/12046.htmlMay 3rd, 2011 Seagate is asking for $299.99 (S$369) for the 3TB version, while the two platter 2TB is priced at $199.99 (S$246). Seagate also announced that it will have a 1.5TB and 1TB version of the Barracuda XT, although no pricing was announced. Retail If youve been waiting for a triple-platter 3TB hard drive, then pricing is already a lot lower than Seagates asking price andwe have good news, your wait is over as Seagate has as the first weve spotted the 3TB drive for $229.99 (S$283) and the 2TBhard drive manufacturers announced 1TB per platter drives. model for $159.99 (S$197), although the difference is thatThe new Barracuda XT series will the home for the new 347GB the drives Seagate sells directly comes bundled with a SATAper square inch 1TB platter disks. cable, a power splitter, mounting screws and some software. That said, we dont really think thats worth the extra moneyIf youve been waiting for a triple-platter 3TB hard drive, then compared to buying a bare drive, but even the retail kits canwe have good news, your wait is over as Seagate has as the first be had for a lot less than the MSRP.hard drive manufacturers announced 1TB per platter drives.The new Barracuda XT series will the home for the new 347GBper square inch 1TB platter disks. Razer Goliathus Mouse MatThe Barracuda XT series does of course feature SATA 6Gbps Redesigned and Reinforcedinterface, 64MB of cache, a 7,200rpm spin speed and all the Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/razer-goliathus-mouse-mat-usual features youd find on a modern high-end hard drive. redesigned-and-reinforced/12045.html Seagate claims a sustained data transfer of 138MB/s with a May 3rd, 2011random read seek time of 8.5ms. Hardly impressive comparedto modern SSDs, but bear in mind that the largest model canstore a massive 3TB. Razer announces that the Razer Goliathus has been redesigned and reinforced with a dense, anti-fraying and long-lasting stitched frame. Price: Omega – US $14.99 / EU €14.99, Standard – US $19.99 / EU €19.99, Alpha – US $24.99 / EU €24.99, Extended – US $34.99 / EU €34.99. Availability: May 2011 Full Press Release 1
  2. 2. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone With its anti-fraying stitched frame, the edges last longer, giving you the freedom to tear your opponent to shreds, and not your mouse mat. Price: Omega – US $14.99 / EU €14.99 Standard – US $19.99 / EU €19.99 Alpha – US $24.99 / EU €24.99 Extended – US $34.99 / EU €34.99 Availability:Carlsbad, Calif. – 3 May, 2011 – Razer, the world’s leading Razerzone.com – May 2011high-end precision gaming brand, is proud to announce that Worldwide – May 2011the Razer Goliathus has been redesigned and reinforced toensure your soft mouse mat swiping experience is morehardcore than ever before. Product Features: Heavily textured weave for maximum mouse controlMaintaining the same well-loved, speed-enhancing and Anti-fraying stitched frame extends mat durabilitycontrol-precise features, the redesigned Razer Goliathusmouse mat delivers maximum performance to propel you to Pixel-precise targeting and trackinggaming stardom. Now imbued with a dense, anti-fraying and Rubber base for a secure grip on smooth surfaceslong-lasting stitched frame, your mouse mat stays sharp for Mat Dimensions (mm)consistent tournament ownage. Space-efficient (Omega): 270 x 215 x 3 Mid-sized (Standard): 355 x 254 x3“The only thing wearing down should be your enemy,” saidRobert “RazerGuy” Krakoff, President Razer USA. “The Razer Large-sized (Alpha): 444 x 355 x 3Goliathus is our pride and joy when it comes to soft mats, Desktop Length (Extended): 920 x 294 x 3designed with professional gaming-validated weaves for anexceptional mouse swiping experience. Now with anti-frayedges, you can go forth and frag even harder, worry-free.” MSIs 990FX and 970 chipset boards make brief EuropeanAbout the Razer Goliathus Control Edition Mouse Mat: appearance Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/msi-s-990fx-and-970-chipset-boards- make-brief-european-appearance/12044.html May 3rd, 2011 Details of three of MSIs upcoming AM3+ motherboards have appeared on a European price comparison website and some of the specifications of three different models have turned up. On top of that we now know what these three models will cost, at least in Euroland and for what its worth, the boards seem to be pretty competitively priced, especially against Intel based motherboards.The Razer Goliathus Control Edition gaming-grade mouse mattakes your mouse’s superb precision up a notch by having itmatched with the mat’s specially textured weave capable of Details of three of MSIs upcoming AM3+ motherboards haveregistering even the smallest of movements. This gives gamers appeared on a European price comparison website and somean unprecedented level of targeting and tracking accuracy, of the specifications of three different models have turned up.while maintaining a perfectly controllable yet consistent glide. On top of that we now know what these three models will cost, 2
  3. 3. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneat least in Euroland and for what its worth, the boards seem to May 3rd, 2011be pretty competitively priced, especially against Intel basedmotherboards.Starting from the bottom we have the 970A-G45 which shouldbe one of the more basic AM3+ boards from MSI with the 900-series chipset. As the name gives away, this board sports theAMD 970 northbridge and the SB950 southbridge. The board These days there are four major Taiwanese motherboardhas two PCI Express x16 slots, although as far as were aware, makers and then we have Biostar and Jetway somewhere downthe 970 chipset doesnt support split PCI Express lanes, so the bottom-end of the market. That said, Biostar has had somewed guess the second x16 slot only has four lanes worth of success with the overclocking crowd and now details of its firstbandwidth. There are also two PCI Express x1 slots and two Z68 based motherboard and although we cant say that this isPCI slots. As with the SB850, the SB950 supports six SATA a board wed rush out to buy.6Gbps ports and various RAID modes.Around the back were apparently looking at six USB 2.0 ports, These days there are four major Taiwanese motherboardtwo USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet and 7.1-channel audio, makers and then we have Biostar and Jetway somewhere downbut thats all we know so far. Internal connectors are meant to the bottom-end of the market. That said, Biostar has had someadd two more USB 3.0 ports and another six USB 3.0 ports. success with the overclocking crowd and now details of its firstSadly we dont have any pictures of any of the boards, so we Z68 based motherboard and although we cant say that this iscan only go with whats been listed by the price comparison a board wed rush out to buy.site. Cost wise the 970A-G45 is listed at €82.10 (S$159) inGermany. The TZ68A+ is so for the most spartan Z68 weve seen to date. In fact, we have a feeling we wont see another Z68 boardNext up we have the 990FX-GD65 which again as the name that has so few features from anyone else. That said, weregives away is based on the 990FX northbridge and again the hopefully looking at a really affordable Z68 board and it shouldSB950 southbridge. This board has two full PCI Express x16 be more than adequate for most users. On a brighter note,slots, three PCI Express x1 slots and two PCI slots. Again were Biostar has at least added a trio of display connectors aroundlooking at six SATA 6Gbps ports with RAID support. The rear the back which consists of an HDMI, DVI and VGA port. TheI/O is the same, with two USB 3.0 ports, six USB 2.0 ports, only other ports around the back is a PS/2 port, two USB 2.0Gigabit Ethernet and 7.1-channel audio. Internally the board ports, two USB 3.0 ports (via an ASMedia host controller), ahas pin headers for four additional USB 2.0 ports, but we have Gigabit Ethernet port and three audio jacks for 5.1-channela feeling there will be at least one for a pair of additional USB audio.3.0 ports as well. This board is listed at €124.43 (S$227), againin Germany. The board layout is pretty clean if somewhat uninspiring with a pair of x16 PCI Express slots where the second one is a x4 slotFinally we have the 990FX-GD80 which is the top of the rather than being a switchable slot, a single x1 PCI Express slotrange board and it too has the 990FX/SB950 chipset setup. and two PCI slots. To Biostars defence this does at least meanHowever, this board has no less than four x16 slots and wed there are no blocked slots, nor any shared bandwidth from thedare to wager that when all are in use they operate at x8 mode. chipset, so anything you plug in will work as intended withoutTheres also a pair of PCI Express x1 slot and a single PCI slot. on-board features being disabled. The board has the standardOnce again we have six SATA 6Gbps ports with RAID support, four SATA 3Gbps and two SATA 6Gbps ports, but these arealthough at least this time around we know that theres support sadly not angled, although its not likely that any of them willfor two internal USB 3.0 ports, as well as four USB 2.0 ports be blocked by an add-in card.and a FireWire port. Around the back were looking at two USB3.0 ports, six USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire port, Gigabit Ethernet The board also has a power and reset button, oddly high-endand 7.1-channel audio. This is also the most expensive of the features on what is otherwise looking like a fairly basic board.three boards at €171.97 (S$314). There are also three headers for an additional six USB 2.0 ports, as well as a serial and parallel port header on the board.We did find a fourth model as well, the 990FX-GD70, but One of the more disappointing features, or lack thereof, is thewe havent managed to track down any kind of specifications fact that Biostar has only fitted a single 4-pin PWM fan headerfor this model. However, we did find a price and it ends up and its for the CPU fan and even so there are only two other fanbetween the GD65 and GD80 price wise, much as expected, at headers on the board which seem stingy. The power regulation€158.13 (S$288). So far it looks like MSI has a pretty decent circuitry is also very basic which what appears to be a 4+1-line-up of AM3+ boards coming and well make sure to bring phase design. In as much as this is good enough, it doesntyou all the detail of the new boards from Computex, if not inspire a lot of confidence in the overclocking potentials forbefore. this board. Still, at the end of the day, it all comes down to cost and this better be a cheap board is its not going to do well.Biostars TZ68A+ motherboardleaks ahead of launchSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/biostar-s-tz68a-motherboard-leaks-ahead-of-launch/12043.html 3
  4. 4. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneONFI 3.0 forces Intel to moveto BGA NAND packagingSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/onfi-3.0-forces-intel-to-move-to-bga-nand-packaging/12023.htmlMay 3rd, 2011 If youve ever seen a picture of an opened SSD or the inside ofan SD card, youll have noticed that the NAND Flash chips usedare of the TSOP (Thin Small-Outline Package) variety, i.e. an Its possible that by the time that Intel moves to ONFIoblong chip with small pins of the short ends. TSOP is a fairly 3.0 for its lower-end NAND Flash products well see anstandard packaging for a wide range of computer ICs, but it entirely different kind of packaging used for the NAND Flash,seems like more advanced technology will soon see it passed something thats a bit more affordable than BGA. Cost is ofinto the history books as far as NAND Flash is concerned. the essence and Intel knows that, but with increasing demands for faster NAND Flash the chip makers dont have a choice but to move to faster NAND Flash interfaces such as ONFIIf youve ever seen a picture of an opened SSD or the inside of 3.0 which offers chip level speeds of up to 400MB/s. Intelsan SD card, youll have noticed that the NAND Flash chips used current products use a DDR-200 interface, while ONFI 3.0are of the TSOP (Thin Small-Outline Package) variety, i.e. an uses an NV-DDR2 interface which has been designed to workoblong chip with small pins of the short ends. TSOP is a fairly better with NAND Flash. Its just a shame that in the SSDstandard packaging for a wide range of computer ICs, but it market space its the enterprise section that gets the fast newseems like more advanced technology will soon see it passed toys to play with first and not the consumers, but if you haveinto the history books as far as NAND Flash is concerned. enough cash, you could always splash out on some enterprise grade hardware for home.According to Intels NAND Flash roadmaps were looking at amove towards BGA (Ball Grid Array) packaging as TSOP isntadvanced enough to handle the higher speeds required by new Gigabytes Z68X-UD5 andNAND Flash interfaces such as ONFI 3.0 (Open NAND FlashInterface). As such, all of Intels enterprise level NAND Flash Z68X-UD4 motherboardsis already being transitioned to BGA packaging, both SLC andMLC products. For now the consumer (Intel refers to it as detailed Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/gigabyte-s-z68x-ud5-and-z68x-ud4-client) end of the market remains at TSOP as its far cheaper motherboards-detailed/12042.htmlto produce, but wed expect things to look different come next May 3rd, 2011year. Were definitely getting close to the launch of Intels Z68 chipset and more details of Gigabytes upcoming boards have turned up on the internet. Not only have we found pricing of the three high-end boards, but the Z68X-UD5 and Z68X-UD4 have been given a thorough going over in a detailed preview, of course without benchmarks as Intel dont condone benchmark figures ahead of a launch.Intel is planning to move its 20nm NAND Flash SLC and MLC Were definitely getting close to the launch of Intels Z68products to ONFI 3.0 towards the end of this year, but as chipset and more details of Gigabytes upcoming boards haveyou can see from the slide, this is likely to be its enterprise turned up on the internet. Not only have we found pricing ofproducts. That said, the same roadmap also has a 20nm ONFI the three high-end boards, but the Z68X-UD5 and Z68X-UD42.2 product on it, but this is likely to also be a TSOP package. have been given a thorough going over in a detailed preview, ofIntel is also looking at increasing the capacity per chip in course without benchmarks as Intel dont condone benchmarkthe enterprise NAND chips, but the consumer level products figures ahead of a launch.remains at the same capacity, at least for now. 4
  5. 5. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe Z68X-UD5 is pretty much the same motherboard as the At the rear the Z68X-UD4 has a PS/2 port, seven USB 2.0P67A-UD5 with the exception of the chipset of course. In fact, ports, two USB 3.0 ports, one eSATAp (USB/eSATA combothe boards are so similar that if it wasnt for the red ports with power), one eSATA, a Gigabit Ethernet port, FireWirearound the back on the Z68X-UD5 and the silk screen on the port and 7.1-channel audio with optical and coaxial S/PDIFboard with the model name, we wouldnt be able to tell the two out. The same Australian retailer is listing this board for aboards apart. If this is a good or a bad thing is a matter of what pretty affordable AU$239 (S$320) which looks like a muchyoure after in terms of features, but its pretty clear that theres better deal compared to the Z68X-UD5, despite the somewhatno real reason to get the P67A-UD5 any more, especially as the peculiar board layout and lack of one expansion slot that mightprice difference appear to be minimal. In fact, the Z68X-UD5 not be to everyones liking.has already appeared on an Australian online retailer priced at For those of you that are looking at going for the high-endAU$319 (S$427) and the same company stocks the P67A-UD5 Z68X-UD7 we can let you know that the price of this boardfor AU$305 (S$408). In as much as this is a price premium, is AU$399 (S$534), once again from the same Australianwere sure it wont last for long. retailer. Wed expect these boards to be slightly cheaper in the US of course and its worth keeping in mind that the US dollar is now worth less than the Australian dollar. For detailed pictures of all three board models, hit the link below. More pictures: Lab501 The Daily VR-Zone News Summary - 3 May 2011 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-daily-vr-zone-news-summary--3- may-2011/12038.html May 3rd, 2011The Z68X-UD4 on the other hand is nothing like the P67A-UD4, instead this looks like the P67X-UD4 which was shownoff at CeBIT but never launched. We cant say were overly In todays news roundup: NVIDIAs GeForce GTX 590 getskeen on the board layout, as Gigabyte has made a few peculiar pitted against AMDs Radeon HD 6990 to determine whichchoices here. For starters the 16-phase VRM is taking up an companys hardware is capable of offering the better triple-unusual amount of space on the PCB and this means you end display gaming experience; AMDs Phenom-II X4-980 BEup losing the first expansion slot. The slot layout consists of a processor gets reviewed; Apple has updated its iMac line ofpair of x16 slots in a dual x8 configuration when both are used, all-in-one PCs to include Intels Sandy Bridge platform, newtwo x1 PCI Express slots and two PCI slots. graphics cards and the recently announced Thunderbolt port;On the other hand, the Z68X-UD4 has an additional two SATA RIMs latest BlackBerry 7 OS has been confirmed to lack legacy6Gbps ports beyond the two supplied by the Intel chipset, support, which means that older BlackBerry handsets havewhich is also two more than the Z68X-UD5 which seems very officially reached a dead end with regards to software updates;odd. Gigabyte has also fitted a pair of Etron USB 3.0 host Videos of Atelier Merurus prologue and parts of the titlescontrollers to the board, rather than using VLI USB 3.0 hubs gameplay has started showing up on major video streamingand a single Renesas chip as per the Z68X-UD5. This means sites such as Youtube, and Rumour has it that Nintendothat youll actually be able to get better performance out of is ready to launch a Wii Select line of heavily discountedeach of the four USB 3.0 ports, although you do lose out on an bestselling titles for its video game console.additional four ports compared to the Z68X-UD5. Hardware news SandForce SF-2141 Controller & Intel Z68 Chipset: Destined to be Together? Description: Today we are going to play a brief game of connect the dots with information that is publically available. We are going to mix two parts of facts and one part speculation. The pinch of speculation has been verified by two sources and in the media world that gives it enough validity to go to print so to speak. The overall picture will be a little cloudy, but I think enough of a silhouette will pass through to give us a close representation of whats to come. The good ole "Things That Might Be Happening, but What Do I Know? Triple Monitor Gaming: GeForce GTX 590 vs. Radeon HD 6990 Description: By utilizing three monitors games can become roughly 3x more demanding as the graphics card is required to 5
  6. 6. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonerender an overwhelmingly higher number of pixels. Whereas Description: The ASUS Maximus IV Extreme is the latestwe commonly test graphics cards at single monitor resolutions Republic of Gamers motherboard for the Intel socket 1155of 1680x1050 (22”), 1920x1200 (24”) and 2560x1600 (30”), mainstream platform. The ASUS Maximus IV Extremetoday we are taking these and adding two more LCD features an updated sleek heatsink design, Extreme Enginemonitors for effective resolutions of 5040x1050, 5760x1200 DIGI+, DDR3-2200 (OC) support and 3-way SLI/CFX. Theand 7680x1600. Maximus IV Extreme also boasts a wealth of overclocking options, including onboard debugging tools and switches asAMD Phenom-II X4-980 BE Processor @ Benchmark Reviews well as remote overclocking controls via Bluetooth devices orDescription: As is common with AMD CPUs, the next in through a laptop. In order to achieve 3-way SLI/CFX support,the Phenom-II X4 Black Edition series is being released; the the ASUS Maximus IV Extreme is equipped with an NVIDIAPhenom-II X4-980BE HDZ980FBK4DGM. The X4-980BE NF200 chip located where the Northbridge is typically placed.will take over as AMDs flagship quad-core processor and guess The new B3 version of the Maximus IV Extreme has 10 USBwhat, it is 100MHz faster than the current quad-core king 3.0 ports including two at mid-board for front panel supportat 3.7GHz. Without surprise the Phenom-II X4-980BE will as well as four SATA 6Gb/s ports for high speed connectivitybe released at the same price the X4-975BE was released in options.January 2011 with an MSRP of $195. And because we arejust that reliable, Benchmark Reviews is here to give you the Consumer Electronics and Software newsrun down on the Phenom-II X4-980BE to show you how it Apple updates the iMac: Thunderbolt I/O, quad-core andstacks up against its younger brothers and the similarly priced more(though slightly more expensive) Core i5-2500K. Description: Apples desktop lineup has typically pushed usersGigabyte H67A-UD3H ATX Review @ OCIA.net requiring plenty of fast I/O towards the Mac Pro - but the latestDescription: The majority of users that select an H67- iMac refresh has broken the tradition. While quad-core Sandyequipped board do so to take advantage of Intel HD graphics Bridge CPUs and faster ATI Radeon HD GPUs are welcomed,built into Sandy Bridge processors and thus, wont be using its the addition of Thunderbolt ports (one in the 21.5-inch anda high-end graphics card or really any other add-in cards. two in the 27-inch) that really ups the ante for a number ofBuilds where a Micro ATX board would be suitable include professional users.home theater PCs and small form factor builds where a small Adobe CS5.5 Available for Download Nowfootprint is needed. A quick check at Newegg revealed only Description: Adobe has just broken the seal on Creative Suitethree full size ATX H67 boards, one of them being the board 5.5, the latest installment of its design and developmentwe are taking a look at today, the Gigabyte GA-H67A-UD3H. software. Of course, the new release brings the usual round-upHIS Radeon HD 6790 1GB IceQ X Turbo Video Card Review of improvements and tweaks, but the fireworks in CS5.5 lie inDescription: Just before the launch of the HD 6790, HIS the suite’s new HTML5 and mobile app-specific capabilities.emailed us and asked if we wanted to get a sample of the Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Evo Duo Silent Fan Notebooknormal version, or if we were happy to wait a couple of extra Cooler Review @Hi Tech Legionweeks for the IceQ X Turbo one. Since we had a reference Description: Cooler Master is ready to release their newest lineclocked card already on the way and the IceQ X and Turbo of NotePal coolers, starting with the NotePal Infinite Evo Duoseries being two great ones, it was a no brainer and we chose to Silent Fan Notebook Cooler. The Infinite Evo adds a bit of stylewait. Well, the card finally arrived and we got a chance to put and high performance and an excellent price. The design usesit through its paces to see what this new mid-range card was a unique U-shape airflow method that intakes with two 80mmable to offer. Being part of the IceQ X and Turbo series means fans. Fans can be controlled by a speed control wheel on theweve got both an upgraded cooler and an overclock on offer. side by the USB power connection. The top of the Evo is madeAntec KUHLER H2O 920 Liquid Cooling CPU Cooler Review of a high quality aluminum pad that has a sand-spray finish. ItDescription: Since I caught wind of the H2O 620, I assumed is USB powered and includes a 3 port USB 2.0/1.1 hub. There isthe "fat radiator" version was already in the works. Why not also an ergonomic design angle for optimal viewing and typing.keep up with the Jones if you are already basically mimicking There is support for 12" to 17" laptops.a product already on the shelf is my take, and I was right, well, Plantronics Gamecom X40 Xbox headset Review @sort of. Antec did release the thicker radiator design with the XSReviews.co.uk920 moniker, and we are about to take an up close look at not Description: Recently we visited Gadget Show Live 2011 andonly the cooler, but the software that comes shipped along with while our article on that event did quite well, this one did a lotthis new cooler from Antec. better. Despite that however, the real highlights of the eventThermaltake ToughPower Grand 850W Power Supply Review are checking out the hardware and one company was kind@ Real World Labs enough to let us test a lot of it. Not only that, but PlantronicsDescription: The latest addition in Thermaltake’s ToughPower were such fans it seems that they plied us with their entireseries called the Grand comes with an 80 Plus Gold range of Xbox headsets. Needless to say, we had to find biggerCertification, high quality components, rock solid rail stability, bags. That aside though, today we test the first of this lineup,elegant design and a rich bundle. the Gamecom X40.ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 Motherboard Review @Hi Blackberry 7 OS abandons old handsetsTech Legion Description: RIM has two Blackberry smartphones on the way, under the banner of the Blackberry Bold 9900 and the 6
  7. 7. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneBlackberry Bold 9930. Theyll sport its new OS, Blackberry Joining the Intel Z68 club is MSIs Z68A-GD80. We take a7, which will not be available as an upgrade to customers peek at the features with which MSI hopes to make its boardwith older devices. The long-rumoured mobiles will sport an stand out from the rest."iconic design" with a touch screen, RIM predictably says, Several of the MSI Z68A-GD80s features are prominentlyshipping with Blackberrys new operating system, Blackberry advertised on its box, including of course the assurance that7. Blackberry 7 does not have legacy support so users with you are getting the trouble-free stepping of the chipset.older handsets will be stuffed if they want to run the improvedsystem.OS X Lion to bring iOS-style uninstalls for Mac appsDescription: If you thought that the iOS method of uninstallingapps was awesome, you’re going to love OS X Lion. Thelatest developer version of the operating system revealed thatit features the same uninstalling method as iOS for appspurchased from the Mac App Store. Users just click and holdonto an app’s icon, and it will start to wobble just like how itdoes on iOS. Then users can click on the X icon that appearson the top left corner to delete the app.Google Nexus One gets Android 2.3.4 earlyDescription: Android 2.3.4 software for the Nexus Onesmartphone is now available for download as an early build The Z68 PCH is passively cooled, which should come as nothat will require some bug fixes (ZIP). It will also arrive in surprise given that the TDPs of Intels recent chipsets have alla more finished version over the air anytime now, however. come in under 10 watts. The CPU power delivery system, onUnlike the version of the software for the Nexus S, no support the other hand, gets a more elaborate cooling solution.exists for the Google Talk video and voice chat features.Gaming newsHector Badge of Carnage Review at PC Game ExaminerDescription: Hector: Badge of Carnage marks a turn for theruder and cruder for Telltale Games. Although good for a fewlaughs for the boob and fart joke crowd, the games bleak andsoulless story doesn’t quite hold up to Telltale’s other offerings.Put the kids to bed before you play this one folks.Atelier Meruru Prologue and Gameplay Videos releasedDescription: Have a look at Gust’s Atelier Meruru through thisprologue and gameplay videos. The prologue which is fourminute long tells the background story of of the Arland seriesstarting from Rorona and Totori. The gameplay video showssome world exploration though there is no battle. The MSI Z68A-GD80 provides 12-phase power to the CPURumor: Wii Select budget line launching this month using MSIs DrMOS system. DrMOS uses integrated circuitsDescription: After only four and a half years, it looks like that combine the MOSFET and its driver into a single chip,Nintendo is finally ready to introduce a line of budget titles in which MSI claims achieves 96% efficiency. By reducing theNorth America. Kotaku reports that the "Wii Select" line will number of phases active when the system is not under load,launch alongside the newly discounted Wii, which is rumored power consumption can also be reduced. The number of activeto drop to $150 two weeks from now. The first titles reported to phases is indicated by a row of LEDs along the top edge of thebe part of the $20 lineup include The Legend of Zelda: Twilight motherboard.Princess, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Super Sluggers andWii Sports.First Look: MSI Z68A-GD80Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/first-look-msi-z68a-gd80/12035.htmlMay 3rd, 2011 The memory and chipset each get 2-phase power. There is also an additional PCIe 6-pin power connector, which MSI claims 7
  8. 8. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonewill improve the overclocking capabilities of installed graphicscards. Known as the KX 370, KX 420 and KX 470, GIGABYTE claims that the KX series of PSUs are compliant with the ATX 12V v2.0 specifications set forth by Intel and feature aNext, well be looking at the onboard features and expansion 120mm cooling fan, along with protection from over-voltage,options offered by this motherboard. over-current and short-circuits to ensure system stability. In addition, the KX series of PSUs are reportedly capableGIGABYTE shows off new of providing over 78% efficiency and a MTBF of over 100,000 hours.entry-level PoweRock PSUsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/gigabyte-shows-off-new-entry-level-powerock-psus/12036.htmlMay 3rd, 2011Need an entry-level PSU for use in building a cheap PC? Well,leave it to GIGABYTE to deliver the goods once again witha new addition to its value-oriented PoweRock line of powersupplies. Known as the PoweRock KX series, these PSUs areavailable in three different ratings, all of which happen to belower than 500w. After all, we did mention that these PSUswere designed to be used on entry-level PCs, no?When it comes to having an extensive lineup of PSUs availablefor the enthusiast with an entry-level PC, few can match whatGIGABYTE has offer with its PoweRock and PoweRock EXlines of PSUs. However, it would seem that GIGABYTE is The hardware specifications of the PSUs are as follow:not content with merely having two product lines for the PoweRock KX 370entry-level market, for the Taiwanese company has silentlyintroduced three new additions to its lineup of entry-levelPSUs, all of which will be sold under the PoweRock KXbranding. PoweRock KX 420 8
  9. 9. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone platform will take place two weeks after the Asia release - on 26th June.PoweRock KX 470 Judging by AMDs hectic schedule for June, the FX-Series and Lynx platform (A-Series for desktops) will release sometime in July. After several years of anticipation, Fusion and Bulldozer are finally about to release in the next 2 months. June and July will undoubtedly be two of the most important months in AMDs history. LG launches new Xnote notebooks in Korea Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lg-launches-new-xnote-notebooks-in-Once again, we should point out that the PoweRock series korea/12034.htmlof PSUs are designed to be used only by entry-level systems, May 3rd, 2011and the just-launched KX-series is no exception to the rule.Therefore, if you are in need of a PSU to power a siblingsPC that sees most of its uptime performing tasks such asgunning meatbags down on Crysis 2, the KX-series of PSUs aredefinitely not the ones you are looking for. Now that high-performance, ultra-thin notebooks are fastReport: AMD to announce A- gaining popularity among consumers for their portability andSeries, FX-Series in June visual appeal, it would make sense that OEMs are starting to funnel more of their resources into churning out suchSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/report-amd-to-announce-a-series-fx- notebooks in a bid to gain a greater share of the notebook pie.series-in-june/12037.html Of course, LG is not about about to let itself get left behind inMay 3rd, 2011 the competition; the Korean company has just announced in a press release that it has launched two new additions to its Xnote line of ultra-thin notebooks - the P430 and P530 series. And yes, they are powered by Intels Sandy Bridge platform.AMDs extraordinary schedule for June kicks off at Computex If LGs new notebooks could talk, wed wager that the first2011, Taipei, where AMD A-Series will be announced, words they would probably say will be something along thealongwith the VISION 2011 branding. AMD 900 Series lines of "Move over, Macbook Air", and for good reason. Afterchipsets will also be announced. These three announcements all, ultra-thin notebooks boasting full-power processors arewill be held on June 1st. Fast forward to the next week, and starting to gain popularity among road warriors who needE3 2011 - AMD will announce the FX-Series brand and logo, portability and performance bundled together in a singlealongwith the AM3+ platform - on June 7th. package, an offering which only Apples Macbook Air couldThese announcements will be shortly followed by the Asia fulfil back then. However, times have since changed, andrelease of the Sabine platform (A-Series for notebooks), LG is seemingly keen to wrest back marketshare from thearound the same time as the AMD Fusion Developer Summit. competition with two new introductions to its ultra-thin XnoteLlano will be formally announced for the rest of the world on line of notebooks, namely the P430 and the P530 series.June 14th at AMDs 2011 Client Launch Event. Both the Sabine(notebook) and Lynx (desktop) platforms for A-Series will beannounced. Finally, the the worldwide release of the Sabine 9
  10. 10. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone May 3rd, 2011 Okay, maybe equating a mundane device such as a tablet PC to the principle known as love might be stretching it a little bit, but it is quite hard to see it any other way, especially when the company responsible for marketing this little device has a name which makes a reference to the word love. That beingAccording to the press release issued by LG, the P430 will said, does anybody fancy a five-inch ACHO tablet, all deckedbe available in three different models, each with differing out in a brilliant white plastic body?hardware specifications. At the top end of the scale is the Just when one thought that the tablet wars could not haveP430-KE7BK, which boasts an Intel Core i7-2620M processor gotten any fiercer, out comes OEMs with a new breed of tabletsclocked at 2.7GHz (3.4GHz under TurboBoost), 8GB of that skirt the fine line between that of a smartphone and amemory and a 720GB hard disk. The mid-range configuration tablet PC. With screens no smaller than the three-inch displaysis provided by the P430-KE4BK, which utilizes a (slightly) used by most smartphones but also no larger than five inches,weaker Core i5-2410M processor clocked at 2.3GHz (2.9GHz such mini-tablets can either be seen as the best or worst ofunder TurboBoost), 4GB of memory and a 500GB hard both worlds, and are mostly aimed that users who want thedisk. Lastly, the P430-KE3UK offers users a Core i3-2310M versatility of a tablet in a pocketable form factor.processor clocked at 2.1GHz, 4GB of memory and uses thesame 500GB hard disk found in the P430-KE4BK. In addition, And apparently, the idea of having a pocketable tablet hasall three models of the P430 will feature a 14-inch widescreen seemingly started to catch on on China. Indeed, reports havecapable of a native resolution of 1366 x 768, a gigabit Ethernet confirmed that a new mini-tablet device has been reported toport, an 802.11bgn compliant WiFi card and an NVIDIA be making its rounds in Chinas domestic tablet market, andGeForce GT520M graphics card which supports the Optimus is currently being sold under the ACHO brand name, with aswitchable graphics technology. model number of C902.On the flip side, the 15-inch P530 series of notebooks have notbeen officially unveiled yet, although LG claims in its pressrelease that the P530 series will be made available at a future As it was for the case of the seven-inch C901 released beforedate after the P430 hits retail shelves some time in the early it in the later part of 2010, ACHO is making no attemptparts of May this year. Lastly, we are as clueless about pricing to produce an iPad/iPhone/Galaxy /(insert name of device)details as you are, simply because LG made no mention of such lookalike, a trait seldom found in most Chinese domesticdetails on its press release, so we can only wait and see. designs. In addition to its original design, the ACHO C902 is also fitted with a Rockchip RK2818 processor which is reportedly clocked at 1GHz, utilizes a five-inch touchscreenIn China, love comes in the display capable of a native 800 x 480 resolution. and will comeform of a five-inch tablet with version 2.2 of the Android operating system pre-installedSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/in-china-love-comes-in-the-form-of-a- into the it. Also, word has it that the C902 will feature built-infive-inch-tablet/12032.html support for 3G and WiFi, along with hardware accelerated HD movie playback at up to 720p. Unfortunately, no price for the C902 has been revealed, although it is speculated that ACHO may price the C902 anywhere between 399 - 499 yuan (approx US$61-75) 10
  11. 11. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone HPs vice president for marketing in Asia Pacific and Japan, Robin Seow, claimed that HP has always been taking a strongHP partners with Branded Ltd interest into the music and digital entertainment segments.to bring "Music Matters LIVE "HP has a very simple mission: to connect with our targetwith HP" to Singapore audience out there. Music plays a very important role in connecting to the audiences. Two years ago, we started aSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/hp-partners-with-branded-ltd-to- partnership that has resulted in the creation of Beats Audio,bring-music-matters-live-with-hp-to-singapore/12030.html a technology which delivers studio-quality sound for users toMay 3rd, 2011 enjoy music the way songwriters and composers intend it to be," he said. Seow also claimed that Music Matters LIVE With HP event will be a very meaningful platform where talents from all over the world can utilize HPs technology and create music for others to enjoy. To that end, he cited success stories such as AliciaDo the words Music Matters ring a bell? If it does, chances Keys and JJ Lin, both of whom are users of HPs Beats Audioare you will have much to look forward to come 26 - 28 technology.May this year. An Asia Pacifics pioneer music industry event Last but not least, Universal Music Group Internationalshas been confirmed to be heading down to Clarke Quay at president for South East Asia, Sandy Monterio, spoke aboutsunny Singapore to "bring digital entertainment, music and the importance of talents familiarizing themselves with thelive music industries together under one roof for the first time trends of digital entertainment that will be touched upon inin Asia". And to top things off, HP is going to be a major two companion events, Digital Matters and Music Matters (notplayer at Music Matters; the company has partnered up with to be confused with Music Matters LIVE With HP).Branded Ltd to offer its expertise in high-quality audio toaspiring talents and artists. "Every change in the music industry was actually pre-empted (in Digital Matters and Music Matters). Universal is survivingMmusic lovers will probably be looking forward to what is because we paid attention to these changes. Those executivesabout to take place in Singapore come 26 May this year, for who didnt pay attention...well, they are no longer in theBranded Ltd has announced that Singapore will be playing business," he quipped.host to the popular Music Matters LIVE with HP musicindustry event this year. In addition to that, HP is also hopping The Music Matters LIVE With HP music event is organisedon board the event to expand its Beats Audio technology to by Branded Ltd and is slated to be held at various venues"bands and music enthusiasts to pursue and achieve their all over Clarke Quay for three days, starting from 26 Maypassion for music". this year. Branded Ltd has also confirmed that more than 40 bands will be taking part in this years Music Matters LIVE 11
  12. 12. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWith HP, along with local talents such as 53A, Jack & Rai and keeps your earphones looking and sounding good — whetherTypewriter. you’re exercising or commuting to work. And the new Ultimate Ears earphones come with a carrying pouch that easily fitsMusic fans interested to know more about Music Matters Live into your pocket or your bag while you’re on the go. Plus, youWith HP can hit up the Music Matters home page here. can use your earphones with your iPod, MP3 player or any laptop with a 3.5 mm jack. To express your personal style, theLogitech launched Ultimate Ultimate Ears 200s are available in purple, grey or blue.Ears 100, 200 and 200viearphones and headsetsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/logitech-launched-ultimate-ears-100-200-and-200vi-earphones-and-headsets/12028.htmlMay 3rd, 2011Logitech has launched their new Ultimate Ears 100 and 200 Ultimate Ears 200vi Noise-Isolating Headsetearphones and headset that claim to deliver secure noise-isolating fit with distinctive patterns and colors for the trendy For your iPhone or Blackberry, the new Ultimate Ears 200viusers. The Ultimate Ears are available in stores now. Noise-Isolating Headset offers an integrated microphone and a 3.5 mm jack (volume control functionality not available withToday, Ultimate Ears, a product unit of Logitech, has BlackBerry devices.) For iPhone users, the on-cord controlsintroduced the Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating earphones, let you switch seamlessly between music and phone calls withthe Ultimate Ears 200 Noise-Isolating earphones and the the push of a button, and give you the ability to pause songs,Ultimate Ears 200 vi Noise-Isolating headset in five distinctive adjust volume and take phone calls all without taking yourpatterns and three colors. smartphone out of your pocket. Pricing and Availability The suggested retail price for all variations of the Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones is S$25. The suggested retail price for the Ultimate Ears 200 Noise-Isolating headphones and Ultimate Ears 200vi Noise-Isolating Headset is S$39 and S$49 respectively. Samsung launches GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0, and HMX-Q10 camcorder Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-launches-galaxy-s-wifi-4.0-Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones and-5.0-and-hmx-q10-camcorder/12027.htmlUltimate Ears latest earphones offer 24dBs of noise isolation, May 3rd, 2011giving comfortable, secure fit that helps block outside noiseand envelop you in sound. Plus, every set of Ultimate Ears 100Noise-Isolating Earphones comes with four soft ear cushions— from XXS to M — to guarantee a comfortable fit.Featuring artwork from well-known graphic album artistChuck Anderson and images from established Rock Starphotographer Greg Watermann, the Ultimate Ears 100 Noise- Samsung Korea has announced their new GALAXY S WiFi 4.0Isolating Earphones’ five new genre-based styles allow you to and 5.0 smart players that offer users entertainment on theexpress your musical style. move. In addition, the company has also launched the full high definition HMX-Q10 camcorder, which is retailing in storesUltimate Ears 200 Noise-Isolating Earphones now.The Ultimate Ears 200 Noise-Isolating Earphones deliver 26 Samsung today launched GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and thedBs of noise isolation, so you can really get in the zone. With GALAXY S WiFi 5.0. Featuring 4- and 5-inch screenfive pairs of soft silicone ear cushions, you won’t have to worry sizes respectively, both can deliver the powerful applicationabout getting the right fit. A durable, sweat-resistant design experiences as the original GALAXY S. The two versions give 12
  13. 13. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneusers an unrivalled entertainment experience through a cleardisplay, a swift 1GHz processor and the Android 2.2 Froyoplatform. The GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 will be first available inRussia and will be gradually rolled out in other countries. The - HD Video & Images: A camera lets you shoot and share yourGALAXY S WiFi 5.0 will be first available in Switzerland. life, capturing high-quality video or still images. The Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 support DivX HD, allowing high- definition video playback; Support for various codec standardsThe GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 claim to deliver rich including MPEG4, H264, DivX, XviD, WMV codecs ensuressmartphone experiences of the GALAXY S smartphone. With you can enjoy huge catalogues of content from all over the web.video communications via VoIP services and rich video andmusic entertainment with multi-codec support, the SamsungGALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 will keep users constantlyentertained. - Audio excellence: The Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 Smart Player put entertainment at its core, designed to deliver the best possible audio and video experience. Samsung SoundAlive technology provides unrivalled sound quality,Key Features: with deeper bass and greater tone articulation.- Display: The clear display makes web surfing and multimediaviewing a joy. Enjoy movies, favourite TV shows, photosand web-browsing anywhere. Samsung’s latest mDNIe image - Enhanced Memory Capability: Packed with generous 8/16engine technology ensures that video and images look GB memory, plus mircoSD slot and powered by a powerfulstunning. 1GHz for an industry leading performance, the GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 are equipped to handle any user demand.- Android 2.2 Froyo: The GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 featurethe Android operating system, with possible upgrade option to2.3 Gingerbread. Sony hit by hackers again Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sony-hit-by-hackers-again/12025.html May 3rd, 2011- Application Customization: With access to over 150,000 appsavailable on Android Market, the Samsung GALAXY S WiFi4.0 and 5.0 are fully customizable smart devices. IntegratedGPS support further expands the capabilities of the device, In addition to the theft of over 70 million account details fromletting you benefit from Google’s map services and directory Sonys PlayStation Network and Qriocity services, hackersapplications. have also stolen the personal information and credit card details of users from another Sony network. Read On.- Google Mobile Services: Enjoy premium Google services suchas Gmail, Google Talk and YouTube. Utilize voice recognitiontechnology to search with Google faster than ever on theInternet.- Samsung Social Hub: Your entire social life in yourhand. Simultaneously post messages and pictures on Flickr,Facebook, and Twitter using Samsung’s Social Hub. Theintegrated address book provides the ultimate command &control station for the most popular SNS services. Synchronize While Sony is still recovering from the fallout of its Playstationyour personal calendar with friends, family, and the latest network and Qriocity services being compromised, there isevents. more bad news. Sony has just announced that hackers may have stolen the personal information of 24.6 million Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) users. Sources claim that 12,700 credit card details were stolen in this attack. All of Sony Online- VoIP Voice & Video Calls: The GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 Entertainments games services have been taken offline.utilize cost-effective video and voice communications services.The Qik application allows video chat which can be shared over An advisory on the SOE website has stated that the stolensocial network services. credit card information are from an oudated 2007 database. 13
  14. 14. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe notice assures consumers that the main database has notbeen compromised.Sony Online Entertainment is best known for its MMORPGs(Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) such asEverquest, Everquest II and DC universe online. Unfortunately, little else about Ice Cream Sandwich has been revealed save for the information that had been previouslyIt is official: Honeycombs announced months ago: that Ice Cream Sandwich will featuresuccessor will be known as the best of both worlds by incorporating elements of both Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Also, word has it that Ice CreamIce Cream Sandwich Sandwich will be the first version of Android that is designedSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/it-is-official-honeycomb-s-successor- to work well with both smartphones and tablets with largerwill-be-known-as-ice-cream-sandwich/12026.html displays, but we shall wait for the final build to be releasedMay 3rd, 2011 before making any judgements. That being said, we cannot help but feel the need to satisfy a certain craving for ice cream right now... The Daily VR-Zone News Summary - 2 May 2011We have danced around the issue for quite some time, but Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-daily-vr-zone-news-summary--2-nothing beats having the official word (or endorsement) to may-2011/12016.htmlconfirm (or deny) what we have already suspected. As it May 3rd, 2011turns out, Google has unintentionally confirmed that the nextAndroid release will go by the name of Ice Cream Sandwichafter sending off an email about various bugfixes in the Linux-based operating system for smartphones and tablets. In todays news roundup: AMD has lanched a new embedded MCM video card, the AMD Radeon E6760, which is reportedly derived from the companys mobile 6700M series GPUs; GIGABYTE has introduced yet another factory- overclocked version of the Radeon HD 6970 graphics card, the GV-R697OC2-2GD, otherwise known as the HD 6970 WindForce-3X OC2; Research In Motion (RIM) has officially unveiled its latest addition to the BlackBerry line of corporate- centric smartphones, the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930; Nokia has announced that its flagship Symbian smartphone, the Nokia N8, will soon be made available in a pink version and is said to come bundled with the Anna upgrade for the operating system pre-installed; Sony is taking steps to resume its PlayStation Network services after it has been taken offline due to security compromises, and GameSpy talks about itsIt has long been speculated that the first version of the Android experience with two classes in the upcoming Star Wars: Theoperating system to be released after Honeycomb will be Old Republic MMORPG - the Bounty Hunter and the Imperialnamed after the ice-cold dessert that many people from all Agent.over the world know and love, and for good reason. After all, Hardware newshints about an ice cream-based release have been dropped byvarious developers working on the operating system, and ice MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti HAWK Video Card Reviewcream does start with the letter I. Which, as we all know, is Description: As much as I love the recently looked at Lightningdirectly after that of Honeycombs H. cards from MSI, their high price tag continues to let us know that theyre not for everybody. This is ultimately where theAnd as it turns out, it seems that the speculations were correct HAWK series comes in to the picture. Essentially the HAWKafter all, for an internal email sent by Android developer series is very similar to that of the Lightning when it comes toRomain Guv has essentially confirmed what everybody had what MSI want to achieve, but instead of aiming for the fastestbeen suspecting all this while; that the next version of Android card overall like they do with the Lightning, they aim for thewill indeed be known as Ice Cream Sandwich. fastest at the easier to swallow mid-range price point. Intel Core i7 990 X Review @ ocaholic 14
  15. 15. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: With the Core i7 990 X Intel has a new flagship in Consumer Electronics and Software newsits portfolio. Therefore they decided to increase the multiplyer Apple to Roll Out New iMacs?by one step which results in a clock speed of 3.46 GHz. Thanks Description: At last, Apple will refresh its line of iMac all-to this CPUs six cores and twelve threads one can expect it to in-one computers, adding the latest Intel Core i5/i7 “Sandyget the performance crown. Bridge” architecture and that new Thunderbolt port, accordingDIY Guides: How To Install/Remove Intel Socket 1366 CPU @ to reliable sources.PCSTATS Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Shock Spin Gaming Headset ReviewDescription: PCSTATS receives a good deal of questions from @Hi Tech Legionreaders who dont know how to install an Intel Core i7 CPU Description: Thermaltake has a new addition to the gamerinto a fresh motherboard, or upgrade a socket 1366 processor audio market with the Tt eSPORTS Shock Spin gamingto a faster model. We thought wed run off a quick DIY Guide headset. The Shock Spin puts a bit of style in the mundaneillustrating the procedure for installing a socket 1366 CPU for headset market. Amongst the Shock Spins looks are somethe benefit of our readers. good features as well. Driving the sound are two neodymiumXigmatek Loki SD963 Heatsink Review @ Frostytech.com magnet speakers for enhanced performance. There is anDescription: On the test bench today is Xigmateks mid- optional in line volume controller. Instead of an attachedcompact Loki SD963 heatsink. The Xigmatek Loki SD963 mic on the Shock Spin, it is included separately. For comfortstands 134mm tall, weighs 430 grams, comes equipped with a there is an auto adjusting rubber head strap and ergonomic92mm fan mounted on rubber vibration absorbing fan posts shaped velvet ear cushions. The input is a 3.5mm connectorand will support a second 92mm fan if desired (not included). which means it can be used with compatible devices as wellOver the next few pages Frostytech will tell you if the Xigmatek as the computer. Thermaltake offers 3 colors; Shining White,Loki SD963 heatsink is worth its weight in aluminum, or junk Diamond Black, an Royal Red.for the recycling bin. Lets begin. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Review @ Real World LabsEnermax Hoplite Midi Tower PC Case Review @ Real World Description: Higher quality materials, improved dual force-Labs feedback motors, 900-degree wheel rotation, improvedDescription: With an impressive range of features, high build response and RPM/Shift indicator LEDs are just some ofquality and a very tempting price tag the latest Hoplite midi the improvements found on the latest G27 Racing wheel bytower by Enermax is proof enough that theyve got what it Logitech compared to its predecessor, the award winning G25.takes to also dominate the PC Case market. Beginners Guides: Understanding and Creating Batch FilesAMD Launches Radeon E6760: The Next Embedded Radeon Description: Batch files can save time by automating specificDescription: Lately we’ve been working on expanding our GPU actions taken on the computer down to one simple click.coverage to include more GPUs that arent directly sold to They can also potentially hide damaging code, so a goodconsumers discretely or as part of a package. Up until now understanding of what they are, how they work, and how towe’ve mostly focused on 4 classes of GPUs: Desktop, Mobile/ create your own, is crucial to todays IT force.IGP, High Performance Computing (HPC), and we’ve spent Watch How the Police Raid a Cellphonesome time dabbling with System on a Chip (SoC) GPUs for Description: Everyone knows the cops have tools to get insidesmartphones/tablets/netbooks. This range of products mostly your phone. But what do they do? They suck your iPhonescovers the different GPUs seen in consumer products and in entire soul in 15 minutes. With one single click. This is whatcommercial supercomputing, but there is still a large gap in it looks like.there for non-consumer business uses. This is the embeddedmarket, and today we’re expanding our GPU coverage to BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 officially unveiledinclude those GPUs. Description: RIM has officially unveiled the latest addition to their lineup of BlackBerry Bold phones. Called the BlackBerryElpida drops some 30nm DDR3 info Bold 9900/9930, it will be RIM’s thinnest BlackBerry phone toDescription: Elpida just announced that their 30nm DRAM date. The Bold 9900/9930 will finally make the transition to aprocess is ramping up, and the release has a bunch of goodies touchscreen phone. For all you dedicated QWERTY keyboardburied in it. 30nm production has been in process for a while lovers, don’t worry, RIM hasn’t gotten rid of them, the Boldnow, but the details have not been widely dispersed. 9900/9930 will still have one and this time RIM claims it’sGigabyte Intros Faster HD 6970 OC2 WindForce3X Graphics their best keyboard to date.Card Nokia N8 to come in pink with Symbian Anna updateDescription: Gigabyte rolled out its second factory- Description: Nokia has announced a pink version of itsoverclocked custom-design Radeon HD 6970 graphics card flagship Symbian phone, the Nokia N8. It will come preloadedmodel, the GV-R697OC2-2GD, or the Gigabyte HD 6970 with the Symbian Anna update, at around the same time as theWindForce-3X OC2. The card makes use of the same exact update will become available to all other N8 users.Ultra Durable VGA+ PCB used on the GV-R697OC-2GD, aswell as the WindForce-3X cooler, but comes with higher clock Gaming newsspeeds of 920 MHz core and 1375 MHz (5.50 GHz GDDR5 Sony to Resume PlayStation Network Services, Says “Noeffective) memory; compared to 900/1375 (5500) MHz on the Evidence” Credit Card Info StolenGV-R697OC-2GD, and 880/1375 (5500). In all three cases, Description: Sony will resume some PlayStation NetworkGigabyte didnt tinker with memory clock speeds. services and beef up its security nearly two weeks after a hacker 15
  16. 16. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneattack forced Sony to shut it down. The company made the May 3rd, 2011announcements during a press conference in Tokyo. Kaz Hirai,Sony’s executive deputy president and the likely successorto CEO Howard Stringer, started by offering “our deepestand sincerest apologies” for the outage of the PlayStationnetwork, as well as apologizing to customers whose personalinformation has been compromised.The Interrogation Room: Star Wars: The Old Republic As always, everyone wants to cash in on the latest trends inDescription: We got a chance to play the first 10 levels of Star the industry and in this case were talking about SSD caching.Wars: The Old Republics Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent If youre not thinking about upgrading to Intels Z68 chipsetclasses -- and we got a peek at the upcoming MMOs space but like the sound of SSD caching technology, then HighPointcombat as well. Is it better than the prequel films? Hell, what might just have what you want in the shape of its RocketHybridisnt? 122x series of HBAs (Host Bus Adapter). This is a family of two dainty PCI Express x1 cards which offers pretty much the same functionality as Intels Z68 chipset, except you can fit it to anyWorldwide OS Market Grew to system with a PCI Express x1 slot in it.$30.4 Billion in 2010, Gartnersays. As always, everyone wants to cash in on the latest trends inSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/worldwide-os-market-grew-to-30.4- the industry and in this case were talking about SSD caching.billion-in-2010-gartner-says./12024.html If youre not thinking about upgrading to Intels Z68 chipsetMay 3rd, 2011 but like the sound of SSD caching technology, then HighPoint might just have what you want in the shape of its RocketHybrid 122x series of HBAs (Host Bus Adapter). This is a family of two dainty PCI Express x1 cards which offers pretty much the same functionality as Intels Z68 chipset, except you can fit it to any system with a PCI Express x1 slot in it. The two cards are the RocketHybrid 1220 and 1222 withAs we all already know, Microsoft is still the biggest company the only difference being that the 1220 has two internalfor PC operating systems, at least according to the amount SATA ports and the 1222 has two external eSATA ports. Bothof revenue it generates. A new study from Gartner Research cards sport Marvells 9130 controller which does all the hardreports that Microsoft had $23.848 billion in revenue from work. However, unlike Intels Smart Response technology, theits OS business in 2010 which gave it a 78.6 percent share of Marvell 9130 controller isnt limited to using small-ish sizethe entire worldwide OS market for that year. Overall, Gartner SSDs for the chaching. That said, looking at HighPoints ownsaid in its press release earlier this week that worldwide numbers, it doesnt seem to make too much of a difference ifrevenue for OS software came in at $30.4 billion, which... youre using a large SATA 6Gbps SSD or a smaller size SATA...was an increase of 7.8 percent compared to 2009. While 3Gbps SSD, as the end result appears to be close to the same.Microsoft still has a commanding lead in OS revenue, thereport did say that Apples Mac OS was the fastest growing inrevenue in 2010 in terms of the client based OS business. TheMac OS grew by 15.8 percent that year and with revenues of$580 million. Even with that growth the Mac OS only has a 1.7percent market share of the Client based OS systems. Overallthe client OS section of the business grew by 9.3 percent in2010 while server based OSs grew its revenue by 5.7 percent.IBM and HP were the number two and three companies inworldwide OS revenue, respectively, in 2010. IBM owns threeOSs and showed the highest growth with its AIX OS with 9.2percent growth. HPs HP-UX OS shows a 3.2 percent growthin 2010. Red Hats version of Linux is the biggest in the overallLinux server market. Its revenues went up to $592 million in The Marvell 9130 controller is of course SATA 6Gbps2010, an 18.2 percent growth and a whopping 58.2 percent compliant and HighPoint claims that its controllers with anshare of the entire Linux server OS market. SSD and HDD in caching mode offers 80 percent of the performance youd get from just using the SSD on its own. There are two different modes available, safe which caches onHighPoint announces SSD the SSD and then copies the data onto the HDD, or capacitycaching RAID card which stores the data across the two drives in a sort of RAIDSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/highpoint-announces-ssd-caching-raid- 0 mode.card/12022.html 16
  17. 17. May 3rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAt US$59.99 we cant say that we think it offers great value for The portable DVD is effortless to set-up and comes completemoney, but wed expect prices to come down fairly quickly, as with CyberLink Media Suite pre-loaded. Users are notified ofsomething like this needs to be about $40 or less before it will the drives current status by LED lights, blue indicating thatgain any real popularity. At least it offers a way for owners of DVD drive is ready and red showing that the DVD powermotherboards without SSD caching to get their hands of one supply is low.of the two selling points of the Z68 chipset without having tobuy a new system. The sleek, smart design combined with the ease-of-use and portability makes the new DVD drive the ideal optical storage device for any consumer says Paul Hudson, Sales Director forBuffalo Ships New Portable Northern Europe at Buffalo Technology. The portable DVDDVD Drive drive is the latest Buffalo product to transform into the new stylish design and we welcome it to the family.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/buffalo-ships-new-portable-dvd-drive/12021.htmlMay 3rd, 2011 The Portable DVD is available for purchase immediately at leading outlets such as Amazon.co.uk, Misco.co.uk, and dabs.comBuffalo Technology has begun to ship its latest external DVD Key Featuresdrive. The compact device features integrated USB cables, aLED Power Indicator (power supply stability), Bus Power LED • USB Bus Powered - No additional power supply required(power supply sufficiency), and supports up to 8x speeds for • Integrated USB Cables - USB cables snap to the chassisDVD+/-R Read/ Write. It is backed by a two year warranty and for easy mobilitycomes bundled with CyberLink Software. • LED Power Indicator - LEDs indicate power supplyBUFFALO PRESS RELEASE stabilityBuffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, • Includes CyberLink Software for writing data content todevelopment, and manufacturing of storage and wireless CD-Rs and DVDsnetworking solutions, is today announcing a stylish and • 8x DVD+/ -R Read/ Writeconvenient design for its optical storage range. • Bus Power LED lets you know when the power supply is short • Easy set-upThe compact and sleek portable DVD device will allow users towatch DVDs and burn data to CDs/ DVDs at their convenience, • Warranty - 2 yearsanytime anywhere. The drive is powered by integrated USBcables which snap to the chassis for easy mobility, contributingto the compact design. The lightweight and slim drive fits Plextor Launches PX-LB950UEcomfortably into any travel bag, making it an ideal product forlaptop and netbook users on-the-go. External 12X Blu-Ray Writer Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/plextor-launches-px-lb950ue- external-12x-blu-ray-writer/12020.html May 3rd, 2011 Plextor has announced the PX-LB950UE External 12X Blu- Ray Writer, expanding its Blu-ray lineup. Dubbed the "fastest Blu-ray writer available in the market today", it features both USB 3.0 and eSATA connectors, a 8Mb buffer, Lightscribe technology support, and writes single-layer (SL) Blu-ray discs/ dual-layer (DL) BD-R media at speeds up to 12x/ 8x. The PX-LB950UE comes bundled with PlexUTILITIES and can be purchased from authorized distributors and retailers at a MSRP of US$239.99. PLEXTOR PRESS RELEASE 17