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VR-Zone Tech News for the Geeks Jul 2011 Issue
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VR-Zone Tech News for the Geeks Jul 2011 Issue


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VR-Zone is a leading online technology news publication reporting on bleeding edge trends in PC and mobile gadgets, with in-depth reviews and commentaries. Our inquisitive team of journalists cover …

VR-Zone is a leading online technology news publication reporting on bleeding edge trends in PC and mobile gadgets, with in-depth reviews and commentaries. Our inquisitive team of journalists cover key international events like CES, CeBIT, MWC, Computex and local exhibitions like CommunicAsia, IT SHOW, PC SHOW, COMEX and SITEX.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. June 30th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication Too Hot to Handle: Sony covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. issues BIOS update for 535,000 VAIO notebooks atSandy Bridge-E delayed until risk of overheatingJanuary 2012 Source: update-for-535-000-vaio-notebooks-at-risk-of-overheating/12815.htmljanuary-2012/12816.html June 30th, 2011June 30th, 2011 Sony has just issued an urgent BIOS update for certain F and C series VAIO notebooks. The affected models were sold in the Wow, whats going on at Intel? It seems like the company first half of 2010 and are at risk of overheating due to a faultyhas decided to delay its entire consumer desktop roadmap, thermal management system. According to Sony, the BIOSas weve now heard from a very reliable source that Intel has update should fix the issue. More than half a million unitspushed back the Sandy Bridge-E launch from Q4 this year to worldwide are affected, of which 120,000 are in SoutheastJanuary 2012. Asia.Wow, whats going on at Intel? It seems like the companyhas decided to delay its entire consumer desktop roadmap,as weve now heard from a very reliable source that Intel haspushed back the Sandy Bridge-E launch from Q4 this year toJanuary 2012.We have a feeling that Intel is doing an AMD and what wemean by that is that Intel is focusing on its server CPU businessinstead of on consumers. AMD delayed its consumer Bulldozerlaunch in favour of its Opteron CPUs and its possible thatthis is part of what made Intel change its strategy. The SandyBridge-E CPUs are based on the same core as Intels upcoming More than half a million VAIO notebooks are at risk ofLGA-2011 and LGA-1356 Xeon processors and these are big overheating due to a faulty thermal management system,chips which mean fewer chips per wafer. As such its entirely according to Sony. A product recall was previously issued butplausible that Intel is trying to stock up on chips for its Xeon Sony now says that a BIOS update will fix the problem. Theplatforms, but this is only speculation from our side at this affected parts have serial numbers starting with VPCF11 orpoint in time. VPCCW2 and were sold in the first half of 2010.As the Sandy Bridge-E CPUs are set to replace Intels aging 535,000 notebooks are affected worldwide, about half ofLGA-1366 Core i platform it looks like the enthusiast end of the which are in the US. Of the remainder, 103,000 are in Europe,market is going to have to wait another quarter before they can 120,000 are in Southeast Asia and 52,000 are in Japan.get their hands on the new platform. This is going to disappoint The number of overheating cases reported so far is said toquite a few people out there, but this is still a very tiny market be between 30 and 40. No injuries have occured, but thefor Intel and its unlikely that it will affect Intels profits much, notebooks can get hot enough to warp the plastic casing andif at all. Hopefully there wont be any further delays, although cause burns.its also entirely possible that this is a calculated move by Intel,as the company launched a new LGA-1366 CPU only this week, To check if your Sony notebook is affected, refer to Sonysbut its believed to be the last of a dying breed. support website. Sony advises owners of affected notebooks to cease all usage until the fix has been applied. 1
  • 2. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThis is hardly the first notebook recall in recent years, though According to the official press release, Skype for Android 2.0recalls are more often due to notebook batteries. In 2008, Sony will allow users of Android-powered smartphones to "makerecalled 73,000 VAIO notebooks due to a similar overheating and receieve free 1-1 video calls over Skype between theirissue. Sony was forced to recall over 4 million notebook Android phone", as well as with other Skype contacts whobatteries back in 2006 after a notebook battery exploded in are making use of the service on other platforms. In addtion,Japan. the client will work with both WiFi and 3G data connections, although Skype recommends the use of a "strong WiFi connection" for best results.Skype announces updated Users will also notice that the user interface for Skypes newclient for Android, brings client has been given an overhaul, as shown in the imagevideo calling to supported below. According to Skype, this was done to ensure that users can easily gain direct access to all of the key functions that aresmartphones available in the client.Source: 30th, 2011For the longest time, users of Android smartphones couldonly watch in envy while their iOS-totting friends werehappily utilizing Skypes services to initiate video calls amongtheir fellow iOS users, but it seems that things are about tochange for the better very soon. This is because Skype justannounced the availability of an updated client which it hasconfirmed will be bringing that missing feature to the Androidplatform. Android users, let the video calls begin.Skype may have been present on mobile platforms for a longtime, but the unfortunate truth is that the Android versionof Skype still has some way to go before it can be proclaimedto have finally achieved feature-parity with the one that iscurrently available for Apples iOS. This is especially true,considering how Skype for Android still lacks support forvideo calls, a feature that was made available for iOS 4 in lateDecember last year.However, just as good things always comes to those who wait,it would seem that today is the day Android users can finallyhave something to phone home about, for Skype has justannounced the availability of an updated version of its Androidclient, which is designed to bring that missing feature to whatis currently recognized as "the fastest growing mobile OS". Of course, in addition to video calls, users can also continue to make use of Skypes services as a means to make calls to landlines and mobiles, as well as send SMS’s to their friends and family members under Skypes existing rates. That being said, you might want to hold your horses first. VR-Zone was given the opportunity to interview Skypes Mark Douglas, who confirmed that support for video calls is currently limitted to only four devices in the initial rollout, and they are HTCs Desire S, Sony Ericssons Xperia neo and Xperia pro and Googles Nexus S, although Skype has confirmed that more devices will be added to its compatibility list in time. However, there is no way to get the feature working on unsupported phones, as Douglas has confirmed that the 2
  • 3. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneapp is closed-ended. This means that devices which fulfillthe minium requirements (Android 2.3 + meets the OSsvideo requirements) but are not on the compatibility list willbe locked out from making video calls via Skype on theirsmartphone, although they will still have access to all the otherservices.Also, those of you who are hoping for a greater degree ofintegration of Skype into Android will probably be disapointed Above: 8 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports and a single HDMIto know that the company has got no plans to do so, but that display only because the developers are limitted to what Googleallows them to do via the SDK. And last but defintiely notleast, no, group video conferencing is not available on thisnew release, although Douglas did suggest that such a featuremight eventually make its way into future versions of itsmobile Skype client once smartphones gain access to muchmore powerful and capable hardware.Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSDPreviewSource: 30th, 2011 Above: The power delivery system uses DrMOS (Driver +MOSFET)Intel specifically designed the 20GB SSD 311 to be used asa cache drive with Z68s Smart Response Technology. NowGigabyte has taken the mSATA version of the SSD 311 andbundled it onto a full-fledged Z68 motherboard, hoping to saveyou the hassle of purchasing the SSD separately. We haventhad the chance to test out this unique motherboard yet, butlook inside for a quick tour. Above: An additional two USB 3.0 ports are accessible via header. A Marvell 88SE9172 controller provides two additional SATA 6 Gbps ports (grey).Above: Gigabytes trademark blue colour scheme. 3
  • 4. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Behind The Scenes: The Making of the Jay Chou ASUS N43 Notebook Source: jay-chou-asus-n43-notebook/12808.html June 30th, 2011 Today, VR-Zone barged into a secret ASUS design facility where Jay Chou has been spending some of his time to design and develop the N43 notebook. We are shown with some of hisAbove: The two x16 slots can be used in a x8/x8 configuration works that are eventually incorporated into the final design offor SLI/CrossFire. Gigabyte has used the Realtek ALC889 the notebook. Let us walk you through the workplace of Jayaudio codec and RTL8111E ethernet controller. Chou now.Above: The key selling point of this motherboard - an onboardIntel SSD 311 20GB solid state drive. Today, VR-Zone barged into a secret ASUS design facility where Jay Chou has been spending some of his time to design and develop the N43 notebook. The ASUS designers revealed that Jay Chou spend some of his nights in this facility over the last 6 months entering only by the back door to avoid any unwanted attention. His visits to ASUS are even kept a secret from most of the ASUS employees. We are shown with some of his works that are eventually incorporated into the final design of the notebook. Let us walk you through the workplace of Jay Chou now :Stay tuned for our full review of the Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD! 4
  • 5. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThis is the place where Jay Chou sat down with ASUS The ASUS designers eventually picked this one and a fewdesigners to ponder over the design, colors and features that others to mix and match to form the perfect Jhe wish to see in the notebook. This is also the place he drewthe J letter in calligraphy.These are the J letter calligraphy drawn by Jay Chou and one ofthem is picked by the ASUS designer as the signature J foundon the N43 notebooks. The signature J letter is found on the box and notebook 5
  • 6. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Initially, he wanted a really bright pink but through numerous revisions, the color is eventually toned down to the one you are seeing now. Thats all for the walk through of his workplace in the ASUS Design facility. Olympus officially announces three new Micro Four Thirds cameras Source: new-micro-four-thirds-cameras/12807.html June 30th, 2011Jay Chou and the ASUS designers have drawn this togetherand is eventually imprinted onto the notebook cover While Panasonic may have claimed an early head start in this race with the recent launch of the GF3, it is clear that Olympus is not about to let itself get outdone anytime soon, for the company has just announced three new Micro Four Thirds system cameras that look set to give Panasonics GF3 a run for its money. VR-Zone brings you the coverage. Not so long ago, Panasonic and Olympus made headlines when they jointly announced the creation of the Micro Four Thirds system. The new standard was initially met with varying degrees of skepticism. Some pundits claimed that the concept was superfluous because the use of large lenses would negate any size-related advantages that Micro Four Thirds was founded upon. Fast forward to 2011, and what was once considered a superfluous standard has quickly matured into one of theJay Chou has written on some Post It notes specifically most popular segments in the digital camera market due to itswanting a hot pink color notebook and exceptional sound ability to capture excellent stills in a compact-sized body. Asquality. evidence of this success, Olympus saw it fit to announce not one, but three new Micro Four Thirds cameras today that at the National Geographic Store in VivoCity, Singapore. 6
  • 7. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe latest additions to the Micro Four Thirds stable are the smaller E-PM1 will get Live Guide, which allows users toE-P3, Olympuss flagship model, and the smaller E-PL3 and control the cameras background defocusing.E-PM1. Hirobumi Imano (above), Olympus Imaging Corp.sgeneral manager for the design centre, was given the taskof officially unveiling the new devices to the world. Imanodescribed how the new cameras reflect the design principleswhich have been a focal point of the companys PEN cameraseven since their conception:"A camera should not be a toy.. the Olympus PEN is a productthat is designed to deliver the happiness of photography allover the world without two main obstacles - difficulty in usage,and price. PEN exludes a sense of class and refinement, and itsfeature set is always expanding. And today, we will introducethe E-P2s sucessor, which sports the same design but is acompletely different camera in its own regard, along with twoadditional products", he said in Japanese.Toshiyuki Terada (above), senior manager of Olympus SLRdivision, then described some of the new features of the new E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PM1. In a nutshell, the new E-P3 will featurea faster autofocus algorithm, an extremely sensitive sensor Terada also announced the availability of two new large-capable of ISO 12800, TruePic VI technology and a capacitive aperture prime lenses for its entire Micro Four Thirds cameraOLED touchscreen. lineup, the 12mm, F2.0 "Snap Lens" and the 45mm, F1.8 portrait lens.The E-PL3 will boast a tilting widescreen LCD displayand support for high-speed continous shooting, while the 7
  • 8. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone as weak PC end-user demand and consequent inventory build-Lamptron to Release Slider- up at OEMs, and that prices may continue to fall in July;based Fan Controller AMDs next-generation Opteron microprocessors which areSource: based off the Bulldozer microarchitecture will reportedly boastcontroller/12804.html a new feature where by users can tweak the chips maximumJune 30th, 2011 TDP, thus allowing them to strike a balance between power consumption and performance; Netvolution has launched its very own Avenue App Store for Microsofts desktop Windows operating system, in which users can browse through apps by popularity and category, and be informed about featured and new apps; Eurocom Corporation has announced its support for the high-performance Killer Wireless-N 1102 high-Lamptron, a China-based manufacturer of computer modding performance wireless network adapter as another availableaccessories, has announced the FC9 fan controller. The wireless card option in its premium notebook solutions;FC9 uses sliders to control up to four fans and includes Blizzard announced the availability of a new Starter edition ofcustomizable LED lighting. See inside for more pictures. the popular World of WarCraft game, in which gamers will be allowed to play for free until their character reaches level 20, after which their levels will remain capped until the full version is purchased, and PSP owners can expect to see more action from Lord "The Most Badass Freakin Overlord In the Cosmos" Zetta, for Nippon Ichi has confirmed that it will be porting the PS2 title, Makai Kingdom, over to Sonys handheld gaming console, and is expected to be released for sale on September 22. Hardware news Sentey Burton Full-Tower Computer Case @ Benchmark Reviews Description: The Sentey Burton GS-6500 is a full tower enclosure developed for enthusiasts who desire high performance and a sexy exterior. This case flaunts its multiple LED fans, and LED buttons, turning heads in the process. The Burton, is one of several models belonging to the ExtremeLamptron is doing away with knobs on its latest fan controller. Division line of computer cases, and it is available in 3The FC9 uses sliders instead to control the fan speed, flavors; The GS-6500 in glossy black, the GS-6500B with bluesupporting up to four fans. Each channel can deliver up to 50W highlights and grills, and the GS-6500R with red highlightsof power (or just over 4A), which is more than enough for high and grills. Its pretty easy to glance at the exterior of this caseperformance fans. The dimensions of the FC9 are 148.5 x 42.5 and be charmed into submission...x 75mm, which means it will fit into a 5.25" bay. DRAM contract prices may decline further, says NanyaThe FC9 will be available in silver or black, with both models Description: Weak PC end-user demand and consequentincluding customizable LED lighting. The FC9 supposedly inventory build-up at OEMs have put pressure on contractrequires a 600W+ power supply for optimal operation, prices for DRAM, Nanya Technology has pointed out. Pricesbut unless you really use that many high-powered fans it may continue to fall in July as OEM clients slow down theirdoesnt really make sense. Pricing for the FC9 has not been pace of orders, Nanya said.announced. TEAM Group TR1151 USB 3.0 42-in-1 USB 3.0 Card Reader ReviewThe Daily VR-Zone News Description: USB 3.0, the big brother of the USB 2.0 bus standard which was introduced way back in 2000, is now hereSummary - 29 June 2011 and in force after quickly gaining momentum in the marketSource: after both ASUS and GIGABYTE launched boards at CES 2010june-2011/12798.html with USB 3.0 chips onboard. As a quick recap, USB 3.0 claimsJune 30th, 2011 to offer a ten times improvement over USB 2.0, which has a maximum bandwidth of 480Mbit/s or 60MB/s. USB 3.0 has a maximum bandwidth of 5Gbit/s or 625MB/s. While we are not sure if you would actually know someone who has achieved speeds this high, the potential is there as the products that make up USB 3.0 such as chips and devices ramp up in terms of performance.In todays news roundup: Nanya is claiming that the contract Liteon iHES212 12x Internal Blu Ray Review - XSReviewsprices for DRAM could decline even further due to issues such 8
  • 9. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: Blu Ray might just be a stop gap before true HD mobile-style applets on the PC desktop. Avenue is a userstreaming, but for now it’s one of the easier ways to get hold friendly, lightning fast and immediately available option forof high definition movies and other media; especially since it’s fully functioning Windows apps.becoming more affordable. While they used to cost hundreds Custom Firmware Alternatives For Your Wireless Routerof pounds, now you can get yourself an internal one like the one Description: For most users a good wireless router is the onewe’re reviewing today for around £60. This one is the Liteon that you set up in a few easy steps and forget about it as longiHES212 12x Internal, let’s give it a look. as it gets you online. But beyond the stock features that cameOCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB PCIe SSD Review @ Legit with your router, there are many things that the hardware youReviews bought might be capable of. Luckily for you, people have beenDescription: OCZ gave everyone a hint of things to come at working on ways to get the fancy stuff running on your averageComputex 2011 with a sneak peak of the third generation $60-$100 device. After a relatively simple upgrade to a freeof the RevoDrive. Weve been impressed with our previous third-party firmware, youll be able boost your wireless signal,encounters with this SSD line and this time is no different as prioritize what programs get your precious bandwidth, andwe give the RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB PCI-E SSD a test drive. Is do lots of other stuff usually reserved for pro-grade wirelessit fast? Well, how does 1500MB/s reads grab you? Oh yeah, routers.theres TRIM support too! Nvidia gets excited about Alienware notebooksAdesto to sample CBRAM Description: And its all thanks to its own GTX 580M GPU,Description: Adesto Technologies Corp. of Sunnyvale in the company says. You can buy the Alienware M18x notebookCalifornia is sampling a completely new type of RAM called now if youre richer than the sense you have. Theres an optionCBRAM. The CB stands for Conductive Bridging and the RAM to have two of the GPUs under the hood if it takes yourdiffers from traditional DRAM in several important aspects. fancy. Machines that feature the GTX 580M, says Nvidia,First of all CBRAM is non-volatile and secondly it scales well are among the fastest DirectX 11 machines youll find ondown to at least 12nm, where it is very difficult to manufacture the market. It claims the GPUs offer up to six times thetraditional DRAM – to put it mildly. tessellation performance of "any other notebook GPU" along with a performance increase of 20 percent compared to the lastAMDs Next-Generation Opteron "Bulldozer" Chips to FeatureAdjustable TDP. lot.Description: Advanced Micro Devices next-generation The Worlds fastest Notebooks now support the Worlds fastestOpteron microprocessors based on Bulldozer micro- Wireless Card!architecture will support capability to adjust maximum Description: Eurocom Corporation, a leading developer ofthermal design power (TDP). The technology will allow long lifespan, fully upgradable notebooks, high performancecustomers to regulate TDPs in order to balance power mobile workstations, All-in-One desktops and mobile serversconsumption and performance of data centers. is announcing support for the Killer Wireless-N 1102 high- performance wireless network adapter as another availableConsumer Electronics and Software News wireless card option in Eurocom systems. The addition ofCooler Master NotePal Infinite EVO Notebook Cooler Review the Killer Wireless-N 1102 adapter by Bigfoot Networks givesDescription: Even as far as fans go, I really thought I had seen Eurocom customers an ultra high-performance wireless cardit all. 80mm fan, 120mm fans, all the way up to a single 20mm for their custom built; I have tested them all as far as standard fans go. If I The HP TouchPad Will Come With Its Own Facebook Tabletremember correctly, I even tested a cooler with a rather large App (Leaked Pics)"squirrel cage" style fan that was the size of a hamster wheel. Description: The world has been waiting for an officialI also recall that that fan idea didnt work out too well and Facebook tablet app, and waiting, and waiting. But that appoffered very little in the way of actual cooling to the laptop. This may not appear on the iPad first (although Facebook istime around Cooler Master uses a blower style fan, or rather working on an iPad app for sure). Instead, Facebook’s firsta pair of them, to do the cooling in the notebook cooler we tablet app will appear on the HP TouchPad, which comes outreceived for testing. this Friday and runs the WebOS it bought with Palm. This appWith SkypeKit, Skype wants to be everywhere was not built by Facebook but by HP, much like how RIM builtDescription: Skype opened up its development platform to all the Facebook app for the Blackberry Playbook using Facebookcomers Tuesday, but it still has a disconnect between revenue platformgeneration and its platform efforts. Like many companies Gaming newstrying to build a dominant position in the technologyecosystem, Skype is navigating the path between dollars and World of WarCraft is free until Level 20devs. Description: Sick of the 14-day trial in World of Warcraft ? There is a change for the better. Calling it the Starter edition,Windows Gets an App Store of Its Own: Avenue Blizzard will be making World of WarCraft free-to-play untilDescription: Windows users, don’t you wish there was a your character reaches level 20 and their levels will remainvendor-agnostic, one-stop shop for downloadable software? capped until you purchase the full version.Something with easily browsable categories, ratings, reviewsand simple purchase options? Several companies are trying Makai Kingdom conquering PSP in Japan this Septemberto make an Apple App Store-like software shop for Windows. Description: Fans of Nippon Ichi strategy RPGs like theYesterday we noted the launch of Pokki, a store that puts Disgaea series can definitely look forward to more of their 9
  • 10. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonefavorite titles re-released for the PSP. The PS2 title Makai of new features, it was definitely a good sign for users, as itKingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (known as Phantom means that Microsoft is definitely taking steps to ensure thatKingdom in Japan) will be out for Sonys portable system in Internet Explorer remains as up-to-date as possible with theJapan on September 22. latest web standards.OnLive Talking to Sony and Microsoft About Streaming Fast forward to the present, and it seems that Microsoft is notGames about let up development on Internet Explorer 10 any timeDescription: The service offered by OnLive is quite intriguing, soon, for a quick visit to the Internet Explorer Test Drive Homeas it allows you to play games on any number of platforms. A Page reveals that the second Platform Preview for its upcominghigh-end game plays just as well on the OnLive MicroConsole web browser has already been made available for download.which hooks up to your TV as it does on your PC or laptop, Yep, all this in less than 80 days after the first Platform Previewregardless of the specifications of either computer. At E3, was launched. Way to go, Microsoft.the company even demonstrated the ability to stream gameson an iPad; figuring out a way to handle the controls on atouchscreen aside, its impressive. Two places OnLive wouldntmind also being available on are Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.It might seem like a stretch, but its in the process of speakingto both companies about possible support.Internet Explorer 10 PlatformPreview 2 now available fordownloadSource: 30th, 2011 However, unlike the first Platform Preview which had extremely little to show off to developers, Platform Preview 2 is actually loaded with a ton (figuratively speaking) of new features which are bound to be of great interest toWell, it seems that Microsoft sure is not about to take its web developers, especially if they have already committedtime with its browser development schedule, especially if this themselves to the new HTML5 standard. According to alatest piece of news is of any indication. In just less than 80 blog post made by Dean Hachamovitch, who serves as thedays, the Redmond giant has pushed out yet another Platform corporate vice president in charge of the Internet ExplorerPreview for its upcoming Internet Explorer 10 web browser for team, these new features come in the form of support for adevelopers to test and experiment with. And based on what wide variety of web technologies, such as Positioned Floats,we have seen, it appears that one thing is clear: Microsoft is HTML5 drag-drop and the HTML5 File Reader API, amongdeeply committed to enhancing a users online experience with many others. Most importantly, though, has got to be the factits web browser. that HTML5 forms are now supported as well, although web developers were quick to note that Microsofts decision to not include support for the text-shadow attribute was a major disappointment.If you would remember, we heaped praise on Microsoft ina story written two months ago when news broke out thatthe Redmond giant had already commenced work on the nextversion of its Internet Explorer web browser, and had evenreleased a working Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 10for developers to get their hands wet, in spite of the fact thatInternet Explorer 9 was barely even a month old at that time.Even though the Platform Preview had little to show in terms 10
  • 11. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneA demonstration of Positioned Floats support in IE10 Interested? Well, the usual disclaimer about pre-releasePlatform Preview 2... software definitely applies, even if the application comes direct from a company that is as established and reputable as Microsoft. Considering that Platform Previews were never meant to be serve as full-fledged web browsers, it goes without saying that this particular release, like the one before it, should not be used as one. However, if you just want to have some fun in playing around with the various new features mentioned above, the second Platform Preview for Internet Explorer 10 can be downloaded off the Internet Explorer Test Drive home page here. Corsair HX1050 1050W PSU review Source: review/12801.html June 30th, 2011...and HTML5 forms. In addition to the various new features, Microsoft claimsthat the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 applicationalso boasts enhancements in a variety of areas such as webapplication performance and security. It appears as if Corsair has been releasing more high- end power supplies than RAM modules during the past few months. It was only a few weeks ago that we reviewed the currently most powerful power supply Corsair offers, the AX1200, and the exceptional TX850 V2. Today we are going to examine and review a unit in between those two, their Professional Series HX1050 modular power supply. It appears as if Corsair has been releasing more high-end power supplies than RAM modules during the past few months. It was only a few weeks ago that we reviewed the currently most powerful power supply Corsair offers, the AX1200, and the exceptional TX850 V2. Today we are going to examine and review a unit in between those two, their Professional Series HX1050 modular power supply. Manufacturer’s features and specifications 11
  • 12. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Guaranteed to sustain its full rated wattage at an ambient interested in licensing its WebOS for handheld devices. temperature of 50°C Apparently a number of companies are interested, although this generally doesnt mean anything until a license agreement • Up to 88% energy-efficiency under real-world load has been signed. conditions • Single +12V rail design providing up to 87.5A The inevitable looks like its about to happen, HP has • Multi-GPU ready started talks with various potential partners to see if anyones • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) with PF value of interested in licensing its WebOS for handheld devices. 0.99 Apparently a number of companies are interested, although • Supports ATX12V 2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 standards. this generally doesnt mean anything until a license agreement Backwards compatible with ATX12V 2.01 has been signed. • Auto switching circuitry for universal AC input from According to Bloomberg, WebOS is being considered as a 90-264V choice to Googles Android OS and Microsofts Windows Phone 7, something that almost has to happen if HP wants • Over Current/Voltage/Power Protection, Under Voltage the platform to survive. Its a dog eat dog world in the mobile Protection and Short Circuit Protection provide device OS market with Apple and Google dominating it at the complete component safety moment. WebOS is somewhere at the bottom of the pecking • Dimensions: 150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 180mm(L) order having been a proprietary solution owned by Palm before HP bought the company and although it has a lot of • MTBF: 100,000 hours unique features and several benefits over its competitors, it • Safety Approvals: UL, CUL, CE, CB, FCC Class B, TÜV, lacks market share. CCC, C-tick Samsung is rumoured to be one of the companies interested, but considering the company is already involved in just about every single mobile OS platform, bar iOS, at least directly, this isnt entirely surprising. The question is who else willCMPSU-1050HX jump on board, as HP needs all the device partners it canAC 100-240V get to grown the ecosystem for its WebOS, especially as itsINPUT ~ lacking in developer support for apps. The way the market 13A-7.5A has developed, this has become a key part of any mobile OS, 50/60Hz as if you cant offer the apps your customers want, theyll go elsewhere.DC +5V +3.3V +12V -12V +5VsbOUTPUT HP is also expected to be putting its WebOS on its desktop andMAX 30A 30A 87.5A 0.8A 3.5A notebook computers, but as a virtualised environment ratherCURRENT than as a dual boot solution. The reason behind this move is so that users could access their mobile device apps even on theirMAX 180W 1050W 9.6W 17.5W desktop, something that could prove to be a small win for HP.COMBINED That said, if it remains exclusive to HP PCs, its not likely toWATTAGE go down well with WebOS users, as very few consumers tend TOTAL to like to get tied in with a single brand for all their products, POWER: notwithstanding Apple users. 1050W @ 50°C ambient Olympus set to launch new temperature m4/3 cameras later today Source: cameras-later-today/12800.htmlHP mulling WebOS licensing June 30th, 2011Source: 30th, 2011 If youre looking at getting a new mirrorless camera then you might want to hold off a little bit, as later today Olympus is set to unveil no less than three new micro 4/3 cameras, of which pictures of two models have already leaked. Full specsThe inevitable looks like its about to happen, HP has of one model has also made an appearance on the web aheadstarted talks with various potential partners to see if anyones 12
  • 13. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneof the launch and one of the headline features of Olympus newmodels is superfast auto-focusing.If youre looking at getting a new mirrorless camera then youmight want to hold off a little bit, as later today Olympus isset to unveil no less than three new micro 4/3 cameras, ofwhich pictures of two models have already leaked. Full specsof one model has also made an appearance on the web aheadof the launch and one of the headline features of Olympus newmodels is superfast auto-focusing.The three new models are the PEN E-P3, E-PL3 and E-PM1,all based around the m4/3 lens and sensor system. So far, fulldetails of the E-P3 has tipped up, alongside with a couple ofpictures of the E-PM1. As far as the E-PL3 is concerned, itseems like we might have to wait until the official launch later As far as the E-PM1 is concerned, were looking at a tiny m4/3today. camera, albeit apparently not as small as Panasonics GF3 and its meant to share its design, but not size with the E-PL3. As far as specifications are concerned, well have to wait for the official word from Olympus, but the good news is that well be at the launch event in Taipei to bring you the full details of these new cameras and lenses. MSIs CX480 notebook features top mounted battery indicator Source: mounted-battery-indicator/12796.html June 30th, 2011The E-P3 is Olympus new high-end m4/3 mirrorless modeland it features what Olympus calls Instant AF. This almostsounds too good to be true, but Olympus has created a sensorfor its new cameras with 35 focus points that are spread acrossmost of the sensor surface and it features what is believed tobe infra-red sensors to further improve the AF speed. Olympusclaims that this camera has the fastest AF of any camera withinterchangeable lenses which says something about how good So far weve already seen quite a few notebook models fromit should be. MSI this year, but the company is continually updating its line up and the new CX480 follows the CX640 in terms of overallFurther improvements over the E-P2 – a camera which shares design, but it has a few features of its own. MSI has reallya very similar body and design with the E-P3 – include an started to get the fact that design matters and beyond havingOLED touch screen which is expected to feature a higher managed to put together something that looks attractive, theresolution compared to Olympus current m4/3 cameras. company will also offer the CX480 in multiple colours and weDespite having a touch screen, Olympus has included a regular have some exclusive pictures of the blue model.mode dial as well as two customizable scroll wheels for moreadvanced users.The E-P3 is also Olympus first m4/3 camera to offer 1080 So far weve already seen quite a few notebook models fromvideo recording, albeit only interlaced video at 60fps. It MSI this year, but the company is continually updating its linerecords video in the AVCHD or MJPEG formats and it can also up and the new CX480 follows the CX640 in terms of overallshoot in 720p. A few new lenses are also expected and to get design, but it has a few features of its own. MSI has reallythe most out of the new, superfast AF you need to team the started to get the fact that design matters and beyond havingcamera up with the new lenses. managed to put together something that looks attractive, the company will also offer the CX480 in multiple colours and we have some exclusive pictures of the blue model. 13
  • 14. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The standard 6-cell 4,400mAh battery is said to be good for up to 8.5h of usage and a one hour charge replenishes 80 percent of the battery power. The screen has an ambient light sensor and it adjusts the screen backlight automatically based on ambient light and there are 16 brightness levels. At 2.2kg the CX480 is somewhat on the chunky side, but still a fairly standard 14-incher. It will be available in black, white and blue as per our pictures. No word on pricing as yet, but wed expect it to be slightly cheaper than the CX640 which would put it in the very affordable category.The CX480 is by all intents and purposes a fairly average 14-inch notebook with a 1366x768 resolution screen, a choice ofan Intel Core i3-2310M or Core i5-2410M processor and itshould support up to 8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 memory. Thatsaid, MSI has kitted it out with a GeForce GT 520M graphicscard with 1GB of dedicated DDR3 graphics memory and in asmuch as this is Nvidias most basic 500-series mobile GPU, itshould still prove to be a smidgen faster than Intels HD 3000graphics. Rumour: NVIDIAs next- gen Kepler taped out, AMD Southern Islands in September Source: taped-out-amd-southern-islands-in-september/12799.html June 30th, 2011 After an eternity at 40nm, thanks to 32nm cancelation andAdd to that various storage options, an optical drive, 802.11b/ 28nm delays, the GPU industry is finally transitioning tog/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 2.0 ports, TSMCs long, long awaited 28nm HKMG process. Fudzillaa USB 3.0 port, HDMI, D-sub, a pair of audio jacks, a memory reports that NVIDIAs next-gen GPU, based on the Keplercard reader and a webcam and you got a somewhat better than architecture, has already been taped out. On the AMD sideaverage notebook. However, MSI has added at least one nifty of things, we have heard reports of Southern Islands tape-outfeature, a battery charge indicator located next to the power dating all the way back to March 2011. AMDs Southern Islandsbutton. This consists of four green LEDs which will switch off GPUs could release as early as September, with NVIDIAsin order and once you hit 10 percent battery life the last LED Kepler releasing earliest in Q4 2011; more likely Q1 2012.will start flashing. At this early stage, there is still very little known about the next generation. While AMD has recently presented its future GPU architecture at AMD Fusion Developer Summit, the HD 14
  • 15. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone7000 generation is expected to be a tweaked version of theVLIW-4 architecture currently used only in HD 6900 series.Of course, it is possible that the one line of the HD 7000 series- perhaps HD 7900 - will feature the new AMDs Graphics CoreNext architecture, following a similar architecture split as seenin the HD 6000 series. Other rumours also suggest AMD willbe splitting GPU lines between TSMC and Globalfoundries.While optimistic rumours peg Southern Islands release dateat mid-Q3, SemiAccurate suggests that September is a morelikely release date for the first HD 7000 GPUs. The bottleneck,as usual, is TSMC, and it remains to be seen when they can fab28nm wafers, and in what quantity?Incredibly, the first 40nm GPU, the HD 4770, was releasedover 2 years back. Pegged back at 40nm, both NVIDIA andAMD have only offered incremental performance upgrades forthe Geforce 500 and HD 6000 generations. The GPU industry,in general, desperately needs an efficient 28nm process - overto TSMC. Well, according to the official press release from Samsung, the upcoming portable media player, which is also known asSamsung to launch Koreas the Galaxy 070, will be able to function as a mobile phone offirst Android-based Smart sorts due to the use of VoIP to achieve this feat. In fact, to further convey the message that the Galaxy 070 is capable ofHome Phone on July functioning as a mobile phone (albeit without a SIM card),Source: Samsung has announced that it has teamed up with LG U+ forandroid-based-smart-home-phone-on-july/12797.html the Galaxy 070s official launch on the first of July this year,June 30th, 2011 where the device will reportedly be marketed as Koreas first ever Smart Home Phone to be based off the Android operating system. Further sweetening the deal are the hardware specifications of the Galaxy 070: Samsung has confirmed that the device will boast a four-inch Super Clear LCD screen, a rear-facing camera capable of capturing still images at a maximumConsidering how Googles Android operating system was resolution of three megapixels, a T-DMP module, WiFi andoriginally designed to be an OS which is meant to be Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 8GB of memory and supportused exclusively by smartphones, it would be expected for additional storage via the use of microSD cards.that Samsungs idea of introducing a line of portable media Customers who purchase the Samsung Galaxy 070 Smartplayers that are powered by Android would raise more than Home Phone from LG U+ will be charged the same tarrifsjust a few eyebrows. However, leave it to Samsung to put a that are currently has in place for existing "Internet Phones".unique spin on its latest Galaxy Media Player by launching However, the company has also added that it will be enhancingit as a VoIP device that is capable of making phone calls via the functionality of the device by allowing consumers tothe power of the Internet. Now that has got to be some rather access the all-important Android Market on the Galaxy 070,creative thinking on the Korean electronic giants part. a decision which will definitely appeal to users consideringNow that a smartphone is capable of fulfilling just about every how important a role apps play in the popularity of a mobilesingle task under the sun that consumers could possibly ask platform.for, would you pay good money to purchase an Android- No information about the Galaxy 070s pricing has beenpowered device which is designed to serve as a portable media revealed by either company.player, much like the approach Apple has taken with its iPhoneand iPod Touch product lines? Well, it seems that Samsungbelieves that there is still a large enough market out there for ASUS and Jay Chou jointlysuch devices to justify the release of yet another addition to itsGalaxy line of portable media players. announce special edition NHowever, in what has got to be rather interesting twist to the series notebook PCstory; Samsung will not be selling the its new Galaxy player as Source: portable media player that it is supposed to be, but as a special-edition-n-series-notebook-pc/12795.htmlmobile phone which is capable of making actual phone calls.Wait, say what? 15
  • 16. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJune 30th, 2011 he is happy to have Chou as the designer for the special edition N-series. To conceptualize the design, it boils down to how the combination of the consumers sixth senses and ASUS advanced technologies, and bring out the incomparable experience to the users. According to Chou, he had used "incomparable" as the theme for one of his concerts and that the design of the special edition N-series is very much like eastToday, ASUS and renowned Taiwanese musician, singer- meets west.songwriter and actor Jay Chou have jointly announced Shih also presented Chou with an honored employee passthe new special edition N-series notebook PC. The 14- which means the celebrity is officially working for theinch notebook PC features the latest second generation company.Intel processor, SonicMaster audio technology (from thecollaboration with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower), and unique Here are some pictures of models with the ASUS specialdesigns from Chou. VR-Zone brings you the coverage. edition N-series laptop:-Updates : Check out Behind The Scenes: The Making of JayChou N43 NotebookThe event kickstarted with a symphony comprised ofASUS laptops, conducted by ASUS chairman Jonney Shih andTaiwanese celebrity Jay Chou playing the piano. And later,both unveiled the Jay Chou special edition N-series notebookPC.No, it isnt exactly a celebrity endorsement; Chou was the chiefdesigner who has worked with the ASUS design centre onthe laptop. Shih said that the companys vision is to producemore of such distinct products which are incomparable and 16
  • 17. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone themselves disappointed, as most 3D-capable television sets are definitely too big to be used as PC monitors without causing some serious neck issues on the users part, and 3D- capable monitors typically lack support for certain A/V jacks which are widely used by many digital appliances today. However, it seems that users who are finding themselves caught in the aforementioned situation now have a potential solution to their needs, and it comes in the form of LGs new MX235D Cinema 3D TV monitor, which was just released for retail in South Korea yesterday.LG releases new Cinema 3DTV monitor for sale in SouthKoreaSource: According to the official press release posted by LGJune 30th, 2011 Electronics, the MX235D boasts an ultra-thin bezel which measures16.8mm and is fitted with 3D conversion chips which allow for on-the-fly conversion of digital content from 2D to 3D without the need to pass the device through additional software needed for doing so. In addition, LG has claimed that the MX235D utilizes passive 3D technology; this allows users to do away with the heavy and cumbersome battery-operatedWouldnt it be nice if you could have a 3D-capable television active shutter 3D glasses which have been said to have theset that is so small and compact, it could also double up for side effect of potentially inducing dizziness among users. Adduse as a PC monitor? If your answer to that question is a that to the fact that the MX235Ds 23-inch display size is smallresounding "yes", well, we got some good news for you, and enough to be able to double up as a PC monitor, and you haveit comes in the form of LG Electronics new MX235D Cinema a rather decent one-size-fits-all, 3D-capable device which can3D TV monitor, which is reportedly capable of fulfilling the shuttle between the roles of both a HDTV and a HD monitoraforementioned need, and then some. effortlessly.Now that 3D technology is fast becoming mainstream, it is Last but definitely not least, LG has also confirmed thathardly surprising to see manufacturers start rolling out new the MX235D television set will come equipped with various3D-capable television sets and monitors as though there is no standard features such as a pair of 5W speakers, a USB porttomorrow. Unfortunately, consumers who are on the lookout for playing back content via external storage devices, andfor a one-size-fits-all 3D-capable device will probably find 17
  • 18. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonebuilt-in support for MP3 playback. This means that users who at a modest subscription fee of US$6 a month per user. Andare planning to utilize the MX235D as a monitor due to its speaking at the events opening address today was productivitysize can potentially make use of the devices media playback guru Michael A. Podolinsky, who described in great detail thecapabilities to enjoy their digital media content without even importance of the cloud and Microsofts Office 365 in helpinghaving to turn on the PC to do so. businesses transform themselves and achieving even greater productivity.No mention about global availability for the device has beenmade by LG, although you may be interested to know that theMX235D is currently available for sale in South Korea at theprice of 479,000 won (approx US$445).Microsoft officially launchesOffice 365 for businessesSource: 30th, 2011Remember the little story we ran a few months back about howMicrosoft was attempting to make life easier for businesses bypitching the then beta version of its cloud-based productivity "Because of the connectivity aspect of the cloud... 60% of thesuite, Office 365, as a solution to allow business consumers IT focus this year is going to be about it. And with almost three-the luxury of not having to worry about maintaining their quarters of the people and companies involved in it, this is aown IT infrastructure? Well, the good news is that users can tipping point which we will not go back from," he said, whilefinally start migrating away from the beta, for Microsoft has adding that adoption of Office 365 is expected to be seamlessjust officially launched the finalized version of Office 365 today due to the fact that most consumers are already familiar within a media event held at Swissotel The Stamford. Hit up the the way Microsoft Office for the coverage of todays event... Podolinsky also described how businesses do not have to worry about compatibility or security issues on Office 365, as Microsoft will ensure that the software on its servers always remain up to date, and that systems administrators will always have full control over their data in the cloud to ensure that company files or information do not get removed or destroyed without the proper authorization. Up next was Microsofts Chief Operating Officer for Asia Pacific, Andy Pickup, who talked about what users can expectFor those who would remember, VR-Zone ran a story a couple from Office 365 now that the finalized version of the service isof months ago which talked about Microsofts unveiling of already available for subscription.the then beta version of its cloud-based productivity solutionfor businesses. Known as Office 365, the idea was thatMicrosofts new offering, which combines the functionalityof Microsoft office, Microsoft SharePoint Online, MicrosoftExchange Online and Microsoft Lync Online together intoa single, tightly-integrated cloud offering will help businessusers to enhance their productivity by ensuring that theirdata will remain accessible at all times, online collaborationwill be as seamless as possible, and that the IT department canspend more time dealing with user-specific issues.That sounded great and all, save for one little problem: therewas no mention as to when the finalized version of Office 365will be released for public use. Fortunately, the last piece ofthe puzzle has fallen into place, for Microsoft has officiallyannounced the availability of Office 365 in a press event held atSwissotel The Stamford, where it will be offered to businesses 18
  • 19. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone"This is the first time Microsoft has offered a premiereproductivity suite in a cloud-based service format. Customerswill be able to choose between a rich client that is downloadedon ones device and used in that way, or to opt for a cost-effective, affordable and predictable service fee that allowsthem to access Office through the power of the Internet," hesaid.In addition, Pickup also described other benefits users canexpect to derive from utilizing its Office 365 solution, such asthe assurance of having 99.9% server uptime and a "rich andpowerful experience" that stems from the seamless integrationamong various Microsoft services, along with ready access tothe service regardless of location via an Internet connection.All of this, he said, can be had for a subscription fee that costsless "than a cup of cappuccino". "Our heads are up in the cloud, but our feet are very firmly here on the ground," he quipped. That being said, we should point out that Microsoft has got a total of seven different price plans for users who are keen to sign up for Office 365. The one which Pickup described as costing only US$6 a month is targeted at small businesses and individuals, and offers 25GB of email, along with access to Office Web Apps, SharePoint and the Lync enterprise instant messaging client. Larger enterprises will have up to six price 19
  • 20. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneplans to choose from, four of which cost between US$10to US$27 per user per month, while the other two for kiosk workersare priced at US$4 and US$10 per person. Of course, the morecostly plans will come with added features such unlimitedExchange storage, the full desktop Office suite, Lync voicecapabilities and Office Professional Plus.Alternatively, there is also the free 30-day trial which canbe obtained from the Microsofts product page if you feelthe need to give Office 365 a test spin before deciding tocommit yourself to a full-time subscription for the service. Lastbut definitely not least, more information about the variouscomponents which make up the complete package that isOffice 365 can also be obtained there. This tool, which is known as Swiffy, has been described byGoogle releases tool to Google as one that as originally built by an intern by the name of Pieter Senster as a means to explore how the companyconvert SWF files into HTML5- could find a way to get Flash animations working on devicescompatible content which do not support the standard. Apparently, Google was so impressed by Sensters efforts that the company decided to notSource: only hire him as a full-time staff, but also assembled a teamfiles-into-html5-compatible-content/12791.html to commence work on the project, which resulted in the birthJune 30th, 2011 of the Swiffy tool that is now currently available for use as a Google Labs feature. For those who are wondering how Swiffy works, heres how itWhen youve got certain OEMs making sure that their is done as described by Googles Marcel Gorden, who is alsobestselling products are designed not to play nice with the the product manager for the tool:current online standard known as Flash, what is a socially Swiffy uses a compact JSON representation of theresponsible corporation to do to ensure that users will still animation, which is rendered using SVG and a bitbe able to enjoy much of the webs beauty? Simple: release of HTML5 and CSS3. ActionScript 2.0 is also presenta tool which converts the offending code into nice HTML5- in the JSON object, and is interpreted in JavaScriptcompatible instructions. Which is exactly what Googles new in the browser. This representation makes the SwiffySwiffy tool is all about. Read on to find out more about Swiffy... animations almost as compact as the original SWFPundits may claim that Flash is well on its way to becoming files.irrelevent soon while pointing to the introduction of the new That being said, we should probably point out that Swiffy doesHTML5 standard as the basis for their convictions, but the not play very nice with Internet Explorer, as the tool insiststruth of the matter is that, despite its capabilities and potential, that only a WebKit-based browser will be capable of displayingit will still take some time before the world is ready to migrate the results of the conversion accurately. Still, the introductionto a web that is powered purely by HTML5. Until then, there is of such a tool will definitely be good news for users who want tolittle to be gained from turning ones back on well-established view Flash animations on devices that do not support Adobesstandards which are widely used in the dissemination of online Flash platform.content today, such as Adobes Flash platform.However, if for some reason you have chosen to drop Flashcompletely in your daily web-browsing needs, fret not. Google Be Quiet Dark Rock Advancedhas, in its typical "Dont be evil" fashion, released a tool whichallows users to convert SWF files into viewable content written C1 CPU cooler review Source: HTML5 code so that they can continue to enjoy their online cooler-review/12792.htmlexperience without having to feel left out over their decision June 30th, 2011to do so. During the past few months we brought you the reviews of several power supply units from Be-Quiet, a German manufacturer. The company produces more than just power supplies though, offering a wide range of cooling products as well. Today we have yet another product from Be-Quiet to test 20
  • 21. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneand review but it is no power supply this time; it is the Dark Fan dimensions (mm) 120Rock Advanced C1, a high performance CPU cooler. Speed @ 100% PWM (rpm) 1500 Air flow @ 100% 50,5; 85,8 (CFM; m3/h)During the past few months we brought you the reviewsof several power supply units from Be-Quiet, a German Air pressure (mm H2O) 1,63manufacturer. The company produces more than just power Bearing type FDBsupplies though, offering a wide range of cooling products as Rated voltage (V) 12well. Today we have yet another product from Be-Quiet to test Input current (A) 0,09and review but it is no power supply this time; it is the Dark Input power (W) 1,09Rock Advanced C1, a high performance CPU cooler. PWM Controller Yes Connector 4-pin MolexManufacturer features and specifications Cable length (mm) 200 Cable sleeve Yes • For gaming, multimedia and CAD systems even at Livetime L10 @ 25 °C (hours) 300.000 maximum processing power. • Suitable for overclocking operation. • Extremely efficient up to more than 180 watt. Angry Birds finally smashes • Maximum cooling efficiency, Delta T 10.9 @ 100 watt. into Windows Phone 7 • Quiet operation with 1× Silent Wings PWM fan, 6.6–18.8 Source: dB(A). windows-phone-7/12790.html • High-quality materials with dark nickel surfaces. June 30th, 2011 Thermal resistance @ CPU Power 0,109 disposal (Rth @ P) Microsoft may have left a less-than-favourable impression Overall dimensions on Rovio Mobile by using the Angry Birds logo in an without mounting 122 x 95 x 167 advertisement to tout that theWindows Phone 7 will have a material (L x W x H) (mm) ton of cool apps well before the latter has yet to even commit Total weight 1100gr to such a port (if at all), but the latest turn of events seems CPU Wattage Range (W) 180 to suggest that the games developers have since decided to let bygones be bygones. After all, that can be the only reason LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / Angry Birds is now available for download on Windows Phone Socket compatibility 1366, AM2 / AM2+ / 7, no? AM3 / 754 / 939 / 940 Backplate Mounting Yes It is common knowledge that in the smartphone space, having Push pin mounting a top-notch operating system is no longer enough to win the hearts of consumers over to a companys side. Rather, the one Fan model, number SilentWings PWM , 1 factor which can potentially make or break a mobile operating Anti vibration fan fixing system today lies in the size of its app repository, and suffice to Rubber string Yes say consumers are not going to be interested in a new platform Stainless steel clip if it cannot offer the same popular apps that are currently and contact ring available on competing operating systems. Overall noise level (dB(A)) While it is clear to all that Microsoft has got its work cut 6,6 / 14,4 / 18,8 @ 900/1250/100% (rpm) out for it in terms of being able to deliver a well-populated app repository that is capable of attracting consumers to its Fin dimensions (L x Windows Phone 7 platform, consumers will undoubtedly be 122 x 72 x 0,4 gratified to know that the worlds most popular casual game W) , thickness (mm) for smartphones, Angry Birds, is finally available for download Number of fins 44 on their WP7-powered devices. Fin material Aluminium Base material Copper CPU contact surface CNC machined Heatpipe number, 6; 6 Diameter (mm) Surface treatment Nickel plated 21
  • 22. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe Windows Phone 7 port of Angry Birds is identicalto the ones that have already been released for both iOSand Android, so suffice to say Windows Phone 7 users arenot going to be getting any extra love from Rovio in the formof additional platform-exclusive content. However, wed daresay that owners of Windows Phone 7-powered handsets willprobably be more than satisfied to finally have their chancein experiencing just how addictive the act of flinging somefurious avians onto huge green pigs can be. Of course, do makesure that you keep your bird-flinging acts out of sight from theboss; we dont want to be held responsible for any unhappyexchanges between you and your superiors about how theoffice is supposed to be a place for working, and not gaming. The MATRIX GTX 580s box is even larger than mostOh, and one more thing, the Windows Phone 7 version of motherboard boxes out there. This is really unnecessary in ourAngry Birds is not a free download. Rather, you will have to opinion since theres so much empty space inside.fork out US$2.99 for the right to engage in some avian-bovinecarnage from the luxury from your smartphone. But hey, thatsa small price to pay for what the game is really worth, right? Asus N43SL Gets Jay Chou Endorsement (Live Coverage)ASUS MATRIX GTX 580 Source: Review endorsement-live-coverage-/12789.html June 30th, 2011Source: 30th, 2011 Asus is launching a certain N-series laptop with Jay Chou endorsement in W Hotel. Our correspondents who are now in Taipei is uncovering what secrets there might be with this JayRemember the ASUS MATRIX GTX 580 Platinum from Chou endorsement. Hop on to find out more. *Update* CheckComputex? That behemoth of a card has landed, and its out more videos inside as well as our official coverage here.packed full of features targeted at hardcore overclockers. Join Also check out Behind the Scenes : Making of Jay Chou N43us as we journey into the MATRIX and push it to the limits... notebookASUS MATRIX brand has been around for quite some timenow. Memorable models from yesteryear which have garneredmany accolades include the 9800GT MATRIX, 9600GTMATRIX and MATRIX GTX 285.The latest addition to the family, the MATRIX GTX 580, isapparently inspired by exotic sports cars and even Formula 1racing cars. Aesthetics aside, ASUS has lined up a whole slewof features. These include a DirectCU II cooler, 19-phase SuperAlloy Power, a specially-designed GPU Tweak utility, TweakItbuttons and ProBeIt voltage measurement points. 22
  • 23. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAsus, together with Jay Chou has launched the N43SL laptopin W Hotel, Taipei today. The N43SL, which is a special editionis endorsed by Jay comes with four of his albums and 3MTV videos albums bundled in this N43SL special editionnotebook. The company has additionally worked with Bangand Olufsen for its ICEpower Sonicmaster speakers to bringawesome sound to the notebook PC.ASUS N43SL Jay Chou Edition powered by Intel Corei5-2410M 2.3GHz processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540Mgraphics, 4GB memory and 500GB 7200rpm hard drivewill be available in two colors; Gold and Peach. This 14"2.4kg model will first be on sale in Taiwan tomorrowfor NT36000 (USD 1250). For Singapore market, it will beon sale from the first week of July for S$1298. However, thismodel is not expected to be sold in US and Europe market. Model with N43SL"Design inspiration has always been part of Asus DNA andwe are honored to appoint a talented singer and songwriterlike Jay Chou to infuse new elements of design in our N serieslaptop", said Jonney Shih, Asus chairman. At the event, Jayperformed on the piano with Jonney Shih as the conductor ona stage with Asus notebooks. 23
  • 24. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Jay Chou and his staff pass Check out more videos next page as well as our official coverage here. Also check out Behind the Scenes : Making of Jay Chou N43 notebook AOC To Roll Out USB-Powered LCD Source: lcd/12787.html June 30th, 2011another model with the Jay Chou notebook AOC is going to push out their USB-Powered LCD which was showcased at the CEA Line Show in New York last week.lovely pose AOC e2251Fwu USB-powered LCD monitor will feature 16:9 1920 x 1080 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 200 cd/m2 brightness and a 5ms response time. It is likely to retail in August. However the price is still unknown at the moment. Facebook Hires GeoHot Source: 24
  • 25. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJune 30th, 2011Facebook has reportedly hired well-known hacker GeorgeHotz, a.k.a. GeoHot. He became famous after jailbreaking theiPhone in 2008 and hacking the Playstation 3 last year, forwhich he was sued by Sony. But, like several hackers-turned-insiders in recent years, it seems GeoHot has also decided togo legit after all.George Hotz, better known by his handle GeoHot, has beenworking for social networking giant Facebook since May.GeoHot is best known for jailbreaking the Playstation 3 lastyear and then being sued by Sony. In April, he entered intoa settlement with Sony under which he agreed never to hackSonys products ever again.GeoHot distanced himself from the subsequent revengehacking of Sony by Anonymous, even saying on his blog that"hacking into someone elses server and stealing databases ofuser info is not cool". It seems that he decided to go legitjust like several hackers in recent years. Facebook has notyet revealed his exact job scope, though one can easily guesswhat it entails. Facebook has been known to regurlarly holdnight sessions called "hackathons" during which engineers areencouraged to write new code.ASRock Brings PCIe 3.0 ToFatal1ty Z68Source: 30th, 2011ASRock will be the first to push out motherboards with PCIe3.0 standard. The ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 isequipped with two PCIe 3.0 x16 slots allowing NVIDIA QuadSLI and AMD CrossFireX. More details inside. The Fatal1ty brand motherboard is marketed as a high end premium product. Combining the Fatal1ty with PCIe 3.0 configuration, you will get the ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 motherboard. It comes with two PCIe 3.0 25
  • 26. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonex16 slots and one PCIe 2.0 x16 slot which are capable of 580M, the worlds fastest notebook GPU. Supporting DirectXNVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX. The PCIe 3.0 is a next 11, PhysX and 3D Vision, the 580M notebooks can happilygeneration standard for PCI Express which has twice the deal with whatever is thrown their way, as our benchmarkingbandwidth compared to PCIe 2.0. Other features include the article shows.integrated PLX PEX8608 chip which enables multiple PCIe Patriot Wildfire 120GB Solid State Drive Reviewdevices to run at the proper speed simultaneously and the Description: Little Jimmy is now here and Team SandForceFatal1ty Mouse Port which has a wide range polling rate from can start the game. This game is played on websites, e-tail and125Hz to 1000Hz. retail outlets all over the country. For me, SSDball is moreSee more specifications at the ASRock Website. exciting than any sport I watch on TV because Ive got front row seats on the first base line. All of the action happens right in front of me and this season is going to be exciting.The Daily VR-Zone News AMDs Zosma core spotted in JapanSummary - 28 June 2011 Description: AMDs first processor to sport its "Zosma" core,Source: has gone on sale in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Phenomjune-2011/12781.html II 960T, was introduced in the third quarter of 2010, a fewJune 30th, 2011 months after the launch of 6-core Phenom IIs. However it was only launched as an OEM model and it was jolly hard to find one anywhere. DDR4 Memory Now Projected to Debut in 2014, But Ramp Up Rapidly. Description: It took over three years for DDR3 dynamic random access memory (DRAM) to take off and becomeIn todays news roundup: NVIDIA has announced the dominating type of memory and it looks like it will remainavailability of its new mobile GeForce GPU, the GT580M, on the market till at least 2015 as the debut of DDR4 iswhich the company claims is the fastest mobile GPU ever now delayed till 2014 and even with rapid ramp of the lattermade; AMDs first processor to sport its "Zosma" core, the shipments will crossover only sometimes in 2015 (more likelyPhenom II 960T, has been spotted for sale in Japan in spite later).of the fact that the chip was originally launched as an OEM-only model and as such was extremely difficult to find off Engineering sample Zambezi overclocked to 4636 MHzthe retail shelves; Sony has unveiled the latest addition to its (Russian)VAIO Z series of notebooks, which weighs a mere 1.2 kg , Description: (Machine translation) Frequency characteristicsmeasures16.65 mm thin, sports a 13.1-inch screen capable of processor performance in the Zambezi Socket AM3 + stillof a 1600 x 900 resolution and boasts a full-voltage Intel covered with a secret , known only authentically about theirCore i5 or i7 CPU along with a solid state drive; LaCie has ability to automatically accelerate by up to 1 GHz . Theunveiled the latest additions to its LaCie Porsche Design line situation is exacerbated by rumors that it was unsatisfactoryof portable hard disks, which come in the form of the P9220 frequency potential processors Zambezi current revision(mobile) and P9230 (desktop) and boast the use of a premium caused the delay of their appearance on the market. In suchscratch-resistant casing; Sony claims its recent security woes conditions it is difficult to determine how representativewere caused by fact that hackers took offense to the way in terms of frequency potential appearing on the Webthe company attempted to protect its video game content, screenshots engineering samples of processor performanceand Rumour has it that Odin Sphere, which is a jRPG game, Socket AM3 +. will getting a HD port and that the game will most likely be AMDs Llano A8-3850 to cost US $135downloadable off either the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. Description: We managed to get our hands on what appearsHardware news to be an official price for the upcoming quad-core desktop Llano part that should hit retail/e-tail just a day before thePatriot Gauntlet USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure @ Review the Independance Day, or simply, Sunday 3rd of July.TechDescription: Up for review today I’ve got an external hard drive Consumer Electronics and Software newsenclosure from patriot Memory called the Gauntlet. This hard Apple starts selling a Thunderbolt cable, RAID systems to usedrive enclosure is essentially a solid piece of aluminum that it withwill not only protect the drive inside, but will help to keep it Description: Admittedly there aren’t many peripherals thatcool as well. The Gauntlet features a USB 3.0 connection for use Thunderbolt, or many Macs that have Thunderbolt ports,fast read and writes, but it also has a backup button on it to but as Apple gears up for a whole slew of new Thunderbolt-allow you to instantly backup your data to the external drive. enabled computers, a bunch of new peripherals are also inNews From NVIDIA: The Worlds Fastest Notebook GPU, the pipeline. And in order to tap that opportunity, AppleThe GeForce GTX 580M, Is Available Now & Has Been introduced a new Thunderbolt cable today, available in theBenchmarked online store for $49.Description: Following the successful launch of the GTX 560M Sony takes wraps off new ‘ultra-mobile’ VAIO Z Series withlast month, NVIDIA is now introducing the GeForce GTX Power Media Dock 26
  • 27. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: Sony has taken the wraps off its new VAIO Z Description: Atari has announced that Dungeons & Dragons:Series at a press event in Europe. Weighing in at 1.2 kg Daggerdale is now available for the PC. We didnt really like(2.64 lb) and measuring 16.65 mm (0.65 in) thin, the “ultra- the hack-and-slash title, calling it "a terrible use of Wizardsmobile” notebook PC sports a 13.1-inch, 1600 x 900 pixel, of the Coasts timeless license" (ouch), but hey, maybe youreanti-reflective display and packs a full-voltage Intel Core i5 or a huge completist and absolutely must play through anythingi7 CPU along with solid state drive. Designed for users who and everything having to do Forgotten Realms. If thats thedon’t want to choose between desktop power and notebook case, you can pick up the game for $14.99 at a fine e-tailer nearportability, the VAIO Z Series also comes with a Power Media you.Dock that connects to the notebook via a “Light Peak” opticalcable to add quad monitor support, an optical drive, extraconnectivity options and AMD Radeon HD graphics. NVIDIA Launches GeForceMaingear Titan 17 Notebook Review GTX 580M GPUDescription: Our evaluation system consists of an Intel Core Source: Extreme Edition processor, a hexa-core desktop CPU gpu/12782.htmloperating at 3.46 GHz. Other notable hardware includes June 30th, 2011a 17.3” LED-backlit display running at 1920 x 1080, twoNvidia GeForce GTX 485M graphics cards, 6GB of KingstonDDR3-1333 memory, a 120GB Intel 510 solid state drive, a750GB Western Digital 7200 RPM hard drive, a Blu-ray opticaldrive, Bigfoot Killer Wireless-N Ultimate network adapter andintegrated Bluetooth technology, all running under Windows7 Home Premium 64-bit. One month after the introduction of the GeForce GTX 560M,PCTV Nanotech T2 Review @ NVIDIA now launches the new king, GTX 580M. It evenDescription: PCs are no longer the domain of purist business showcases some of the benchmarks done in GTX 580M SLI.and gamer types, they have a myriad of functions and come More details a variety of fifferent shapes and sizes. Today I’m reviewinga product that brings TV watching to your laptop, netbook ordesktop via a simple USB plugin. Let’s see if its as good assimilar products we’ve reviewed in the past.LaCie Shows Off New Porsche USB 3.0 HDDsDescription: USB 3.0 offers faster data transfers so it seemsfitting that LaCie enlisted the help of a company like Porscheto design its new USB 3.0 hard drives. Building on an eight-year-old relationship with Porsche Design, the company todaycelebrated the addition of the P9220 (mobile) and P9230(desktop) HDDs to its P9000 line of electronics.Opera lands its Swordfish browserDescription: Plucky web browser firm Opera has releasedversion 11.50 of its software, and warned the opposition that it A new king in the NVIDIA mobile graphics arena has beenis about to make a big splash on the web. announced. Benchmarks such as StarCraft II, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Far Cry 2 have shown great differences (up toGaming news 30FPS) between the GTX 580M and GTX 560M.Sony says it was only hacked because it tried to protect itscontentDescription: Embattled entertainment firm Sony claims it wasonly hacked because it tried to protect its video game content.Sony CEO Howard Stringer, who faces calls for his resignationover the hacking incidents, spoke at a shareholders meetingwhere he tried to explain why Sony was the main victim of therecent spate of hacker attacks.Odin Sphere To Get High Definition Port ?Description: Treat this as a rumor but if sources are correct,one of the nice RPGs from Japan will getting a HD port. OdinSphere, originally from PS2 is made by Atlus and launchedback in 2007. There is not much information as of now butbased on the source, the game is likely a download on eitherPlayStation Network or Xbox Live.Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale lands on PC 27
  • 28. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWhen compared to the previous generation, the GeForce GTX580M easily beats the GTX 480M in all the benchmarks. GeForce GeForce GeForce GeForce GTX GTX GTX GT 555M 580M 570M 560M CUDA 384 336 192 Up to 144Even after the enabling of 3D Vision, the GeForce GTX 580M Coresis still able to produce more than 30FPS in all the benchmarks Processor 1240MHz 1150MHz 1550MHz Up toat 1920 x 1080 resolution. Clock 1506MHz Memory 1500MHz 1500MHz 1250MHz Up to Clock 1569MHz Memory 256-bit 192-bit Up to Up to Interface 192-bit 192-bit Width Product Link Expect manufacturers to pack the GeForce GTX 580M GPU into their gaming laptops. Manufacturers such as Alienware has already equipped their M18x and M17x laptops with GTX 580M and offering SLI option while manufacturer Clevo has included 3D Vision as well. For more details on the benchmarks, please visit the NVIDIA website. Sony launches sub 1.2kg VAIOIf a single GTX 580M isnt good enough for you, check out the Zperformance of GTX 580M in SLI. FPS are increased by an Source: of 85% with the enabling of SLI. z/12780.html June 30th, 2011 Theres no doubt that theres a certain love/hate relationship for many with the Sony VAIO Z series of notebooks, the hate mostly coming from the fact that the Z series is so expensive that most of us can only dream of owning one. However the companys latest incarnation of the Z series have taken things 28
  • 29. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneto a whole different level, as Sony has managed to come upwith a machine that weighs less than most netbooks, yet packsthe power of a high-end notebook.Theres no doubt that theres a certain love/hate relationshipfor many with the Sony VAIO Z series of notebooks, the hatemostly coming from the fact that the Z series is so expensivethat most of us can only dream of owning one. However thecompanys latest incarnation of the Z series have taken thingsto a whole different level, as Sony has managed to come upwith a machine that weighs less than most netbooks, yet packsthe power of a high-end notebook. On the not so great side the new VAIO Z has a very thick screen bezel which makes it larger than it couldve been. That said, with a 1920x1080 screen resolution (or 1600x900 is some markets) were sort of willing to live with the bezel. Part of the reason for the bigger bezel, at least at the top is the 1.3Megapixel webcam which Sony has kitted out with one of its Exmor sensors and its said to be offering better details in low-light situations. Theres also a lot of corresponding space on both sides of the keyboard, but on the upside theres also a rather large wrist rest and a reasonable size touch pad. The touch pad is buttonless, but features a fingerprint reader. The keyboard is backlit which is also a nice addition.From what we saw at the launch event, the new VAIO Z is aseriously impressive machine, although with a few minor irksthat we dont quite get. But lets start with some of the goodpoints, first of all the weight is nothing short of impressiveas youre looking at a notebook with a 13.1-inch screen anda 35W mobile CPU that weighs in at a smidgen under 1.2kg,somewhat dependent on the configuration. That makes mostnetbooks look obese and even more so when you realise thatthe VAIO Z is a mere 16.65mm thick. In terms of ports and connectivity theres plenty on offer, although once again were curious about the reason behind some of the options on offer. For starters, Sony is sticking to its dual card readers, in this case located around the front, one for Memory Stick and one for SD cards, all the latest variations are of course supported. On the left hand side youll only find a single port and its a D-sub connector, which we think is a very questionable inclusion on a notebook like this. On the right hand side we have a USB 3.0 port (more on this shortly), a USB 2.0 port with charge support, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port with a special fold-out connector and finally a 3.5mm 29
  • 30. June 30th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneheadphone jack, but strangely enough this doesnt seem tooffer headset support like on some competitors models. 30
  • 31. July 4th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! A8-3850 A8-3800 A6-3650 A6-3600 VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication CPU Cores 4 covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. CPU Clock 2.9GHz 2.4GHz 2.6GHz 2.1GHz Turbo Core No 2.7GHz No 2.4GHzFusion Power: AMD A8-3850 L2 Cache 4MB (1MB/core)APU Tested GPU HD 6550D HD 6530DSource: TDP 100W 65W 100W 65Wtested/12581.htmlJuly 4th, 2011 Price US$135 ??? US$115 ??? AMD has four A-series APUs lined up, but only the A8-3850 and A6-3650 are currently priced and available. Both models are rated for 100W TDP and do not support Turbo Core. The A8-3850s CPU is clocked at a rather modest 2.9GHz, which is not surprising since there is also an onboard GPU to take into account. Turbo Core will only be used on the A8-3800 and A6-3600 to maximize single-threaded performance while stillAMD has been touting its Accelerated Processing Units as the keeping within a 65W big thing. Combining a quad-core CPU and a RadeonHD GPU into a single chip, these purportedly offer a superiorblend of CPU and graphics performance to Intels offerings.Join VR-Zone as we put AMDs very first A-series APU to thetest.AMDs acquisition of ATI back in 2006 was its first steptowards integrating CPUs and GPUs. Since then AMD hasbeen sounding the Fusion horn at regular intervals. At thestart of this year we finally got the first APU, the low-power Desktop Llano supports dual-channel memory at up toE-350 which was aimed at nettops and netbooks. The next DDR3-1866 speed. This is significantly faster than Sandylogical step was to bring the APU to mainstream desktops and Bridges (official) DDR3-1333 support, and for good reason,notebooks, the outcome of which is none other than Llano. as youll see shortly. The A8 and A6 series will also be differentiated via integrated GPU performance. Well take a look at that on the next page, but, first, some pictures of the real deal:The CPU portion of Llano consists of four tweaked Stars cores.There is no L3 cache, but AMD increased the L2 cache size to1MB per core instead. Add some other minor improvementsand you squeeze 6% more performance out of what is, frankly,an ageing microarchitecture that dates all the way back to2003. Performance should be very similar to a Athlon II x4 ofsimilar clockspeed.A-Series APU Comparison 1
  • 32. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Brazos-T platform. The first Z-APU, Z-01, is basically a power optimized C-50, bringing down TDP to 6W. However, Z-01 still used the Hudson M1 FCH, designed primarily for notebooks/ nettops. AMDs focus for the Brazos-T platform is a FCH more suitable for tablets, cutting down redundant features and saving power. The Hondo APU is largely similar to the Desna Z-01 APU - 2 Bobcat cores at 1.0 GHz and a Radeon HD 6250 GPU. However, Hondo does away with a PCIe interface - redundant for tablets as they dont feature discrete GPUs. Also, the VGA interface is removed, to leave 2 digital video outs in form of DP, eDP or HDMI. In addition to further tweaks, the result is a reduction in TDP from 5.9W to 4.5W for the APU.Llano uses a brand new CPU socket - the 905-pin Socket FM1.The gap in the center is faintly reminiscient of Socket 754from days of yore. The good news is, heatsinks compatible withSocket AM2/AM3 will also work with FM1. However, it is the new Hudson M2T FCH which undergoes most changes compared to the Hudson M1 used with Z-01 APU. The package dimensions are reduced to 19x19mm, a single 3 GB/s SATA port is featured and USB 2.0 controllers is cut down to 8. As with the APU, PCIe has been excised completely, and there are no legacy USB1 controllers. An addition is a Secure Digital IO for improved WiFi. The result is a major cut in power consumption for what AMD calls "app power" - or typical power consumptions while running typical tablet apps. The "app power" for the entire Brazos-T platform is an impressive 2W only, which is half that of Desna+Hudson M1. Of course, the TDP will be higher. The Brazos-T platform is set to be in production by Q2 2012, well in time for the Windows 8 release - which is optimized for tablets as well. In 2013, AMD will transition to Samara, and surely 28nm, offering further reduction in powerAMD preparing Brazos-T consumption and next gen graphics. It is important to noteplatform for Windows 8 tablets that Windows 8 will run on ARM systems as well, so AMDs primary competition will be ARM. Intel is not standing stillSource: either, with Atom-based Medfield SoCs due to release in Q1July 4th, 2011 2012. Samsung partners SingTel to provide more content for Smart TV consumersDonanimHaber has uncovered AMDs next evolution to the Source: released Z-series APUs, the Hondo APU on the more-content-for-smart-tv-consumers/12847.html 2
  • 33. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone A Visit To ASUS HeadquartersJuly 4th, 2011 In Taipei Source: taipei/12834.htmlSamsung has recently announced that it is the first in the July 4th, 2011industry to launch SingTel video applications and their SmartTV will also provide more content with 3D Video-On-Demand("VOD") service. Read on for the details. While VR-Zone was in Taipei for the official product launch of Jay Chou edition ASUS N-series laptop, we also got the chance to visit ASUS headquarters and check out some of the new products which are going to be launched soon. Read on.Samsung Electronics announced that it will be providing morecontent for Smart TV consumers via its two newly developedSingTel Applications and Samsung 3D VOD service from 1 July2011. The Korean company has partnered SingTel to developtwo Smart TV applications – SingTel Video Store and SingTelVideo Search.SingTel Video Search allows consumers to access the desiredweb video content in standard definition, high definition and3D content that can be found through an online catalogue.Apart from movies, consumers also get a wide variety ofcontent ranging from entertainment to news and can easilysearch for videos across multiple video sites. The 3D videosearch engine will also bring true-to-life content right to the Cecilia Huang, marketing director of ASUS, gave the media auser’s living room. deeper insight of the company and what it does.SingTel Video Store is an online video store with Asian and "ASUS is a global technology leader in the digital era and weother international content. It is the first such store on the new focus on the mastery of technological innovation and designrange of internet TVs with the option to watch directly on your perfection. And in ASUS, we are in search of the incredible.TV, without the use of a set-top box. Users can preview the We have over 11,000 employees worldwide, with over 3,000clips with thumbnails, descriptions and watch movie trailers are in R&D, 77 support centres and 50 branch offices globally.of upcoming movies or stream movies. Last year, we reached US$10.1 billion revenue and we targetIn addition, owners of Samsung Smart TVs will be able US$12 billion this year," Huang access the 3D VOD contentat no additional cost by The notebooks, Eee PC netbooks and desktops (includingdownloading the ‘Explore 3D’ application available on EeeTop and EeeBox PCs) account for 74.7 percent of ASUSSamsung Apps from 1 July 2011. A total of 20 3D clips will be global revenue, while components like motherboards and LCDmade available. displays make up 24.2 percent; the remaining 1.1 percent comeAs part of Samsung’s collaboration with Dreamworks, the from other product categories.service will feature exclusive 3D movie trailers from How totrain your Dragon, Shrek: The Final Chapter and the latestKungfu Panda 2 as well as music videos from popular Koreanbands - Girls Generation, Super Junior, and BoA. Thereare also eight 45-minute documentaries produced for IMAXtheatres. Samsung expects to increase the number of clipsavailable on demand to 100 by end 2011. 3
  • 34. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneHenry Lin, engineer of ASUS Golden Ear Team, was alsopresent to talk about the companys proprietary SonicMastertechnology and let the media listen to the difference inaudio quality from ASUS laptops speakers compared toconventional ones. Sony VPL-HW30ES home theatre 3D projector lands in SingaporeMichelle Hsiao, designer for ASUS, talked about working with Source: Taiwanese celebrity Jay Chou on the special edition N- projector-lands-in-singapore/12845.htmlseries laptop. Hsiao said that Chou began working with the July 4th, 2011ASUS design team earlier this year for a period of six months.The first production unit came out in April but because ofcolor selections and corrections, the final approved versionwas out only in June. Heres a look inside the work room whichis laid with the various design revisions. Sony has recently announced its latest 3D home theatre projector VPL-HW30ES. Incorporating the companys proprietary Dynamic Lamp Control Technology, it boasts amazing brightness levels for users to experience 3D "cinema-style" movies in their own living room. 4
  • 35. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSony has announced the VPL-HW30ES 3D home theatreprojector that incorporates Sony’s latest lamp technology, - High Frame Rate SXRD Panel (1920x1080) for exceptionallyDynamic Lamp Control system. Movie fans can now enjoy an sharper, dot-free imagesunrivalled 3D cinematic experience with stunning 3D imagesthat are three times brighter than Sony’s first 3D home theatre - 240Hz SXRD panel drive for minimised cross talkprojector, the VPL-VW90ES which was launched in AsiaPacific last year. - High Contrast ratio of 70,000:1Sony’s latest Dynamic Lamp Control Technology significantly - Dazzling brightness of 1,300 lumensboosts the brightness levels entering the shutters of the3D glasses, maximising the picture’s impact and the lamp’s - Motionflow technology for sharper and smoother images forefficiency. The opening and closing of the shutters on the less motion blur3D glasses are intelligently synchronised to ensure that eacheye receives the accurate image, thus reducing crosstalk to a - Independent 2D/3D Picture Modeminimum. In order to achieve an optimal viewing experiencethat feels natural on the eye, the Full high definition 3D - Automatic Advanced Iris Control feature enhances theVPL-HW30ES home theatre projector is equipped with Sony’s contrast levelsHigh Frame Rate SXRD Panel (1920x1080), for exceptionallysharper, dot-free images.The new VPL-HW30ES delivers contrast ratio of 70,000:1 New Iriver P8 portable mediaand brightness of 1,300 lumens. In addition, “3D crosstalk”is further reduced to a minimal thanks to the 240Hz SXRD player shows up for sale inpanel drive system and the unique Dynamic Lamp Control RussiaTechnology. The automatic Advanced Iris Control feature Source: the contrast levels in accordance with the scene by shows-up-for-sale-in-russia/12842.htmlmaximising black and white levels without diminishing peak July 4th, 2011brightness. Sony’s new Motionflow technology allows the VPL-HW30ES to display twice as many images per second. Thisalgorithm, unique to Sony, reproduces dramatically sharperand smoother movements and reduces the image motion blurfor a crisper image.The VPL-HW30ES is capable of taking 2D and simulating 3D Iriver may have been rather quiet down here in this part ofimages, bringing new life to classic movies from the past and the world, but that does not mean that the company has beenallowing a wide variety of content, such as live sports, to be letting its line of portable media players remain stagnant asenjoyed. Sony’s innovative Independent 2D/3D Picture Mode well. Apparently, a new portable media player known as theon the VPL-HW30ES allows you to select separate parameters Iriver P8 which sports quite a few interesting features has beenfor 2D and 3D content and to change each setting individually spotted for sale in optimise each picture image settings whether watching in When was the last time you heard of a new product2D or 3D. announcement from Iriver? Say, maybe five months ago, withThe VPL-HW30ES also runs very quietly with an advanced the introduction of the U100 back then? Well, it seems thatair discharge system for a highly efficient cooling system, the Korean consumer electronics manufacturer is back oncesuppressing noise level to a mere 22dB without interrupting again with yet another new portable media player to competethe viewer’s immersion during the movie-going experience. in the market, and it comes in the form of the white Iriver P8,The VPL-HW30ES is compatible with Sony’s new active as shown below:shutter glasses, the TDG-PJ1, which are 18 grams lighterthan the previous model (59g compared to 77g). TheTDG-PJ1, charged in 30 minutes provides 30 hours ofcontinuous watching. In conjunction with the new glasses,Sony has announced a new transmitter, the TMR-PJ1, whichsynchronises 3D content effortlessly to generate a high-qualitynatural 3D effect.The VPL-HW30ES will be available across Asia Pacific in July2011 at the SRP of USD$$3,999 (without 3D glasses andtransmitter). The TDG-PJ1 and TMR-PJ1 are sold separately.Key features highlight: According to the official hardware specifications available on- Dynamic Lamp Control Technology significantly boosts Irivers product page, the P8 portable media player sports abrightness levels five inch touchscreen which is capable of a native resolution- Full high definition 3D of 800 x 480, along with a battery which is reportedly capable 5
  • 36. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneof providing the P8 with up to nine hours of continuous video offering of three different native resolutions, the PA Seriesplayback or approximately 40 hours of audio playback on a is a complement to any large room requiring demanding AVsingle charge. In addition, Iriver claims that the P8 boasts a support. The virtually maintenance-free projectors, with up tosufficiently powerful processor which is capable of handling 4000 hours of lamp and filter life, lower users’ total cost of1080p video playback, support for external displays via HDMI, ownership and lengthen the projectors’ lifecycle.and well as built-in compatibility with a wide range of media Additionally, these three new models offer stacking capability,formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, WAV, AVI, which allows up to four projectors to bestacked verticallyXviD, WMV, MKV, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TXT. or horizontally to boost the image brightness up to 24,000No information the P8s pricing and availability has been made lumens. This feature is an asset to larger-sized screenspublic yet, so do check back for updates. and environments with additional ambient light. With Integrated Device Technology HQV, a high-performance video processing and scaling system, users can present withNEC introduces PA series superior image quality using the technology’s pixel-based,projectors for corporate motion-adaptive de-interlacing to remove undesirable motion artifacts. Additionally, selectable ECO Mode technologyconference rooms and large extends each projector’slamp life, while eco-consciousclassrooms features like quick start (3 to 4 seconds), autopower on and direct power-off further advance the projector’s lifetime.Source: Specifications:July 4th, 2011 - Up to 6000 lumens inXGA, WXGA and WUXGA native resolutions - Lamp life up to 4000hours with ECO Mode - Connectivity includes HDMI with HDCP, DisplayPort, dual computer and 5BNCNEC has introduced the PA series projectors - PA600X,PA550W and PA500U - designed for business professionals. - Stacking capability (up to 4 projectors)The projectors boast brightness of up to 6000 lumens, and arestackable with up to four projectors to be stacked vertically - HQV processingor horizontally to provide 24,000 lumens. The NEC PA seriesprojectors are available now. - Windows Network Projector Function directly connects to networked projectors without the need for additional proprietary software - Windows RemoteDesktop Function allows the control of the projector with a keyboard and mouse through the USB input - Windows NetworkDrive and Media Connection functions display multimedia files (.jpeg, .bmp,.png, .mpeg2 or .wmv9) - Complete line offive bayonet-style lenses - Image Express Lite enables wired/wireless transmission of an image to the projector without theneed for externalNEC Asia Pacific has announced its latest PA series projectors - componentsPA600X, PA550W and PA500U. The new series of advancedprofessional projectors is designed for corporate conference - Image Express 2.0 enables image transmission in real timerooms and large classrooms that require an installation over the network to a single projectoror multiple projectorsprojector. An abundance of new features have been included in simultaneouslythe PA series that improve its quality over its preceding modelsin the NP Installation series. - 3D Reform squares the image by adjusting horizontally, vertically or diagonally when the projector is placed at an off-The center lens design of these three new models is an set angleadvancement that makes retrofitting existing installationseasier and more cost effective. The new chassis also provides - Keystone correction helps display the image properly whenenhanced connectivity with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. the projector is set up at an angle tothe screenPremiering in NEC’s projector lineup is Crestron Roomview,which allows users to directly connect their projector to - Geometric correction allows the projector to display square-the managed network for monitoring and control. With a looking images on cylindrical, spherical or cornered screensbrightness level ranging from 5000 to 6000 lumens and an 6
  • 37. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone out, we did not have to wait very long: a report posted by The- Horizontal andvertical lens shift Wall Street Journal claims that Apple is now the latest victim of such an attack, and that the damage consists of a number of- Edge Blending technology creates panoramic images with root and administrator accounts being stolen.multiple projectors According to the report, a group of computer hackers calling themselves AntiSec (supposedly the shorthand for Anti-- DICOM Simulation Security) has claimed responsibility for the alleged attack on Apple, while adding that they were able to make off with- Cabinet control lock the passwords of as many as 26 root and administrative accounts. Apparently, AntiSec was able to gain access to- Password protection Apples information by making use of a security flaw found in the software used by many companies to power their servers,- Email notificationsto inform the system administrator when although no mention was made about the softwares name.the projector’s lamp approachesthe end of its useful lifeThe PA600X, PA550W and PA500U projectors ship with a 2-year limited warranty and will is available now at an estimatedretail price as per below:-PA600X Projector with standard lens - S$6,299PA550W Projector with standard lens - S$6,299PA500U Projector with standard lens - S$7,799Apple hacked by AntiSec?Source: 4th, 2011 That being said, while certain sites are dismissing the claims made by AntiSec due to the lack of evidence available to verify that the attack was indeed successful, it seems that AntiSec might not have been boasting after all, for technology website ZDNet has seemingly managed to obtain a list of what apparently contains the passwords to the compromised accounts, as shown below:With all the hoo-ha that is currently taking place in cyberspaceover the recent spate of webpages and servers belongingto major companies and corporations getting attacked byhackers, it would really be of little surprise that some instantly-recognizable names will eventually find their way as entrieson the hackers hit list. And the next big victim of an allegedhacker attack is seemingly that of Apple, which has reportedlyhad one of its servers compromised and administrator datastolen. Or did it?Now that news about how big-name companies andcorporations have been getting their share of the limelight bybeing the unfortunate victims of a hacking spree has spreadaround the Internet like wildfire, it should hardly be surprisingthat most people will be waiting to see which is the nextunlucky company to find its servers getting compromised byyet another hacker group, and how much damage the lattercould inflict on the company in the process. And as it turns 7
  • 38. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Most online search engines are fully capable of delivering broad but relevant results for any search string at the click of a single mouse button, but there will always be trend-watchers who would like to have the ability to narrow down their search results in order to have abtter idea of just what is currently popular among users of differing age groups, genders, or even regions? And these are the kind of users Yahoo! is clearly aiming to please with the introduction of its new Yahoo! Clues service, which the company claims is reportedly capable of offering "fun and engaging ways to explore what users are searching for on Yahoo!while offering a behind the scenes look into popular search trends".Apple has yet to make an official statement about the attack,so any information as to whether the hackers were able to walk According to the company, the latest version of Yahoo!away with personal data belonging to consumers remains to Clues now sport various new features, chief of which is thebe seen. introduction of "Top Trends, which is Yahoo! claims allows for "endless exploration of the most popular search terms on Yahoo! Search". The company goes on to explain how users canYahoo! launches new Yahoo! make use of filter selections to "choose a combination of time range, gender, age group and geographic location, and evenClues search service search term category" to have Top Trends deliver the resultsSource: they are seeking, as shown in the example 4th, 2011How does the idea of being able to "instantly discover what’spopular to a select group of searchers – by age or gender –over the past day, week or even over the past year", or to have"controls at your fingertips that let you slice and dice Yahoo!searchers by criteria such as gender, age group and regionalinterest, or gain deep insights from comparing search terms"sound like? Well, those are the kind of needs which Yahoo!appears to be extremely keen on solving with the launch of itsnew Yahoo! Clues online search service. Read on to find outmore about Yahoo! Clues... 8
  • 39. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneIn addition to "Top Trends" Yahoo! has also announced the doing right now with the “Create for Millions” consumer andavailability of a variety of other enhancements that has been developer competition that is currently taking place for itsadded to Yahoo! Clues, with some examples being: Series 40 platform. Does Nokias Series 40 mobile phone platform sound familiar • New site design – Clues now includes a home page to you? Well, for those of you who may not be aware, that is with navigation to the Top Trends and Trend Analysis the name of the software platform that is currently used by the features. Finnish mobile phone giant to power its mid-end smartphone • More data – History from one month to over 12 months, and luxury Vertu product lineup, and has the honour of being and covering over three times as many search terms as recognized as the worlds most widely used mobile phone the previous release. platform. However, it is clear that Nokia wants to further • Global coverage – All English-language searches globally enhance the Series 40s appeal in the form of providing users are available. with more applications to choose from, and it is attempting to do so by organising a competition for both developers and • New map – Trend Analysis includes a brand new map consumers to submit their ideas for consideration. that puts the data at the center of the experience with beautiful neat map visualizations. Known as Create for Millions, the developer and consumer competition allows developers the opportunity to offer their Java and web-based apps to "millions of consumers worldwide" while still being able to win cash and prizes whichThat being said, Yahoo! Clues is still currently in beta, although are valued at EUR 1,000,000. Consumers, on the other hand,adventurous users can give the service a spin over at http:// can make use of this opportunity to "submit their ideas the applications theyd like to see on Nokia Series 40 mobile phones", with Nokia claiming that authors of winning entries will be able to visit the Nokia World event that is slated to be held later this year, where they can see their ideas "come to life in person" and "meet the developers who created them".Nokia announces developer Nokia has stated that the applications which are to becompetition for Series 40 submitted for consideration should fall within one of the four categories, namely:Source: • In the Know - News and locally relevant informationJuly 4th, 2011 apps • Fun & Games - Games and entertainment apps • Emotional Closeness - Social networking apps • Access to Knowledge - Life improvement apps, for example education or healthConsidering how a large app repository is vital to any mobile In addition, Nokia has confirmed that it will be offering a totalphone platforms survival today, what is an established mobile of 10 cash prizes for each category, and that a top price of EURphone company like Nokia to do now that it needs to find 50,000 awaits the best contribution. In addition, submittersa way to encourage developers to produce applications for of top apps in each category will "win a variety of non-cashits software platform? Simple: organize a competition and prizes such as user experience reviews and app marketingput some fascinating prices up for grabs in order to gain the assistance", while "special prizes will be awarded to apps thatattention of its user base. Which is exactly what Nokia is 9
  • 40. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneshowcase the best touch feature in an app, the best location- the standard 8-bit table used inconventional monitors. Thisaware app and the best overall Series 40 web app". results in smoother and more accurate color gradation and reproduction. The 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio generates trueIf that has gotten the developer in you interested, more dark/light distinction and spectacular image quality.information about the Create For Millions developer andconsumer competition for Nokias Series 40 mobile platform Productivity-boosting featurescan be found here. ASUS bundles exclusive QuickFit Virtual Scale functionality with the PA238Q, powering true-sized displays of photosASUS unveils ProArt Series and documents on the screen. It also supports alignment, centimeter and inch-based grids for added flexibility. UsersPA238Q monitor for graphics can activate QuickFit via a simple hotkey at any time.professionals This goes along picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture viewing for easier multitasking. Additionally, thePA238Q’sSource: stand integrates fully-adjustable height, tilt, swivel, andpivot,monitor-for-graphics-professionals/12838.html making for easier work and enjoyment. The four conveniently-July 4th, 2011 located USB ports on the PA238Q (two on the side, two on the back) afford easy access to a wide range of storage devices and file formats, helping users display content instantly. Extensive input/output options As a fully-featured high-end monitor, the PA238Q offers a complete portand connector array. HDMI makes it effortlessThe 23-inch ASUS ProArt series PA238Q monitor claims to insert the PA238Q into anymodern multimedia and contentto deliver superb graphics performance that are ideal for sharing setup, while the inclusion of Display Port, DVI-D, andprofessional applications. With QuickFit Virtual Scale, it can D-sub maintains connectivity options with a wide range ofdisplay images and documents in their true size on the screen. devices so consumers can use the monitor as a single display formultiple sources. Razer BlackWidow, BlackWidow Ultimate and Anansi: now available for Mac Source: ultimate-and-anansi-now-available-for-mac/12837.html July 4th, 2011 Think that Windows is the only operating system that can make the best use out of sophisticated gaming keyboards,The ASUS PA238Q is designed to meet the needs of graphic such as Razers BlackWidow and Anansi? Well, think again:designers and other professionals. The 23-inch IPS-paneled the American computer peripherals manufacturer has justPA238Q is the latest addition to the ProArt Series of displays, announced the availability of both the aforementioned gamingLED-backlit model with native 1920x1080 resolution. It keyboards in the standard Mac keyboard layout which it clsimsreproduces 100% of the sRGB color space, with every are capable of "offering the same competitive edge for Macindividual monitor precision calibrated at the factory to ensure gamers as their PC brethren".unmatched color accuracy. The PA238Q ships with ASUS- Keyboards are all the same, regardless of the OS that theyexclusive QuickFit Virtual Scale software to display photos and are connected to, right? Well, tell that to the large numbersdocuments in their true size on screen. In terms of ergonomics, of Mac fans out there, many of whom will gladly start aa fully adjustable and sturdy stand complements a wide I/O fierce debate about seemingly unlimited advantages the Macrange, which includes HDMI, Display Port, DVI-D, D-sub, and keyboard layout has over its Windows counterpart. And if youmultiple USB ports. happen to be a Mac gamer, this latest bit of news will mostMeticulous factory calibration probably make your day, for Razer has announced that it willIPS technology allows for 178-degree viewing angles, prevent be bringing its BlackWidow, BlackWidow Ultimate and Anansicolor loss and wash even from extreme vertical and horizontal gaming keyboards over to users of the worlds second mostviewing directions. The internal firmware of the PA238Q popular operating system, Mac OS X, complete with supportuses a 10-bit lookup table for RGB coloration, going beyond for the standard Mac key layout. 10
  • 41. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneRazer BlackWidow: Mac EditionThe Razer BlackWidow: Mac Edition’s sports the use ofmechanical switches which, according to the company,"provides a distinctive tactile feedback that simulates theexperience and precision of performing a mouse click", thus"giving gamers an entirely new keyboard feel". In addition,Razer claims that the BlackWidow: Mac Edition also boastsan "ultra robust construction, fully programmable keys, 5 Said to be designed with the MMO gamer in mind, theadditional macro keys, and on-the-fly macro recording", Razer Anansi: Mac Edition gaming keyboard allows gamers tofeatures which reportedly "make the BlackWidow: Mac "execute seven times more commands instantly compared to aEdition a fully equipped and revolutionary gaming keyboard". standard keyboard" thanks to the seven thumb modifier keys located below the space bar. In addition, the Razer Anasi: MacThe Razer BlackWidow: Mac Edition gaming keyboard is Edition gaming keyboard boasts over 100 programmable keyscurrently available for sale globally at the price of US$79.99. and five additional gaming keys that allow gamers to "furtherRazer BlackWidow Ultimate: Mac Edition expand their repertoire of boss-killing abilities and macros, providing total control with convenient and instantaneous command executions". The Razer Anansi: Mac Edition gaming keyboard is currently available for sale globally at the price of US$99.99. SingTel offers 100 more tickets to Lady Gaga showcase Source: lady-gaga-showcase/12836.html July 4th, 2011The quintessential "big brother" to the Razer BlackWidow,the BlackWidow Ultimate: Mac Edition boasts a couple ofadded features not found on the BlackWidow, such as havingindividual backlit, illuminated keys, as well as the availability Telecommunication operator SingTel has announced that itof media and USB passthrough jacks. will be offering 100 more tickets to Lady Gaga showcase that is happening on 7 July this week. Well, if you want to stand aThe Razer BlackWidow Ultimate: Mac Edition gaming chance to win the tickets, just dress up in Lady Gaga-inspiredkeyboard is currently available for sale globally at the price of costumes, come over to SingTel Comcentre fountain courtyardUS$129.99. today at 4.30pm. Read on for the details.Razer Anansi: Mac Edition 11
  • 42. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone units. During the past few weeks we have reviewed two units from their Straight Power series, the E8 CM 680W modular PSU and the mainstream E8 400W PSU. Today we are going to have a thorough look at the weakest power supply of Be- Quiet’s best series, the Dark Power Pro P9 550W power supply. Be-Quiet is a company based in Germany which for the past few years has been creating computer related products for enthusiasts. The company has a long list of products but their primary focus lies on high quality and silent power supply units. During the past few weeks we have reviewed two units from their Straight Power series, the E8 CM 680W modular PSU and the mainstream E8 400W PSU. Today we are going to have a thorough look at the weakest power supply of Be- Quiet’s best series, the Dark Power Pro P9 550W power supply.Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) hasannounced that it is offering an additional 100 tickets toLady Gaga’s showcase available to her fans. To stand a Manufacturer’s features and specificationschance to win a ticket, fans are invited to dress-up in LadyGaga-inspired costumes and gather at the SingTel Comcentre • For high-res gaming, professional graphicsfountain courtyard at 4:30pm on 4 July. They will then be • For stable high-end multi-GPU applicationsasked to sing and dance along to a selection of Lady Gaga’slatest hits. Tickets will be awarded to the most creative fans • 12V multi-single rail operation, overclockingwith the most interesting performances. • Cable managementAMPed customers can also stand a chance to win one of • Extremely quiet running100 showcase tickets simply by downloading Lady Gaga’ssongs from AMPed. There are also 10 exclusive meet-and- • Top efficiency (80 PLUS Gold)greet passes up for grabs to allow fans to rub shoulderswith the world’s reigning queen of pop. Winners will beselected through a lucky draw whereby customers who have Continuous power (W) 550downloaded more songs will have a higher chance of winning. Peak power 500 ms (W) 650Fans can win VIP showcase tickets and backstage passes Form factor ATX 12V ATX12V Version 2.3for themselves and up to nine friends through the Form factor EPS 12V EPS12V Version 2.92‘Gagafy Yourself’ competition on SingTel’s Facebook page Modular cable management YES( As part of the VIP experience, Special technology LLC, DC/DCthey will also enjoy a ride to the showcase in a chauffeur-drivenluxury stretch limousine. The prize will be awarded for the Voltage (Vac) 100 - 240most creative submission. Frequency (Hz) 50 - 60 Input current (A) 8-4As an added bonus, fans can watch Lady Gaga’s showcase frommid-July on mio TV on-demand channels and on SingTel’s PFC, active YESMobileTV video streaming service. The SingTel AMPed ‘Born PF Power factor at 100% load 0.99This Way’ Lady Gaga showcase will be held on 7 July 8pm. Compliant to Intel C6 mode YES Power consumption in < 0,3Be Quiet Dark Power Pro P9 standby (W) Average life time (h / 25°C) 100.000550W PSU review Operating temperature (°C) 0 - 40Source: 4th, 2011 The Daily VR-Zone News Summary - 1 July 2011 Source: july-2011/12828.html July 4th, 2011 Be-Quiet is a company based in Germany which for the pastfew years has been creating computer related products forenthusiasts. The company has a long list of products but theirprimary focus lies on high quality and silent power supply 12
  • 43. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneIn todays news roundup: OverClocked Inside has announced Description: Sick looks and integrated water cooling top offthe availability of a new interactive tool on its website which this special H2O edition from Kingston with their HyperX 4GBallows users to determine whether their favourite CPU coolers 2133MHz kit. Legit Reviews pushes the Kingston HyperX H2Owill fit with their motherboard of choice "by moving the 2133Mhz memory kit in our Sandy Bridge test bench to see ifdesired CPU heatsink fan combination virtually on the selected there is any more juice that can be squeezed out of it and wemotherboard"; Hynix has found itself back it court once will show you how this DDR3 memory kit stacks up to someagain, this time over a patent infringement lawsuit filed run of the mill 1600MHz Cascades Computer Innovation LLC, which has accused NZXT Havik 140 CPU Cooler Review @ Vortezformer of infringing on its DRAM patents in a range of Description: The Havik 140 is a completely new and freshproducts, including the Hynix DDR3 range, without asking design to come out of NZXT’s lab. As the name instigates,for licensing permission; Google has updated the Google it is designed to take advantage of better performing butsearch experience for BlackBerry 6.0 WebKit enabled devices quieter operating 140mm fans. Thermalright and Noctua haveby adding a number of enhanced search features integrated been the first to introduce such concepts and given the risingthroughout the homepage and search result pages, making popularity of 140mm fans into the mainstream, it wasn’t longsearching faster and easier on, especially till consumers were going to see these on CPU coolers. Perhapson touch-enabled Blackberry devices; Adobe is attempting to the closest competitor to the NZXT is the Thermalright Archoncourt dissatisfied users of Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media which also comes with its own 140mm fan. The Havik looksComposer announcing its plans to offer a such consumers a like a very traditional heatsink on initial impressions. It50 percent discount on either Premiere Pro CS5.5 or CS5.5 boasts six 6mm heat pipes, uses an aluminium and copperProduction Premium; Word has it that several subscribers construction, has a densely packed laminar fin array andof the popular Star Wars Galaxies online game have taken dimensions comparable to other towers such as the Venomousaction against Sony Online Entertainment by filed a class- X. As such, we expect performance to be comparable. Theaction lawsuit against the company in a bid to prevent it from highlight is of course the inclusion of two uniquely shapedshutting down the game, and The King of Fighters XIII will be 140mm fans, a first for tower coolers. The overall package fromheading for consoles on October 27 this year at a price for 7,140 NZXT is a complete one but can NZXT compete outside of theiryen in Japan (asia ver to be confirmed) but fans can expect comfort zone?some interesting surprises and add-ons to the console port. Gigabyte Z68X-UD7-B3 - Layout and Design @ ocaholicHardware news Description: With the Z68X-UD7-B3 Gigabyte presents itMSI Big Bang Marshal (Intel P67 Express) Motherboard flagship model which supports Intels latest Sandy BridgeReview CPUs. This board also comes with the new color scheme whichDescription: MSI has had an interesting couple of years. really is very nice to look at. Furthermore there is the longDuring CES 2010 we saw them show off their new line of Big feature list which comes with every motherboard that is basedBang motherboards with Lucid Logixs Hydra chips on them. on Intels latest Z68 chipset.Unfortunately we saw this demo stutter through 3DMark Hynix sued in DRAM patent rowVantage. They were able to recover from that and managed Description: resh from its legal fight with patent troll Rambus,to put out a few good boards with this package in them. We the semiconductor outfit has found itself on the receiving endtook a look at a couple of them here on TweakTown (and will of a suit filed by Cascades Computer Innovation LLC (CCI).probably look at more to come). Then this year at CES, we The Korean technology company has fingered Hynix as usingheard from one source at MSI that they were planning on using its DRAM patents in a range of products, including the Hynixthe Hydra as more of a bridge chip for adding extra PCIe 2.0 DDR3 range, without asking for licensing permission. Thelanes on their high end boards to enable tri and quad SLI as patent in question is number 6,366,130, titled the "High Speedwell as Crossfire. So, the question is, where does Hydra fit into Low Power Data Transfer Scheme", which CCI claims Hynixthe Big Band series now? has been "contributorily infringing".Fit for fan - does the cooler fit on the motherboard ? AMD A8-3850 Lynx APU Processor @ Benchmark ReviewsDescription: n the year 2001 already followed Description: When AMD merged with ATI in 2006, theythe question, which CPU cooler can be used for which immediately began working on combining discrete levelmotherboard. With this interactive fit for fan guide one graphics onto the die with an x86 CPU, thus forming ancan find out exactly this with a few clicks, by moving the Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). In 2009, AMD expandeddesired CPU heatsink fan combination virtually on the selected on that effort by launching VISION with the intent of shapingmotherboard. The interactive fit for fan guide is a complete the performance of a PC to fit the needs of the user. Five yearsnew development, which already contains some AMD Socket after the merger, AMDs design has come to fruition in desktopAM3/AM3+, Socket AM2/AM2+, Socket 939, Socket 754 and form. In this article, Benchmark Reviews is taking a look at thealso older Socket A motherboards and some HSFs for each AMD A-Series A8-3850 APU.Socket. Additionally one can visit a review and check thecurrent price of each cooler or motherboard directly after the Consumer Electronics and Software Newsselection. Improved Google Search for BlackBerry 6.0 devicesKingston HyperX H2O 4GB 2133MHz DDR3 Memory Kit Description: Today we’ve updated the Google searchReview @ Legit Reviews experience for BlackBerry 6.0 WebKit enabled devices. We’ve added a number of enhanced search features integrated 13
  • 44. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethroughout the homepage and search result pages, making was labeled as the protest "ring leader" and threatened with asearching faster and easier on, especially on permanent ban from all SOE games. Even more, SOE allegedlytouch-enabled Blackberry devices. threatened to sue this specific "ring leader" for trying to cause "unlawful harm to the company."What WebOS Means To HP, Linux, And YouDescription: In John’s review of the new HP TouchPad, he The King of Fighters XIII gets release date for consoles, addsclaimed that “WebOS is the real star of this show. The OS offers Billy Kanetrue multi-tasking and uses a system of “cards” and “stacks” to Description: The King of Fighters XIII will be heading fordisplay active applications.” I think it’s worthwhile to remind consoles on October 27 this year at a price for 7,140 yen ineveryone that WebOS is built atop the Linux kernel, and Japan (asia ver to be confirmed) but fans can expect somethat has several interesting ramifications. HP has continued interesting surprises and add-ons to the console port. For aPalm’s dedication to user experience, and WebOS should make start, SNK Playmore has confirmed Billy Kane as a playableit abundantly clear that “Linux” need not be synonymous character in the console ver. This has been a wait for many fanswith “complex and arcane”. But there’s a lot more than just worldwide, KOF XIII will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360superficial window dressing to consider. on the same day.Creative ZiiO Multimedia Android Tablet Review on Call of Duty convention deploys Sept. 2-3Technic3D (German) Description: Activision is aiming to build the Call of DutyDescription: (Machine translation) The Creative ZiiO community in a big way. The publisher last month announcedMultimedia Android Tablet arrived Technic3D. Enjoy Call of Duty Elite, a new service for fans of the military first-exceptional wireless audio playback for all your music, movies, person shooter series with a wealth of social networking bellsand games with the ZiiO 7-Inch Wireless Entertainment and whistles. Today, Activision followed that up with theTablet from Creative. The compact touch-screen tablet not introduction of Call of Duty XP 2011, a convention it dubbed aonly offers convenient mobile computing, but it also lets "celebration" for the games stream lossless audio to Bluetooth-compatible wirelessspeaker systems or headphones. It features a vivid 7-inch colordisplay as well as an HDMI-out for enjoying movies on a big- Andino Texas & PowerPlusscreen HDTV... series iPhone 4 and iPad 2Steelseries 6Gv2 Mechanical Review @ Have to say, I’m a big fan of the mechanical cases Review Source: My personal gaming setup has a Steelseries 7G and iphone-4-and-ipad-2-cases-review/12752.htmlI use a Zowie Celeritas while working. With that in mind, you July 4th, 2011can understand why I was looking forward to this review. Onceagain I get to spend an afternoon playing some games andtyping away on another mechanical keyboard, the cut downversion of my own 7G, the 6Gv2.Razer Hydra unboxing & first impressionsDescription: The Razer Hydra combines the features ofa gamepad and motion controller into two ergonomically With everyone around you owning a brilliant piece of Applesshaped controllers vaguely similar to the Wii’s Motion technology, one of the few ways you can differentiate andcontroller and Nunchuck combo. Each Hydra controller is personalise your gadget(s) is with all sorts of individualisticsimilar to a large, more ergonomic Wii ‘Nunchuk’ with a cases and sleeves. If you are looking for something that isthumbstick and a total of eight available buttons: 5 buttons rugged yet looks good with whatever you are wearing, readaround the base of thumbstick, as well as 1 bumper, 1 trigger, on and check out what Andino has to offer. Besides denimand the thumbstick itself (which can be pressed). cases, we will also take a look at an external battery case forAdobe starts switcher campaign to lure Final Cut Pro users the iPhone 4 that is also made by Andino.Description: Adobe leapt on Final Cut Pro X frustrationsFriday with a new switcher promo. Anyone with a copy of FinalCut Pro or even Avid Media Composer can get a 50 percentdiscount on either Premiere Pro CS5.5 or CS5.5 ProductionPremium. The software house gave a knowing tweak to Applethat chastised it for dropping imports of the old version andtraditional imports from tape.Gaming newsStar Wars Galaxies Players File Suit Against SonyDescription: VentureBeat reports that several SWGsubscribers have written in claiming that they actually fileda class-action lawsuit against SOE to prevent the companyfrom shutting down the game. The lawsuit also centers on SOEswinging its Ban-Hammer in the forums, and how one player 14
  • 45. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone cheap, but you do get a very sleek and stylish looking notebook for your money. The first generation 11.6-inch Series 9 notebooks from Samsung featured a previous generation Intel Core i3-380UM processor clocked at 1.33GHz, whereas the new models are actually getting a slightly slower processor in the shape of the Sandy Bridge based Core i3-2357M which is clocked at 1.3GHz. Both CPUs sports 3MB of L3 cache, two cores and four threads, but the Core i3-2357M has 1W lower TDP, Intels much improved HD 3000 graphics (350/950MHz clock in standard/turbo modes) with support for Intel Quick Sync video and a few other features and finally it also supports AVX. The base model retains the pathetic 2GB of RAM and 64GB SSD, although the price has come down from US$1,199, to US$1,049 for the base spec. Luckily Samsung has come to its senses and offers an upgraded model with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD for US$1,249 which is a price wed be happy toOne of the decision that most iPhone and iPad users have pay for a usable notebook compared to the base version. Bothto make after getting their cherished device is what kind of version will be available in the US from to pick. Not only does the case serve its primary task ofprotecting your gadget, it also allows you to personalise and The 13.3-inch models have gone through a lesserstylise your beloved iPhone or iPad. While there are literally transformation with the CPU being upgraded from a Coretons of different designs, materials and functions out there in i5-2537M at 1.4GHz to a Core i5-2467M at 1.6GHz. The turbothe wild, this is probably the first mass-marketed iOS device frequency for the new model is still capped at 2.3GHz, butcases that comes in denim. This should strike a cord with its graphics core will go all the way to 1,150MHz, comparedmany, as jeans go along with almost anything right? to 950MHz for the older version. Samsung has also added a Core i7 option with the 2617M CPU which has a slightlyBased in Singapore, Andino has come out with a line of denim lower base clock than the Core i5-2467M, as the Core i7-2617Mcases and has thoughtfully included a crystal screen protector starts out at 1.4GHz, but itll turbo up to 2.6GHz. It also haswith all their cases, including the external battery case as well. an additional 1MB of L3 cache, but surprisingly it has theWith three different shades of denim available throughout same graphics clock as the Core i5-2537M. Its worth pointingtheir Texas line of cases, today we have a hands-on feel with out that the Core i5-2467M lacks support for Intel VT-d andtheir cases and see how it fits with our iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Trusted Execution Technology, something the Core i7-2617M offers.Samsung gives its Series 9 The MSRP for the first generation model was US$1,649 andnotebooks some Sandy Bridge Samsung is no offering its base model as a much more affordable US$1,349 which includes the Core i5-2467M CPU,love 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. At US$1,649 youre looking atSource: an upgrade to a 256GB SSD and finally US$2,049 gets you thesome-sandy-bridge-love/12831.html Core i7-2617M model with 6GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. AllJuly 4th, 2011 three models have already gone on sale in the US. UEFI coming to TIs OMAP SoCs courtesy of Insyde Source: courtesy-of-insyde/12830.htmlSamsungs ultra-thin 11.6-inch Series 9 notebooks have finally July 4th, 2011been upgraded to Intels ULV Sandy Bridge CPUs, while thelarger 13.3-inch version was given a spec bump or a pricereduction. That said, neither model is exactly what wed callcheap, but you do get a very sleek and stylish looking notebook With ARM processors being part of the Windows 8 eco systemfor your money. there are going to be some changes needed to how ARM systems work and as you may know, theres no BIOS to be found on a smartphone or tablet. Well, this is about to changeSamsungs ultra-thin 11.6-inch Series 9 notebooks have finally as Insyde has announced that it will be offering a version ofbeen upgraded to Intels ULV Sandy Bridge CPUs, while the its UEFI for Texas Instruments OMAP processors which islarger 13.3-inch version was given a spec bump or a price apparently a requirement to make ARM processors play nicereduction. That said, neither model is exactly what wed call with Windows 8. 15
  • 46. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone rather its expertise in medical products, such as endoscopes and various other things.With ARM processors being part of the Windows 8 eco systemthere are going to be some changes needed to how ARM As such, Hoya is now selling off the Pentax camera businesssystems work and as you may know, theres no BIOS to be unit, something that was expected to happen much sooner.found on a smartphone or tablet. Well, this is about to change Apparently Ricoh is also getting Pentax binocular and securityas Insyde has announced that it will be offering a version of camera related business units as part of the deal. Judgingits UEFI for Texas Instruments OMAP processors which is by the press release Ricoh will also take over Pentaxapparently a requirement to make ARM processors play nice manufacturing plant in Vietnam.with Windows 8. Interestingly the press release mentions that part of theNot a lot of details are known, but Insyde is working hard reason why Ricoh bought Pentax is because the company isto make sure its InsydeH2O UEFI works with TIs OMAP interested in a small and lightweight interchangeable lensplatform ahead of the launch of Windows 8. Theres no camera system, but we cant see Ricoh splashing out theword on other ARM solutions being supported, but wed be rumoured 10 billion Yen (about US$124 million) for Pentaxssurprised of TI was the only company working with UEFI Q-system which was announced recently.makers to get ready for Windows 8. Well simply have to wait and see how things develop, butLuckily theres still plenty of time to get everything working, hopefully well see a stronger product portfolio from Ricoh/but the two companies are obviously eager to get things up Pentax on the DSLR side, as for as much as Pentax has someand running as quickly as possible, as for them Windows 8 is excellent lenses and some very durable high-end DSLRs, thea big step in a new direction. We wouldnt expect to see the company has always been a little bit behind the competitionamount of options as you would inside a UEFI for an x86 based when it comes to features.machine, although as this is mostly intended for laptop usage,think laptop BIOS/UEFI and youll get an idea of the optionsyoull have, i.e. not that many. That said, a few options are Samsung Galaxy S IIs slightly-needed to make Windows happy and its also suggesting thatit might be possible to install other operating systems on these underpowered sibling appears,upcoming ARM based products. calls itself the Galaxy Z Source: splashes out 10 billion underpowered-sibling-appears-calls-itself-the-galaxy-z/12826.html July 4th, 2011Yen on PentaxSource: 4th, 2011 If desktop and notebook OEMs are able to install hardware ofRemember Ricoh, the company behind the crazy GXR differing performance levels into the same notebook and sellinterchangeable sensor camera and whos known for its GR them for different prices to cater to a variety of consumer needsDigital series of high-end point and shoots? Well, they also and desires, it would make sense that is was only a matterhappen to make printers and copy machines, but thats beside of time before smartphone OEMs start adopting this practicethe point, as the company has decided to further its camera as well. And it seems that Samsung is all ready to start doingbusiness unit by purchasing Pentax from Hoya. so with the introduction of the Galaxy Z, which, according to reports, is a slightly underpowered version of its current Galaxy S II smartphone. Read on to find out more...Remember Ricoh, the company behind the crazy GXRinterchangeable sensor camera and whos known for its GR Apparently, there were rumors floating about that SamsungDigital series of high-end point and shoots? Well, they also was planning to release a slightly "downgraded" versionhappen to make printers and copy machines, but thats beside of its current Galaxy S II smartphone, but nothing beatsthe point, as the company has decided to further its camera having official information from the likes of either the Koreanbusiness unit by purchasing Pentax from Hoya. electronics giant or its partners to confirm or disprove the rumor. And as it stands, the rumor is currently looking veryIts actually quite an interesting move, as Ricoh is one of the confirmed at this point of time, considering how details of asmallest digital camera makers out there today, although the Galaxy Z smartphone have surfaced on Swedish telco Threecompany has focused on making fairly niche market cameras Swedens product page:with somewhat unusual features.Pentax on the other hand was merged with Hoya – a Japaneseoptical company- back in 2008. Hoya is known for its highquality photographic filters, but when Hoya merged withPentax it wasnt its camera business that Hoya was after, but 16
  • 47. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe writeup provided by Three Sweden in its product pagedescribes the Samsung Galaxy Z smartphone as a "littlebrother" of sorts to the established Galaxy S II, a statementwhich is backed up by the devices hardware specifications.Apparently, the Galaxy Z will utilize a 4.2-inch Super ClearLCD screen capable of WVGA resolutions, while a yet-unknown 1GHz dual-core processor (rumored to be NVIDIAsTegra 2 System-on-a-Chip) provides the smartphone with theraw power it needs to perform most general-purpose tasks. In addition, Three Sweden has confirmed that the Galaxy Z will be running off version 2.3 of the Android operating system (aka Gingerbread) and will come with support for a variety standard features such as Wi-Fi, GPS and an FM radio tuner. Last but definitely not least, the Galaxy Z will also sport 5MP camera which is capable of a 4x digital zoom and HD video recording support, while the devices 8GB internal memory can be expanded via the use of microSD cards with capacities of up to 32GB. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Z does not appear to be available for sale anywhere outside of Sweden at this point of time, where it is priced at 3995 Kr or approximately US$633. Corsair Unleashes Its Force Series GT SSD Source: ssd/12821.html July 4th, 2011 17
  • 48. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCorsair has shipped its Force Series GT SSD, which utilizes the worlds most popular online social networking is slated toSandForce controller and features a chassis which is coloured be heading our way some time next week, and that thiswith its trademark fiery red theme. More details inside. new feature, which has been developed in Facebooks Seattle office, will reportedly be centered around the "mobile or tablet arena". That was what Facebooks very own CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, told reporters during a visit to the aforementioned office a couple of days ago, on Wednesday. The Seattle office is widely recognized as the one which drives most of the company’s mobile efforts, and has been known to have played a "central role in the development of Facebook’s unified mobile site, which was unveiled at the end of March 2011". And just as most would have expected, news of the companys announcement have spread throughout cyberspace like wildfire, and speculation as to what kind of "awesome" service Facebook intends to launch next week runs rampant. However, most pundits are claiming that an official Facebook app for the iPad, along with a possible photo-sharing app for the iPhone, are the most likely candidates for next weeks mystery launch, and for good reason. After all, Mark Zuckerberg himself has been rumoured to be taking a personal interest in delivering a tablet-optimized app for the iPad, which has been "allegedly in developement for almost a year",Corsairs Force Series GT SSD is targeted at hardware and leaked images of what is widely believed to be those forenthusiasts who will appreaciate the performance it has to the aforementioned photo-sharing app for the iPhone has beenoffer. Using the new SandForce SF-2280 SSD processor and released by TechCrunch recently, as shown below:ONFI synchronous flash memory, the Force Series GT is ableto deliver read speeds of 555MB/s, write speeds of 525MB/s and up to 85,000 random write IOPS. Although the ForceSeries GT SSD is a SATA 3 model, it will still be backwardcompatible with SATA 2 ports, allowing more options forconsumers. The Corsair Force Series GT SSD will be availablein July with a suggested retail price of US$149 for the 60GBand US$279 for the 120GB model. Pricing for the 240GBmodel is still unavailable.Facebook to launch something"awesome" next week,speculations aboundSource: 4th, 2011Facebook lovers, hang on to the edge of your seats nextweek. This is because the worlds most popular onlinesocial networking service has announced its plans to launchsomething big and "awesome" during that period, and that itwill most possibly be centered around the "mobile or tabletarena". And no, we are not making this up: that is exactly whatFacebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters in his visit tothe companys Seattle office a couple of days ago. That beingsaid, does anyone want to hazard a guess as to what this big,"awesome" launch could possibly be about?Faceook users, hang on tight to the edges of your seats.Apparently, something very big and "awesome" from the 18
  • 49. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThat being said, it is also possible that Facebook might havesomething completely different up its sleeves in store for usersnext week. Indeed, ZDNet is speculating that Facebook mightjust be preparing to launch its very own App Store competitor,which is currently codenamed Project Spartan. Unlike mosttraditional application repositories on the market, ProjectSpartan is unique in the sense that it is written in HTML5and is designed to be accessible by most web browsers. Intheory, this means Facebook might have a very good chance ofbeating Apple at its own game in the App Store department,as it grants users instant access to what is potentially a hugeexternal repository of apps without the need to jailbreak theiriOS-powered devices.Of course, this is nothing but speculation, so wed suggest thatyou take in the aforementioned information with a pinch ofsalt. Still, one thing is certain: the world is going to have a veryexciting week ahead of it. As the "cool white" version is essentially nothing more than the same Stone2 with a different colour, it has all theJabra Stone2 wireless specifications and capabilities as its matte black predecessor possesses. This includes its extremely small physical footprint,Bluetooth headset: now compatibility with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices,available in white the same 10-hour battery life, as well as support for voice- activated commands, voice-enabled apps and voice guidance.Source: And yes, it also features the same A2DP technology whichheadset-now-available-in-white/12823.html is reportedly capable of allowing users to "enjoy listening toJuly 4th, 2011 music streaming wirelessly from an A2DP-enabled phone with greater clarity and at easy, healthy volume levels".Do you remember Jabras Stone2 wireless Bluetooth headset?You know, the one that is small enough to fit nicely intothe palm of ones hand, and yet is capable of boasting anexceptional battery life of up to 10 full hours of wirelesstalktime? Well, leave it to Jabra to crank the Stone2sdesirability up a notch by announcing the availability of a new"cool white" variant of its wireless Bluetooth headset which itclaims is designed to appeal to style-conscious consumers.Three months ago, VR-Zone was invited to attend a hands-on seesion with Jabras then new wireless Bluetooth devices,where we were informed that one of the products that wasavailable on display, the Jabra Stone2, may be considered fora cosmetic upgrade in the form of a new colour choice in thelater part of the year, and that the new colour would be eitherwhite or red. As it turns out, Jabra did indeed deliver on itspromise, for the company has just announced the availabilityof a new variant of the Stone2 wireless Bluetooth headset thatnow sports a bright, "cool white" body instead of the matteblack finish that has been the only available color option uptill now. That being said, if you have been holding off that purchasing the Stone2 over the lack of colour choices available, there should be little reason to do so anymore, now that Jabra has refreshed the Stone2 product line with the aforementioned "cool white" version. And just so you know, the white Stone2 is already available for sale at the price of S$198. 19
  • 50. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone seemingly offering more of the same thing. Well, according toCanonical releases Ubuntu a blog post made on the official Ubuntu One blog at Canonical,One Files app for Android Ubuntu One Files will allow users to "automatically back upSource: photographs taken from an Android phone’s camera directlyapp-for-android/12822.html to their Ubuntu One personal cloud", thus ensuring that usersJuly 4th, 2011 can rest assured that they have a completely up-to-date photo library in their Ubuntu One cloud at all times. In addition, the blog post claimed that users can perform file sharing directly through the Ubuntu One Files app by simply tapping and holding on the file to instantly post it straight to Facebook, Twitter, or their personal blog.With so many cloud storage providers to choose from today,youd think that there is hardly any more space for competitorsto try their luck in this crowded market, right? Well, Canonicalapparently does not think so, for the company has just madeavailable its Ubuntu One cloud storage solution to Androidusers, which can can accessed via the Ubuntu One Files appthat is now available for download on the Android Market.Read on to find out more about Canonicals Ubuntu One cloudservice for Android...Mention the name "Ubuntu" to most people and chancesare you will be greeted with blank stares as though youhad just spoken some kind of Martian word that nobodyrecognizes. That, or get drawn into a long ideological debateabout just how important a role Ubuntu is playing the theLinux community by making desktop Linux distributionsmuch friendlier for end-users to play around with.That being said, there is a lot more to Ubuntu than justthe desktop Linux distribution that bears its, and one of theservices its founding company, Canonical, have released inrecent years is that of Ubuntu One, which is a cloud storageservice that allows users to store their data online for easyarchival and accessibility. And it is this very service which Of course, with Ubuntu One being a cloud service, it also comesCanonical has just made available to Android users via its with the standard features users have come to expect fromUbuntu One Files application, which is now downloadable off one, such as the ability to let subsccribers store their data intothe Android Market at no cost: Canonicals servers and access them freely as long as they have a working connection to the Internet. And as an added bonus, Canonical has confirmed in an interview with The Inquirer that it will never rummage through its subscribers personal data, preferring instead to give them benefit of the doubt that they do not have any illegal or copyrighted content in their storage accounts. "We do not monitor what people store in their personal clouds. Each person that signs up to Ubuntu One must agree to the legally binding terms and conditions, which clearly outline our acceptable use and conduct policy...Ubuntu One services allow users to store data on Canonicals servers, but this data can not be in breach of any applicable law and or any individuals data protection or privacy rights," said Cristian Parrino, vice president of online services at Canonical.Of course, you might probably scratching your head andwondering about Ubuntu Ones capabilities, considering how Sounds good? Well, it gets better: Ubuntu One is free to use,there are countless other cloud storage providers which are and all you need is to sign up for an account and you get access 20
  • 51. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneto 2GB of storage to get started off with. And in the event you Now that were done with that, lets have a look at the Crosshairneed additional space, well, Canonical is already ready to offer V Formulas specifications. At first glance it looks very similarthem to you at varying subscription rates. to its predecessor, the Crosshair IV Formula, with a nearly- identical expansion slot layout. Notable changes include a doubling of maximum memory to 32GB, an increase in theASUS Crosshair V Formula number of USB 3.0 ports, and the eviction of FireWire.Review Asus appears intent on using in-house solutions as much asSource: possible - JMicron and Renesas have been dumped in favour ofreview/12668.html Asmedias SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0 controllers respectively.July 4th, 2011 In our Z68 motherboard review we found the ASM1042 to be as good as other USB 3.0 controllers, but weve yet to see how the ASM1061 performs compared to the more popular Marvell 88SE9128. Were also happy to see an Intel 82583V controller on the networking front, as these usually have the lowest CPU utilization. You might also remember the Crosshair IV Extreme, the bigEach time AMD or Intel releases a enthusiast chipset, you brother (literally) to the Crosshair IV Formula and a truecan be sure that ASUS will be ready with a Republic of hardcore overclockers motherboard. So far theres been noGamers motherboard. This time round, its the 990FX and the word of a Crosshair V Extreme, but then theres probably nomotherboard waiting for us is none other than the Crosshair real need for one given the similarities weve already described.V Formula. Turn the page for a closer inspection of the motherboard.And the answer is, well, nothing much at all. 990FX will Crosshair V Crosshair IVuse a faster HyperTransport 3.1 link when paired with Formula FormulaBulldozer, although with older processors it will revert to CPU Support AMD AM3+ AMD SocketHyperTransport 3.0 speeds. Otherwise the number of PCIe FX™/Phenom™ AM3 ;Phenom™II /lanes remains the same, and the chip is still manufactured on II/Athlon™ II/ Athlon™II /TSMCs 65nm process. Sempron™ 100 Sempron™ 100The good news is that AM3 motherboards only need a Series Processors Series ProcessorsBIOS update to support AM3+ processors, subject of course Supports AM3+ 32 AMD 140W CPUto the boards ability to handle Bulldozers maximum TDP nm CPU Support(125W) and the manufacturers willingness to provide saidupdate. ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI have already announced the Supports CPU up to AMD Cool nmodels which will be receiving an update to work with AM3+ 8 cores Quiet™ Technologyprocessors, while ECS website says that they are currentlyworking on it. AMD does not officially support or endorse this, Supports CPU up to Supports 45nmhowever. 140 W CPUThe SB950 is essentially a renamed SB850. SB850 was ahead AMD Cool nof its time with SATA 6Gbps support, unfortunately SB950 Quiet™ Technologydoesnt continue that trend and theres no USB 3.0 support.SB950 continues to integrate PCI and PATA support, which Chipset AMD 990FX/ AMD 890FX/saves motherboard makers the cost of PCIe-to-PCI bridge SB950 SB850chips. System Bus HyperTransport 3.1 Up to 5200 MT/s ; HyperTransport™ 3.0 Memory 4 x DIMM, Max. 4 x DIMM, Max. 32GB, DDR3 16 GB, DDR3 2133(O.C.)/2000(O.C.)/1800(O.C.)/1600/1333 2000(O.C.)/1800(O.C.)/16 Hz ECC, Non- ECC,Non-ECC,Un- ECC, Un-buffered buffered Memory Memory Dual Channel Dual Channel memory Memory architecture Architecture Multi-GPU Supports NVIDIA® Support ATI Support 3-Way SLI™ CrossFire™X Technology Technology graphics cards 21
  • 52. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Supports AMD 3- - Optical S/PDIF Way CrossFireX™ out port(s) at back Technology panelExpansion Slots 3 x PCIe 2.0 x16 3 x PCIe 2.0 x16 USB ASMedia® USB NEC® USB 3.0 (dual x16 or x16, (dual @ x16, triple 3.0 controller : controller x8, x8) @x16 x8 x8) 6 x USB 3.0 port(s) - 2 x USB 3.0/2.0 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4 1 x PCIe 2.0 x4 (4 at back panel, ports (at back I/O) mode) blue, 2 at mid- 2 x PCI 2.2 board) AMD SB850 1 x PCIe 2.0 x1 chipset AMD SB950 - 12 x USB 2.0 ports 1 x PCI controller : (5 ports at mid-Storage AMD SB950 SB850 Chipset 12 x USB 2.0 board, 7 ports at controller : 6 xSATA 6.0 Gb/ port(s) (8 at back back I/O, 1 port at 6 x SATA 6Gb/s s ports Support panel, black+white, back I/O is also for port(s), red RAID 0,1,5,10 4 at mid-board) ROG connect) FireWire 2 x 1394a port(s) (1 Support Raid 0, 1, JMicron® JMB363 port at back I/O, 1 5, 10 PATA and SATA port onboard) controller ASUS Unique ROG Connect : ROG Connect ASMedia® 1 xSATA 3Gb/s port Features - RC Diagram GameFirst ASM1061 (Black) controller : - RC Remote Extreme Tweaker 1 x SATA 6Gb/s 1 xExternal power port(s), red SATA 3Gb/s port - RC Poster Power Design: on rear (SATA On- - 8+2 phase CPU 1 x eSATA 6Gb/s the-Go) - GPU TweakIt power design port(s), redLAN Intel®, 1 x Gigabit Marvell 88E8059 Extreme Engine CPU Level Up LAN Controller Gigabit LAN Digi+ : controller - 8 + 2 phase power MemOK!Audio SupremeFX X-Fi 2 SupremeFX X-Fi design built-in 8-Channel built-in 8-Channel iROG High Definition High Definition UEFI BIOS Audio CODEC Audio CODEC features : Loadline - Supports Jack- - EAX® - ROG BIOS Print Calibration detection, Multi- Advanced™ HD 4.0 streaming, Front - GPU.DIMM Post Intelligent Panel Jack- - X-Fi CMSS®-3D overclocking tools: retasking GameFirst - ASUS TurboV Evo - X-Fi Crystalizer™ iROG Audio Feature : Extreme Tweaker - O.C Profile - X-Fi® Xtreme - Creative ALchemy Overclocking Fidelity™ Protection : Overclocking - Supports Blu-ray - COP EX Protection: - EAX® audio layer content (Component - COP EX Advanced™ HD protection Overheat (Component 5.0 Protection - EX) Overheat - Supports 1 Optical Protection - EX) - THX® TruStudio S/PDIF out port at - Voltiminder LED PRO™ back I/O - Voltiminder LED - ASUS C.P.R.(CPU - Creative - Supports 1 x S/ Parameter Recall) - ASUS C.P.R.(CPU ALchemy PDIF out header Parameter Recall) Overclocking ASUS TPU : Turbo Unlocker - Blu-ray audio - Supports Jack- Features - CPU Level UP Turbo Key II layer Content detection, Multi- Protection streaming, Front Core Unlocker Core Unlocker Panel Jack- ASUS Exclusive retasking Features : ASUS Q-Connector 22
  • 53. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone - MemOK! 8 x Fan connectors: ASUS Q-Shield 7 x SATA 6Gb/s 1 x CPU / 1 x PWR / - AI Charger+ connector(s) 3 x Chassis / 3 x ASUS Q-Fan 2 Optional ASUS Quiet 2 x CPU Fan Thermal Solution : ASUS EZ Flash 2 connector(s) 7 x ProbeIt - ASUS Fan Xpert measurement ASUS CrashFree 3 x Chassis Fan points ASUS EZ DIY : BIOS 3 connector(s) - ASUS Q-Shield 3 x Thermal sensor ASUS MyLogo 3 3 x Optional Fan connectors - ASUS O.C. Profile connector(s) 1 x IEEE1394a - ASUS EZ Flash 2 1 x S/PDIF out connector header(s) - ASUS MyLogo 3 1 x SPDIF_out 1 x 24-pin EATX connector ASUS Q-Design : Power connector(s) - ASUS Q-LED 1 x 24-pin ATX (CPU, DRAM, VGA, 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V power connector Boot Device LED) Power connector(s) 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V - ASUS Q- 1 x 4-pin ATX 12V power connector Connector Power connector(s)Back Panel I/O 1 x PS/2 keyboard/ 1 x External SATA 1 x En/Dis-able ClrPorts mouse combo 1 x S/PDIF Out 1 x Front panel CMOS switch port(s) (Optical) audio connector(s) 1 x eSATA 6Gb/s (AAFP) 1 x Core unlocker 1 x IEEE 1394a switch 1 x LAN (RJ45) 1 x System panel(s) port(s) 1 x LAN(RJ45) port 1 x Turbo key II 8 x ProbeIt switch 4 x USB 3.0 8 -Channel Audio Measurement I/O Points 1 x Power on switch 8 x USB 2.0 (white port can be 1 x PS/2 Keyboard 3 x Thermal sensor 1 x Reset switch switched to ROG port(purple) connector(s) Connect) 1 x OC Station 2 x USB 3.0/2.0 1 x En/Dis-able Clr Header 1 x Optical S/PDIF ports CMOS header(s) out 1 x Go Button 7 x USB 2.0/1.1 1 x EZ Plug 6 x Audio jack(s) ports (1 port is also connector(s) (4- System panel for ROG Connect) pin Molex power connector 1 x Clear CMOS connector) button(s) 1 x ROG Connect On/Off switch 1 x Power-on button(s) 1 x Clr CMOS switch 1 x Reset button(s)Internal I/O 1 x USB 3.0 3 x USB 2.0Connectors connector(s) connectors 1 x CPU Level Up support(s) supports additional button(s) additional 2 USB 5 USB 2.0 ports 3.0 port(s) 6 x SATA 6Gb/s 1 x ROG Connect 2 x USB 2.0 connectors (Red) switch(es) connector(s) support(s) 1 x SATA 3Gb/s 1 x Go Button(s) additional 4 USB connectors (Black) Accessories Users manual Users manual 2.0 port(s) I/O Shield 1 x I/O Shield 23
  • 54. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone 6 x SATA 6Gb/s 1 x ROG Connect July 4th, 2011 cable(s) Cable 1 x 3-Way SLI 1 x 2-in-1 ASUS Q- bridge(s) Connector Kit 1 x SLI bridge(s) 1 x 2-in-1 SATA 6.0Gb/s Cables Razer, manufacturer of gaming mice, keyboards and other 1 x CrossFire related accessories, has released a series of Transformer 3- cable(s) 2 x 2-in-1 SATA themed peripherals. Razer has lined up a gaming mouse, 3.0Gb/s Signal mousepad and laptop sleeve case to help you in your frag 1 x Q-connector(s) Cables adventures just in case you havent had enough 3D explosions (2 in 1) at the latest Transformers movie. 1 x 2-port USB2.0 + 1 x ROG Connect ESATA Module cable(s) 1 x Crossfire Cable 1 x Cable ties pack(s) 1 x Cable Ties Pack 1 x ROG theme 1 x ROG Theme label(s) Label 1 x 12 in 1 ROG 1 x 12-in-1 ROG Cable Label(s) Cable LabelBIOS 32Mb Flash ROM, 16 Mb Flash ROM UEFI BIOS, PnP, AMI BIOS, PnP, DMI2.0, WfM2.0, DMI2.0, WfM2.0, SM BIOS 2.5, SM BIOS 2.4, ACPI2.0a, Multi- ACPI2.0a Multi- Language BIOS Language BIOSManageability WOL by PME, WOL by PME,WOR WOR by PME, PXE by PME,PXESupport Disc Drivers Support DVD: Sound Blaster® X- - Drivers and Fi 2 Utility applications Kaspersky® Anti- * ASUS PC Probe II Virus * ASUS Update DAEMON Tools Pro Standard * ASUS AI Suite ROG CPU-Z * Sound Blaster X- Fi Utility In their latest movie tie-up, Razer has introduced a series of ASUS Utilities Transformer 3 themed periperals which includes the Death * Kaspersky® Anti- Adder mouse, Vespula mousepad and a collectors edition Virus 1-year license Laptop Sleeve Case. The mouse and laptop case are availableForm Factor ATX Form Factor ATX Form Factor in four vibrant colors. Red and yellow represent the good 12 inch x 9.6 inch 12 inch x 9.6 inch Transformers a.k.a. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. If you ( 30.5 cm x 24.4 ( 30.5 cm x24.5 prefer the evil side, silver and purple represent Megatron and cm ) cm ) Shockwave respectively. The Transformer 3 themed Vespula mousepad is dual-sided,Razer Introduces Transformer letting you choose between the SPEED surface for increased slide or CONTROL surface for increased precision. The3 Themed Peripherals Collectors Edition Laptop Sleeve Case features a hard yetSource: flexible plastic shell for protection and shock absorption.themed-peripherals/12812.html 24
  • 55. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone posting, was that users could expect to receieve information about the rollout timeframe for the update "early this week". That is fine and all, except that we are fast approaching the weeks end, and HTC has done little more than release another announcement claiming that the Gingerbread ROM for the Desire is currently undergoing tests, and that an update on availability will be made in due time.The Transformer 3 themed Death Adder mouse, Vespula Not surprisingly, HTCs latest announcement is not sittingmousepad and Laptop Sleeve Case will retail at US$70, US$45 well with many Desire owners who were expecting toand US$50 respectively. receieve a proper roadmap or schedule of how the Taiwanese smartphone OEM is progressing with the update, and whenVisit the Razer Website for more information. the ROM could be expected to make its way into their handsets. Indeed, a quick look at some of the commentsStill no release date for left behind by some Desire owners have revealed that HTCs customers are starting to lose patience with the company,Gingerbread update on HTCs and that some have already taken the plunge by ditchingDesire their Desires for a more up-to-date smartphone, or going the custom ROM route.Source: 4th, 2011Just when you thought all is nice and well with HTC andthe world now that the company has confirmed that it willindeed be updating its Desire smartphone with version 2.3 ofthe Android operating system (aka Gingerbread), out comesMurphy with his ominous Law, and it seems that not evena company like HTC can run away from it. And the result?Well, Gingerbread will still come to the Desire, but at a future,unspecified date. That being said, we have to admit that HTCs customers do have a point. After all, it was HTC which put the ball in its court when it announced its plans to release a rollout timeframe for its Gingerbread update early this week, an act which it had failed to fulfill in spectacular fashion. Still, if it is of any consolation, HTCs new announcement does confirm thatSixteen days ago, HTC made headlines when it first announced the Gingerbread update for its Desire smartphones is real,that its Desire smartphone, which was released for retail last and that it will eventually be released to Desire owners foryear, would not be getting Gingerbread due to it lacking the download. All that is missing now is the "when" part of theamount of memory needed to faciliate such an update, only to equation. Which, unfortunately for HTC, is the part whichreverse its stand two days later by claiming that the company consumers are really only interested in.will trim the ROM down to a more manageable size by cuttingsome apps out of the release. Needless to say, HTCs suddenabout turn resulted in smiles and joy from its consumer base. Samsung to release 32GBHowever, it seems that HTC is having some trouble with microSD Card (Class 10)making up its mind on when it will be ready to release its Source: update for the Desire. Apparently, the Taiwanese card-class-10-/12811.htmlsmartphone OEM s original plan, as claimed in its Facebook 25
  • 56. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 4th, 2011Samsungs latest class 10 microSD card is said to use 32Gb 3-bit NAND flash memory chips and a 3-bit NAND controller. According to an article published by MicDigi, the knockoffIt will deliver up to 24MB/s in read speeds and 12MB/s in audio player boasts specifications that are similar to itswrite speeds. This will be more than double the write speed of legitimate counterpart, such as having heart-shaped earbudsa standard class 4 card. Samsung is also planning to release a crafted out of soft rubber and 2GB of storage space. That64GB class 10 microSD card in 2012. being said, the site neglected to mention whether the knockoff features the same high-quality, water-resistant body that isCloned Sony Walkman W250 present on the actual Sony W-250 Walkman portable audio player, although we suspect that it does not. In addition, theaudio player shows up in maximum battery uptime on both devices appear to be vastly different; while Sony claims that its W-250 is capable of upChina to 11 hours of audio playback on a single charge, MicDigisSource: report suggests that the knockoff is only capable of achievingplayer-shows-up-in-china/12819.html a maximum uptime of approximately two to three hours.July 4th, 2011 However, as it has always been the case with such knockoff devices, there is one aspect of the this cloned portable audio player which everybody will have to concede is far superior to the original W-250, and that is the size of its price tag. While Sony is charging no less than US$60 for the right to own one of its sports-hardened W-250 portable audio players, this particular clone from China can be purchased at the priceIf what they say about imitation being the sincerest form of of...wait for it...US$4.60. And no, we are not making this up.flattery is true, it would seem that SONY should be flatteredabout the latest news that is currently going on in China.Apparently, an enterprising OEM over there have decided thatSONYs W-Series portable audio player had a design that was The Daily VR-Zone Newsso unique, it just could not resist the urge to produce a near- Summary - 30 June 2011perfect knockoff of the original. Source: june-2011/12813.htmlIt has been quite some time since we posted any news about July 4th, 2011the seemingly lucrative cloning business that China is knownfor, but rest assured that the scene there is anything abutquiet. In fact, it seems that enterprising OEMs over at Chinahave decided move beyond their typical lineup of mobilephones, notebook PCs and tablets by roping in other consumerelectronic devices to their list of potential candidates forcloning, and the most recent device to get the "friendly"treatment from China appears to be none other than Sonys In todays news roundup: AMD may have been strugglingvery own W250 Walkman portable audio player: to come up with a product that could hold its own against the might of Intels Sandy Bridge since this year started, but some analysts are claiming that the companys Llano platform could be exactly what it needs to regain some market share; Engineers at IBM Research have reportedly discovered a way to store data in phase change memory technology for longer periods, a discovery which could potentially pave 26
  • 57. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethe way for lower cost solid state chips that are faster and ASUS F1A75-M Pro AMD APU Motherboard Review @ Legitmore reliable than todays multi-level cell flash memory chips; ReviewsFacebook has announced two new features for its Comments Description: Where the ASUS F1A75-M Pro truly excelledBox plugin, which lets third party websites embed Facebook today was the performance of the integrated graphics. Everycomments: Chronological Sort, and Boost Comment; Apple one of our graphics tests that we compared the Intel HDhas reportedly set up an FAQ to help veteran Final Cut Graphics 3000 to the AMD A8-3850 with AMD Radeon HDPro users make the transistion to Final Cut Pro X, and has 6550D there was a clear and decisive winner. For our recap ofeven started issuing refunds to dissatisfied customers; Shanda the graphics performance lets start with Total War: Shogun 2Games International and Eyedentity Games have announced in DirectX 9 mode. The ASUS F1A75-M Pro was able to pullthe availability of the popular DragonNest MMORPG for the out an average that was 143.4% faster than the Intel system atSouth East Asia region, while confirming that the free-to- a resolution of games localization will be carried out in Singapore, and AMD Expected to Regain Market ShareBungie has finally lifted the lid on Bungie Aerospace, which Description: Analysts today said that AMD got slaughtered byis a project that is designed to support small independent Intel in the first quarter of the year, but Forbes believes thatdevelopers by helping them to launch mobile and social games. Llano will help the company to regain market share.Hardware news IBM Announces Phase Change Memory BreakthroughPatriot Wildfire 120GB Solid State Drive RAID Report Description: Engineers at IBM Research in Zurich,Description: Currently sitting at the top of the storage Switzerland claim theyve come up with a breakthrough insubsystem throne is the SandForce SF-2281 controller when phase change memory (PCM) technology that, for the firstpaired with Toshiba Toggle flash. Patriot, the innovative, time, would allow it to store data for longer periods, potentiallyawesome, totally groovy company that they are, decided to paving the way for lower cost solid state chips that are fastersend us two of their Wildfire solid state drives using this and more reliable than todays multi-level cell (MLC) flashmagical combination that allow us to achieve blissful RAID memory chips. The trick is in figuring out a solution to a0 speeds on an inexpensive native SATA III motherboard. So problem called "drift."how blissful you ask? How does over 1000MB/s sound? Consumer Electronics and Software NewsLarkooler KU3-241 WaterCooling Kit Review @ 8-inch PMP with glasses-free 3D priced at US$179XtremeComputing Description: Despite the facts that there isnt muchDescription: Today I will be reviewing the Larkooler KU3-241 appropriate 3D content, and the viewing angles required for‘Extreme Performance G1/4" Liquid Cooling Kit’. I have never the 3D effect are limited (as was described in our Nintendoheard of GBU or Larkooler before, so we are in unchartered 3DS review) the list of glasses-free 3D gadgets increases. Thewaters with this new water cooling kit. I have dabbled HTC EVO 3D smartphone was the latest addition, but certainlywith water-cooling before, primarily working with Swiftech wont be the last. Perhaps not many readers have heard ofcomponents, so I know what to expect from the big names – the Chinese manufacturer Gadmei, although there is at leastlet’s see how this new contender fares. one reason to become acquainted with it. The company hasWhat Makes the Thunderbolt Cable Lightning Fast released its P83 portable media player (PMP), which is capableDescription: It’s the chips. And we’re not talking about the of displaying 3D videos and images that are viewable withoutLay’s variety. We received good word from one of our friends, glasses, and is certainly one of the most inexpensive devices ofArs Technica’s own Chris Foresman, that the $50 Thunderbolt its kind offered so far.cable may be an active cable. He postulated that the cable may Facebook Expands Sorting Options on Comments Box Pluginactually have chips containing firmware in it, making it more Description: Facebook has announced two new features forexpensive to produce than your garden-variety HDMI cable — its Comments Box plugin, which lets third party websitesthus justifying the hefty price tag. embed Facebook comments: Chronological Sort, and BoostIcy Dock MB982SPR-2S Review @ Vortez Comment.Description: Today well be looking at their dual 2.5" to 3.5" BenQs DV-S11 projector camcorder is now shipping for $229SATA drive convertor the snappily titled MB982SPR-2S. A Description: BenQs DV-S11 is now shipping in the US fortiny enclosure that not only accommodates dual 2.5" SDD/ $229. The DV S11 is a full-HD (1080P) camcorder with a pico-HDD but also packs an integrated hardware raid controller projector. Its got a 5mp camera and a large (3.5" 230K pixels)that allows striping, mirroring and combined storage. Further LCD. It stores images to an SD card, and includes an HDMIto that the enclosure offers full compatibility with both PC and out port. We dont have any technical information about theMAC systems making it a very flexible prospect indeed. projector itself, though.Kingston Triple-Channel KHX2000C9AD3W1K3/6GX Apple Issues FAQ, Refunds for Final Cut Pro X UsersReview @ ocaholic Description: There has been a ton of complaints regardingDescription: The Kingston H2O series belong to the most Final Cut Pro X. Long time users of the editing software werepowerful modules which the memory giant actually has in its not happy with the update to the software. Apple had dubbedportfolio. As soon as you take a closer look at the specifications the changes jaw dropping and, while jaws were dropping, ityoull see that they are very serious. According to Kingston wasnt because users were happy with the changes. Costingthese DIMMs need only 1.5 Volt to operate at 2133 MHz with $299 via the Mac App Store, the update includes some major9-11-9-27 timings. changes and is basically a complete rewrite. However, Apple 27
  • 58. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonealso ditched some features available with previous versions, July 4th, 2011raising questions about whether or not it was possible to openand edit projects produced with older versions of the software.Samsung announces 32GB microSD card capable of 12MBpswrite speedsDescription: Go shopping online for a microSDHC card andyoull find that while manufacturers dont hide the speed Intel has informed their customers that their good old X25-specs, theyre not exactly crowing about em either. Make no E SSDs will be discontinued from 11th of July 2011 citingmistake, though: Samsung is mighty proud of its new 32GB reasons such as short supply of 50nm SLC NAND flash andnumber, which boasts a class 10 speed rating and read / write even greater demand for them. Of course, the main reason isrates of 24MBps and 12MBps -- ideal numbers for those of that the X25-E has to make way for the arrival of Intel 710you who plan on making good use of your phones 1080p series (Lyndonville, 25nm MLC HEDT) in mid August. Manycamera. If youre a storage buff, you know that class 10 is the online retailers have already ran out of stock and most likelyhighest speed category for SD cards at the moment, and that not re-stocking again but you still can find some here and hereit sits above classes 4 and 6 -- the tiers covering many othermicroSDHCs on the market. No word just yet on pricing, butwe think its safe to say youll be dishing out a premium.SearchLion makes use of the empty space on the side of yourdisplayDescription: If you’ve got a large monitor and wish you couldmake use of it more efficiently when you’re browsing searchresults you now can; thanks to the folks at SearchLion. Thecompany has officially launched SearchLion: a search enginethat’s touted as the world’s first search browser. Confused yet?Don’t be.Gaming newsDragon Nest SEA announced, localizing in SingaporeDescription: Shanda Games International (SDGi), togetherwith Eyedentity Games unveiled one of the top massive online Intel has informed their customers that their good old X25-action role playing games in Singapore. Titled Dragon Nest E SSDs will be discontinued from 11th of July 2011 citingSEA, the companies held an official signing ceremony at reasons such as short supply of 50nm SLC NAND flash andHard Rock Hotel, Resort World Sentosa with Thomas Lim, even greater demand for them. Of course, the main reason isdirector of interactive media, games and publishing, Media that the X25-E has to make way for the arrival of Intel 710Development Authority (MDA) as the witness. series (Lyndonville, 25nm MLC HEDT) in mid August. Many online retailers have already ran out of stock and most likelyLimbo coming to Steam and PSN, Playdead handling the ports not re-stocking again but you still can find some here and hereDescription: Yesterday we reported that Limbo may be PSN-bound, if a Korean Game Ratings Board listing sought by SonyComputer Entertainment Korea is any indication. We reached 4.7-inch HTC Eternity leaks,out to developer Playdead for comment and CEO and co-founder Dino Patti got back to us today confirming the news. runs Windows Phone 7 Mango Source: Aerospace Revealed windows-phone-7-mango/12818.htmlDescription: Bungie has finally lifted the lid on Bungie July 4th, 2011Aerospace, a project it has been keeping under wraps for sometime. No new game here; Aerospace is a service designed tosupport small independent developers. The idea is to help theteams launch mobile and social games.Intel Discontinues X25-E If youre looking for a Windows Phone 7 handset thats almostSSDs, Prepares For 710 Series the size of a tablet then HTC has you covered. Look no furtherSource: than the freshly leaked HTC Eternity, sporting a 4.7-inchprepares-for-710-series/12814.html screen and a 1.5GHz CPU. Well, actually, you might just want to hold off, as even though it seems great at first, you want to dig a little bit deeper into the specifications before you make a purchasing decision. 28
  • 59. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneIf youre looking for a Windows Phone 7 handset thats almost Source: HTCInsidethe size of a tablet then HTC has you covered. Look no furtherthan the freshly leaked HTC Eternity, sporting a 4.7-inchscreen and a 1.5GHz CPU. Well, actually, you might just want Apples Thunderbolt cable tornto hold off, as even though it seems great at first, you want todig a little bit deeper into the specifications before you make asunder, didnt contain magic Source: purchasing decision. asunder-didn-t-contain-magic/12817.htmlIf the leaked details prove to be the final spec, then the Eternity July 4th, 2011isnt exactly going to last an eternity, as it has a last-gen singlecore Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon SoC at its core, albeitat the fastest speed weve seen this chip running at withoutbeing overclocked. Furthermore the 4.7-inch SLCD screen isonly sporting WVGA or 800x480 resolution, which is hardly What can we say, we adore iFixit and its teardowns of allthat impressive today with plenty of qHD (960x540) devices things, well, electronic. However, we were a little bit surprisedin the market. that they decided to tear open a cable, as we wouldnt have thought there was much to a cable. How wrong we were, as it seems like Apples Thunderbolt cables are quite special after all, although there was no trace of magic or unicorns. What can we say, we adore iFixit and its teardowns of all things, well, electronic. However, we were a little bit surprised that they decided to tear open a cable, as we wouldnt have thought there was much to a cable. How wrong we were, as it seems like Apples Thunderbolt cables are quite special after all, although there was no trace of magic or unicorns. At US$49.99 a pop, Thunderbolt cables arent cheap and youd be forgiven for thinking its just a mini DisplayPort cable, as thats what we thought at first. It turns out that things are a little bit more complicated than that, as 10Gbit/s bi-directional data transfers over a handful of copper wires isnt done as easily as youd think. In fact, Apples Thunderbolt cables are active cables stuffed full of little chips.On a more positive note, HTC has finally figured out thatits customers want plenty of built in storage space and theEternity packs 16GB of eMMC memory. The 512MB of RAMshould be sufficient as well, although its not quite as good assome of HTCs other devices. It also has an 8Megapixel camerawith auto focusing and a pair of LED lights that is capable ofshooting 720p video. Theres also a front facing camera forvideo calls.Other features include 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, DLNA support,Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, aGPS, a digital compass, an FM radio,dual microphones and SRS surround sound. At nearly131x71x10mm this is a chunky phone and even more so whenyou take into consideration that it weighs in at 170g. This is a As such the Thunderbolt cables contain among other thingsWDCMDA/HSPA handset and it supports HSDPA speeds of a pair of Gennum GN2033 active-cable transceivers, one inup to 14.4Mbit/s and HSUPA speeds of up to 5.76Mbit/s. each end. These transceivers have been designed to copePart of the reason for the aging hardware is actually the OS, hand the high data speeds over what the company call “thin-as Windows Phone 7 only runs on fairly limited hardware gauge” cables, although the actual wires insdie the cables areat the moment and until Microsoft decides to offer support extremely thin. The transceivers are there to maintain low-for something better, were going to be stuck with fairly old latency and prevent transmission errors.Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm. The same goes for One potential downside here – beyond cost – is that thethe screen resolution, as for now the OS doesnt support qHD cable length is hampered and Gennum mentions 2-5 metersdisplays. That said, HTC has done its best to offer a highly as the limitation. That said, as you can (hopefully) daisy-chainspecced handset based on the software limitations. There was Thunderbolt devices, this shouldnt be an issue for most usersno mention at the source of when the HTC Eternity would of the interface. Now we just have to wait and see what thelaunch or how much itll cost. various Thunderbolt devices will cost and of course see if 29
  • 60. July 4th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneanyone comes up with a clever adaptor to interface them withSonys new VAIO Z. 30
  • 61. July 11th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.Sapphires Pure Platinum Z68almost hereSource: 11th, 2011 We didnt get a chance to see Sapphires Z68 board atComputex, but the board has appeared on the companywebsite as well as being listed by a few online retailers. Themotherboard is called the Pure Platinum Z68 and as alwayswith Sapphire boards it brings an interesting mix of featuresto the table. The slot layout leaves something to be desired for one, asWe didnt get a chance to see Sapphires Z68 board at Sapphire has gone for three x16 PCI Express slots in a dualComputex, but the board has appeared on the company x8 and a single x4 config. This in itself isnt a bad thing, butwebsite as well as being listed by a few online retailers. The considering that the remaining three slots on the board aremotherboard is called the Pure Platinum Z68 and as always all PCI slots, its not ideal. That said, Sapphire has at leastwith Sapphire boards it brings an interesting mix of features designed a board that wont disable any peripheral interfacesto the table. because there are too many PCI Express bus devices on theSapphire has managed to position the Pure Platinum Z68 board, something that is common on many other a price point similar to Gigabytes Z68X-UD3H and Asus We like the fact that Sapphire is sticking with Marvell EthernetP8Z68-V, two boards that are offering fairly similar features, controllers, although do note that drivers for no Windowsalthough Sapphire has managed to create something of a operating systems might be a bit tricky. The board also has afusion of the two competitors boards. That said, Sapphire still pair of additional SATA 6Gbps SATA ports, also courtesy ofneed to do some work on its board layouts if the company want Marvell, on top of the two provided by the chipset alongsideto be really competitive. the four SATA 3Gbps ports. Sadly the board is missing a front USB 3.0 pin-header, although it has a total of four for up to eight USB 2.0 ports. Other little additions include a Molex connector for extra power to the PCI Express slots, a power and reset button, a BIOS selection switch and a POST80 debug LED display. 1
  • 62. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Gingerbread update for HTC Desire to arrive by end July Source: arrive-by-end-july/12920.html July 11th, 2011 We have always said that good things come to those who wait, and it seems that this saying applies to owners of HTCs Desire smartphone who are anxiously awaiting news of the eventual Gingerbread release for their handsets will probably have much to look forward to this month, for HTC has finally confirmed that the upgrade is a go, and that it could be ready for download by as early as end July. Do you remember the short story we ran some time back about how HTC was taken to task by consumers for reportedly failing to deliver an appropriate rtelease schedule for its Gingerbread upgrade for the Desire smartphone? Well, it would seem that the Taiwanese smartphone OEM has taken its customers concern seriously, for in just 11 days after we published that story, HTC has released yet another announcement claimingThe PWM design is rather unusual, as Sapphire has that the Gingerbread upgrade for the Desire is well on track,replaced a fair few of the capacitors on the board with a and that users can expect to receive the update soon.proadlizer, something usually only found on really high-end motherboards and graphics cards. Sapphire has gonefor an 8+2 PWM design and the company continues to useits unusual chokes with small heatsinks on top. The PWMis cooled by one larger and one smaller heatsink, althoughSapphire seems to have decided against using a heatpipe toconnect the two together.Around the back theres a PS/2 port, four USB 2.0 ports, twoUSB 3.0 ports (via an ASMedia host controller), a GigabitEthernet port, 7.1-channel audio with optical S/PDIF out, aBluetooth 2.1 dongle and a DisplayPort, HDMI, D-Sub andDVI connector. Missing is an eSATA port, although for mostusers an internal port should prove to be more useful. According to a posting that was made on its Facebook page, the internal tests which HTC carries out for firmware updates has reportedly gone so well that the company apparently thinks itWe found the board listed for pre-order in Europe for about suitable to push the OS upgrade downstream to consumers by€139 (S$239) which is sadly about €10 (S$17) or so more than the end of this month. And lest you think we are making thisthe similar models from Asus and Gigabyte. In as much as we up, we have reproduced the actual announcement posted onwant to like Sapphires new boards, there are always a couple Facebook here for you to view in the form of a screenshot:of things that puts us off them, especially compared to whatson offer from the more established board makers. The higherpricing also makes it difficult, but at the end of the day, weregoing to have to see how the board performs before we drawany final conclusions. 2
  • 63. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThat being said, Desire owners, if you have been toyingwith the idea over selling your smartphone due to fears that Choosing to activate Cosmic Panda results in YouTubeGingerbread will not arrive in time to pull your device back ditching the typical white background for one of a dark greyfrom the obsolescence curve, well, you can ditch that idea now hue. However, this only applies to certain pages; for the mostthat HTC has given its assurance to start rolling out the update part, the main homepage still retains much of the familiarby the end of this month. layout most users have come to know and love.Google tests out CosmicPanda for YouTubeSource: 11th, 2011Do the words "Cosmic Panda" mean anything to you? Well,that is apparently the name for a new user theme Google hasintroduced for its YouTube online video streaming service,which reportedly claims to be capable of providing users with"a new experience for watching videos and playlists" amongmany other advantages which the old YouTube layout is notable to achieve. So what is so special about this new interface,and how does it look like? Hit up the link to find out more afterthe break... The most significant change users can expect to see under theWith the sequel to Kung Fu Panda having been aired in Cosmic Panda layout will be that of the video playback page,cinemas all over the world just recently, you might be tempted which has been given a completely new look, as shown in theto think that Cosmic Panda has got to be the code name screenshot below:for a yet-unannounced sequel to the Kung Fu Panda seriesof animated movies. Unfortunately, as much as wed hateto disappoint you, Cosmic Panda is not a third release toPixars bestselling animated flim; rather, it is the name ofa new YouTube interface which is reportedly capable ofproviding users with "a new experience for watching videosand playlists". 3
  • 64. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone psychotic issues with Alice: Madness Returns. After 11 long years, Alice is still tormented by the same memories and plunges back into a Wonderland that needs to be saved once again. Whether or not that has anything to do with her mental state of mind, well leave that to you to experience yourself - Yes, we are holding back the spoilers. This second rendition successfully welds twisted imaginations, radical ideas and fluid combat together with a solid platform-styled experience. Sad to say, it isnt without some shortcomings. The game stays rooted as a platformer so youll be jumping off ledges, landing carefully moving platforms and bouncing off mushrooms. To help you traverse through trickier levels, Alice is able to do double-jumps, air glides, and mid-air dashes. To keep things fresh, environmental gimmicks like steam ventsInterested? Well, you can always give Cosmic Panda a spin keep Alice afloat to reach up to specific areas. There are alsoover at this link if you are game enough to play around with hidden pig snouts that youll have to shoot for secret areas ifa new user interface. Of course, with Cosmic Panda currently you wish to fully complete the game. Whenever you feel lost,being nothing more than an experiment of sorts, chances Alices shrunken form (which is toggled by hitting the left-are that you may run into certain show-stopping bugs or ctrl button) helps her see hints and clues otherwise hidden inregressions, so do make sure you report those to Google via the her normal form. These clues are purple in colour and I amFeedback tab that is prominently displayed in YouTube should going to assume that they were markings denoted by the eerieyou decide to play round with Cosmic Panda. Cheshire Cat. Speaking of that cat, he appears occasionally to suggest subtle hints to help in your adventures in Wonderland.Alice: Madness Returns PCGame ReviewSource: 11th, 2011Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to the popular 2000Windows and Mac game, American McGees Alice. And thistime, Alice is still haunted by her past memories and shetumbles into the rabbit hole and returns to Wonderland that Alices acrobatic finesse doesnt just help her traverseneeds to be saved. So is this game as good, or even better than Wonderland. You will have to apply these skills in combat asits predecessor? Read on. well. The ability to dash and jump helps her dodge enemy attacks and pull herself out of danger when she is being surrounded. The game seems to pace the amount of enemies thrown at you by beginning with a small handful of foes, and eventually throwing everything in the sink at you as you progress. You will be up against some of the weirdest concoctions of enemies that include spider-like teapots, slugs, three-headed goop things, humanoid ants and more. Tools to dispatch your assailants come in a variety of weapons. Some examples are the Vorpal Blade (which is in reality a huge kitchen knife), a Pepper Grinder, and a "Rabbit Bomb". Each weapon is effective for specific monsters and you will find yourself switching them up on the fly. Thankfully, combat is fluid and once you have mastered the timing of dodgingBack in 2000, American McGees Alice was a cult classic attacks, you will find yourself feeling like an expert that re-invented a childrens story. It sets Alice in a This is, of course, much more sensational if you managednot-so-wonderful Wonderland, and gave players a twisted to strike down every enemy without taking any hits. Sadly,and warped perspective of an innocent childs tale. To carry we also found the Focus mode to function like a double-the gritty plot forward, Alice was driven mentally insane by edged sword during combat. While it allows you to targethaunting memories of a fire that consumed her childhood enemies, the camera would change angle and sometimeshome and family. This year, they return to continue her 4
  • 65. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneprevents you from seeing whats going on behind you. Enemiesin Wonderland LOVE to sneak up from behind. According to the release notes that have been published for the Beta version of Firefox 6, the new browser is expectedMozilla moves Firefox 6 to to provide users with more control over their privacy, and it comes in the form of what Mozilla dubs the new DataBeta channel, version 7 and 8 Management Window. Apparently, a report posted by The H claims that keying the string "about:permissions" into thenow in the works address bar of Firefox 6 will bring up a list of options toSource: fine tune the kind of data Firefox will allow online content tochannel-version-7-and-8-now-in-the-works/12917.html access, as shown in our example below:July 11th, 2011Are you a fan of Googles quick-release schedule for its Chromeweb browser? Well, if you are, the latest piece of newsconcerning Mozilla and its FireFox web browser will probablyappeal to you as well. Apparently, in less than a month afterFirefox 5 has been launched, the browser vendor has alreadymade the move to "promote" version six of its web browser tothe Beta channel. And based on what we are seeing from therelease schedules, it does not seem to be long before Firefox 7and Firefox 8 will be finally upon us. Read on to find out more. The H also claims that other user-centric enhancements that managed to make their way into the Beta release of Firefox 6 include a new Plugin Check tool which "automatically verifies the compatibility of installed plugins" such as Adobes Flash Player, a trimmed-down startup time and support for version 7 of the WebSocket protocol. More importantly, the Beta release of Firefox 6 is reportedly enhanced with better support for HTML5, DOM level 3 and newer networking technologies, among many other developer-centric improvements that are well documented in Firefox 6s developer pages. That being said, the fact that Mozilla has moved Firefox 6Are you game to test out a web browser that has just recently up from the Alpha channel to its Beta channel means thatbeen moved up from "Alpha" to "Beta" status? Well, if your something else needs to occupy the vaccant spot left behindanswer to that question is a resounding "Yes", Mozilla will by it in the Alpha channel. And this honour falls to what willprobably be glad to have a tester like you, for the browser eventually be known as Firefox 7, which has already beenvendor has in a recent announced revealed that the next moved to the Aurora channel and is expected to take its placeversion of its Firefox web browser, Firefox 6, is now available in the Beta channel come August 16, where Firefox 6 will befor public download via the Beta channel, where it will stay for pushed out for its official release.the next 36 days until it gets bumped up to the Release channelon August 16. Last but definitely not least, those who prefer to live on the bleeding edge of technology can also check out Mozillas 5
  • 66. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneNightly channel, which is where channel Firefox 8 currently always Pass 2 that is the real test. BD completes with 45.39resides in. fps. The typical speed for a Core i7 2600K is ~36 fps, while Intels 12-thread goliaths complete in the ~47 fps range. BD is clearly far superior to the 8-thread Sandy Bridge, while nearly catching up to the Gulftown champions. Even more impressive is the 3D Mark 11. While this score depends from platform to platform, when coupled with a GTX 580, the previous 3D Mark 11 champ Core i7 2600K struggles to achieve the P6000 mark, typically. BD easily sails by with P6265. In Fritz Chess, BD overpowers Core i7 2600K yet again, with a score of 14197 kn/sec. However, it falls short of Gulftown CPUs, which are typically in the 17000-18000 range. Finaly, in Cinebench R10, BD returns a score of 24434. With this score, it slots right in between Core i7 2600K and Core i7 990X.Of course, since we are talking about pre-release software, thesame warnings about Mozillas browsers potentially borking The results are consistent, for the most part. In multi-threadedup your system badly is a possibility, so make sure you got applications, BD significantly outperforms Core i7 2600K, andyour backups done and more importantly, resist the urge to almost catches up with 6-core Gulftown. In less muti-threadedload these browsers on production machines unless you want applications, like 3D Mark 11 or X264 Pass 1, thanks to anto give your offices IT department a royal nightmare. incredible 1 GHz Turbo Core, BD overtakes Gulftown CPUs. In all situations, BD ended up well ahead of Core i7 2600K. In every situation, BD was massively faster than Phenom II X6Purported AMD Bulldozer 1100T - more than 50% in many cases.Benchmarks Leaked Of course, these benchmarks and comparisons should be takenSource: with a grain of salt - especially it being an engineering sample.leaked/12914.html If previous rumours of stock clocks up to 3.8 GHz and a priceJuly 11th, 2011 tag of only $320 are true, AMD could have a real winner on their hands. Even with the engineering samples clock of 3.2 GHz, a $320 is a bargain for a CPU of this power, wiping floors with the mighty and similarly priced Core i7 2600K. Having been delayed, FX-Series CPUs are now expected to release for desktops in the late August / early September timeline, with more information expected in the coming weeks.DonanimHaber have run an AMD FX engineering samplethrough a battery of tests. The engineering sample is said tobe a B1 stepping chip clocked at 3.2 GHz. The Turbo Core 2.0 HTC to start unlocking devicescan up the clock speed up to 3.6 GHz with all cores active, or a via firmware updates thiswhopping 4.2 GHz with only 50% (i.e. 4 cores) active. Needlessto say, these are likely not the final shipping clock speeds. August Source: sample features 2MB L2 cache per module, for a total firmware-updates-this-august/12915.htmlof 8MB and 8MB L3 cache shared between all modules (and July 11th, 2011cores). The motherboard used was a Gigabye 990FXA-UD5, ahigh end 990 FX motherboard. The GPU paired is a GeForceGTX 580. We have compiled a table of the benchmarks asreported by DonanimHaber. Benchmark Score 3DMark11 P6265 Remember how HTC made headlines not too long ago when Fritz Chess 29.58, 14197 kn/sec the Taiwanese smartphone OEM claimed that it will eventually PCMark 7 3045 sell its smartphones without locking down the bootloader? Cinebench R10 24434 Turns out that users need not have to worry about older X264 45.39 fps (P2), 136.29 (P1) devices not getting some unlockable love fron HTC, for the company has announced that it will be issuing a firmwareIn addition, it took 19.5 seconds to complete SuperPi 1M, update to unlock the bootloader on some of its devices comewhich is much slower than Intel competition. However, in this August. Read on to find out more.real world benchmarks, the story is rather different. In X264Pass 1 the Bulldozer sample (henceforth mentioned as simply OEMs may lock down the bootloaders on their smartphones"BD") results a whopping 136.29 fps. To put this in perspective, over perfectly valid security concerns, but it does not changeIntels fastest CPUs can only manage ~100 fps. However, it is the fact that such actions seldom, if ever sit well with tinkers 6
  • 67. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneand the hacker community, and for good reason. After all,it inteferes with the ability to install custom ROMs that canpotentially provide a much greater experience than what thestock OEM ROM is capable of delivering.However, owners of HTC-branded smartphones can probablybreathe a sigh of relief about not having to deal with thisissue of locked bootloaders much longer, as the Tawanesesmartphone OEM has recently announced on its Facebookpage that it is on track to deliver a firmware update comeAugust that will unlock the bootloader on certain HTCsmartphones. Still, it does not change the fact that this piece of news will undoubtedly be well-received by many owners of HTC handsets who have been clamoring for unlocked bootloaders but have yet to so via third-party means over fears of potential bricking and voiding of warranty. Now all that HTC needs to do is to release a list of handset models will eventually be blessed with the bootloader unlocking firmware and all be nice and well. MSI Master OverclockingAccording to the information posted by HTC, the HTCSensation will be the first device to have its bootloader Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final -unlocked via the firmware update that is slated to be Wrapping Upreleased sometime in August this year, while the carrier-locked Source: of the same device for T-Mobile and the HTC EVO 3D asia-pacific-final--wrapping-up/12905.htmlare expected to follow along shortly. In addition, the company July 11th, 2011has confirmed its plans to roll out the software update to otherdevice, although it chose to remain silent about which modelswould be eligible for the firmware update. We’re thrilled to announce today that software updates to support bootloader unlocking will begin rolling out in August for the global HTC Sensation, followed by the HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile USA All good things must come to an end. We thus bring you the and the HTC EVO 3D on Sprint. We’re in the testing last part of our special report on the MSI Master Overclocking phase for the unlocking capability now, and we expect Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final. it to be fully operational by early September for The beginning of the second day at the MSI Master devices that have received the software updates. Well Overclocking Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final started with a panel continue rolling out the unlocking capability over time discussion involving principally MSIs marketing, as well as to other devices as part of maintenance releases and Research & Development (R&D) teams. Moderated by Tim new shipments. Marshall, overclockers were able to talk directly with MSI staff on possible improvements that could be made to MSIs growing range of enthusiast-oriented products. 7
  • 68. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone"T_M" looks unaware of all those "Lucky_n00b" assaults "Lucky_n00b" looking ready to take over the world (or thecoming up. discussion at least). 8
  • 69. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone OCAU journalist "dirtyd" realises that his patience has reached its half-life. Planex introduces collectable WiFi dongles based off popular Japanese pop culture icons Source: dongles-based-off-popular-japanese-pop-culture-icons/12912.html July 11th, 2011 WiFi dongles are supposed to be used as tools for getting online via a wireless connection and not for putting them up"Just one more question, Tim." as exhibits, right? Well, tell that to Planex; the company has just introduced a new line of collectable WiFi dongles based off popular Japanese anime characters, some of which are cute enough to probably make anybody reconsider actually connecting them to a PC at all. Read on to find out more... Speak of USB WiFi dongles to most people and chances are they will tell you all about how generic and uninspiring such devices tend to look, and for good reason. After all, USB WiFi dongles are designed to be nothing more than tools that allow users to connect to the Internet via a wireless connection and are not meant to draw attention to themselves. However, leave it to Japanese company PLANEX Communications to break the mould with the introduction of its new GW-USPetit line of USB WiFi dongles, which are sure to change the way you look that these tools forever."DFORDOG" converses with "TOPPC" on improving powerdelivery."Deanzo" decided to give "T_M" a long lecture on how to useMSI Afterburners profile settings: 9
  • 70. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWhile they may sport different designs, the hardware behindthe collectible WiFi dongles are identical; hidden beneath Samsung and Google have jointly announced that the Nexusthe surface is a wireless chipset which supports the 802.11 S is aboard NASA’s final space shuttle. The Nexus S fromn specifications and is capable of data transfer speeds of up Google is part of research that will equip small, free-to 150mbps. In addition, PLANEX has confirmed that the flying satellites called Synchronized Position Hold, Engage,device is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, so Reorient, Experimental Satellites (SPHERES) used by theyou should not have to worry about any form of hardware or astronauts to provide a broader range of capabilities anddriver incompatibilities when using the WiFi dongles on your give better communication between land and sky. Nexus Soperating system of choice. claims to be the first commercial smartphone certified by NASA to fly on the space shuttle and to be cleared for use onLast but definitely not least, PLANEX has revealed that the the International Space Station. The experiment will use thedongles are based off four very popular Japanese pop culture smartphone-enhanced SPHERES as remotely operated robotsicons, namely One Piece, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty and more to conduct interior survey and inspections of the station, tointerestingly, Evangelion (in the form of Rei Ayanami and capture mobile camera images and video, and to study howAsuka Langley Soryu), and that they will all cost 3,150 yen robots can support future human exploration.(appox US$39) apiece, regardless of design.Samsung Nexus S goes to Source: Korea Newswirespace, on NASAs final spaceshuttle Motorola XT531 DominoSource: + touchscreen Androidnasa-s-final-space-shuttle/12913.htmlJuly 11th, 2011 smartphone to launch in August Source: android-smartphone-to-launch-in-august/12911.html July 11th, 2011 The second official Google Phone, also known as the Nexus Smanufactured by Samsung, has gone into space and accordingto the Korean manufacturer, the smartphone is onboard ofNASAs final space shuttle as part of research for use byastronauts. A new Motorola XT531 (also known as Domino+) is scheduled to launch in August. The Android touchscreen smartphone is reportedly to have a 3.5-inch display that supports HVGA resolution. Read on for details. 10
  • 71. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone four upgraded mono laser printers which it claims are "ideal for personal, home office and small office users".has done well this year with their new Atrix smartphoneand Xoom tablet devices and recently, the company has According to the official press release, three of the four modelsquietly announced a new smartphone, known as Domino+ will be based of Samsungs existing ML-1660 monochrome(model: XT531). The Motorola Domino+ XT531 comes in black laser printer, and will bear the model names ML-1673,or white flavors with glossy piano finish and sports a 3.5- ML-1674 and ML-1678. Feature and performance-wise, theyinch HVGA display, 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and are essentially identical to the older ML-1660 monochromepowered by 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 processor. It will laser printer in that the ML-1673, ML-1674 and ML-1678 willalso run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and according to sources, all share the same body and maximum printing speedthe Domino+ XT531 will retail at 2198 yuan (or approximately of 16PPM, although Samsung claims that the newer modelsUS$340). will give consumers the options to choose between three different colours to suit their working environment; blue (ML-1673), ivory (ML-1674) and pink (ML-1678). In addition,Samsung releases upgraded Samsung clams that the ML-1673, ML-1674 and ML-1678 willmono laser printers, slaps on feature print resolutions of up to 1200 x 1200 and a faster 300MHz processor (versus the ML-1660s 1200 x 600dpinew colours on them in the resolution and 150MHz processor)process On the other hand, the fourth model is an upgraded versionSource: of the ML-2525 and will be marketed as the ML-2540K. Whilelaser-printers-slaps-on-new-colours-on-them-in-the-process/12910.html little about the ML-2540Ks hardware specifications has beenJuly 11th, 2011 announced, Samsung has confirmed that the ML-2540K will feature a faster print speed at 24PPM and consume up to 23% lesser energy than its predecessor. In addition, Samsung is claiming that the new printer models are capable of enhance the daily user experience thanks to the integration of its one- touch print screen function onto the printer, which allows for easy printing on the contents that are currently displayed onThink that desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones a users monitor.are the only devices which OEMs are willing to bless withhardware upgrades in order to ensure that they are capable of No mention about global availability for the upgraded printersmeeting consumers ever-changing demands? Apparently, as has been revealed by Samsung yet, although the company hasfar as Samsung is concerned, printers are also fair game for claimed that the ML-167x series of printers will be selling insuch upgrades, and leave it to the Korean electronics giant to Korea at the price of 104,000 won (approx US$98), while thedo exactly that for its mono laser printers in the form of four ML-2540K will cost users 159,000 won (approx US$150)new souped-up models.Upgrading the hardware of devices such as desktop PCs, M1 customers stand to winnotebooks, tablets and smartphones are acts which OEMscommonly engage in, as it allows them to deliver a faster and tickets to Faye Wong concertmore up-to-date version of an existing product which is more Source: to meeting the every-growing list of demands made faye-wong-concert/12908.htmlby consumers. And as far as Samsung is concerned, it wouldseem that printers are also fair game for such upgrades, forthe Korean electronics giant has just announced the launch of 11
  • 72. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 11th, 2011 July 11th, 2011 Heres one of these stories that makes you wonder howChinese singer and song-writer Faye Wong will be performing silly things can get. The organization behind the HDMIin Singapore on 29 October and if you are an M1 customer, you specification, has gone out and said that mininot only have priority booking but you also stand a chance to DisplayPort to HDMI cables are breaching the HDMI spec andwin a pair of tickets to the concert. More details inside. as such theyre not to be sold. Heres one of these stories that makes you wonder how silly things can get. The organization behind the HDMI specification, has gone out and said that mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables are breaching the HDMI spec and as such theyre not to be sold. Yes, you did read that correct, as apparently the HDMI specifications states that all HDMI cables has to have a male HDMI connector in both ends. Talk about being overprotective over a standard that is already raking in millions in royalty payments that every cable and device makers has to pony up to the may have their Lady Gaga showcase (which happenedlast week), but rival telco operator M1 also has something intheir sleeves. Well, if you are a fan of popular Chinese singerFaye Wong, and also an existing M1 customer, youre in fora treat. M1 customers stand a chance to win a pair of ticketsto Faye Wongs concert which is happening at the SingaporeIndoor Stadium on 29 October. All you need to do is simplyredeem 50 SunPerks Points for a chance to win in the luckydraw. The ticket is priced at S$446 and there are altogether400 pairs of tickets available for grabs.From the official news release, the M1 presents Faye Wong2011 Concert Tour SunPerks points redemption promotion The cables in question arent that widely in use so far, as thewill commence from 9am on 11 July and conclude at midnight mini DisplayPort connector was only widely used on Applesof 10 August 2011. Results will be announced on 25 August MacBook range of computers last year after having become a2011. For more details, visit part of the DisplayPort standard in late 2009. The problem is that the DisplayPort interface doesnt use LVDS signalling likeOn top of that, according to SISTIC website, the official Faye HDMI and DVI, so an active or passive adapter is needed andWong concert tee-shirt will also be given to the first 80 M1 this is built into the cables that are now being pulled from thecustomers, though whether that applies to the winners for the market.pair of tickets, it wasnt stated on the website. HDMI.orgs solution to the problem is also ridiculous, as theyre telling consumers to go out and buy a dongle with anMini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter built into from mini DisplayPort to female HDMI port,cables said to breach HDMI as these types of adapters are approved. We really cant see what kind of different it would make, except for the fact thatspec its an additional cost and hassle for consumers. ApparentlySource: the has recognized the fact that consumers want ato-breach-hdmi-spec/12907.html single cable, but their only response right now is to say that such a cable cant be produced under the current licensing system, a pretty weak response in our opinion. 12
  • 73. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMSI announces the X460notebook seriesSource: 11th, 2011We got an early look at MSIs new X460 series of notebooksback at Computex, but now the company has officially unveiledits new models. Weve gotten our hands on the first officialpictures of the X460 beyond the tiny ones supplied with thepress release and we have to say that this looks like yet anotherinteresting notebook from MSI.We got an early look at MSIs new X460 series of notebooksback at Computex, but now the company has officially unveiledits new models. Weve gotten our hands on the first officialpictures of the X460 beyond the tiny ones supplied with thepress release and we have to say that this looks like yet anotherinteresting notebook from MSI.MSIs latest addition to its X-series of slim and lightnotebooks consists of the X460 and X460D. The X460 relies MSI claims up to 8h battery life, but this is in low power modeon integrated graphics while the X460D sports an nVidia and we really expected more from the 65Wh battery pack.GeForce GT540M. However, the X460 is available with a Core The X460 weighs in at 1.98kg while the X460DX is a smidgeni7-2630QM CPU, while both models will otherwise feature the heavier at an even 2kg. Not exactly what wed call light and atCore i5-2410M. 22.3mm thick, it doesnt quite fit in the thin category by todays standards either. That said, its not bad for a 14-inch notebook with a built in optical drive. No word on a swappable drive option as per what we were told at Computex, but hopefully this will arrive later.Common features include a standard notebook resolution1366x768 14-inch display – although MSI claims up to 170degree viewing angles from the screen – up to 8GB of DDR3memory, up to 750GB of storage and a built in optical drive.In terms of connectivity both models feature HDMI, D-sub,two USB 3.0, a single USB 2.0, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth3.0+HS and Gigabit Ethernet. Theres of course also a memorycard reader and an HD (720p) capable webcam. 13
  • 74. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMSI Master OverclockingArena 2011 Asia Pacific Final -Results, Winners, & The RoadTo BothSource: 11th, 2011 Compiled results brought to you by OVERCLOCKING-TV.We take a look at the MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011Asia Pacific Final results and whatever else which led to that. Many teams that were leading during the Super PI round were found to be slipping down the slippery rungs of the resultsBy 6.00 pm, one hour away from the end of the competition, ladder as issues piled up under the frost. Taiwan and Malaysia,two of the empty 100-odd litre tanks have already been cleared both of which took the lead for Super PI 32M were found inout of the battle grounds. Relative to the Super PI round, the the middle of the scoreboard as contestants launched into 3D.second leg of the competition - 3DMark 11 - is heavy thermal Australia climbed quickly with their strong 3DMark 11 resultsload indeed. More tanks were carted away as organisers laid to join others at the top.out the prizes at the front: The highest 3DMark 11 scores were generated by China. However, due to wallpaper non-compliance, the results were eventually voided. Team Katana simply spent the last minutes defeating themselves - a great way to redeem the Super PI mishap they incurred earlier on. Then it was time for more dancing:Stress takes on a physical form.The two components of the contestants score are split 60/40:Like leaded non-eutectic solder. The first component - SuperPI 32M - requires contestants to fix their processor core speedmultiplier at 50 or less so as to account for the large variabilityseen in the average spread of Sandy Bridge-type desktopprocessors. The second component, which weighs more on Guess the number of FFB-type blowers required to achievethe score is none other than Futuremark 3DMark 11. MSI such floppy hairstyles.submarines anyone? MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final - Booting Up The Arena Source: asia-pacific-final--booting-up-the-arena/12902.html 14
  • 75. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 11th, 2011We missed out on the customary details just to pump out ourTen Page Special. Time to roll back the clock, so we get to seemore of the beginning!To kick off the event, MSI arranged some saucy young thingson stage. That might be the rage these days. Jason Lee, Marketing Director of MSI. Present to grace the event was Hinajana July, Director of PT. Alfa Arha Andhaya. Alfa Arha Andhaya distributes MSI products in Indonesia. Hinajana July, Director of PT. Alfa Arha Andhaya Special guest, Dr. Engkos Koswara N. M. Sc/ Advisor ICT (Information Communication Technology & Transportation) was invited to give his speech as well.Capturing saucy young things on your camera phone however,is something that has never stopped raging.Jason Lee, Marketing Director of MSI talks about MOA andproffers "thank yous" to all: Dr. Engkos Koswara N. M. Sc/ Advisor ICT (Information Communication Technology & Transportation). 15
  • 76. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSony introduces new Micro Chill Innovation KB-1BTVault P series flash drives; up Bluetooth Micro Keyboardto 64GB reviewSource: Source: micro-keyboard-review/12900.htmlJuly 11th, 2011 July 11th, 2011Sony called their USB flash drive, Micro Vault and recently, Chill Innovation is a company founded back in 1996 andthe company has announced their new Micro Vault P series in originating from Denmark, focusing mostly on high qualitySingapore with capacities of from 4GB to 64GB. The P series power supplies and silent cooling solutions. Today howeverclaim to be more sleek and compact which allows users to carry we are not going to review either a power supply or awith them conveniently. cooling solution; Chill Innovation’s latest product is a versatile bluetooth micro-keyboard for multimedia applications, the KB-1BT. Introduction Chill Innovation is a company founded back in 1996 and originating from Denmark, focusing mostly on high quality power supplies and silent cooling solutions. Today however we are not going to review either a power supply or a cooling solution; Chill Innovation’s latest product is a versatile bluetooth micro-keyboard for multimedia applications, the KB-1BT.Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has recently introduced their newnew high capacity Micro Vault P Series flash drives for usersto store and share their songs, photos and videos easier.With storage capacities of up to 64GB, the Micro Vault P Seriesfeatures a small, stylish and easy-to carry design that givesusers all the space they need wherever they go. Available inblack or white, the Micro Vault P series has a slim profile, anda strap hole makes attaching to a key chain or mobile phone asnap. A 360-degree LED at the tip lets users know when datais being written, and when it is safe to remove. Sony has alsoincluded its popular Click feature that let users reveal the USBconnector without adding length to the body and protect it Manufacturer’s features and specificationswhen not in use. • Compact & Ultra-Slim design!Software for the Micro Vault P series includes File Rescueand x – Pict Story. File rescue provides recovery of important • Multiple Platform Support!data that might have been deleted by mistake, while x – Pict • Great for both business & pleasure!Story allows the creation of an automated photo presentation • Everything you need - in one device!using the files stored on the Micro Vault. Featuring storagecapacities in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, the new Micro • USB Nano Bluetooth Dongle included!Vault P Series will be available in Asia Pacific from mid-July2011. Pricing details not available at press time. • 71 keys with Backlighting • Multimedia & function keys 16
  • 77. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • LED Flashlight or Laser Pointer built-in depending on model MSI Master Overclocking • Touchpad Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final - o Dimensions: 31 x 31 mm Ten Page Special o Resolution: 400 DPI Source: asia-pacific-final--ten-page-special/12899.html o Supports point and click July 11th, 2011 o 90 degree rotation key (horizontal and vertical use) o Sensitivity/speed toggle key • Dimensions and weight o Keyboard: 155mm x 61mm x 12mm o Net weight: 102g (including dongle) This ten-page special is dedicated to the blood, sweat, tears o Packaging: 103 x 192 x 53 mm and spent liquid nitrogen that went into the MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final here in Jakarta, o Gross weight: 380g Indonesia. Overclocking, hurray! • Connection Evaporating liquid nitrogen in a humid equatorial country o Bluetooth ® 2.0 Wireless Technology like Indonesia is a spectacular sight. The gargle and spit of o Point-to-point technology pre-configured liquid nitrogen stirring vehemently in an evaporator is the very keyboard (Does not work as Hub) sign of life in a healthy benchmarking setup. The coordination necessary for sub-zero overclocking is difficult to fathom for o Up to 10 meter range those who have never attempted so. For the rest - such as the • Power and battery participants of the MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final - it is likely an irreplaceable addiction. o 30 days (battery standby time) o Full-charge: approx. 4 hours o Fast-charge: approx. 10 minutes for one days use o Battery: 850 mAH Lithium Polymer o Power consumption (without backlight): <12mA o Standby consumption: <1.3mA • Approvals o CE o FCC o RoHS • Compatibility:* o Windows XP / Vista / 7, Mac & Linux-based PCs, Notebooks & Tablets. o Apple iPad / iPad2 o Apple iPhone & iPod Touch with OS 4.0 o Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 o Nokia Symbian o Google Android o Sony Playstation 3 o All other devices with built-in support for Bluetooth HID keyboards. PaulC fills it up. 17
  • 78. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneTheir silicon is might be sub-zero, but "Lam" from the HongKong team is under-20. Better than watching fireworks.The Ice Kachang maker. Way cooler too. The Daily VR-Zone News Summary - 8 July 2011 Source: july-2011/12599.html 18
  • 79. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 11th, 2011 Description: Google said its new unveiled social communication service, Google+, will likely be made available to its business customers by the end of the year. Thus far, the system is not geared for enterprise use yet. Description: Apples rumored next iPad could have a higher- In todays news roundup: The Intel Core i3-2120 is a resolution screen capable of being used for high-end videovery capable processor that felt just as fast and responsive editing and photography, analysts say.on the desktop as the higher-end Core i5-2600K processor; Description: The one iPhone/two iPhone fifth-gen rumor millKingstons DataTraveler Ultimate G2 64GB USB 3.0 Flash continues to grind, and after yesterday’s supposedly definitiveDrive features read/write data transfer speeds well exceeding claims that Apple was readying a single iPhone 5 for launch inthe 150MB/s barrier; Apples rumored next iPad could have September this year, rather than a two model lineup includinga higher-resolution screen; According to a few lines of newly an iPhone 4S, now there’s more intel suggesting otherwise.discovered code, is Facebook coming up with their music Description: After 32 raids across Italy (and one inservice? ; The Medic and Assault classes will be merged in Switzerland), 15 alleged members of Anonymous have beenBattlefield 3s multiplayer mode, and Developer Playdead arrested. The detainees, aged between 15 and 28 with fiveconfirmed the release of Limbo for PlayStation 3 in the U.S. under 18, have been accused of performing denial of serviceon July 19. attacks on Italian Web sites belonging to the government, andHardware news on both state and private broadcasters.Description: The Intel Core i3-2120 is a very capable processor Description: A long-anticipated music streaming,for the $149.68 price tag that online retailers are asking for it. downloading, and sharing service could be on the very nearIt was able to do everything we asked it to during testing and horizon for Facebook users, as a few lines of newly discoveredthe test system felt just as fast and responsive on the desktop code found by blogger Jeff Rose the higher-end Core i5-2600K processor. It was only when Description: While the HTC ThunderBolt remains withoutwe got deep into the benchmarking that we were able to find its crucial update to Gingerbread, it appears that Verizon isthe strengths and weaknesses of the Core i3-2120 prepping to get Android 2.3 out to another phone in the veryDescription: With Read/Write data transfer speeds well near future as documentation has appeared today indicatingexceeding the 150MB/s barrier the latest DataTraveler that the Droid Incredible 2 Gingerbread update is imminent.Ultimate G2 64 USB 3.0 flash drive by Kingston is without Gaming newsdoubt the fastest USB flash drive to pass from our test benchto date. Description: Electronic Arts and studio Criterion Games will release a new, downloadable Burnout game this fall for theDescription: The Razer Hydra PC motion controller delivers PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Burnout Crash! will focussilky-smooth, responsive motion control, but its overall on the franchises Crash mode, where players rack up pointsperformance is highly dependent upon which (and what types) by slamming into vehicles and triggering explosions.of games you play—and your own willingness to put up withthe learning curve it imposes. Description: Developer Playdead confirmed the release of Limbo for PlayStation 3 in the U.S. on July 19. It hits Europe aDescription: With the Z68X-UD7-B3 Gigabyte presents it day later on July 20. A price has not been revealed. Limbo willflagship model which supports Intels latest Sandy Bridge hit Steam worldwide on August 2. A Japan release date has notCPUs. This board also comes with the new color scheme which been decided yet.really is very nice to look at. Furthermore there is the longfeature list which comes with every motherboard that is based Description: DICE has revealed that the Medic and Assaulton Intels latest Z68 chipset. classes will be merged in Battlefield 3s multiplayer mode, and its eradicating the dedicated doctor and handing lifesavingDescription: Today were going to be looking at our first A75 duties to the Assault men.chipset motherboard in the form of the ASUS F1A75-V Pro. Ofcourse, weve already done a big preview on this board thatcovered everything on the board and the BIOS; because of Mach Xtreme Joins thethat well be getting straight into the test system, talk aboutoverclocking and get into the performance side of things. SandForce Party; MX-DSDescription: The Genesis is very unique in its design; it is TURBO SSDs Incomingcomposed of two radiators, one upright and the other designed Source: a down-draft heatsink to cool memory modules, MOSFETs party-mx-ds-turbo-ssds-incoming/12895.htmland the motherboard Northbridge. This makes the Genesis July 11th, 2011a very versatile cooler and a promising one at that as itcombines the sheer cooling potential of a regular heatsink andthe motherboard cooling capability of down-draft coolers suchas the Noctua NH-C14.Consumer Electronics and Software news 19
  • 80. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMach Xtreme has become the latest entrant to the SandForce tion. DuraWrite™ technology optimizes writes to theSF-2000 party with their MX-DS Turbo series of solid state ash memory over conventional controllersdrives. Specifications look similar to those of SandForce-baseddrives from other manufacturers, and a three-year warranty increasing the overall endurance and reliability of theis also par for the course. The MX-DS Turbo series will be complete SSD. Highly intelligent block man-available in capacities ranging from a modest 120GB to a mind(and wallet) blowing 480GB. agement and wear leveling also extends the overall endurance. It maintains backwards compatibil-Mach Xtreme has announced their first Sandforce SF-2000-based solid state drives. The MX-DS TURBO series of SSDs ity with existing SATA II 3.0 Gb/s and SATA I 1.5 Gb/is optimized for use with SATA 6Gbps, and will be available s 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities as well as the lesscommon 180GB size. The drives are backed by three-yearwarranties. The MX-MD TURBO drive delivers best-in-class read and write speeds clocking in at up to 555MB/s read and 510MB/s write along with the stunning maximum of 85,000 IOPS, low power consumption (stand-by 1.6W / active up to 2.8W) and superior durability (2.0 million MTBF) compared to previous generation SATA 3Gb/s drives. Available in capacities of 120GB, 180GB, 240GB and 480GB, Mach Xtreme Technology MX-DS TURBOThe MX-DS TURBO joins the growing ranks of SF-2000- SSDs come backed with 3 Year Warranty andbased SSDs. Pricing has not been stated but, given the amount outstanding after-sales service.of competition out there, can be expected to be aggressive.See the original press release below: MX-DS TURBO Series 2.5” SSD at A Glance: Taipei, Taiwan—July 08, 2011— Mach Xtreme Technology Inc., a worldwide leader in top perfor- • 2.5” SATA III MLC Solid State Drive mance, high reliability and user friendly designed PC • Max. Read Performance up to 555MB/s (480GB components, today unveiled the 2.5” SATAIII up to 500MB/s) • Max. Write Performance up to 510MB/s (480GB MX-DS TURBO Series SSD. This series offers mobile up to 420MB/s) and desktop users groundbreaking computing • IOPS up to 85,000 experience and unparalleled level of read and write • Power consumption: idle 1.6W / active 2.8W performance. • MTBF: 2.0 million hours • Capacity: 120GB (MXSSD3MDST-120G), Advanced high speed SATAIII interface has been 180GB (MXSSD3MDST-180G), implemented in newer systems to remove previous • 240GB (MXSSD3MDST-240G), and 480GB (MXSSD3MDST-480G) performance bottleneck. The MX-DS TURBO Series is perfect to take advantage of that higher speed interface. This SSD series delivers performance that maximizes the throughput of a SATA III 6Gb/s MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final - interface with balanced read/write speeds. It supports DuraClass™ and DuraWrite™ technologies. Setting Up & Some Setups Source: asia-pacific-final--setting-up--some-setups/12896.html DuraClass™ technology provides best-in-class endurance, performance and low power consump- 20
  • 81. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 11th, 2011See the whacky setups contestants assemble for the MSIMaster Overclocking Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final. Its finallygearing up, alright!In the MOA battle grounds, trouble brews from the verybeginning. Even the judges table is a showcase of gung-ho-ism. Japan brought along a self-contained liquid-cooling kit, ready to be clamped in place for quick tests:The judges tableThe Indonesian teams lineup of stuff, ready for deployment:"ZoLKoRn" practises his proprietary paste-spreadingtechnique: Amongst the first to get their systems up; the Vietnamese team sure had a good idea of what to use the iPad for! Dell launches Access program in Southeast Asia Source: southeast-asia/12897.html 21
  • 82. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 11th, 2011In a world when consumerism reigns supreme, it is commonknowledge that any company that does not make a seriousattempt to connect and understand its customer base is notlikely to remain in business for long. And it seems that Dellis only too aware of the importance of engaging with keyinfluencers, for the company has taken yet another step tofurther reach out to the community with the launch of its newDell Access program in a media event today held at the ArtTrove. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.Nowadays, it would seem that merely delivering greatproducts that are capable of meeting customers demands is no "Dell Access is all about forging long-term relationshipslonger enough. Rather, todays consumers expect to be actively with the media, professional bloggers and key influencers.engaged as influencers who have a say in how a companys Members of Dell Access can expect to be invited to programsproducts should turn out, what features should be included such as events, showcases, private workshops and productinto the final product, and so on. And it is clear that Dell is demonstrations," he said, while adding that such events willfully aware of the importance of engaging with the community, serve as platforms for the company to engage with like-mindedfor the company has just announced the launch of its new people, as well as exchange ideas and discuss market trends.Dell Access program which is designed to foster an exclusive Unfortunately, Dell did not release any details pertaining tocommunity consisting of "brand advocates, influential media various aspects of its Access program such as the requirementspersonalities and other key influencers to form a synergistic, (if any) to be met in order to be considered for admissionpassionate community that matters". into its exclusive inner circle yet. However, the company did announce that Access members can expect "a string of activities and announcements around the region in the coming months", so do check back for updates. Last but definitely not least, here are a few pictures of the lovely ladies who were present at todays media event, which also served to double up as a showcase for Dells various products such as its Streak and Venue mobile offerings, as well as its Alienware, Inspiron R, Vostro and XPS notebook lineups.Speaking at the event today was Dells executive director forthe consumer and SMB division for South Asia and Korea,Chue Chee Wai, who explained how Dell intends to make useof the new Access program to reach out to its community. 22
  • 83. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone July 11th, 2011 LG Korea has recently announced that it is jumping on the portable gaming market with its Optimus 3D smartphone and high quality games developed by Gameloft. According to the company, the phone will come preloaded with games and users can download free and paid games in the coming months. LG has announced its entry into the handheld gaming market with the launch of the LG Optimus 3D in Korea and the introduction of 17 Stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) games from mobile video game developer Gameloft. Full versions of three Gameloft titles will come pre-installed on the new Optimus 3D smartphones with the remaining S-3D games available for download at significantly discounted prices for LG Optimus 3D owners. The three included S-3D games are Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, N.O.V.A. -- Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance and Let’s Golf! 2. The games were specifically chosen for the realism and immersive game play they would provide when digitally re-mastered into S-3D. Fourteen additional Gameloft S-3D games will be available for download via the 3D Games icon on the LG Optimus 3D. Titles including Assassin’s Creed: Altaïr’s Chronicles, James Cameron’s Avatar, Ultimate Spider Man: Total Mayhem, GT Racing: Motor Academy, Shrek Kart, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, Real Football 2011, Star Battalion, N.O.V.A. 2 -- Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, Dungeon Hunter 2, Fishing Kings, BackStab, Eternal Legacy and Shadow Guardian will be offered to Optimus 3D owners at half price for the first three months. Archer Craft, an LG produced S-3D game, will also beLG goes into portable gaming available as a free download. The LG Optimus 3D, the world’s first smartphone with fullwith Optimus 3D and games S-3D and Tri-Dual (dual-core, dual-channel, dual-memory)from Gameloft architecture, was designed for maximum performance and efficiency, ideal for the high processing power required forSource: gaming and viewing videos. The LG Optimus 3D is currentlyoptimus-3d-and-games-from-gameloft/12894.html being introduced in over 60 markets around the world. The preloaded games will be available from launch, with further 23
  • 84. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonedownloadable games rolling out over the coming monthsthrough a dedicated 3D Games icon. According to a press release issued by StarHub, the SOLO is designed to be an entry-level, affordable feature mobile phone that would appeal to military personnel and outdoor adventurers, a trait which StarHub attributes to the use of a solar charging battery in the SOLO. The company claims that users only have to place the rugged phone in an area which receieves a healthy amount of sunlight for the SOLO to recharge its lithium battery, with 24 hours being the magic number needed to attain a complete charge. In addition, StarHub has confirmed that the SOLO boasts an uptime of up to 200 hours when idle, or up to 200 minutes of talktime.StarHub announces In order to protect itself against the unintentional hardavailability of new mobile knocks and drops that are bound to happen in militaryphone which recharges itself life, StarHub has claimed that the SOLO will feature an Army-Green rubberise casing which protects the phone fromvia solar energy such trauma, while further securing it against other hazzardsSource: such as splashes and dust.. Last but definitely not least, themobile-phone-which-recharges-itself-via-solar-energy/12893.html SOLO will come equipped with a 1.8” LED screen with 65KJuly 11th, 2011 colours, a mini-torchlight for night activities and an FMradio. Sounds interesting? Well, if you think that the SOLO will make a good mobile phone for your NS needs (or your sons NS needs, for that matter), we have got an additional piece of good news as well; StarHub has confirmed that the SOLO willAnybody who has served, or is currently serving their National be retailing at the relatively low price of S$99 with any one-Service will be fully aware of how much of a pain it is to hunt year StarHub Mobile post-paid plan (exceptPowerValue 80)for a mobile phone which lacks a built-in camera unit and and can be purchased from all StarHub Shops and selectedboasts a battery which is capable of extremely long uptimes on Exclusive Partners outlets islandwide from 9 July onwards.a single charge, especially since some camps still forbid theirservicemen from bringing in their battery chargers. And leaveit to StarHub with what is probably the best solution for suchpeople, and it comes in the form of iNO Mobiles phone knownas the SOLO which can allegedly charge itself via solar power.Wait, say what?Choosing a proper mobile phone for National Service is nevereasy; in addition to the almost unreasonable requirement ofgetting a handset that does not sport a built-in camera module,the device also need to boast an extremely long battery life, assome military camps today still enforce the rule of not allowingservicemen to bring their mobile phone chargers with them,due to various reasons.So what is a poor serviceman to do in the face of suchrestrictions? Well, thanks to StarHub, the answer is now aseasy as pie, and it comes in the form of a new mobile phonefrom iNO Mobile known as the SOLO, which is reportedlycapable of meeting the aforementioned restrictions, and then Lenovo launches ThinkPad X1some. in Singapore Source: singapore/12891.html 24
  • 85. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 11th, 2011Yesterday, Lenovo Singapore held a media event on a yacht atMarina @ Keppel Bay to launch their thinnest business laptop,the ThinkPad X1. VR-Zone brings you the coverage. Despite its slim form factor, the X1 comes with the obligatory USB, HDMI, eSATA+USB, LAN, Wireless connectivity switchThe Lenovo ThinkPad X1 claims to be the companys thinnest and memory card reader. Needless to say, there is no built-inbusiness laptop designed for the busy business professionals optical drive, though Lenovo bundles an external DVD writerwho want superb computing performance and portability. for use with the laptop.Weighing from 1.72kg, the ThinkPad X1 sports a 13.3-inchsuper bright infinity screen with Corning Gorilla glass thatoffers high durability and scratch-resistance. Lee Chown How, country general manager of Lenovo Singapore, talks about the companys new tagline - "For Those Who Do." - and also Lenovos progress.The laptops keyboard has a "modernized" look and feel whichthe company claims would allow users to type 25% faster, "In Lenovo, we create the DO machines, the tools for usersand they are backlit that makes it easier to type even in dim- who see technology as an integral part of their lives. Forlighting situation. The power button and audio controls are them, technology is a tool to help them achieve the goals andlaid neatly on the right edge of the keyboard. be more productive. Our products are built to succeed with substance, tested with military specifications to achieve solid performance in any environment. The features and services that are built-in to our products also helped to drive down the immediate and long term costs. Each of the tools that 25
  • 86. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonewe incorporate into our ThinkPads and ThinkCentres arecarefully developed with purposeful intent and helped toenhance end users experience," Lee said. Sony Ericsson claims that the W8 Walkman phone features a unique user interface similar to the one found on its Xperia mini product lineup, and that it can reportedly be user- customised for one-touch access to their most commonly used applications. In addition, the company has confirmed that the W8 will also come bundled with various standard features such as a 3.2 megapixel camera and wireless connectivity via 3G and WiFi, along with various other Walkman staples such as a Walkman-themed UI and widgets, while the smartphones display is provided by a three-inch capacitive touchscreenSony Ericsson launches capable of HVGA resolutions, which Sony Ericsson claims is perfect for mobile gaming, browsing the web or watchingnew Walkman-branded Youtube videos.smartphone, the W8 The W8s hardware is a little less impressive though; SonySource: Ericsson has confirmed that the W8 will feature a 600MHzbranded-smartphone-the-w8/12892.html processor and up to 128MB of built in memory, although theJuly 11th, 2011 company was quick to point out that users can always expand the phones available storage with the use of microSD cards of up to 16GB. Last but definitely not least, Sony Ericsson has announced that the W8 will be pre-loaded with version 2.1 (Eclair) of the Android operating system, along with support for the Android Market, although it made no mention about any possibility ofSonys Walkman is one of the more well-known brands when a firmware upgrade to newer versions of Android. Still, if it isit comes to devices dealing with audio and video playback of any consolation, the company has claimed that the W8 willwhile on the move; as such, it is understandable that Japanese come with the MH 410 stereo headset as well as the MS450company is not about to let such an established brand fade stereo portable oblivion. And in what seems to be the best proof of Sonys The Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman phone is currently availablecommitment to the Walkman brand, the company has just for sale in Singapore at the price of S$348 and sports a total ofannounced the availability of yet another Walkman-branded three different color schemes, namely Azure, Metallic Red andsmartphone, the W8, which Sony claims combines "Walkman the "iconic Walkman Orange".functionality with smartphone fundamentals".Do you still remember the original line of Walkman-brandedportable media players that were produced by Sony and Samsung releases prototypehighly regarded to be some of the best such devices in those WebCL implementation fordays? Well, the good news is that the Walkman will stilllive on in Sonys product lineup, and the latest Walkman- WebKitbranded device to leave Sonys factories for sale on the market Source: is a new smartphone known as the W8, which Sony implementation-for-webkit/12890.htmlclaims combines "Walkman functionality with smartphonefundamentals" to provide a great user experience. 26
  • 87. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 11th, 2011 be able to take advantage of Nokias implementation any time soon, as it only works with Firefox 4 and not the recently- released Firefox 5. This leaves Internet Explorer and Opera as the only browsers to lack any working implementations of WebCL, although we believe that this situation will change once more complete specifications of WebCL are made available by the Khronos Group.OpenCL may be a great API for giving applications access to Of course, neither Nokias and Samsungs implementation willthe GPU for non-graphical computing in order to leverage its work if you do not have OpenCL-compatible hardware.And ifraw power for achieving greater performance levels, but the you need a good reason to upgrade your machine with someprominence of web-based apps means that there is a need OpenCL-compatible hardware, well, here is one: apparently,to grant web developers the same low-level access in order Nokia is claiming that WebCL can be used for BitCoin mining,to ensure that browser-based apps do not deliver sub-par and for as much as up to US$10 a day. Yep, we are not makingperformance, even when running off powerful hardware. This this where WebCL comes in, and it seems that the new standardhas just been given a major boost in the form of Samsungscontribution of a prototype implementation for the WebKit Amazons Cloud Player servicerendering engine. now available for the iPadWe all know that OpenCL, along with NVIDIAs CUDA, are Source: in bringing the benefits of general-purpose computing available-for-the-ipad/12880.htmlon GPUs (or GPGPU) to everyday applications in order to July 11th, 2011provide users with higher performance levels in their dailycomputing tasks. However, the growing importance of web-based applications means that there is a need to port OpenCLsGPGPU capabilties into a more web-friendly format in order toensure that online apps can gain access to the same low-levelhardware needed to deliver greater performance. And the goodnews is that users may not have to wait too long for GPGPU Apple has yet to officially open its iCloud service for publicsupport to make its way down to web apps, for word has it that use, but it seems that the Cupertino giant is already going toSamsung has released a prototype implementation of WebCL have to deal with competition from the likes of Amazon infor use with the WebKit rendering engine. winning the hearts of consumers over to its side, especiallyAccording to a report published by Ars Technica, Samsungs where music streaming and storage services are concerned.prototype implementation was used to showcase how the Apparently, Amazon has moved to draw first blood by addingtechnology "can be used to increase the frame rate of an in partial support for iOS in its Cloud Player service, along withanimated N-body simulation on the Web". When put to a few extra features thrown in for good measure. Your movethe test against an identical simulation which made use now, Apple.of conventional JavaScript to achieve the same results, the When Amazon first launched its Cloud Player service forJavaScript version was capable of achieving framerates of consumers way back in March this year, critics were quickonly up to 5-6 fps. This is in stark contrast to the same to point out that the multinational electronic commercedemo that was powered by Samsungs prototype WebCL company had seemingly chosen not to include support for oneimplementation, which scored a maximum speed of up to 114 of the worlds fastest growing mobile platform; iOS. However,frames per second. it seems that Amazon has since changed its stance over iOS support, and its latest announcement is probably the best Unprintable Content (Video, Flash, etc.) proof of that fact.Samsungs prototype implemention of WebCL is reportedlyonly compatible with Apples Safari web browser at thispoint of time, although Ars Technica has also claimed inthat the Korean electronics giant has already open-sourced itsWebCL implementation under the BSD license. Technically,this means that there is nothing to stop browser developersfrom checking out the source tree from Google Code (which iswhere the project is hosted) and collaborating to implementsome form of rudimentary support in other WebKit-basedbrowsers such as Googles Chrome.In addition, Nokia has also developed its own implementationof WebCL which is apparently designed for use with the GeckoRuntime Enviroment, as it is currently compatble only withthe Firefox web browser. However, not all Firefox users will 27
  • 88. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone improved imaging performance; Hi Tech Legion has published a review of ASUSs GTX580 DirectCU II graphics card, which boasts a combination of direct copper contact and dual-fan cooling to produce up to 600% more airflow compared to the reference NVIDIA design; Google has announced the availability of a new "Download map area" feature in Google Labs which allows users to download map data for use on their smartphones with minimal data consumption; Rumour has it that Microsofts CEO Steve Ballmer will be unveiling the first public beta of Windows 8 at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2012; Konami has confirmed that it will be bringing Castlevania: Harmony of Despair over to PlayStation Network sometime this summer, and EA Games senior vice president Patrick Soderlund is claiming that Mirrors Edge 2 has not been abandoned, and that DICE is "working on something" to follow up on the well-received free running original.In its press release, Amazon has confirmed the availability ofa web-based version of the Cloud Player service, which can Hardware newsbe accessed on an iPad via the built-in Safari web browser. Project BMW MPower level 10 PC a Mod project @And according to a report published by TUAW, Amazon has XtremeComputingseemingly done a decent job in ensuring that the web-based Description: This all started one day when I spotted theversion of Cloud Player remains faithful to the actual desktop thermaltake level 10 case sitting at show, I thought wow thatclient in most respects, even going as far as claiming that the looks very unique. I had been planning for a little while to do aweb app looks and performs just like the desktop version. car themed mod and with the level 10 being designed by one ofUnfortunately, it seems that the iPad is the only product in BMW’s design houses, I thought now was a good a time as anyApples iOS lineup that will be getting any love from Amazon, to actually do a BMW 3 series Mpower theme, so the conceptfor no mention has been made about support for other iOS- was born. Now bear in mind this concept started way back lastpowered devices such as the iPod Touch and the iPhone. And year.even then, the fact that the iPad can only access Cloud Player Corsair Obsidian 650D Mid-Tower Case Reviewvia the web-based app will probably turn off iPad owners who Description: In many ways, the Obsidian 650D is a miniatureprefer to have native apps for their devices, although wed version of the 800D, so we can understand why it has manyargue that a having a web-based app is still a much better of you swooning. Though at $190 you will have a difficultalternative as opposed to being completely cut off from an time justifying its price as its one of the more expensive mid-online service. towers around. Beyond this price point, the market is largelyThat being said, Amazon has also announced its plans to give dominated by Lian-Li and we suspect most users looking tousers access to an unlimitted amount of storage to store their spend north of $200 on a chassis will want to spring for a full-music files, and that this privillege will be made available to tower model.both free and paid accounts. However, this only applies to MSI N580GTX Lightning Review @ ocaholicmusic bought directly off Amazon, and that there will still be a Description: With the GTX 580 Lightning, MSI has a graphicslimit of 5GB for fersonal music uploads. Well, that is defintiely card in its portfolio which promises to be extra class. Thereforebetter than nothing. the card comes with a completely customized TwinFrozerII cooler as well as a PCB that has been redesigned from bottomThe Daily VR-Zone News up. In this case youll find numerous overclocking features combined with a reasonable noise level. For us this is reasonSummary - 7 July 2011 enough to be very curious about the results.Source: Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Full Tower Chassis Reviewjuly-2011/12885.html Description: For some time now Thermaltake as well as manyJuly 11th, 2011 other manufacturers are in an unnamed war to deliver the most feature rich chassis at rock bottom pricing. Just like SilverStones PS06 we recently looked at, Thermaltake is trying to give the end user a window, USB 3.0 and a hard drive dock. On top of this, you still have to present an attractive full package and offer cooling above and beyond the competition as well.In todays news roundup: Toshiba has announced the launch Toshiba preps super-sensitive CMOS smartphone cameraof a new 1.12-micrometer pixel CMOS image sensor for sensorsmartphones, which is reportedly the industry’s smallest level Description: Toshiba has announced the launch of a newpixel size and features the use of back-side illumication 1.12-micrometer pixel CMOS image sensor. It claims that thetechnology or BSI to achieve both enhanced sensitivity and new sensor, designed for smartphones, offers the industry’s 28
  • 89. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonesmallest level pixel size. The new sensor is also said to feature reporting that Microsoft will unveil the first public beta ofenhanced sensitivity and improved imaging performance, the Windows 8 at the trade-show.result of back-side illumination technology (BSI). Gaming newsASUS GeForce GTX 580 DirectCU II 1.5GB DirectX 11 Video Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Hitting PSNCard Review @Hi Tech Legion Description: Konami confirmed this morning thatDescription: The ASUS GTX580 DirectCU II is equipped with Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is coming to PlayStationa large three-slot heatsink designed for a quieter and cooler Network this summer. The game was previously releasedperformance. The ASUS GTX580 DirectCU II’s direct copper exclusively through Xbox Live. Included with the PSN versioncontact and dual-fan cooling solution produces up to 600% is the "Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire" map pack, whichmore airflow compared to the reference NVIDIA design. With contains the Pyramid of Ruin level as well as downloadabletwo fans operating at lower fan speeds, the ASUS GTX580 characters Julius Belmont and Yoko Belnades.DirectCU II can cool the GPU much more efficiently and withmuch less noise than with a single blower style fan. Mirrors Edge 2 not abandoned - Report Description: EA Games senior vice president PatrickConsumer Electronics and Software News Soderlund says DICE is "working on something" to follow up“Download map area” added to Labs in Google Maps for well-received free running original.AndroidDescription: When you’re visiting an unfamiliar location,Google Maps for mobile is great for getting an idea of how close High Power Direct12 BRyou are to your destination, where streets and landmarks arein relation to each other, or just for getting “un-lost.” But what 1000W PSU review Source: you don’t have a data signal, or you’re abroad and don’t have review/12889.htmla data plan? We say that if you use Google Maps for mobile, July 11th, 2011you’ll never need to carry a paper map again. The “Downloadmap area” lab in Google Maps 5.7 for Android is a step inmaking that statement true even when you’re offline.What iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 could haveDescription: Apple’s next iPhone will be thinner and lighterwith an 8 megapixel camera, according to a report Thursday.The new article bears the hallmarks of an intentional leak, and Today we are having a look at one more high performanceis the surest sign yet that we’ll see new iPhone hardware in product, the Direct12 BR (DP-1000BR) 1000W power supplySeptember. from High Power, a company which just emerged in the retail market a mere 3 years ago. High Power however is aApples faith-based security fails again subsidiary company of Sirfa, a reputable OEM manufacturerDescription: A German government watchdog has just worked of power supplies for many years, founded so as to give theout that the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have critical manufacturer direct retail channel access. The specificationsweaknesses that could be exploited by criminals. Apple saves of the High Power Direct12 BR 1000W unit are at the very leastmoney by not having to provide virus checking software or interesting; we will find out how well it can compete againstworrying too much about security. It has marketed this clever the stiff competition of the high performance PSU market inplan through its legions of fanboys who claim that they are this from hackers because they have never been hacked before.However, the Germans are particularly concerned about theiPhone, which is a little more popular and begging to be Today we are having a look at one more high performanceattacked. product, the Direct12 BR (DP-1000BR) 1000W power supplyMotorola Droid 3 Now Available From Verizon from High Power, a company which just emerged in theDescription: Verizon has put up Droid 3, the grandchild of retail market a mere 3 years ago. High Power however is aMotorola’s legendary Droid smartphone, up for sale on its subsidiary company of Sirfa, a reputable OEM manufacturerwebsite. The Droid 3 sports a 1 GHz dual-core CPU, a 4- of power supplies for many years, founded so as to give theinch qHD (960 x 540 pixel) screen, an 8-megapixel camera manufacturer direct retail channel access. The specificationsand a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard. It runs Android 2.3 of the High Power Direct12 BR 1000W unit are at the very leastGingerbread and offers 16 GB of storage, as well as all the interesting; we will find out how well it can compete againstother standard bells and whistles that adorn the Android the stiff competition of the high performance PSU market insmartphones of today, including Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, UMTS this review.and aGPS support.Microsoft May Introduce the First Public Beta of Windows 8 Manufacturer’s features and specificationsat CES 2012 - Rumours.Description: Steve Ballmer, the chief executive officer of • 80 PLUS BRONZE certified Offer 85% minimumMicrosoft Corp., will once again kick-off the Consumer efficiency at 50% loadElectronics Show in early 2012. Some web-sites are already 29
  • 90. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Golf- Surface Fan Whisper quiet double ball-bearing (up +12V Rail 1Rail to 800W) 13.5cm golf surface fan brings more airflow Efficiency 85% volume with less noise than convention. PFC Active • Off- Delay Fan (Fan Stays On After System Off) It allows Power Good Signal 100~500ms PSU fan to continue running after system shut down for Hold Up Time >17ms few seconds approximately, it helps to exhaust residual MTBF >100,000 Hours air at the end of the heating/cooling cycle for extending component life. Protection UVP/OVP/OPP/ SCP/OCP/OTP • Single +12V Output Rail - Offers maximum compatibility Operation 0~50 °C (Nominal for the +12V demand. Temperature Input Voltage) • 100% Japan- made Capacitors - Longer lifespan than Safety FCC,CE.UL/c- electrolytic capacitors. (under 800W main capacitor UL,TUV,CB only) Input Voltage 100-240V • Reliable Japan- made Solid-state Capacitors - Enhance Current 13A your system durability and stability even under extreme Output Total Watts 1000W conditions. (apply to 850W and 1000W) +5V 30A • Easily Detachable and Flexible Modular Cables - Use +3.3V 28A only the cables you need. Reduce clutter from unused +12V1 75A connectors and enhance the air flow inside your system. +12V2 Specific color connectors and infixed socket with sticker +12V3 design to ease installation. +12V4 • PCI-Express Power Connectors - Sufficient and stable -12V current to fully support SLI & CrossFire Systems +5Vsb 3A • Advanced Double Forward Circuit and Double-Layer +5V/ +3.3V 180W PCB - It brings more reliable, high efficiency and Combined powerful power supply (Apply to 850W and 1000W) +12V Combined 900W • All output cables with Nylon sleeve - Cable sleeve avoids cable clutter, allows neat and easy installation for an improved airflow. Pioneer enters the PC speaker • Patented Easy Swap Connector - Quick and Easy installation market Source: • EuP 2010 Lot 6 compliant market/12888.html • RoHS Compliant - Made with hazardous-free July 11th, 2011 components RoHS is the Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This has been a standard in Europe and is now becoming a standard in the world. Not only lead, but cadium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), and polybrominated Remember Pioneer? Well, the company hasn’t been doing diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants are limited as great in the past few years has pulled out of several product well. categories and has of lately been focusing on its audio products. Now the company has decided to launch a pair of PC • What you see is what you get. NO Tweaks! - True speakers to try and grow its audio product range, but we’re not Wattage Rating is the industrys way of designating a if the company is going to be able to break into what’s already power supply models wattage capacity. It is based on a very competitive market. the total DC output wattages that a power supply can continuously provide. Remember Pioneer? Well, the company hasn’t been doingItem Name DP-1000 BR great in the past few years has pulled out of several productModel Number HP-1000-G14C Rev categories and has of lately been focusing on its audio A products. Now the company has decided to launch a pair of PCDimension (W / 15/16/8.6cm speakers to try and grow its audio product range, but we’re notH / D)cm if the company is going to be able to break into what’s alreadyFan Size 13.5cm a very competitive market.Modular Cable V The two new speaker models are the S-MM301 and S- MM751RU, we’d really hoped for some more memorable 30
  • 91. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonemodel names, but alas that wasn’t to be. The S-MM301 is a pair Looking for an affordable DLP HD projector? InFocus has justof stereo USB powered speakers that are targeting the laptop announced a range of five new models of which two are 720pmarket, but Pioneer didn’t supply a picture, so we don’t know capable and the best thing of all is that theyre coming in at awhat the speakers look like. They’re said to have metal grills, really good price point. In fact, InFocus are touting them as itstriple coil drivers and built-in audio controls for volume and lowest priced projectors, but this isnt necessarily a bad thing.a mute button. The new range is called the IN100 series and consists of theMore interesting is the S-MM751RU which is a set of 2.1- IN112, IN114, IN116, IN124 and IN126. The two interestingchannel desktop speakers. The press release talks up the bass models are the IN116 and IN126, as theyre the models thanas it features what Pioneer calls “MAXX Bass Dynamic Sound have a native resolution of 1280x800. The only differencewith DSP Bass Enhancement” which is mean to improve the weve managed to make out between the two is that the IN126sound from the bass speaker. The entire system is rated at is slightly brighter than the IN116 at 2500/3200 lumens (Eco/40W, 20W for the subwoofer and 10W for each of the satellites. High) whereas the IN116 only manages 2200/2700 (Eco/ High).But what makes this set of speakers interesting is the volume That said, the IN116 has a longer lamp life of 6000/5000hcontrol, or rather the additional features built into it. Pioneer (Eco/High) compared to 4000/2500h (Eco/High) for thehas not only added a large volume knob and an audio line IN126. InFocus claim that the new models features a new lampinput, but there are also playback controls in the shape of play/ design that lasts 50 percent longer than its previous generationpause and forward/rewind buttons. Add to that a USB port of projectors and considering that projector lamps are quiteand an SD card slot which allows for playback of WMA and costly, this is a good thing.MP3 files from suitable storage devices without turning onyour computer and you have something a little bit different. The IN112 only manages 800x600 pixels, while the IN114 and IN124 offer a resolution of 1024x768. These models are moreWe’re not so keen on the design though, as not only do the suitable in the office than for home cinema usage. The IN116,speakers look cheap in glossy black plastic, but the angular IN124 and IN126 all feature HDMI 1.3 video input as well,design isn’t very attractive. The S-MM301 has an MSRP of US something the cheaper models are missing.$49 with the S-MM751RU coming in at US$129. Both modelsare available in the US now and are expected to be available in Price wise these new models are very competitively priced withother markets shortly. the IN112 at US$339, the IN114 at US$399, the IN116 and IN124 at US$499 and finally the IN126 at US$599. InFocus will be offering all models globally according to its website,InFocus launches affordable although we have a feeling that the prices might not be the same everywhere.DLP projector rangeSource: MSIs A75A-G35 motherboardJuly 11th, 2011 nears launch Source: launch/12886.html July 11th, 2011Looking for an affordable DLP HD projector? InFocus has justannounced a range of five new models of which two are 720pcapable and the best thing of all is that theyre coming in at areally good price point. In fact, InFocus are touting them as its So far MSI has only announced a single socket FM1lowest priced projectors, but this isnt necessarily a bad thing. motherboard for AMDs Llano APUs, the A75MA-G55, but weve managed to score some pictures of the final version of MSIs upcoming A75A-G35 motherboard. Its not MSIs most 31
  • 92. July 11th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneexciting motherboard ever, but its an entry level model so take used heatsinks that are screwed on rather than relying onit for what it is. push-pins.So far MSI has only announced a single socket FM1motherboard for AMDs Llano APUs, the A75MA-G55, butweve managed to score some pictures of the final version ofMSIs upcoming A75A-G35 motherboard. Its not MSIs mostexciting motherboard ever, but its an entry level model so takeit for what it is. The rear I/O consists of two PS/2 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, 7.1-channel audio and a D-sub, DVI and HDMI port. Overall theres very little to get excited about, but its up for pre-order in Europe for as little as €71.50 (S$125) which makes it the cheapest ATX size A75 motherboard so far.This is so far MSIs first ATX board for AMDs FM1 APUs andas far as we know, this is its entry level ATX model. It shouldbe followed by the A75A-G45 and A75A-G55, as well as themATX A75M-P35 and A75MA-35. As such the features arefairly basic, in fact, some are outright cost savings.The slot layout isnt too bad, if a bit unusual with a x16 PCIExpress slot at the top, three x1 PCI Express slots, a x4 PCIExpress slot and two PCI slots. The board only has two DIMMslots, but considering the target market, we dont see this astoo much of an issue.The AMD A75 chipset provides six SATA 6Gbps ports and MSIhas fitted them all, alongside pin-headers for two front USB3.0 ports (again provided by the chipset), four USB 2.0 ports,a serial and parallel port and a couple of things were not quitesure what the pin-headers are for, but one of them appears tobe for a TPM module.Whats not so sexy is the two jumper blocks at the rear formanual switching between the display connectors, as only twoof the three can be used at the same time. This screams low costand its something weve only seen on Chinese motherboardsfor the past couple of years now. On the plus side MSI have 32
  • 93. July 13th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! Android ecosystem. And going up against such big players is VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication definitely not the easiest of tasks, even if Dell has an advantage covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. in the form of the Android operating system being extremely popular with consumers, which gives it an extremely large market to play with right from the get-go.Dell Venue smartphone However, there is also the possibility that Dell could bereview: the venue where style adhering to the wise saying of "better late than never", and that it is always better to release a well-tested and stable productand professionalism call home that will appeal to consumers as opposed to tacking on cuttingSource: edge technologies that have a knack for bleeding end-users avenue-where-style-and-professionalism-call-home/12924.html lot more than they are worth. But is that always the case? Well,July 13th, 2011 we are about to find out shortly, right after these hardware specifications. Dell Venue hardware specifications Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 system-on-a-chipDell is widely considered to be one of the later entrants into with 1GHz Scorpion CPUthe market for a slice of the lucrative smartphone pie. And the Memory 512MB RAMfact that its first true-blue Android-powered smartphone, the Display 4.1-inch AMOLED capacitiveVenue (and not the Streak), has only started seeing the light touchscreen display withof day on the retail shelves recently is certainly not about to native 800 x 480 resolutionwin the company any favors within the Android ecosystem. Operating System Android Froyo (v2.2.2) builtBut could this be a classic example of "better late than never", over Linux kernel that Dells new Venue might just have what it takes to Cameras 8MP rear-facing camerahold its own against the likes of established manufacturers thathave made a name for themselves in the Android smartphone Storage capacity 1GB, expandable withspace? VR-Zone puts it to the test. MicroSD cards of capacities up to 32GB Frequency bands 2G: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 Wireless connectivity 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth + A2DP + EDR Weight 164g Noctua NH-C14 Review Source: July 13th, 2011Being a latecomer to any party is never a good decisionto make, and it seems that Dell is about to find that outfor itself the hard way now that its first Android-powered In our labs today is an interesting product from the alpinesmartphone, the Dell Venue, has only been introduced to nation of Austria. Noctuas NH-C14 processor heatsinkthe market recently when countless other manufacturers possesses an interesting design which lets you mount the fanhave already established themselves as major players in the either above or below the fin array, promising compatibility 1
  • 94. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonewith large memory modules or narrow casings. Read on to find Material Copper (base and heat-pipes),out how Noctuas top-flow heatsink design stacks up. aluminium (cooling fins),Noctua is quite well-known for their enthusiast-grade cooling soldered joints & nickelsolutions. In this article well be reviewing the Austria-based platingcompanys NH-C14 processor heatsink. The NH-C14 is a top- Fan compatibility 140x140x25mm /flow design similar to Noctuas earlier NH-C12P (which is still 120x120x25mmon sale). Scope of Delivery 2x NF-P14 premium fan Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A.) Ultra-Low-Noise Adaptor (U.L.N.A.) NT-H1 high-grade thermal compound SecuFirm2™ Mounting KitsThe NH-C14s key difference from the NH-C12P is its flexibilitywhen it comes to fan mounting. For users of narrow/short Noctua Metal Case-Badgecasings, the fan can be mounted below the fin array, reducing Warranty 6 Yearsthe height of the heatsink to just 105mm. The fan can also be Fan specificationsmounted above the fin array in the traditional configuration Modelif you require additional clearance, for instance due to largememory heatspreaders (think Kingstons HyperX modules). BearingAnd if neither of these constraints apply to you, both included Rotational Speed (+/- 10%) 1200 RPMfans can be used together to provide the maximum cooling Rotational Speed with L.N.A. 900 RPMperformance. (+/- 10%) Rotational Speed with 750 RPM U.L.N.A. (+/- 10%) Airflow 110,3 m³/h Airflow with L.N.A. 83,7 m³/h Airflow with U.L.N.A. 71,2 m³/h Acoustical Noise 19,6 dB(A) Acoustical Noise with L.N.A. 13,2 dB(A) Acoustical Noise with 10,1 dB(A) U.L.N.A. Input Power 1,2 W Voltage Range 12 VAll recent processor sockets are supported by the NH-C14.Noctua offers a whopping six-year warranty, but its not clear MTBF > 150.000 hif this extends to the bundled fans, without which the warrantywould be rather superfluous since those are only parts liableto fail. LG unveils worlds firstWell take a closer look at the NH-C14 on the next page. glasses-free 3D monitor D2000 Heatsink SpecificationsSocket compatibility Intel LGA1366, LGA1156, with eye-tracking technology LGA1155, LGA775 & AMD Source: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, free-3d-monitor-d2000-with-eye-tracking-technology/12952.html FM1 (backplate required) July 13th, 2011Height (without fan) 105 mmWidth (without fan) 140 mmDepth (without fan) 166 mmHeight (with fan) 130 mmWidth (with fan) 140 mm LG looks to be leading in the glasses-free 3D space with theirDepth (with fan) 166 mm Optimus 3D smartphone and now, the company has unveiledWeight (without fan) 700 g the glasses-free 3D monitor which claims to be the worldsWeight (with fan) 850/1000* g first. The 20-inch D2000 monitor incorporates eye-tracking 2
  • 95. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonetechnology (with its built-in camera) to offer superb 3D visual Korean maker LG has a great start this year with its line ofexperience to users. Optimus smartphones namely Optimus 2X, Optimus Black and Optimus 3D. And recently, the company has a new upcoming phone with QWERTY keyboard and it is known as the Optimus Pro.LG today unveiled the world’s first glasses-free monitorutilizing eye-tracking technology to provide an optimal 3Dvisual experience at most viewing angle. The 20-inch D2000monitor was developed as a fully functional entertainment LG has recently unveiled a new smartphone under thedisplay capable of reproducing games, movies and images Optimus series, the Optimus Pro which claims to incorporatein all their realistic glory. The D2000s 3D effect comes Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread and 2.8-inch QVGAcourtesy of glasses-free parallax barrier 3D technology, and touchscreen display. While the screen is not exactly largethe application of the world’s first eye-tracking feature to the compared to other phones on the market, the Optimusmonitor. Pro has a QWERTY keyboard for convenience of typing messages. There isnt much information about the LG Optimus Pro yet, except that it has a 3-megapixel camera, 800MHzExisting glasses-free 3D technologies generally require processor and that it is positioned to be a mid-range device.viewers to stay within a tightly restricted angle and distance to The Optimus Pro is already retailing in Italy at €179 (US$249)perceive the 3D images. However, the D2000 is able to offer and should be available worldwide soon.viewers more freedom and comfort viewing. Eye tracking inthe D2000 works via a special camera sensor attached to themonitor which detects changes in the user’s eye position inreal-time. With this information, the monitor calculates the Google brings spam filtering toangle and position of the viewer and adjusts the displayed Google Voiceimage for the most optimum 3D effect. In addition to playing Source: existing 3D content, the D2000 has a highly refined 2D to google-voice/12951.html3D conversion feature which adds a new dimension to existing July 13th, 2011movies and game playing.The D2000 will be available in Korea this month, andintroduced to other countries in the latter part of 2011. Most people hate dealing with telemarketers, especialy whenLGs new QWERTY they always seem to know when is the right (or wrong) time to bug people with a phone call and desperetely attempt tosmartphone comes in the form sell some sort of product or service which nobody wants toof Optimus Pro buy. And while it is still not possible for most users to rid themselves from telemarketers who make calls via a land orSource: cell phone line, Google is attempting to help users achievein-the-form-of-optimus-pro/12948.html that goal online by introducing a spam filter for its GoogleJuly 13th, 2011 Voice service, which is reportedly capable of automatically redirecting such calls into a dedicated spam folder. Way to go, Google. Most people regard telemarketers as a bane of telecommunications, and for good reason. However, it does not help that most telemarkers are able to carry on with their 3
  • 96. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonejobs of harassing consumers over the phone due to their use of Would you like to get your hands on a mobile printer that hasunlisted numbers, which makes it difficult for advanced caller reportedly been designed by the pop star Lady Gaga herself?ID systems to carry out any form of effective filtering to help Well, if you do, your best bet will be to ask a Japanese friendusers avoid such phone calls completely. to assist you in purchasing and shipping the unit over from the Land of the Rising Sun, as Summit Global Japan hasFortunately, it seems that Google is, in its typical "do not be announced that the aforementioned printer will be makingevil" fashion, actively taking steps to ensure that telemarketers its way down to the Japanese market for retail come "earlyare not about to exploit the capabilities of Internet-based September".telephony. And it is going about it by implementing what isbest described as a spam filter for Google Voice, a feature Now that celebrity-endorsed products are fast becoming awhich the company claims is designed to automatically filter good method for capturing the hearts of consumers, it wouldunwanted phone calls directly into a dedicated spam folder, make sense that many manufacturers are extremely keen onmuch like how its spam filter for Gmail currently works. signing up various big-name superstars to design some of their products in order to make them stand out from the competition. And if you happen top be a huge fan of the pop superstar known as Lady Gaga...well, lets just say that Polaroid has got something in store for you, and it comes in the form of the GL10 mobile printer that is currently heading over to Japan for sale come "early September".According to a blog post by Googles software engineeringintern Alexander Rybak, the search giant is able to implementsuch a feature simply because it has amassed a huge databaseof "spammy numbers" which was brought about by thecontributions made by "thousands of Google Voice users whomark calls as spam everyday", as well as information that isown spam identification tools were able to pick up. And itis this massive database of blacklisted numbers that allowsGoogle to further enhance the user experience on Google Voiceby automatically directing calls made from its database ofblacklisted numbers to the spam folder where they belong, allwithout the need for any interaction on the users part. First unveiled at CES this year, the Lady Gaga-designed GL10This feature can be enabled by navigating to the Calls tab of Instant Mobile Printer is touted as the first Polaroid brandGoogle Voice settings and checking the box next to Global product under the Grey Label line, which is a new brand thatSPAM filtering, as shown below: the singer launched for the company upon taking up the post as a creative director for Polaroid products last year. AccordingLast but definitely not least, Rybak is claiming that the spam to Polaroid, the GL10 boasts various features such as the usefilter will only get better in time, as more contributions made of the 2nd generation ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technologyby users in the form of identifying additional blacklisted which is reportedly capable of inkless printing by embeddingnumbers and correcting mislabeled spam numbers will allow color directly into the paper, wireless print capabilities viaGoogle to further refine the filter to ensure that users do not smartphone and a wide range of custom designed borders,have to worry about having to deal with unwanted calls on among many others.Google Voice. Sounds interesting? Well, you have got to be prepared to break the piggy bank if you want to get your hands on one of theseJapan to get Lady Gaga- Lady Gaga-designed GL10 mobile printers, for Summit Global Japan has confirmed that the printer will be selling at thedesigned mobile printer in suggested retail price of 17,800 yen (approx US$224). Ouch."early September"Source: WitsTech unveils new Android-July 13th, 2011 powered A91 tablet device for sale in China Source: powered-a91-tablet-device-for-sale-in-china/12949.html 4
  • 97. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 13th, 2011 differentiate it from its older A81 tablet. For example, the A91 now uses three touch-sensitive buttons at the front as opposed to the physical buttons that were present in the A81, and that the rear housing is now removable to allow users access to the A91s battery pack.It is a common perception that most, if not all of those China-branded tablet devices that are currently making their wayonto the retail shelves in the gigantic Chinese domestic marketare nothing more than cheap toys which sport poor buildqualities and weak hardware, right? Well, leave it to WitsTechto prove such critics wrong with the introduction of its newA91 Android-powered tablet, which reportedly boasts certainimprovements over its prodecessor, especialy in the looksdepartment. Read on to find out more...Have you heard of a company known as WitsTech? Well, theymay not have got much of a presence (if at all) in many parts ofthe world, but it seems that the company is immensely popularin its own Chinese domestic market, where it specializes inthe "manufacturing and marketing of portable multimediadevices" such as tablets. And apparently, it would seem thatdemand for WitsTechs products in China is decent enoughfor the company to justify releasing a new tablet known as theA91, which the company claims is a huge improvement overits predecessor, the A81. No information pertaining to pricing and availability for Witstechs A91 tablet has been released yet, although wed expect it to be extremely affordable, considering how the device appears to be designed for sale only within the Chinese domestic market. Microsoft issues Critical security bulletin for Windows Bluetooth Stack vulnerability Source: to the hardware specifications published by bulletin-for-windows-bluetooth-stack-vulnerability/12947.htmlWitsTech on its product page, the Wits A91 tablet device July 13th, 2011is powered by 1GHz ARM Cortex A8-based CPU whichis reportedly provided by Texas Instruments OMAP3730processor, while a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen capable of anative resolution of 1024 x 600 serves as the A91s display.In addition, the A91 features a decent 512MB of RAM,2GB of flash memory and a battery pack which boasts acapacitiy of 3000 mAh, although the decision to include a Is your PC running off the Windows 7 or Windows Vistalow-resolution 1.3-megapixel camera will probably turn some operating system? If your answer to that question is a "yes",potential customers off. you might want to start firing up the Windows Update utility in your operating system and performing a full system updateThat being said, WitsTech has also confirmed that the A91 today, for Microsoft has announced that it has released fourwill feature built-in support for Bluetooth and GPS, with security bulletins for this months Patch Tuesday, and thatoptional support for 3G. Curiously, there is no mention about one particular bulletin which has been marked as "Critical" isany form of support for WiFi support on the A91, although designed to patch a reported flaw in the Windows Bluetoothwed figure that it is probably just an oversight on WitsTechs Stack found in both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.part, considering how most tablets, even China-branded ones,usually come standard with WiFi capabilities. Oh, and it comes Well, we are now into the second week of July, and we allbundled with version 2.3 of the Android operating system. know what this means for most people whose PCs are running off the worlds most popular operating system. Thats right,Last but definitely not least, it would seem that WitsTech Patch Tuesday is upon us once again, and Microsoft hashas given the A91 a bit of a cosmetic overhaul in order to 5
  • 98. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneannounced that it will making use of this period to close 22 Razer has launched their new Mouse Bungee accessory whichknown vulnerabilties for its software products by publishing comes with a new design to help manage the gaming mousefour security bulletins, three of which are designed to patch the cord from dragging against surfaces or tangling, offeringWindows operating system. gamers the optimum gaming experience. The Razer Mouse Bungee is schedule to ship around end of July.According to the details posted by Microsoft on its securityblog, the three bulletins that will be released for the Windowsoperating system are centered around closing vulnerabilitiesfound in the Windows Bluetooth Stack, its kernel-modedrivers and in the client/server run-time subsystem. Of all thethree bulletins, the one related to the Bluetooth Stack has beenflagged as "Critical", and it is this particular security bulletinwhich the Redmond giant is urging consumers and corporateusers to give priority to. Back in 96, when Quake and rocket jumping were synonymous with skilled gaming, there was another product that helped gamers keep their competitive spirits revved and their mouse swiping optimal – the Mouse Bungee. And now 15 years on, Razer has taken this well-loved old-school accessory and given it a modern makeover to keep up with the next generation of professional gamers. Outfitted with a stable, taut arm, the Razer Mouse Bungee threads your mouse cord through to keep it from dragging against surfaces or tangling. This ensures your gaming experience isnt messed up by unnecessary cord hindrance. Anti-slip feet and a weight installed in the Razer Mouse Bungee?s base ensure it remains immobile no matter howOf course, it goes without saying that the Bluetooth aggressive your swipes. Razers updated sleek design and pitchvulnerability which Microsoft is aiming to patch with its latest black finish makes it an essential space-saver and aestheticupdate will only affect users who have furnished their PCs addition to your gaming setup.with Bluetooth capabilities. This means that most desktop PC Price: US$19.99 / EU€19.99users could potentially ignore this particular security bulletin Availability: – Pre-order Nowwithout the need to worry about leaving their systems openfor determined attackers to gain access into, simply because Shipping 28 July, Worldwide – July 2011most desktop PCs, be it self-assembled or purchased directly Product features:from an OEM, typically do not come with any built-in support - Anti-slip feetfor Bluetooth.On the other hand, notebook users would probably do - Rust-resistant taut spring arm to allow cable flexwell to take heed of Microsofts advice and patch theiroperating systems with the aforementioned security bulletin, - Head grip for mouse cord managementconsidering how Bluetooth wireless connectivity is a standardfeature found on virtually all mobile computers that are being - Weighted base for stabilitysold on the market today. And yes, it only affects Windows7 and Windows Vista, so users of Windows XP can probably - Space-saving structureheave a sigh of relief...for now. Samsung updates GalaxyRazer Mouse Bungee Helps Player 70 with new "BlackManage Your Mouse CordSource: Edition" variantyour-mouse-cord/12946.html Source: 13th, 2011 with-new-black-edition-variant/12945.html July 13th, 2011 6
  • 99. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWell, that certaintly did not take very long: in less thana month after Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy Player 70 BlackBerry Bold 9900 toportable media player with VoIP capabilities for use on launch in US next month?LGs U+ telecommunications network, out comes the Korean Source: giant with a new version of its Galaxy Player 70 for next-month-/12944.htmlits domestic Korean market. And guess what the new version July 13th, 2011of this portable media player is called? Why, the SamsungGalaxy Player 70 "Black Edition", of course.It sure seems that Samsung is on a roll with its GalaxyPlayer line of media players; in less than a month after ithas struck up a deal with LG to sell its VoIP-capable GalaxyPlayer 70 device for use as Smart Home Phones on thelatters telecommunication networks, out comes the Korean Remember the little story we published a month ago aboutelectronics giant with yet another Galaxy Player-related piece Research In Motion or RIM unveiling its upcoming BlackBerryof news for its domestic market. Apparently, word has it that Bold 9900 smartphone, while conveniently choosing to keepSamsung has just introduced a new version of the Galaxy consumers in the dark by not providing any details aboutPlayer 70 portable media player for sale in Korea, and it comes pricing and availability? Well, we got some good news;in the form of the Galaxy Player 70 "Black Edition", which apparently BlackBerry fans who cannot wait to get their handsboasts a few features that are not present in the original Galaxy on RIMs newest smartphone need not have to wait for long,Player 70 portable media player. for word has it that the RIM is very close to launching the Bold 9900 in the US. And we all know what that means, right? We have covered its official unveiling a month ago, and brought you a hands on of the product itself when it was exhibited at RIMs booth during the recent CommunicAsia trade event, but in spite of all this publicity, it would seem that RIM is dead set in keeping the two key details of its upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone, pricing and availability, a well-guarded secret. However, it seems that good things do indeed happen to those who are patient, for word has it that RIM has broken its silence over the issue of the Bold 9900 availability in its annual shareholder meeting.According to a report published by Akihabara News, thenew Galaxy Player 70 "Black Edition" will come preloadedwith "several new educational services for Korean students",and this service apparently includes access to up to 5,000free online courses. No detailed information about theaforementioned "educational service" was mentioned in thereport, although wed hazard a guess that the service will mostlikely consist of links to relevant reading material, or come inthe form of e-textbooks to make it easier for Korean studentsto revise their work while on the move.In addition, as its name suggests, the new Galaxy Player70 "Black Edition" portable media player will be availablein any colour users want it to be, as long as it is black.Lastly, Akihabara News has claimed in its report that the"Black Edition" version of the Galaxy Player 70 sportsspecifications that are identical to those that are alreadypresent in the current Galaxy Player 70; this includes theuse of a 5-inch display, a preloaded Android 2.3 Gingerbread According to a report published by Electronista, it was RIMsoperating system, a rear-facing 3.2MP camera, as well as co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis, who spilled the beans about theaccess to standard wireless connectivity features such as WiFi, BlackBerry Bold 9900s launch date during the meeting byBluetooth 3.0 and GPS. claiming that the smartphone was "very close to a launch",No pricing for the Galaxy Player 70 "Black Edition" portable and that he expected the device to make its way out ontomedia player has been released by Samsung at this point of retail shelves "over the next month". This ties in with thetime. FCCs go-ahead for the device, which had reportedly cleared the BlackBerry Bold 9900 for sale in the US by late August, although Electronista is suggesting that US carriers are more likely to start selling the device only in September. 7
  • 100. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAlso revealed during the shareholder meeting was RIMs still delivering 3.5Ah. Another bonus is that the new Nexelionaggressive plans to push the Bold 9900 smartphone out cells are less temperature sensitive and wont suffer fromto consumers; Electronista has reported that the company premature discharging at low temperatures, something that isintends to launch the smartphone with no less than "491 a problem for Li-Ion batteries.certification programs and 191 carriers". Sony should start shipping the new battery cells shortly andHowever, it seems that RIM is still intent on keeping a they should appear in battery packs for various notebooks andtight lid over the BlackBerry Bold 9900s pricing, as no several other types of products like camcorders and what not.information about this particular detail was released during Itll be interesting to see how much difference in notebookthe companys annual shareholder meeting, so suffice to say battery life Sonys new Nexcelion cells make and lets hopeno one really knows just how much the Bold 9900 smartphone Sony has managed to improve the reliability as well, so wewill eventually cost when it hits US retail shelves sometime in dont get any more of those nasty exploding battery packs.late August or early September. Of course, you can rest assuredthat we will be keeping tabs on this as well, so do check backfor updates. Sony launches USB 3.0 hard drive, with homeSony improves notebook Li-Ion entertainment in mindbattery technlogy Source: with-home-entertainment-in-mind/12942.htmlSource: July 13th, 2011battery-technlogy/12943.htmlJuly 13th, 2011If youre finding that your notebook battery life falls a bit shortof your expectations, then Sony has good news as the company Sony is breaking new ground by releasing an external hardhas managed to improve the capacity of its Nexelion hybrid drive for its home entertainment products. The model is calledLi-Ion battery cells. The original Nexelion battery cells were the HD-PG5U and it will connect to a wide range of Sonyintroduced back in 2005 and back then offered a good bump products ranging from camcorders to TVs and of course thein battery capacity and although its taken six years, were now PS3.getting another bump. Sony is breaking new ground by releasing an external hardIf youre finding that your notebook battery life falls a bit short drive for its home entertainment products. The model is calledof your expectations, then Sony has good news as the company the HD-PG5U and it will connect to a wide range of Sonyhas managed to improve the capacity of its Nexelion hybrid products ranging from camcorders to TVs and of course theLi-Ion battery cells. The original Nexelion battery cells were PS3.introduced back in 2005 and back then offered a good bump The HD-PG5U will allow users to record HD TV programsin battery capacity and although its taken six years, were now when connected to compatible Sony Bravia TVs and it willgetting another bump. allow owners of some of its Handycam camcorders to transferThe current generation of Nexcelion cells are rated at 2.2Ah footage directly to the drive without the need of a PC.per cell, but now Sony is getting ready to start shipping cells The PS3 will be able to play back AVCHD video and photosrated at 3.5Ah. The energy density has increased from 182Wh via an app known as "Filmy" and the drive will of course alsoper kg to 226Wh per kg, although the new cells are slightly connect to any PC via either USB 3.0 or USB 2.0. Sony has pre-heavier than the current ones at an additional 10g per cell. loaded the drive with its "Data Transfer Accelerator" software which is said to double the effective transfer rate, something well believe when we see it.The new cells can also be drained for more power than thecurrent cells, as where the current cells have a cut-off pointat 3V the new cells can go all the way down to 2V while 8
  • 101. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone as some of its more expensive counterparts; its overall a pretty decent board. Compared to the Z68A-GD55, the Z68A- G45 is missing DrMOS (Driver MOSFETs) and the tantalum capacitors used in the VRM on the Z68A-GD55. MSI has also cut the phase count from 10 to six, but this should still prove to be sufficient even for overclockers.The drive can also be password protected and support 256- Other changes include removal of the power, reset and OCbit encryption. Sony also provides backup software for PCs. Genie buttons, no angled SATA connectors and no meteringFor some reason Sony is supplying the drive formatted in points for the Voltages. Again, nothing that most peopleNTFS, but provides a piece of software that re-formats it in couldnt live without. The chipset heatsink is also somewhatFAT32 (were not sure why this is needed, since this is a smaller which is a slight concern, but we cant imagine thatstandard Windows feature) so that it can be used with Sonys MSI has made it so small that there would be heat problems.camcorders and the PS3. Not exactly what wed call an idealsolution.The HD-PG5U is only available in 500GB as the drive is a 2.5-inch model. Sony will offer it in a choice of either black orwhite. No word on pricing and apparently for the time beingits exclusive to the UK, France and Germany.MSI set to launch moreaffordable Z68A-G45motherboard shortlySource: 13th, 2011So far MSI has only really launched five Z68 boards, although What you do get is a pair of x16 PCI Express slots that operatetwo has already been revised with PCI Express 3.0 support in dual x8 mode, three x1 PCI Express slots and two PCI slots.for Intels Ivy Bridge processors that should launch sometime There are pin headers for eight front USB 2.0 ports as well asin the first half of next year. Weve managed to get hold of a two USB 3.0 ports. Around the back things havent changed atcouple of pictures of a more affordable ATX size board that all from the more expensive model, so were looking at a PS/2MSI is set to launch shortly, namely the Z68A-G45, the model port, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernetbelow the currently available Z68A-GD55. port, 7.1-channel audio with optical and coaxial S/PDIF out and an HDMI, D-Sub and DVI port.So far MSI has only really launched five Z68 boards, althoughtwo has already been revised with PCI Express 3.0 supportfor Intels Ivy Bridge processors that should launch sometimein the first half of next year. Weve managed to get hold of acouple of pictures of a more affordable ATX size board thatMSI is set to launch shortly, namely the Z68A-G45, the modelbelow the currently available Z68A-GD55. Judging by pre-order pricing in Europe the Z68A-G45 shouldWe can actually see the Z68A-G45 becoming a popular model retail for around €130 (S$223), whereas the Z68A-GD55 isfrom MSI, as although it might not be quite as feature rich retailing for around €150 (S$257). A small price difference, but 9
  • 102. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethen again, none of the really important features are missing, Push pin mountingso we werent expecting a huge price difference in the first Fan model, number SilentWings PWM , 2place. Anti vibration fan fixing Rubber stringBe Quiet Dark Rock Pro C1 Stainless steel clip and Yes contact ringCPU cooler review Overall noise level (dB(A)) @ 12,0 / 19,8 / 25,9Source: 900/1250/100% (rpm)review/12925.htmlJuly 13th, 2011 Fin dimensions (L x W) , 133 x 47 x 0,4 thickness (mm) Number of fins 44 Fin material Aluminium Base material Copper Today we bring you yet another review of a product from CPU contact surface CNC machinedBe Quiet, who perhaps is the most well known German Heatpipe number, Diameter 7; 6manufacturer of PC-related products. A few weeks ago we had (mm)a look at their Dark Rock Advanced C1, a very high quality CPU Surface treatment Nickel platedcooler; today we are going to test and review its monstrous Fan dimensions (mm) 120brother, the Dark Rock Pro C1 CPU cooler. Speed @ 100% PWM (rpm) 1700 Air flow @ 100% (CFM; m3/ 57,2; 93,3Introduction h)Today we bring you yet another review of a product from Air pressure (mm H2O) 2,1Be Quiet, who perhaps is the most well known German Bearing type FDBmanufacturer of PC-related products. A few weeks ago we had Rated voltage (V) 12,0a look at their Dark Rock Advanced C1, a very high quality CPU Input current (A) 0,2cooler; today we are going to test and review its monstrous Input power (W) 2,4brother, the Dark Rock Pro C1 CPU cooler. PWM Controller Yes Connector 4-pin MolexManufacturer features and specifications Cable length (mm) 250 Cable sleeve Yes • For gaming, multimedia and CAD systems even at Livetime L10 @ 25 °C (hours) 300.000 maximum processing power. • Suitable for overclocking operation. • Extremely efficient up to more than 220 watt. Logitech Launches New • Maximum cooling efficiency, Delta T 9.2 @ 100 watt. • Quiet operation with 1× Silent Wings PWM fan, 12.0– Wireless Touch Keyboard 25.9 dB(A). K400 Source: • High-quality materials with dark nickel surfaces. keyboard-k400/12937.html July 13th, 2011Thermal resistance 0,092@ CPU Power disposal (Rth@ P)Overall dimensions without 133 x 150 x 166mounting material (L x W xH) (mm) It was only last week that Logitech announced the G400Total weight 1550 Optical Gaming Mouse and today, the peripheral maker hasCPU Wattage Range (W) 220 launched the Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 designed to offerSocket compatibility LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366, greater connectivity and convenience for users. Read on. AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / 754 / 939 / 940Backplate Mounting Yes 10
  • 103. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone July 13th, 2011 NVIDIA recently released "Fastest Notebook GPU Ever" - the GeForce GTX 580M - less than two weeks ago. Considering the top AMD GPU at the time - Radeon HD 6970M - featured a cut down Barts core with a conservative price and TDP (compared to NVIDIA competition), a spruced up Radeon HD 6990M was always on the cards. AMD is releasing the Radeon HD 6990M,Logitech has introduced their latest Wireless Touch Keyboard claiming the "Worlds Fastest Mobile GPU" title away from theK400, which gives users wireless control of their computer or barely 2-week old GTX 580M.laptop-connected TV conveniently. With a wireless range ofup to 10m, the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 offers There are no major surprises with the Radeon HD 6990M. Iteasy control of a laptop on its own or when it’s connected to features a full Barts core with 1120 SP and 56 TMU enableda TV from the comfort of your couch. The Logitech Wireless (as opposed to 960 SP for the HD 6970M). The clock speed isTouch Keyboard K400 is designed specifically for people up to 715 MHz as well. The memory bandwidth continues towho connect their laptops to a TV to enjoy their favourite be the same. However, the HD 6990M feature 2GB GDDR5,multimedia content on a larger screen. A built-in 3.5-inch doubling up on the HD 6970M.touchpad makes vertical and horizontal scrolling intuitive and AMDs internal benchmarks show the Radeon HD 6990Meliminates the need for a separate mouse. performing 10% faster than the GTX 580M. Of course, theseThe Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 is easy to setup internal benchmarks are often cherry picked, and we will have– just plug the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver into a USB port to wait for independent reviews to confirm AMDs "Worldsand it’s ready to use. The Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard Fastest Notebook GPU" claim. This is a direct reprise for theK400 can even add five more compatible devices to the same HD 6870 vs. GTX 560 Ti battle in the desktop arena. Like thereceiver. Users can also enjoy lean-back wireless control for desktop battle, the AMD product is based on a much smallerup to a year without the hassle of changing batteries. The die with much lesser power consumption. Crucially, it is worthLogitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 is compact without noting that the HD 6990M is clocked closer to the HD 6870compromising on comfort, and stands vertically when not in than the GTX 580M is to the GTX 560 Ti - so all indicationsuse for easy storage. suggest HD 6990M will indeed suprass the GTX 580M, likely with a lower pricing.Pricing and Availability The HD 6990M will soon be found in high-end laptops byThe Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 is available now OEMs such as Alienware, Clevo and Eurocom. Some uberfor a suggested retail price of S$59. enthusiast laptops may also offer 2x HD 6990M in CrossFire. HP organizes new team to focus on webOS; and to pioneer Ultrabooks Source: webos-and-to-pioneer-ultrabooks/12921.html July 13th, 2011 HP has appointed a new executive to lead the development of its webOS software which it acquired from Palm, and to push and broaden the software usage. On top of that, the company also aims to pioneer Ultrabook-concept notebook PCs beforeAMD launches Radeon HD the rest of its competitors.6990MSource: 11
  • 104. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone flash disks did not exist, but it does not change the fact that most of these USB flash disks have a little problem in the usability department ; they are not small enough to the point where users can simply hook up their storage devices to their notebooks and leave it there without the need to remove them at all, even when packing up or moving around. And this is the kind of need Verbatim is clearly aiming to fulfill with the introduction of its new Verbatim Store n Stay ultra-small USB flash disks.According to reports, HP has appointed Palm’s former CEOJon Rubinstein to take charge of product development and Said to be no larger than a dime, or approximately the size ofinnovation for the Personal Systems Group, which consists a typical nano receiver used by wireless mice, Verbatim claimsof PCs, tablets and smartphones, and senior vice president that the "low-profile, snag-free design makes it the optimalStephen DeWitt who will be responsible for developing and USB flash drive choice for laptop users who want the ability topromoting the webOS software. HP has started shipping their transfer, store and share their favorite files on impulse", a featlong-awaited TouchPad tablet devices in the U.S. last week and which is achieved by it being "meant to be left in the USB portthe company is counting on producing new products based on for always-ready storage". Indeed, with a physical footprintthe recently acquired webOS operating system from Palm to this small, one can simply just pack their notebook withoutstand out from the competition. The company is also looking having to worry about the device getting caught on the zipperto attract developers to program applications for the webOS of their notebooks sleeves or carrying bags.platform and to expand on its use.On top of that, HP is also looking to be the pioneer to launchIntels Ultrabook-concept notebook PCs, and ahead of ASUSUX21 Ultrabook that is scheduled to launch in September.The company is also expected to launch Ultrabooks basedon Intel Ultra-thin Core i7-2677M (1.8GHz) and i7-2637M(1.7GHz) dual-core processors. The ASUS UX21 Ultrabooksare expected to be available in 11.6- and 13-inch displays.Verbatim launches ultra-smallStore n Stay USB flash drivesSource: Unfortunately for those looking for blazing data transferJuly 13th, 2011 speeds in the Store n Stay flash drives, Verbatim has reportedly confirmed that the devices will be making use of the USB 2.0 interface, so high-seed data transfers with the Store n Stay is definitely out of the question. However, if it is of any consolation, the drives will be available in fairly large storage capacities of 4GB (US$19.99), 8GB (US$29.99) and 16GB (US $59.99), which should be more than enough space for most users to store all their important data with.In todays day and age where the need for ready access to dataon the move via portable storage devices is something mostpeople cannot afford to go without, it would make sense thatsuch devices will need to be able to offer more in terms of Easydy unveils E88 tabletstorage capacity and user confort. And leave it to Verbatim to device for Chinasolve both needs in a single solution that is its ultra-small Store Source: Stay USB flash drives, which are designed to be installed china/12933.htmlonce on a PC and then forgotten, so to speak.Most of us will probably have difficulty imagining a worldwhere portable, high-capacity storage devices such as USB 12
  • 105. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 13th, 2011You know what they say about Chinese OEMs and theirdevices: if there is a product out there that does well onthe market, it will only be a matter of time before someenterprising Chinese OEMs produce a similar device based offits likeness, but with vastly different hardware and capabilitiesto boot. And this is exactly what Easydy has done with its E88tablet device, which bears more than a passing semblance to acertain tablet we all know so well.How would you like to own an iPad 2 at the unbelievably In addition to the use of an x86-based processor, the E88 willlow price of US$98? Well, that is exactly what a Chinese OEM also feature 256MB of memory, 4GB of storage, (expandableknown as Easydy is offering its domestic Chinese market, and via microSD cards) and a 9.7-inch resistive touchscreenits product comes in the form of the E88 tablet, which, as we capable of a native resolution of 800 x 600. Last but definitelyhave already pointed out previously, bears more than just a not least, M.I.C Digi claims that the E88 will come with built-passing semblance to the real deal that has been released to in support for 3G and will weigh 479g.critical acclaim by Apple. Haier upgrades HaiPad tablet device, still available only in China Source: still-available-only-in-china/12932.html July 13th, 2011 It has been some time since we talked about Chinese products, but that does not mean that the consumer electronics scene inAccording to a report posted by M.I.C Digi, the Easydy E88 China has been mellowing out somewhat. On the contrary, itmay resemble Apples iPad 2 tablet device, but that is where seems to be just as lively as it always has been, and the bestthe similarity ends. This is because, unlike the ARM processors proof of that fact is has got to be Haiers recent product launch,used to power most of the tablets that are currently available where it officially unveiled its upgraded Haipad tablet devicefor sale on the market today. Easydy has opted to furnish for the Chinese domestic market.its E88 tablet with a VIA 8650 processor that is clockedat 800MHz. And we all know what an x86-based processor Haier may not be all that well-known in other parts of themeans; technically, users with sufficient computer know-how world, but it seems that the company is well-regarded as onecan replace the bundled Android 2.2 operating system with a of the trusted household brands over in China, and it shows.working copy of Windows into the E88. Apparently, the companys earlier Haipad tablet has done well enough in the Chinese domestic market for it to jusfity the release of an upgraded veraion of the tablet that comes with some notable improvements over its predecessor. 13
  • 106. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Prime, and that Google will be supposedly abandoning its "one Nexus phone only" approach in favor of allowing a variety of OEMs to produce their own Nexus-branded smartphones as long as it conforms to a specific set of requirements? Well, thanks to Samsung and its Romanian Twitter account, we have got further information about that aforementioned Nexus- branded smartphone, right down to the operating system that it will be bundled with, and its expected availability on the market.According to a report published by, theupgraded Haipad tablet, which was launched yesterday inChina, sports a new operating system in the form of "a DianXinversion of Android"... and version 2.2 at that. This puts theHaipad in a bit of a disadvantage, as most tablets that havebeen released for sale recently now sport the newer and moreadvanced Honeycomb. In case you are wondering what the tweet means, Samsung is claiming that the upcoming Nexus phone is likely to makeThat being said, little about the tablets hardware its way onto the market for sale come end 2011, and that itspecifications has been made public, although will be pre-loaded with version 4.0 of the Android operatingclaims that the upgraded Haipad will sport a seven-inch system, which is otherwise known by its mouth-watering nametouchscreen, dual cameras, built-in support for 3G, and of Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, the fact that machineutilizes a Samsung processor clocked at 1GHz. In addition, translations are not exactly the most reliable solutions also claims that consumers will have five color overcome the language barrier means that the possibility of achoices to choose from for the Haipad, and that the company misunderstanding due to inaccurate translations is a distincthas launched its own app store to provide "more than 15,000 possibility. However, it is also the closest one can get toapps to Chinese consumers", although it did not mention actually having an official word from Samsung about thewhether the Haipad will support the official Android Market. availability of its upcoming Nexus-branded smartphone.No information about pricing has been revealed by Haier yet, No information about the upcoming Nexus-brandedalthough the report claims that the Haipad is expected to be smartphones hardware has been revealed yet, though.released for sale in China only by August this year. However, if you are keen to find out what the rumour mill claims is the most possible hardware combination for theSamsung leaks upcoming Nexus 3, you can head over to our previous story to do so.Nexus smartphone with Ice Google to add imageCream SandwichSource: stabilization to video calls onsmartphone-with-ice-cream-sandwich/12931.htmlJuly 13th, 2011 Google Talk? Source: video-calls-on-google-talk-/12930.html July 13th, 2011Seems like the good folks over at Samsung were just not ableto keep a secret in their excitement over the major changesthat Google is reportedly bringing to the Android ecosystem in There is nothing more nauseating than viewing a short videotime. Apparently, the Korean electronics giant has essentially clip that looked as though it was filmed by someone who hasleaked just about every important aspect of an upcoming a severe case of Parkinsons disease, and this is even moreNexus-branded smartphone, right down to the OS version and so when one is communicating through others via video chatits availability. Way to go, Samsung. on a mobile computing device such as a smartphone or tabletRemember the news we posted some time back about how device. And leave it to Google to attempt a solution to thethe next Nexus-branded smartphone will be named the Nexus 14
  • 107. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneproblem by reportedly planning to include image stabilizationtechnology into future versions of Google Talk. Pantech releases Vega N5Video calls are a great way to keep in touch with friends and smartphone for sale in Koreafamily members; unfortunately, the experience can all-too- Source: be ruined by either party failing to have a steady grip for-sale-in-korea/12929.htmlon the device that is currently being used to make the video July 13th, 2011call, which results in what is supposed to be a heartwarmingconversation quickly becoming a nauseating experience.Fortunately, it appears that Google is taking steps to ensurethat video calls made via its Google Talk service do notsuffer such undesirable outcomes, for word has it that thesearch giant is planning to implement some form of images When it comes to fanciful gadgets such as smartphones andstabilization technology into future versions of its online tablets, it goes without saying that Singapore is always onetelephony service. of the last to get its share of the fun (if ever), and the latest announcement from Pantech only seems to confirm that fact. Apparently, the Vega N5 super-powered smartphone that was announced back in May has finally been released for sale in Korea, and it seems that it will only be available for purchase in that particular country. Do you remember a certain story we published a long time ago about what was allegedly an Android-powered superphone from Pantech that was known as the Vega X and was touted to be the fastest smartphone to exist on the market? Well, scratch that; Pantech has just outdid itself with the introduction of an even more powerful smartphone that is seemingly capable ofDetails about the new image stabilization technology are leaving the Vega X in the dust of its wake, and it is called thescarce, but what we do know from various online reports is Vega N5.that the technology will be developed by a company known asSRI International, which some people may remember as theparty that was responsible for designing the computer mousethat virtually every single PC user simply cannot live withouttoday. SRI International claims that its technology will be ableto benefit users who frequently make use of video calls in twoways, namely in terms of user comfort and the devices videoprocessing algorithms: By stabilizing the video, SRIs software compensates for scene motion and allows the video compression algorithm to improve image quality by using fewer bits to encode the video. There is increased mobile device efficiency when an image is stabilized before compression, and there is less work for a devices video compression engine to perform.Sounds interesting? Well, hang on to your horses for now:while there is no denying that the inclusion of such a feature According to various online reports, the Pantech Vega N5will be greatly welcomed by many users engage in video is powered by Qualcomms MSM8660 processor which iscalls while on the move, it seems that not all Android- clocked at a whopping speed of 1.5GHz, while its memory ispowered devices will be blessed with support for SRIs image provided by 1GB of DDR2 RAM, in addition to its internalstabilization technology. at least during the initial rollout. This storage capacity of 16GB. And if that is not enough tois because word has it that the feature will only be available satisfy those who simply have to be on the bleeding edgeto tablets running off version 3.0 or later of the Android of smartphone technology, the reports also claim that theoperating system, although it seems that many are hopeful that Pantech Vega N5 will come bundled with version 2.3.3 ofGoogle will eventually find a way to have the feature trickle the Android operating system and will feature a five-inchdownstream to older versions of Android. display which is capable of a native resolution of 800 x 480, similar to what Dell currently offers in its Dell Streak 5 tablet/ smartphone hybrid device. Unfortunately, this is where we have the classic "good news bad news" situation going, and the bad news is that most of the reports have indicated that there is virtually no chance of 15
  • 108. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonea global launch, for the Vega N5 is currently only targeted at Were also moving to wider and wider data channels and theits domestic Korean market. No information about pricing has 802.11ac standard will move from the 40MHz per channel ofbeen revealed yet, although some reports are claiming that the 802.11n to 80MHz per channel. The 802.11ac standard is saidVega N5 will be sold for the equivalent of 550 euros (approx US to be ratified by 2013, so luckily theres still some time to work$767). And no, the lady is not included as part of the package. out the kinks. Faster Wi-Fi sounds like a great thing, but it almost seems like theres a need to come up with a better way of sending the radio signals, as we cant see a lot of router makers1Gbit/s 802.11ac Wi-Fi demoed going down the route (no pun intended) of adding six antennasby NTT to their devices.Source: Is the Air Bearing HeatJuly 13th, 2011 Exchanger the future of CPU cooling? Source: future-of-cpu-cooling-/12927.htmlJapanese NTT has demoed a prototype setup using the next July 13th, 2011generation 802.11ac standard which should bring us 1Gbit/s Wi-Fi. The demo was shown last week at an event calledWireless Technology Park in Yokohama City in Japan.Japanese NTT has demoed a prototype setup using the nextgeneration 802.11ac standard which should bring us 1Gbit/ An outfit called Sandia National Laboratories has developeds Wi-Fi. The demo was shown last week at an event called something called an "Air Bearing Heat Exchanger" or as theyWireless Technology Park in Yokohama City in Japan. like to call it, the Sandia Cooler and its said to change the way we cool our CPUs. The name is a lot fancier than theIn as much as the technology itself is rather impressive speed technology itself, but it does have some merits compared to awise, there seems to be quite a few hurdles that still need to regular heatsink/fan overcome before this technology has a chance to win overconsumers and business alike. The good news is that it seemsto be sufficient with three antennas on the receiving end, but An outfit called Sandia National Laboratories has developedthe transmitter at this stage is using no less than sixantennas. something called an "Air Bearing Heat Exchanger" or as they like to call it, the Sandia Cooler and its said to change the way we cool our CPUs. The name is a lot fancier than the technology itself, but it does have some merits compared to a regular heatsink/fan cooler. What makes the Sandia Cooler so special is the fact that the cooling fins themselves are actually moving and this is said to remove the "thermal bottleneck" of current CPU coolers. This is done by placing a brushless DC motor in the centre of the heatsink, a spot thats usually where the motor of the fan is located.If 802.11ac is going to be developed this way, then it means thatWi-Fi as we know it is going to turn asynchronous, somethingwe have a feeling quite a few users arent going to be too keenon. On top of that, speeds at Gigabit level are currently onlybeing achieved to a single receiver, whereas in a three userscenario the speed was dropped to an effective throughput of120Mbit/s per user. This is still better than the current 802.11nstandard, but far from ideal in a multi-user environment,something that Wi-Fi almost always is. 16
  • 109. July 13th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Apparently the design also prevents the cooler from being "fouled" by dust, i.e. its not meant to collect dust, unlike your average CPU cooler which tends to need a good clean every few months. Its also meant to be more energy efficient than current air coolers, although considering fan coolers are using similar kinds of DC motors, we dont quite get this point. The technology is currently being offered for licensing and it seems like well have to wait and see if there are any takers or not. It sounds a little bit too good to be true, but well wait with interest to see where this goes.The cooler has a stationary base plate and theres a 0.001-inch(0.0254mm) gap between the base plat and the rotating fins.Now we can see this becoming a huge precision manufacturingissue, as a gap that small is going to be hard to produce.However, this design is meant to alleviate what is claimed tobe a layer of "dead air" that "clings to the cooling fins".So far the cooler has only been created in a proof-of-conceptprototype, but its said to offer several times the coolingperformance of a regular CPU cooler. The top part of theheatsink is said to rotate at a speed of "a few thousand rpm" butno specifics were given. The fin structure has been designedto be aerodynamic which in turn is said to make it extremelyquiet during operation. On top of that, final production coolersare said to be up to 10 times smaller than current "state-of-the-art" CPU coolers, whatever that refers to. 17
  • 110. July 15th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! come with the same features as Patsburg-D, more or less, VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication albeit with some additional consumer tweaks. However, due to covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. whatever issues Intel is having, the company has now decided to downgrade the feature set and were now looking at a chipset that is similar to Patsburg-B instead. This means noIntel might yet get Sandy PCI Express 3.0 storage uplink to the CPU and the loss ofBridge-E out this year four SATA/SAS 6Gbps ports. Even for the most performance demanding users this isnt likely to be a huge issue though,Source: but its still disappointing, especially after having seen so manyout-this-year/12991.html boards on display at Computex with 14 SATA ports on them.July 15th, 2011A couple of weeks ago we reported that Intels upcomingSandy Bridge-E processor and Waimea Bay platform had beendelayed until January 2012. New information has reachedus that suggest that Intel is trying very hard to get the newplatform out this year, although this means that the companywill axe a lot of platform features. On a more positive note, Intel is apparently looking intoA couple of weeks ago we reported that Intels upcoming some kind of solution that will add the storage uplink andSandy Bridge-E processor and Waimea Bay platform had been the missing SATA/SAS 6Gbps ports after launch, but its notdelayed until January 2012. New information has reached likely that this is a feature that can be added via a software/us that suggest that Intel is trying very hard to get the new BIOS patch simply because the PCI Express 3.0 interfaceplatform out this year, although this means that the company wouldnt be present on the motherboard. Presumably itdwill axe a lot of platform features. mean a second revision of the X79 chipset, but this is purelyJudging by the information weve seen, Intel is having several speculation on our side.issues with the new platform, ranging from storage, to PCI Sandy Bridge-E was also meant to be Intels first native PCIExpress and apparently even CPU revisions. Its pretty much Express 3.0 enabled CPU, but alas once again Intel has runbad news all around. But lets take a step back and look at into a snag. Due to lack of hardware to test PCI Express 3.0things with a view from Intels Xeon roadmap. The picture compliance with, Intel has decided not to include PCI Expressbelow is from a partner presentation and although its been 3.0 at launch and once again were looking at some kind ofseen before, were going to leave that partner un-named as we solution to add this after the platform has launched. Oncedont want to get them in any trouble. As you can see, it details again this is an issue that is unlikely to have any impactfour different chipset SKUs for Patsburg,- A, -B, -D and -T. whatsoever; simply because there are no PCI Express 3.0 add-The X79 chipset is known as Patsburg-X and was meant to be on cards available. That said, the LGA-2011 platform is meantsimilar in terms of features to the Patsburg-D SKU. to last until at least the second half of 2013, so this is a featureAs you can see, there are a few feature differences between the that will future proof it.various SKUs with Patsburg-A only featuring four additional On top of all the chipset issues, Intel also seems to have runSATA 6Gbps ports via the SCU and Patsburg-B gains SAS into a snag with the CPUs, as the C-0 stepping is meant to6Gbps support. However, where things get interesting is start shipping to its partners for qualification testing withinPatsburg-D, the performance option, as this gains not only an the next two to four weeks. Intel is apparently waiting foradditional four SATA/SAS 6Gbps via the SCU, but also a PCI revision C-1 until it feels confident with Sandy Bridge-E. TheExpress 3.0 uplink to the CPU. Patsburg-T just gains an extra good news is that despite all of this, Intels board designRAID level, but is otherwise identical to Patsburg-D. guidelines have proven to be reliable enough so that IntelsSo why are we mentioning all of this? Well, because as we board partners wont have to do any board re-designs despitementioned, Patsburg-X or X79 if you like, was meant to all of the changes that have taken place. Well, that is of course 1
  • 111. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonenot taking into account things like empty space for missing Random Write 4k (max) 85k IOPS (4k aligned)SATA/SAS ports. Form Factor 2.5”Were not out of the woods yet, but we might actually get to see Interface Type SATA 3 6Gb/sa Sandy Bridge-E launch this time of Christmas, although it Onboard cache NAreally depends on how quickly Intel can solve all of the issues. Operating Temperature 0C to +70CThen again, it might be better to hold off and wait and see what Storage Temperature -20C to +85CIntel will do with regards to the missing feature than take theplunge early on and miss out on the full platform. Operating Humidity 10% to 90% RH (0° to +40° C) Storage Humidity 5% to 90% RH (-10° to +60°Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD C)drive review Maximum Operating Altitude 3,048 m (up to 10,000 ft.)Source: Maximum Non-Operating 12,192 m (up to 40,000 ft.)review/12990.html AltitudeJuly 15th, 2011 ASUS Eee Pad Shipments Hit 400,000 units a Month Source: units-a-month/12989.html Corsair has always been one of the biggest players in the July 15th, 2011computer memory market, consequently it was only naturalfor them to join the solid state disk segment of the market sinceSSD’s are essentially made of flash memory chips. Today weare having a look at the fastest SSD Corsair currently produces,the Force GT 120GB drive which boasts incredible speeds ofup to 555MB/s sequential read and 515MB/s sequential write.We are going to examine the drive’s synthetic and real worldperformance in this review. ASUS had already shipped 400,000 units of Eee Pad Transformer for the month and this is expected to increase for the second half of the year.Corsair has always been one of the biggest players in thecomputer memory market, consequently it was only naturalfor them to join the solid state disk segment of the market sinceSSD’s are essentially made of flash memory chips. Today weare having a look at the fastest SSD Corsair currently produces,the Force GT 120GB drive which boasts incredible speeds ofup to 555MB/s sequential read and 515MB/s sequential write.We are going to examine the drive’s synthetic and real worldperformance in this review.Manufacturer features and specifications • Interface: SATA 3 6Gb/s • Operating temperature: 0° C to +70° C • Storage temperature: -20° C to +85° C • Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (0° to +40° C) • Maximum Operating Altitude: 3,048 m (up to 10,000 ft.) • Maximum Non-Operative Altitude: 12,192 m (up to The sleek tablet is gaining popularity quickly. ASUS had 40,000 ft.) already shipped 400,000 units of the Eee Pad Transformer for the month and it is expected to increase further. ASUS had set a goal of shipping two million sets in 2011 and it seems that it will meet the target effortlessly. Sources also indicated thatUnformatted Capacity 120 GBRead Performance (max) 555 MB/sWrite Performance (max) 515 MB/s 2
  • 112. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneASUS had requested a monthly target of 400,000 to 500,000 Now this is not really a gadget-related piece of news per se, butunits from its touch panel suppliers. it is still something that is interesting enough to warrant some mention on our front page. Apparently, a hardcore Batman fan was able to go about building his own Batmobile with a realMore Specifications Revealed honest-to-goodness turbine engine, but the best part is that hefor AMD Bulldozer was also able to jazz up the build by throwing in an iPad for its avionics. Wait, say what?Source: 15th, 2011AMD Bulldozer will set to appear sometime in October thisyear. The delay is caused by the inability for some of theprocessors to reach the required clockspeed. More detailsinside. Do you fancy having your own Batmobile to drive on the roads? Well, the unfortunate truth is that Bruce Waynes superpowered car may not be the kind of vehicle one can simply purchase off a car dealer, so most fans have taken to building their own version of the Batmobile, each with varying results. However, it seems that this particular fan- made Batmobile built by a Casey Putsch has to take the cake where realism is concerned, and for good reason. According to a report published by DVICE, Putsch based his build off Tim Burtons1989 Batman Batmobile, but unlike most fan-made versions of the Caped Crusaders iconic vehicle, Putsch was somehow able to cram in an actual turbine jet engine that was reportedly sourced from an old U.S. Navy drone helicopter, and is capable of utilizing either jet fuel, kerosene or diesel to provide its power. However, Putsch hasAMD will be offering seven models for its Bulldozer FX series also attempted to keep his Batmobile up to date by installingas shown in the table above. Three of the models will be the an iPad (3G capable version) that is responsible for providingeight-core variants, two six-core variants and two quad core both the Batmobiles avionics and GPS-assisted navigationalprocessors. The top of the range eight-core model, FX-8150 systems.will feature a base CPU frequency of 3.6GHz (4.2GHz on And if you are wondering, yes, Putschs Batmobile isTurbo), 8MB L2 Cache, 8MB L3 Cache and a rated TDP of apparently considered to be street-legal, with DVICE claiming125W. A lower TDP of 95W is available for the lower end eight- that the "two-seater Batmobile is...capable of 365 horsepower,core model (FX-8120) which has a base CPU frequency of or about the same as a Dodge Viper". Now wouldnt you love3.1GHz (4GHz on Turbo). The two high end models for the six- to take this little monster out on the roads for a little joyride?core and quad core variants are still not detailed. Right now,we can only look forward to October for further details. Jawbones new wristbandGuy builds a Batmobile with a helps to tune "Up" your healthreal turbine, jazzes it up with Source: tune-up-your-health/12986.htmlan iPad July 15th, 2011Source: 15th, 2011 Accessory maker Jawbone has developed a new wristband called "Up" to encourage health and wellness. Not only does 3
  • 113. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneit looks fashionable, but Up also incorporates hardware andsoftware system, as well as sensors to monitor your lifestyle. 64-bit computing may have reached mainstream status today, but it does not change the fact that Adobe is notorious amongJawbone has recently unveiled Up, wristband with hardware users for its insistence of supplying only the 32-bit versionand software system that can track your lifestyle - eating, of its Flash Player plugin. Needless to say, the worlds heavysleeping and movements - and give a reading on your general reliance on Flash for the delivery of rich digital content suchhealth. About the size of the popular Livestrong strap, Up as online games and videos means that users of pure 64-bitcontains sensors that can intuitively track your activities, while operating systems are often prevented from enjoying sucha smartphone app collects the data on a regular basis and get content, due to the lack of a proper 64-bit version of the pluginfeedback with regards to improving workouts, eat habits and for such users.sleep patterns. However, just as we have always said that good things comeHowever, note that Jawbone’s Up is not a sickness-prevention to those who wait, users of pure 64-bit operating systemsaccessory, but a lifestyle gadget designed to encourage will undoubtedly be pleased with the latest news from Adobe,wellness. According to the company, Up is designed to be as the company has just released a beta of their updatedtrendy and as a slip-in-on-and-forget wristband. The product Flash 11 plugin on Adobe Labs. And the biggest draw of thisis said to ship later this year for iOS and Android devices, preview release? Why, the inclusion of a native 64-bit pluginthough no pricing details has been announced yet. which is reportedly compatible with most 64-bit web browsers currently in use today.Adobe rolls out Flash Player11 Beta, boasts native supportfor 64-bit browsersSource: 15th, 2011Have you been moaning and groaning about the dismal state ofsupport Adobes Flash Player plugin has for 64-bit browsers?Well, if your answer to that question is a yes, today willdefinitely be a very good day for you and your favourite webbrowser, for Adobe has announced the availability of the firstbeta of its Flash Player 11 plugin, which now boasts...yes,native support for 64-bit browsers. And no, we are not making We tested the x64 build of the Flash Player 11 Beta on a 64-this up at all. bit build of the Firefox web browser, where it worked perfectly fine. At the very least, YouTube videos were completely playable, and the browser was able to recognize the plugin without any additional fiddling around. 4
  • 114. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Apple iPhone 5 to launch before 4 October? Source: october-/12983.html July 15th, 2011 Everyone is eagerly waiting to see when the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 will be launched, with rumors suggesting the launch to be in September. And from recent news sources, it seems that the long-awaited phone could be scheduled for a launch before 4 October. Read on. Former Apple marketing chief, John Martellaro, has expressedMore importantly, we were quite glad to find out that Adobe that Apple isnt all keeping quiet about their new products,has fixed a certain flaw in the 64-bit version of the Flash Player but the company has carefully and purposely plan of releasing11 plugin which prevented Ooklas speed test from loading on certain relevant information to the media as part of theirthe older, experimental versions of the plugin. marketing effort. This time, the rumor comes from the American telco AT&T. According to a leaked memo, the company will be making some adjustments on the mobile insurance of the Apple iPhone and other devices from 17 July till 4 October. Previously, it was US$9 and now it will be adjusted between US$4.99 to US$6.99 (and probably increase of monthly prices). The question is, why should anyone be concerned as to AT&T choosing this period to adjust their mobile insurance? If you recalled, this period overlaps that of the rumored launch month (which is September), and it would seem logical that the iPhone 5 would be launched before the 4 October deadline. Haipad M9 tablet gets upgraded with newerThe Flash Player 11 Beta plugin can be downloaded off the processor and betterAdobe Labs site in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. touchscreen Source: newer-processor-and-better-touchscreen/12984.html 5
  • 115. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone RIMs media hub to be calledJuly 15th, 2011 the BlackBerry Cyclone? Source: blackberry-cyclone-/12982.html July 15th, 2011Looks like Haier is on a roll this week. In addition to launchinga new, upgraded version of a yet-unnamed Haipad tabletwhich we talked about recently, it seems that the company hasgot yet another product which has been given an upgrade ofsorts, and it comes in the form of a slight specifications bumpfor its M9 tablet.Remember the short story we ran a few days back of Haier Seems like just about every single OEM out there wants tolaunching a new version of its Haipad tablet that reportedly come up with a product of sorts that could compete withutilized a 1GHz Samsung processor? Well, it turns out that the Apples array of consumer electronic devices, and Research Inaforementioned tablet was not the only product which Haier Motion (RIM) is no exception. Apparently, word has it that thehas in store for the Chinese domestic market, for word has it Canadian telecommunication and wireless device company isthat the company has rolled out yet another upgraded version extremely keen on delivering a product that is capable of goingof its Haipad line of tablets for sale in China, and it comes in the head to head with the Cupertinos Apple TV, and that it will beform of a slight specifications bump for its existing M9 tablet. known as the...BlackBerry Cyclone. Yep, you heard that right. Quite some time back, rumours were abound that Research In Motion (RIM) was planning diversify into other markets, and that the first product which the company was most likely to introduce as a result of this diversification is that of a media player which would supposedly compete against the Apple TV. As it turns out, the rumours may have been true after all, for a site known as Nerdberry has claimed to have gotten in contact with a source who has confirmed the existence of the product, being privy to the companys plans.According to a report published by M.I.C Digi, the mainupgrade to the M9 comes in the form of a 7-inch capacitivetouchscreen which is reportedly capable of supportingquintuple multi-touch technology, as opposed to the olderM9 which came bundled with a touchscreen display that wasonly capable of dual-touch technology. In theory, the use ofa quintuple touchscreen will allow users to make use of agreater variety of gestures in navigating through the Androidoperating system that is preloaded on the M9.In addition, M.I.C Digi has also claimed that the upgradedM9 will utilize a Renesas chip that reportedly features a dual-core EV2 processor clocked at 533MHz and is based off theA9 microarchitecture, along with a PowerVR SGX530 GPU.Lastly, the upgraded M9 tablet will come bundled with 4GB ofonboard flash storage and a 4400mAh battery pack which According to Nerdberry, RIMs upcoming media hub, which isis supposedly capable of lasting up to six hours on a single reportedly known by its internal codename as the "BlackBerrycharge. 3G and GPS is not supported, although it is suugested Cyclone", will come bundled with support for video output viathat the functionality will make its way into future versions of HDMI and online connectivity via WiFi, while the preloadedthe M9. OS will support direct access to YouTube and Netflix. InThat being said, with this being China we are talking about, it addition, Nerdberry is claiming that the BlackBerry Cycloneshould be of little surprise that the M9 sports a very affordable will also allow users to access and connect to a variety ofprice of 900 Yuan, or approximately US$140. media devices that are also visible on ones home network, 6
  • 116. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneostensibly to allow for the streaming of media content from the to make use of the Mirai SANZO to remotely access and controlaforementioned devices via the WiFi network. various appliances that have been installed in their home. Apparently, this includes automatically filling the bathtub withThat being said, little else about the BlackBerry Cyclones water of the right temperature, turn the air conditioner on (orcapabilities, let alone its hardware specifications, has been off), or even sending alerts to ones cell phone in the event of anmade public yet, but it will be very interesting to see how RIM emergency such as the fire alarm going off. Oh, and somewhereintends to hold its own in the digital entertainment scene, along the line, it can also be used as a central control hub thatconsidering how the company is essentially starting from takes command over all of the aforementioned appliances andscratch in its latest endeavor. Indeed, Electronista is claiming help users monitor their electricity consumption.that RIMs lack of a central repository for digital content suchas Apples iTunes, coupled with its BlackBerry devices lackingsupport for functionality similar to that of AirPlay, makes itdifficult to ascertain if RIM will be able to survive in thisparticular market. Well, we will have to wait and see, wont we?Sanyo Home outs worlds firstAndroid-based Smart Home Sounds interesting? Well, the bad news is that the Mirairobot, calls it Mirai SANZO SANZO does not appear to be intended for sale anywhereSource: outside of its domestic market, but what we do know is that theandroid-based-smart-home-robot-calls-it-mirai-sanzo/12981.html Japanese can expect to see the product pop up for sale on theJuly 15th, 2011 retail shelves starting from today onwards. More importantly, no pricing for the Mirai Sanzo Smart Home robot has been revealed, and that Sanyo Home is apparently keeping a very tight lid on the specifics of the robot, such as the OS version currently in use, and whether it has an unlockable bootloaderWe have heard of the Android operating system being used or not. Oh well, at least Sanyo did not attempt to fashion theto power all kinds of appliances that it was never designed Mirai SANZO off the Android mascots likeness.for, such as TV set-top boxes, GPS navigators and even actualPCs. But putting Android into a robot has probably got tobe a worlds first, and this is exactly what Sanyo Home has HP studies Chinas onlinedone with the introduction of the Mirai SANZO, a dome-shaped Smart Home robot which is designed to help out with social networking habits,minimizing ones energy consumption at home. turns up interesting results Source: that Android is already everywhere around you, from networking-habits-turns-up-interesting-results/12975.htmlsmartphones to tablets, and even set-top boxes and low-cost July 15th, 2011PCs? Well, leave it to the Japanese to outdo themselves onceagain by managing to cram the Android operating systeminto yet another appliance that it was never meant to be usedon, while achieving yet another worlds first in the process.Apparently, Sanyo Home has just announced the availabilityof what it calls a "Smart Home robot" which is designed to helphome users minimize their energy consumption, and yes, youguessed it; it is powered by the same Android operating system So you thought that everybody in the world uses online socialthat we are currently seeing on our smartphones and tablets. networking tools for the same thing? Well, you could not have been further from the truth. Apparently, HP has, in its interest to find out just how the Chinese make use of online social media in their daily computing habbits, has conducted a study into the subject, and has managed to come up with some...interesting results in the process. Online social networking tools may be great platforms for people to get themselves up to date with information and happenings that are taking place all over the world. After all, there is no greater source of information than an online social networking service which is constantly being updated withAccording to Sanyo Home, the Smart Home robot, which is both shared and user-generated content to produce what isknown as the Mirai SANZO, is meant to be sold as "part of potentially an endless stream of information that is active 24an integrated smart home that Sanyo markets to families of hours a day, seven days a week.the future in Japan" and is supposed to be hooked up onto ahomes local network. Once that is done, the users will be able 7
  • 117. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThat being said, you must have at some point of time thought And if the first finding made by HP is of any indication, itthat the majority of people who are actively involved in such should be of little surprise that most of the top authors ofonline social networking services are your average users who trending topics on Sina WeiBo are average Joes who make useshare the same computing habits as you, right? Well, HP has of the regular, non-verified accounts given to the majority ofcarried out a study on the trends that are currently taking Sinas users. In fact, HP has even drawn up a table detailingplace in Chinas micro-blogging scene, and has turned up some the profiles of the top 20 authors of trending topics on Sinainteresting findings that aptly demonstrate just how different WeiBo, where it reveals that as many as 16 such authors areChinese social media users are as opposed to their Western actually on non-verified accounts.counterparts.Finding #1: Trending topics in the Chinese micro-bloggingscene typically consist of non-news contentAccording to the study, the team has found out that mostof the influential authors on Chinas popular micro-bloggingplatform, Sina WeiBo, who are responsible for the majorityof "retweets" that are made tend to focus on non-news topicssuch as "follower-contributed jokes, movie trivia, quizzesand stories". This implies that the Chinese see the micro-blogging scene as a recreational platform which promotes userinteraction in the form of contributing user-generated content,and not as one which should be used for the dissemination of Needless to say, this is in stark contrast to how things work innews or events that are taking place globally. Twittersville, where the top spots are "dominated by popular news sources such as CNN, the New York Times and ESPN". Finding #3: Chinese micro-bloggers are more likely to "retweet" content The Chinese usually tend to "retweet" online content a lot more frequently as opposed to their Western counterparts,Finding #2: Most authors of trending topics in the Chinese and the numbers shown in the couple of tables shown abovemicro-blogging scene utilize non-verified accounts tell the whole story. In fact, HP claims that the six-digit retweet ratio which the top 20 authors in Sina Weibo are enjoying areLike Twitter, Sina WeiBo employs the use of two different "several orders of magnitude greater than the retreets for theonline account types to differentiate between its gigantic user trending topics on Twitter", where most of the top authors inbase, namely the Regular (or non-verified) and the Verified the latter were only able to post double-digit and single-digituser accounts. Any user which registers an account with retweet ratios.Sina WenBos micro-blogging service will be issued a regularaccount, while the Verified accounts are typically issued to "a In addition, HP has suggested that the huge retweet ratios thatwell known public figure or organization in China". it has managed to obtain from its studies are an indication of how the Chinese are more likely to consolidate their 8
  • 118. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonecontributions within a small number of topics currently For starters its clear from the picture that the NEX-7 has anavailble on Sina Weibo, and that it is this practice which electronic viewfinder, something many advanced users saw ascontributes to a topics "trending status". a missing feature of the current NEX models. It also has a standard Sony hot-shoe, unlike the special connector found onFinding #4: Chinese micro-bloggers make heavy use of digital the current models. On top of that, its said to have a built-media files to convey their messages in pop-up flash, yet another missing feature on the currentWhile Twitter and Sina Weibo share one similarity in that models.both micro-blogging platforms only allow users to post textmessages that are no longer than 140 characters in length,the latter boasts an key difference in that it also supports theuse of embedded digital content, namely images and videoclips. According to HP, it is this unique feature of Sina Weibowhich allows Chinese micro-bloggers to express themselves ina greater variety of ways, and the Chinese are clearly makingfull use of this feature to get their message across. Indeed, HPsfindings reveal that a huge percentage of messages that areposted on Sina Weibo are embedded with such digital mediacontent, and the table below confirms that claim. The controls have also changed a bit with a few additional buttons and what appears to be a pair of control dials, although its not quite clear as to what they do from the picture. The camera is rumoured to have a 24 Megapixel sensor and thePotential leaked image of EVF is suggested to be the same rumoured 3 million dot EVT used in the new Alpha models. One other thing that makes theSonys NEX-7 appear online NEX-7 different from the current NEX model is its expectedSource: price tag of US$1,200 (S$1,460), body only. The NEX-7 isnex-7-appear-online/12980.html expected to be announced sometime in August.July 15th, 2011 Zotac planning return to ATX motherboard market, with a bang Source: motherboard-market-with-a-bang/12979.htmlWeve already seen a leaked picture of Sonys upcoming Alpha July 15th, 2011models and now a picture thats said to be of a pre-productionmodel of Sonys upcoming NEX-7 has made an appearance. Ifthis turns out to be the real deal, then Sony has changed itsstrategy quite a lot as this model is addressing a very differentcrowd than the current NEX models.Weve already seen a leaked picture of Sonys upcoming Alphamodels and now a picture thats said to be of a pre-production Its been a while since Zotac launched an ATX motherboard,model of Sonys upcoming NEX-7 has made an appearance. If in fact Zotacs last ATX form factor motherboard was basedthis turns out to be the real deal, then Sony has changed its on Intels X58 chipset back in 2009 and its not exactly whatstrategy quite a lot as this model is addressing a very different wed call an impressive motherboard in terms of features andcrowd than the current NEX models. layout. Fastforward to now and pictures of an upcoming Z68 9
  • 119. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonefrom Zotac has made its way online and it looks like nothingyouve ever seen from Zotac, in fact, it doesnt quite look likeanything weve seen before.Its been a while since Zotac launched an ATX motherboard,in fact Zotacs last ATX form factor motherboard was basedon Intels X58 chipset back in 2009 and its not exactly whatwed call an impressive motherboard in terms of features andlayout. Fastforward to now and pictures of an upcoming Z68from Zotac has made its way online and it looks like nothingyouve ever seen from Zotac, in fact, it doesnt quite look likeanything weve seen before.The board in question is the ZT-Z68 Crown Edition-U1DU3(note that the source is a Chinese website and that the Googletranslation of ??? might be wrong) and were going to have towait for the official announcement to find out what the actualretail name will be. The matter of a fact is that you havent seena feature packed board until youve seen this motherboard, astheres barely any empty space on the EATX PCB, despite beingslightly wider than regular ATX boards. There are a total of eight SATA ports at the front of the board,For starters the board has a massive 24+3-phase VRM design two of which are via a third party controller. However, theresfeaturing DrMOS, tantalum capacitors and a decoupling also an mSATA slot on the board just behind the SATA ports,capacitor. Over the top springs to mind, especially considering but an interesting thing here is that it can also double up as athat Intels Sandy Bridge CPUs are "somewhat" limited when full-length mini PCI Express slot. From what we can tell, itsit comes to overclocking thanks to little to no adjustment of sharing the same SATA controller as the eSATA port. Oddlythe BCLK. enough Zotac has also included an IDE port on the board. Next we have a VLI VL800 USB 3.0 host controller with two pin-headers for a total of four front ports. There are also headers for six USB 2.0 ports and a serial port. Other little titbits include power and rest buttons as well as a POST80 debug LED, three Voltage metering points and what looks like three BIOS chips. Disappointingly though, we only spotted a mere three fan headers on the board, of which one is for the CPU cooler. That just isnt good enough on a board of this calibre.Moving on the board sports an nf200 chip which gives theboard 3-way SLI support and Zotac has kindly drawn lines onthe PCB to indicate which slots are used in 2-way and 3-wayconfigurations. There are a total of four x16 PCI Express slots,although one of them would only work with a single slot cardand the bottom slot would be limited to a single slot card aswell in a regular 7-slot chassis. Theres also a single x1 PCIExpress slot and a PCI slot. An extra Molex connector has alsobeen fitted to the board to provide extra power to the PCIExpress slots. Moving to the rear of the board we find a PS/2 port, fourFrom here on in things are starting to get really complicated. USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports (presumably from a VLIThe reason for a missing slot on the board is because Zotac VL810 host controller), an eSATA port, a Gigabit Ethernethas repurposed the PCI Express lane for use with a mini PCI port, 7.1-channel audio with optical S/PDIF out and DVI,Express slot into which a half-length 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi card HDMI a DisplayPort connectors. There are also two antennahas been fitted. Yes, thats correct, Zotac has decided to kit out connectors here for the on-board Wi-Fi.this massive board with a built in Wi-Fi card. 10
  • 120. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWe can only imagine how expensive this board will be whenit launches, or rather if it launches. We fully understand thatmotherboard manufacturers like to produce halo products,but this board is so far over the top that we frankly just dontget it. Weve seen a lot of crazy concept boards over the years,but most of them have never made it to market and in a way, wehope this one doesnt make it either, at least not in its currentdesign.Spire releases Epoxi rev.2Source: 15th, 2011Nine months after the release of Epoxi full tower casing, Spireis set to introduce Epoxi rev.2. More details inside. The Spire Epoxi rev.2 features six 120mm blue led fans, 0.8mm thick steel, aluminium front panel, tool-free thumb screw side panels, five 5.25-inch and six 3.5-inch drive bays. The casing also has well placed holes which allow good management of cables and two holes drilled specially for watercooling pipes. Measuring at 595 x 215 x 580mm (L x W x H) and weighing at 11.25kg, the Spire Epoxi rev.2 will be retailing for US$139.95 (S$170). See more specifications at Spire website. 11
  • 121. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMach Xtreme Technologyreleases 2.5" SATA-3 MX-DSFUSION Series SSDSource: 15th, 2011Mach Xtreme Technology releases 2.5" SATA-3 MX-DS FUSION Series SSD forbudget conscious enthusiast?s. The new Sandforce powered drives offer speeds of up to540MB/s read and 510MB/s write at a very attractive price point.The press release also mentions that "this (MX-DS Fusion) series supports DuraClass™ and DuraWrite™technologies. DuraClass™ technology provides best-in-class endurance, performance, and low power.DuraWrite™ technology optimizes writes to the flash memory over conventional controllers increasingthe overall endurance and reliability of the complete SSD. Highly intelligent block management and wearleveling also extends the overall endurance."Sparkle Updates CalibreSeries with 6 New Models,Quad-Display GTX 580IncludedSource: 15th, 2011 Above and top: The Sparkle X580 Captain The other new models are the Calibre X560Ti DF, Calibre X560 DF and Calibre X550Ti DF. The factory overclocks on these are quite impressive, and the heatsinks are among theSparkle has added six new models to its Calibre series better looking ones out there in our humble opinion.of premium graphics cards. Its new flagship model, theCalibre X580 Captain, supports "2 divided images spanningacross 4 displays" and has voltage measurement points foroverclockers. Besides this, there are overclocked versions ofthe GTX 560 Ti, GTX 560 and GTX 550 Ti. Even the lowlyGT 520 gets a (pointless) upgrade to 2GB of memory. Morepictures and specifications after the break.The first addition to Sparkles Calibre lineup is the X580Captain, which was on display at Computex. It has threeMini DisplayPort and two Dual Link DVI outputs, whichaccording to Sparkle allow for "1 single image on 3 displayssimultaneously and 2 divided images spanning across 4displays at once".This description seems to imply that the X580 Captain doesnot support a true quad-display setup, and that the two displayoutputs from the GPU are each spanned across two monitors Above: The Sparkle Calibre X560Ti DF/X560 DFEyefinity-style instead. The maximum supported resolution inthis mode was not stated.Other features of the X580 Captain include a rear backplateto prevent PCB warping, deluxe hybrid capacitors and voltagemeasurements points for GPU and memory voltages. Cooling-wise, the X580 Captain appears to be using a referenceheatsink. 12
  • 122. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Win HD Media Players and Coolers by downloading our VRForums app! (Android and iOS) Source: downloading-our-vrforums-app--android-and-ios-/12965.html July 15th, 2011Above: The Sparkle Calibre X550 Ti DF VR-Zone is giving away numerous product prizes including ACRyans PlayOn HD2 Full HD Media PlayersEven the lowly GT 520 gets a fancy black heatsink. Theres also and CoolerMaster/Thermalright Cooling products! Simplya 2GB version of the GT 520, dubbed the X520 King. The word download our VRForums mobile app, post a screenshot withpointless comes to mind. your username in this facebook post, and win! Contest is on till this Sunday (17th July 2011) and winners will be notified by Facebook Private Message.Above: The Sparkle Calibre X520/X520 KingWeve summarised the specifications of the new cards in thetable below: X580 X560Ti X560 X550 X520 X520 Captain DF DF Ti DF KingGPU GTX GTX GTX GTX GT 520 GT 520 580 560 Ti 560 550 TiCore 822 950 930 1000 900 900Clock(MHz)Memory 2016 2301 2244 2400 - -Clock(MHz)Memory 3GB/1.5GB 1GB 1GB 1GB 2GB 1GBSizeMemory 384-bit 256-bit 256-bit 192-bit 64-bit 64-bitInterfaceCUDA 512 384 336 192 48 48Cores 13
  • 123. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone to the latest version. This is because Twitter has just releasedNokia invests US$127 million an updated version of its Android client that reportedly bringsto market their Windows a certain feature which most Android users have been waiting for quite some time already.Phone 7Source: 15th, 2011Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia has announced that itwill be investing US$127 million (or 80 million UK pounds)in promotional activities and advertising for its upcoming Do you have Twitter installed on your Android-poweredWindows Phone 7 devices that are slated to launch in Q4 this smartphone? Well, if you do, today will be a good day to visityear. Read on. the Android Market for some downloading, as Twitter has updated its official app to include a few new features that now brings the Android version to a level where it has seemingly achieved feature-parity with its iOS counterpart.With the collaboration of Nokia and Microsoft, with the phonemaker going the Windows Phone 7 way, everyone is awaitingfor the highly anticipated Windows Phone 7 device that isscheduled to launch in October this year. According to onlinesources, Nokia has especially invested 80 million UK pounds(or US$127 million) to market their Windows Phone 7. According to the description posted by Twitter on the AndroidNokia CEO Stephen Elop has expressed that the company Market, the updated version will allow Android ownershas invested in professional advertising agencies to create to receieve push notifications much like how their iPhonea 6-month campaign that will commence in October. Nokia counterparts have been able to do so for quite some timehas recently unveiled a campaign for its QWERTY range of already, and that users can choose if they want to limitsmartphones. the notifications to merely mentions and direct messages, or expand it to everyone. In addition, Twitter claims that the updated client now boasts support for multiple accounts andTwitter for Android: Now with comes with updated widgets, ostensibly to give the app apush notifications "newer" look and feel.Source: Last but definitely not least, Twitter is specifying a minimumnotifications/12971.html requirement of handsets being loaded with at least versionJuly 15th, 2011 2.1 of the Android operating system, although Electronista is claiming that users who are already on Froyo or newer can expect to enjoy full integration of the app into the operating system upon installation. Buffalo unveils new BHR-4GRVIf you are the proud owner of an Android-powered router for Japansmartphone who cannot afford to pass a single day without Source: your daily fix of Twitter on your mobile phone, today for-japan/12969.htmlwill definitely be a very good day to hit the Android Market andupdate that Twitter app currently residing in your smartphone 14
  • 124. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 15th, 2011 We all know that Amazon has been attempting to compete against Apple in just about everything that is related to digital content, such as e-books, digital music, and even mobile applications. However, it seems that Amazon is all ready to take the fight up to the next level, for word has it that the multinational electronic commerce company is planning to strike at Apple in the market where the latter is at its strongestBuffalo has announced the availability of its new Buffalo by intending to introduce a new tablet to compete against theBHR-4GRV router for the Japanese market, which boasts likes of the bestselling iPad.built-in support for virtual private network (VPN) connectivity With just about every major computer OEM in the worldvia the use of the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), having already released, or are planning to release, somealong with various other features. Read on to find out more. form of a tablet device in order to carve out a share of theFancy owning a router which claims to come with built-in lucrative tablet pie for their own, it would seem that the marketsupport for enabling connections to virtual private networks for such devices has already reached saturation point, andor VPNs? Well, Buffalo has just announced their solution for that there is little chance for any newcomer unless it hasusers who find themselves dealing with such needs, and it something extremely compelling to deliver consumers, right?comes in the form of its new BHR-4GRV router, which is Apparently, Amazon does not seem to think so, for wordreportedly capable of doing just that, and then some. has it that the US-based multinational electronic commerce company is planning to introduce its own tablet device, which will reportedly be positioned as a rival to Apples iPad. Few details about Amazons upcoming tablet device has been revealed, although most of the anonymous sources that have been cited by various online publications are claiming that the company plans to outsource both the design and production of the new tablet to an Asian ODM, which ZDNet claims is that of Quanta Computers. ZDNet also goes on to claim that its sources have indicated that the tablet will be utilizing version 3.1 of the Android operating system, and that it will feature a nine-inch display. This has also been corroborated by the Wall Street Journal. ZDNet has also added that the new tablet, which will reportedly make use of the Kindle branding, is not expected to boast a great deal of onboard flash storage, as the company will reportedly want to encourage its users to utilize its cloud services and video rentals. However, ZDNet is also claimingAccording to Buffalo, the new BHR-4GRV routers built-in that Amazon intends to position the device as one which issupport for VPN will allow users to connect to VPN networks friendly for business and enterprises, as word has it that thevia the PPTP protocol, and that it is compatible with a variety company is currently meeting up with major Independentof mobile devices, such as Apples iPad and iPhones. In Software Vendors or ISVs to convince them to develop front-addition, Buffalo has also claimed that the BHR-4GRV sports a ends for enterprise and business software.single USB port which users can utilize for hooking up external In addition, both ZDNet and the Wall Street Journal arestorage devices to, or for use in sharing a printer across the claiming that Amazon plans to attract consumers by puttingnetwork. an extremely competitive pricetag on it, with the Wall StreetLast but definitely not least, the BHR-4GRV will sport four Journal citing an analyst who claims that it is entirely possibleEthernet ports, one of which will support gigabit Ethernet for Amazon to sell the tablet at a loss in the hopes of earningconnections at speeds of up to 1000Mbps, and is expected to the money back via the sale of its digital content.retail in Japan come early August at the suggested retail price Last but definitely not least, it seems that Amazon is planningof 6,300 yen, or approximately US$80. to ship no less than 1,000,000 to 1,200,000 units of its new tablet in the third quarter of this year, if the table compiled byAmazon to release its own Digitimes is of any indication.tablet in October?Source: 15th, 2011 15
  • 125. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The user needs to enter the transaction details and tap his or her phone against another phone that also has the same app installed. The phones will buzz together and recipient can then choose to accept the transaction by keying in the PIN number. The PayPal new mobile payment service is currently slated to work only in the U.S. and with the Samsung Nexus S from Sprint and T-Mobile. However, the company said that it will also expand to other Android phones with NFC functionality in the near future. Singbox SV-606 portable media player/speaker now available in KoreaPayPal announces NFC Source: playerspeaker-now-available-in-korea/12966.htmlAndroid-to-Android payments July 15th, 2011Source: 15th, 2011 How would like to own a portable media player that can double up as a mini speaker system while on the move? Well, that is exactly what Singbox is offering Korean consumers with itsOnline payment gateway Paypal has announced a peer-to- new SV-606 portable media player / speaker hybrid device,peer payment feature for Android users using Near Field which is reportedly capable of performing the aforementionedCommunication (NFC) technology, Payments can be sent or task, and then some. Read on to find out more.received by entering transaction details and tapping the phone With smartphones fast replacing portable media players as theagainst another phone. device of choice for listening to ones favorite music while on the move, it would make sense that manufacturers of such devices need to find a way to keep up with the trends in order to ensure that they do not lose their entire market to smartphone OEMs. And apparently, Singbox thinks that one way to revolutionize the portable media player will be to give it both a cosmetic overhaul and its own built-in speaker, as can be seen in their new SV-606 device.Near Field Communication (NFC) technology may have beenincorporated into many smartphones these days such as theSamsung Nexus S and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, but it has nottaken off due to the varying competing standards and existingtechnologies, as well as the lack of usage such as contactlessmobile payments. However, online payment gateway Paypallooks to be taking a step to push the mobile payment withtheir recent announcement of NFC Android phone-to-phonepayment. According to sources, the transaction works through Resembling more of a glorified pepper shaker than a typicala PayPal widget which users can use to send or request money. portable media player, the new SV-606 is reportedly capable of 16
  • 126. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneplaying back MP3 and WMA files, although users will have toload up their favorite songs into microSD cards first due to thefact that the SV-606 does not come with any built-in memory,thus relying exclusively on the use of the aforementioned cardsfor its storage needs.That being said, the real draw of the SV-606 has got to be itsbuilt-in 2W mono speaker, which potentially allows users toblast their music away to their hearts content without havingto deal with the cumbersome earphones, although Singboxhas confirmed that the SV-606 will still come bundled withthe traditional 3.5mm audio jack to cater to users who wouldprefer to use the device as a typical portable media player.Lastly, the company also claims that the SV-606 also featuresan FM tuner and measure 85mm high and 35mm wide, while Apparently, word has it that Meizu, the makers of the popularits built-in battery is capable of lasting up to 13 hours on a M-series of smartphones that bear more than just a passingsingle charge. semblance to the likes of Apples iPhones, has been given the go-ahead to sell its M9 smartphone legally in Europe, and hasNo pricing for the SV-606 has been released at this point of even received the much-needed CE certificate to prove itstime. legality on European soil. According to a report published by, the M9 was able to clear the tests and meet allEurope to get the Meizu M9 the requirements that the EU has imposed in order for such devices to be given the right to be imported and legally sold insoon? Europe.Source: The report also cited CiPhone, a leading French gadgetsoon-/12964.html blog, which claims to have confirmed the validity of the CEJuly 15th, 2011 certificate for the Meizu M9, and that the company has already performed a translation of its user interface in order to make it more EU-friendly. This ties in with our earlier story published in December last year, where we pointed out that the company had successfully pushed out an English version of the M9s UI.Remember Meizus M9 smartphone? You know, the one that Last but definitely not least, is also claiming thatseemingly resembles an iPhone but brings along with it its Meizu intends to release a new, updated firmware for the M9own share of originality in the form of a customized UI for its which will allow it to "improve the display of European specialAndroid-based operating system and its own unique tweaks to characters by fixing the ID3 tag issues and enabling users tothe hardwares design? Well, it turns out that Europe might remove factory default apps".have no problem with giving the phone the official green light Unfortunately, no mention about the M9s suggested retailto be sold on its shores, if a recent report is of any indication. price for the EU was made in either report, but we are guessing that Meizu will probably attempt to make it as affordable as possible for the average Joe. Still, it will be interesting to see how Apple will react to this, considering that the Cupertino giant had previously filed a lawsuit against the company over the latters products similarities to the iPhone.It is often said that China is only place where manufacturers Pentax announces limitedcan produce knockoffs of popular consumer electronic devices edition 645D "Japan" mediumwithout getting into trouble in the form of lawsuits andCease and Desist orders, right? Well, not if Meizu and its M9 format DSLRsmartphone, which is reportedly extremely popular in China, Source: got anything to say about it. edition-645d-japan-medium-format-dslr/12963.html July 15th, 2011 Everybody knows that medium-format DSLRs are one of the most expensive gadgets to own today, but if you are going to 17
  • 127. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonespend good money on such a camera, why not get yourself alimited edition model while you are at it? And if that thought Cooler Masters Cosmos IIhas crossed your mind, perhaps youd like to consider what appear in candid picturesPentax has currently got up its sleeves for fans of medium- Source: DSLRs; a limited edition "Japan" variant of its 645D candid-pictures/12962.htmlcamera, which will soon be made available for pre-ordering. July 15th, 2011It is common knowledge that DSLRs are not cheap, and thatmore sophisticated DSLRs with medium-format sensors aredefinitely going to cost consumers and professionals alikean arm and a leg. However, if you have already made upyour mind to break the piggy bank over a medium-formatDSLR, why not make your most expensive acquisition moremeaningful by springing for a limited edition model? Well, Although we did get a brief look at Cooler Masters upcomingif that thought has crossed your mind, weve got some good Cosmos II back at Computex, we werent allowed to take anynews for you; Pentax has just announced its plans to release new picture of the new monster case, but a few, slightly blurrya limited edition variant of its 645D medium format DSLR, pictures have now made their way online. From what we canwhich it calls the 645D "Japan". tell a few things have been tweaked since we last saw the case and it shouldnt be far from hitting retail now. Although we did get a brief look at Cooler Masters upcoming Cosmos II back at Computex, we werent allowed to take any new picture of the new monster case, but a few, slightly blurry pictures have now made their way online. From what we can tell a few things have been tweaked since we last saw the case and it shouldnt be far from hitting retail now.According to the official press release, the Pentax 645D"Japan" will sport the same features in the standard 645Dmedium format DSLR that was released for sale some time inMarch last year. This means that the 645D "Japan" will utilizethe same CCD sensor which boasts the capability to capturestill images at the astronomical resolution of 40 megapixels,and will gain access to the same PRIME II imaging engine, DRII dust removal mechanism and dual SD / SDHC memory cardslots that are already present in the original 645D.However, it being a limited edition of the original 645D meansthat the 645D "Japan" also comes bundled with certain bellsand whistles that are not available in the former. For one,the 645D "Japan"s body has been given a bit of a cosmeticoverhaul in the form of a red, lacquer-finished body designedto give the camera an"elegant, exquisite appearance", and willbe delivered to customers in a "specially designed paulownia-wood packaging". In addition, the camera will also feature agold-plated Pentax logo, a specially-designed mount cap, awhite backlit-illuminated LCD screen, a DS-80 Centre-Spot-Matte focusing screen and more importantly, access to the newv1.11 firmware which is not available on the standard models.No information about pricing has been revealed by Pentax,although the company claims that it intends to start taking pre-orders for the 645D "Japan" from July 20 till September 20. 18
  • 128. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSo what are we looking at here? Well, a humongous XL-ATXchassis with 10+1 rear expansion slots. Around the front thingsare actually rather basic for such a large case with "only" three5.25-inch drive bays and two 3.5-inch drive bays, all fittedbehind a sliding front cover. That said, internally theres spacefor up to 11 drives split into three separate drive compartmentsthat can hold five, three and three drives respectively. All of theinternal drive bays have trays that can accommodate either 3.5or 2.5-inch drives. The top of the chassis is home to four USB 2.0 ports, two USBFor a Cooler Master chassis the Cosmos II is rather unusual 3.0 ports, an eSATA port and a pair of audio jacks. Theres alsodue to the split level design with the PSU and six of the hard a sliding cover for the touch sensitive controls and it seemsdrives in a separate compartment at the bottom. Theres a fan like Cooler Master has included some kind of fan controller.bracket here that can be kitted out with two 120mm to help Another interesting feature is the hinged side panel that popscool the hard drives. The space for the PSU is padded with off the hinge, this makes it much easier to open and close whatvibration absorbing foam and there is of course plenty of cable is a rather large chassis. Well hopefully be able to bring yourouting holes, all fitted with rubber grommets. more details and more importantly a launch date and a price of this beast in the near future. Hynix and Toshiba team up to develop MRAM Source: develop-mram/12961.html July 15th, 2011 The major computer memory technology today is SDRAM in various shapes or forms, but there have been talks about various solutions set to replace the aging memory type with faster and more power efficient options with vastly improved performance. Well, Hynix and Toshiba has announced that the two are teaming up to develop Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetoresistance Random Access Memory or simply put, MRAM. 19
  • 129. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe major computer memory technology today is SDRAM PCI Express 3.0 switches for the x16 PCI Express slots hasin various shapes or forms, but there have been talks about otherwise not changed at all from what we can tell. Thevarious solutions set to replace the aging memory type with same goes for the Z68 Extreme4 Gen3, which got the samefaster and more power efficient options with vastly improved treatment as the P67 Extreme4 Gen3.performance. Well, Hynix and Toshiba has announced that The Z68 Etreme3 Gen3 is a brand new model though that slotsthe two are teaming up to develop Spin-Transfer Torque in between the Z68 Pro3 and the Z68 Extreme4. Unlike theMagnetoresistance Random Access Memory or simply put, previous two models, this one has been given a set of newMRAM. chipset heatsinks as well which look rather quite stylish. ItsThe two companies arent just going to develop the new quite hard to see any details from the tiny picture though, butmemory type, but theyre also going to cooperate in the specs give us an idea of whats on offer. The board has a pairmanufacturing it to. This should in theory help the two of x16 PCI Express slots that operate in dual x8 mode whencompanies not only save money, but hopefully also reduce the both are in use, two x1 PCI Express slots and two PCI slots.research time and get products to market quicker. That said, Around the back the board has what we think is four USB 2.0were still quite some time away from final products. The two ports, two USB 3.0 ports, an eSATA port, Gigabit Ethernet, 7.1-companies are also extending their cross licensing and product channel audio and a D-Sub, HDMI and DVI port. The boardsupply agreements with regards to current products. also features power, reset and clear CMOS buttons, but for everything else were going to have to wait until it launches.If successfully developed, MRAM has several benefits overSDRAM. For starters its non-volatile, in other words it can actlike flash memory which means that a computer will really beable to go down in proper standby mode in the future withoutthe risk of losing data in case of a power loss. Its also morepower efficient while still offering higher performance thanSDRAM. Dont expect MRAM to replace flash memory anytime soon though, as thats not the target market. That said,it might very well end up in some storage solutions as a high-performance cache for SSDs and hard drives, as long as thecost per GB isnt too high.ASRocks PCI Express 3.0motherboards unveiledSource: 15th, 2011 Finally we have ASRocks new flagship board, the Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 and although there was a version on display at Computex, the revised version doesnt look anything like it. ASRock has gone for a design that has ended up somewhere between Gigabytes UD7 and Asus ROG series of boards, although there are a few things that couldve been better Details of several new motherboards with support for PCI in our opinion. The new heatsinks and gold capacitors lookExpress 3.0 from ASRock have turned up, including specs of very modern and high-tech though, even though they area couple of upcoming models. The most exciting model is unlikely to offer any extra benefits over more regular lookingthe feature packed Z68 Extreme7 which has been given quite components.a makeover since Computex, not in terms of features, but in The slot-layout is far from ideal and ASRock has kitted outterms of looks. the board with an nForce 200 chip which enables 3-way SLI and according to the spec sheet the top slot is the only x16 PCI Express 3.0 slot, whereas the other four x16 slots are stuck atDetails of several new motherboards with support for PCI PCI Express 2.0. Theres also a single PCI Express x1 and aExpress 3.0 from ASRock have turned up, including specs of single PCI slot on the board. A very strange setup, but at leasta couple of upcoming models. The most exciting model is its something unique to this board.the feature packed Z68 Extreme7 which has been given quitea makeover since Computex, not in terms of features, but interms of looks.Although four new models have shown up, only two areactually new, as all four models have the Gen3 moniker tackedon the end. The two boards that dont appear to have changedmuch is the P67 Extrem4 Gen3 which has been given anoverhaul with regards to the choice of colours and of course 20
  • 130. July 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneASRock has gone feature crazy on the Z68 Extreme7 withno less than four additional SATA 6Gbps ports, an eSATAcontroller, three USB 3.0 host controllers and a pair of GigabitEthernet controllers. Due to lack of PCI Express lanes fromthe chipset, ASRock has as such had to add a PLX bridge chipto handle all the peripheral controllers. The board also hasheaders for eight USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and aFireWire port.Around the back, unless ASRock has changed things aroundsince Computex, there are two USB 2.0 ports, four USB 3.0ports, two Ethernet ports, a FireWire port, an eSATA port, 7.1-channel audio with optical S/PDIF and a full set of displayconnectivity options which consist of a DisplayPort, HDMI,DVI and D-Sub connectors. Finally we have power, reset andclear CMOS buttons alongside a POST 80 debug LED. The realquestion is how much this board will cost, as we expect this tobe the most expensive motherboard ASRock has ever launchedto date. 21
  • 131. July 19th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! bandwidth. Depending on the complexity and the design of VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication the chip in question this might be a very simple task, or a covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. very complex one. That said, for certain peripheral chips this is likely to make a lot of sense and wed expect to see at least some implementations using this, well, that is if Intel actuallyIntel mulling PCI Express x2 goes ahead with its plan.interface Theres one other hurdle, the PCI-SIG which controls the PCISource: Express standard and as far as were aware, theres currentlyinterface/13030.html no support for a x2 PCI Express interface. That doesnt meantJuly 19th, 2011 that things couldnt change and it shouldnt be a very time consuming thing to do, as its really just an addendum to the spec for a two lane interface. And if you were thinking that going x4 would make just as much sense, well, yes and no, as each PCI Express lane makes for a more complex IC and adding too many lanes would also increase the size of the chip.Heres an interesting thing we came across earlier today, Its never as easy as youd hope it would be, but hopefullyIntel is considering getting a new PCI Express interface Intel will also start to add more lanes to its future chipset andimplemented, namely a two lane solution. Why? Well, simply provide a wider bus between the CPU and chipset.because PCI Express x1 doesnt offer enough bandwidth fora lot of bandwidth hungry devices, but PCI Express x4 is toowide for many peripheral chips, especially considering Intels ECS Motherboards nowchipset limitations. equipped with SolidHeres an interesting thing we came across earlier today, Capacitors Source: is considering getting a new PCI Express interface solid-capacitors/13027.htmlimplemented, namely a two lane solution. Why? Well, simply July 19th, 2011because PCI Express x1 doesnt offer enough bandwidth fora lot of bandwidth hungry devices, but PCI Express x4 is toowide for many peripheral chips, especially considering Intelschipset limitations.Many devices PCI Express peripheral chipsets such as SATAcontrollers and USB 3.0 host controllers really requires morethan one lane of PCI Express bandwidth, as each lane in Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), well-known for itsa PCI Express 2.0/2.1 system is "limited" to a theoretical motherboard products, has announced that all theirmaximum transfer speed of 5GT/s (Giga Transfers) or about motherboards will be using solid capacitors around the CPU500MB/s, not taking into account overheads. PCI Express region.alleviates some of these problems by lowering the overheadand increasing the bandwidth per lane to 8GT/s or close to areal throughput of 1GB/s, but its not that simple.The problem is that Intels upcoming Sugar Bay platform (IvyBridge + Panther Point) will only offer PCI Express 3.0 onthe 16 lanes from the CPU, while the chipset will continue tooffer eight lanes of PCI Express 2.0 bandwidth. In all fairnessto Intel, the company has integrated USB 3.0 support in thechipset, but were still only getting two SATA 6Gbps ports.Even so, the motherboard makers are going to want to slap ona few extra chips on their high-end boards, as has always beenthe case.This doesnt quite solve the problem though, as even thoughwe might see wider PCI Express lanes, the peripheral chipmakers need to re-design their chips to support the extra 1
  • 132. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Lets hope that by the time A8-3870 releases in Q4 2011, there will be easy GPU overclocking available for the Llano APUs as well. Western Digital introduces new My Book Studio external hard disk Source: book-studio-external-hard-disk/13026.html July 19th, 2011 The new Western Digital My Book Studio external hard disk may look like the Apple Mac aesthetics (as it is designedECS stated that the CPU consumes the most power during for Mac machines), though it also boasts a huge 3TB capacity,heavy computation, therefore the CPU power regulation area fast transfer speeds and automated backup features thatrequires much more durable components. Thus, ECS opted makes data backup extremely easy.the option of using solid capacitors instead of traditionalelectrolytic capacitors in areas around the CPU for all theirmotherboards. Solid capacitors typically operate at 10% lowertemperature, offer 1000 times more electrical conductivity,have better reliability and longer lifespan. ECS also guaranteesthat they are using authentic solid capacitors unlike somemanufacturers which use traditional electrolytic capacitorsbut cover them up with a solid capacitor shell.AMD preparing A8-3870 withUnlocked MultiplierSource: 19th, 2011 The newest generation of Western Digital My Book Studio external hard drives are designed for use with Mac computersAMD is preparing to release a A8-3870 APU in Q4 2011, and Apple Time Machine. Available with a 3TB capacity,featuring an unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking. The the external hard disk features a brushed aluminum casing toA8-3870 will not directly replace the A8-3850, but co-exist match the appearance of a Mac computer, which also serves towith the A8-3850. The GPU part will remain unchanged - HD keep the drive cool. It also eliminates the need for an internal6550D - and TDP will remain constant at 100W. fan to reduce drive noise and extend the life of the drive. TheAMD is preparing to release a A8-3870 APU in Q4 2011, My Book Studio external hard drives can also be reformattedfeaturing an unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking. The for PCs.A8-3870 will not directly replace the A8-3850, but co-exist The My Book Studio external hard drive offers various featureswith the A8-3850. The GPU part will remain unchanged - HD including fast FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 interfaces, user-6550D - and TDP will remain constant at 100W. controlled automatic backup software and drive management,In addition to the unlocked multiplier, A8-3870 is expected to password protection and hardware encryption. Shipping infeature a boost in CPU clock speed compared to the A8-3850. capacities of 1TB, 2TB and 3TB, the My Book Studio driveDonanimHaber expects the A8-3870 to be clocked at 3.1 GHz, includes the WD Caviar Green series of internal hard drivesbut this could change. with WD GreenPower Technology. Pricing and Availability WD’s My Book Studio is available at select retailers and is distributed by Achieva Technology and SiS Technology in 2
  • 133. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSingapore. Retail price for My Book Studio with 1TB is S$179; able to boot into Windows operating system, but was not stable2TB is S$229; and 3TB is S$299. enough to run a proper Super PI 32M benchmark.AMD Llano A8-3850Overclocked to 4.9GHzSource: 19th, 2011One of the shops in Japan, Overclock Works, did ademonstration for overclockers using extreme cooling onAMD Llano A8-3850 CPU with GIGABYTE GA-A75-UD4Hmotherboard and achieved a CPU frequency of 4.9GHz. Readon. The AMD Llano A8-3850 had to be downclocked from 4.9GHz to 4.761GHz before a Super PI 32M result could be generated (shown above). The demonstrator then moved on to carry out similar overclocking for the A6-3650 processor, but faced some problems after removing the nitrogen pot. The GIGABYTE GA-A75-UD4H motherboard was unable to work properly and had to be changed with an ASUS F1-A75-V PRO motherboard instead. However, difficulties were reported during the overclocking with the ASUS motherboard and could only achieve a 4.186GHz (base clock of 161MHz) for the A6-3650 processor with a core voltage of 1.428V. Kouziro launches two new 10- inch tablets in Japan Source: tablets-in-japan/13025.html July 19th, 2011 Kouziro, a Japanese computer OEM known for its Build-To- Order line of desktop PCs, has announced the availability of two new 10-inch tablets for its domestic Japanese market, which both feature and external keyboard and a choice between Microsofts Windows 7 and Googles Android operating systems. Read on to find out more about the new tablets from Kouziro... Offering a decent tablet to users is never an easy task for most OEMs. On one hand, most people will demand an Android- powered tablet that comes with all the added bells and whistlesThe overclocking was done with AMD Llano A8-3850 they expect to find on such a device, while more productivity-processor which was rated at 2.9GHz and a GIGABYTE GA- oriented users will want their tablets to be pre-loaded withA75-UD4H motherboard. The core voltage was raised to Windows 7 on the grounds that it plays nice with ones1.792V (seen from the CPU-Z screenshot above) resulting existing infrastructure and is compatible with all of the majorin a 169.2MHz base clock and a multiplier of 29. The CPU Windows-based applications that are heavily used today.overclocked at this settings (169.2MHz x 29 = 4.906GHz) was 3
  • 134. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThat being said, what is an OEM like Kouziro to do in orderto ensure that it can cater to both markets at once? Theanswer is simple: produce two similar tablets, with each devicerunning off a different operating system. And this is exactlywhat Kouziro has done with its new FT102 series of tablets. The Kouziro FT102 series of tablets are expected to be made available for sale in Japan come late July at the suggested retail prices of 30,000 yen and 50,000 yen (approx US$380 and US $633) for the FT102-16 and FT102-32 respectively.According to a report published by Japanese website ITmedia,the FT102-series of tablets will consist of two variants, with Gingerbread update foreach variant running a different operating system. The first Optimus 3D to feature 2D-variant, which is known as the FT102-16, will be preloadedwith version 2.2 of the Android operating system (aka Froyo), to-3D conversion for apps Source: will be powered by Intels Atom N455 processor clocked feature-2d-to-3d-conversion-for-apps/13024.htmlat 1.66GHz. In addition, the FT102-16 will also feature 1GB July 19th, 2011of DDR3 memory, a 16GB SSD for storage purposes, a 10-inch capacitive touchscreen display that is capable of a nativeresolution of 1024 x 600, a battery pack which is reportedlycapable of up to 3.5 hours of uptime on a single charge, andsupport for WiFi connectivity via the 802.11b/g/n standard.Oh, and it apparently will not come bundled with the AndroidMarket., as ITmedia claims that Kouziro intends to position Everybody knows that LGs 3D-capable smartphone, thethe FT102-16 as a corporate device. Optimus 3D, sports an interesting ability which allows users toOn the other hand, the other FT102 variant, the FT102-32, convert 2D images and videos into 3D on the fly with the helpwill sport slightly superior hardware in the form of having of some software. However, it seems that the Korean company2GB of DDR3 memory and a 32GB SSD for storage purposes, is keen to take that functionality one step further to provide aalthough ITmedia has confirmed that the FT102-32 will more complete 3D experience for end-users, and it comes infeature a display and the processor identical to the ones used the form of 2D-to-3D conversion support for downloaded appsin the FT102-16. Also, unlike the FT102-16, the FT102-32 will as well. And the best part of it is that users will not have to waitbe preloaded with Windows 7 instead of the Android operating too long to enjoy this additional support. Read on to find outsystem. more.Last but definitely not least, ITmedia claims that both tablets Do you remember LGs Optimus 3D smartphone? You know,will come bundled with a wireless keyboard that connects via the one which boasts a glasses-free 3D display, along with thethe use of a nano receiver, and will feature analogue RGB interesting ability to convert images and video files from 2Doutput connectors for use in displaying the contents on the to 3D with the help of some sophisticated software algorithm?tablets screen onto an external display. Well, if you happen to be the proud owner of an Optimus 3D handset, we have got some good news; you will soon be able to apply that same 2D-to-3D conversion ability to your downloaded apps in a few months time. 4
  • 135. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Monitors are power-guzzling devices which need their own dedicated connection to the power socket at all times, right? Well, not in Samsungs dictionary they arent: apparently, the Korean electronics giant has taken power consumption on its monitors to a new low by unveiling its new NC220 monitors, which comes with built-in support for Ciscos Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE) technology which allows them to power themselves from nothing more than a single Ethernet cable. Wait, say what?According to a report published by Ubergizmo, the upcomingGingerbread update, which is slated to be made availablefor download come October this year, will update the 2D-to-3D conversion engine to grant users the ability to applythe 3D effect to apps, and for those who are wondering aboutthe practicality of this enhanced feature, lets just say thatcatapulting an angry red bird into a structure populated withfat green pigs is sure to hold some form of appeal for mostcasual smartphone users. According to the official press release issued by Samsung, the new NC220 monitors, in addition to their capability to drawThat being said, it would seem that the updated 2D-to-3D both power and data over a single Ethernet cable, will alsoconversion engine does have its own share of drawbacks feature the Korean electronics giants proprietary LED BLUand limitations. For one, The Inquirer is claiming that the technology, which is reportedly capable of delivering "brightfeature will only work with applications and games that and clear pictures on an ultra-slim, eco-friendly design:. a feathave been developed using the popular OpenGL application which Samsung claims is capable of significantly lower energyprogramming interface, so this means that it is possible for consumption when compared with conventional CCFL (coldsome apps to be incompatible with the 2D-to-3D converter. cathode fluorescent lamp) monitors.In addition, it is claimed that the 3D app conversion featurewill only work in landscape mode, and that "any applications That being said, the biggest draw of the NC220 monitor is stillor games that use only portrait mode wont be suitable for the inclusion of support for Ciscos VPOE technology, which,conversion". Oh well. unlike most conventional Power Over Ethernet solutions, allows devices to draw up to 60W of power over an Ethernet connection, as opposed to the 30W restriction which the latterSamsung unveils worlds first suffers from. This suggests that Samsungs new monitor couldzero-client monitor powered have a power consumption rating which lies between 30W and 60W, although this really is speculation on our part. The pressby UPOE technology release also claims that the NC220s ability to draw both dataSource: and power from a single Ethernet cable allows businesses andclient-monitor-powered-by-upoe-technology/13023.html enterprises to "leverage the power and speed of the company’sJuly 19th, 2011 centralized server, while reducing energy costs and creating a more beautiful, less cluttered environment". No information about pricing or availability has for the NC220 has been released at this point of time, so do check back for updates.Would you like to own a monitor that is reportedly capable Toshiba Singapore Unveils 14-of powering itself over an Ethernet line? Well, it seems thatsuch a monitor does exist, albeit only for use by enterprises and inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor Source:, and it comes in the form of Samsungs new NC220 mobile-lcd-monitor/13021.htmlmonitor, which is touted to be capable of playing a role inhelping businesses to conserve energy and reduce cost andcomplexity. Read on to find out more... 5
  • 136. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 19th, 2011Need an additional display to your notebook PC? You canconsider getting this new Toshiba 14-inch USB Mobile LCDMonitor. The widescreen LCD monitor weighs just 1.27kgand measures about an inch thick and is available in storesnow. Baidu releases own web browser, looks a lot like a certain competitor Source: looks-a-lot-like-a-certain-competitor/13020.html July 19th, 2011Toshiba Computer Systems Division (CSD), a division ofToshiba Singapore, has announced the availability of their Just when you though Chinas penchant for providing its ownnew 14-inch USB-powered Mobile LCD Monitor, designed domestic alternatives to various popular products and onlinefor users who want an additional screen to their laptop at work, services could not get any more interesting, out comes Baidu toschool, home or anywhere one is at. further consolidate its position as the countrys version of Google, and the latest piece of news seems to confirm thatIt sports a 14-inch widescreen display with a resolution of claim. Apparently, it seems that Baidu has decided that it1,366x768 pixels, and comes equipped with the same LCD cannot be Chinas "Google" if it does not have its own webpanel as a notebook PC for crisp images. The Toshiba 14-inch browser, a flaw which the company has moved to remedy withUSB Mobile Monitor weighs a mere 1.27kg, and measures than the release of its own beta browser that looks a lot a certainan inch thick, and which makes it easy to fit in most laptop competitors offering...bags. The monitor’s power and video are both transferred via asingle USB connection to the notebook PC using video overUSB technology from DisplayLink, thus eliminating the needto carry bulky AC adapter or video cable.The Toshiba Mobile LCD Monitor comes bundled witha protective black vinyl carrying case, which can also foldsinto an adjustable stand for to set various viewing levels of Are you adventurous enough to try out a beta web browser,your preference. The case also houses the monitor’s USB cable. especially if it is a product that is offered by a ChineseWhile the monitor can be used without a power adaptor, an company? Well, if your answer to that question is "yes", thenoptional AC adapter (PA3743E-1AC3) allows users to turn up we are wagering that you might want to give a certain browserthe brightness to 220 nits (cd/m2). from the likes of Chinese search giant Baidu a little spin, for theThe Toshiba 14-inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor is now company has just released version 1.2 of its own web browseravailable in shops at Sim Lim Square and Funan DigitaLife for download, which reportedly claims to grant users access toMall at S$259 (inclusive of GST). "its own collection of 30,000" apps that can quickly connect users to online games, videos and other tools". 6
  • 137. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone major goal for the developers over at Mozilla will be to bring multi-threaded support to the web browser. Now this should be interesting. Do you find yourself sometimes wishing that the good developers over at Mozilla would finally be able to deliver a web browser that is not only light on resources, but also fastAccording to the information posted on Baidus download enough to put itself on a par with some of the more establishedpage, the browser is touted to be designed with the goal of players in the web browser market, such as Googles Chromebeing simple and reliable to use, and offers what it calls a and Apples Safari? Well, the good news is that Mozilla hasSecure Browsing mode to protect users from being infected by definitely got plans to unveil such a browser, as news hasmalware. In addition, the browser also boasts access to an app surfaced that the browser vendor is now aiming to bake inrepository which consists of no less than 30,000 apps such as some form of multi-threaded support into a future version ofmusic players, cooking recipes and even comic book readers. Firefox.However, as PCWorld points out, the apps that Baidu has Why is this so? Well, if you will remember, Mozilla firstput up for users to make use of in the browser do not follow announced a couple of weeks ago that it has discoveredthe traditional "downloadable apps" metaphor; rather, they how the act of running garbage collection more frequentlyact as frontends for online programs which are reportedly on Firefox was reportedly capable of reducing the browsershosted by the search giant itself. In other words, the act of memory bloat by as much as up to 80%. In fact, this discovery"downloading" an app from Baidus "Treasure House" (yes, was significant enough for Mozilla to justify pushing thethat is what Baidus app repository is called) is nothing more feature into the latest Aurora build for Firefox.than adding a bookmark to the browser so that users caneasilly call up the app from their web browser. In addition, However, it turns out that the increased frequency of runningPCWorld claims that the URL bar in Baidus web browser also the browsers garbage collector also serves as a double-edgeddoubles up as a search bar and a command launcher. sword, as Mozilla is claiming in its recent blog post that the cost of garbage collection is expected to go up as the heapSounds interesting? Well, you can always download Baidus size of the process increases. This essentially means that thebeta browser from if you think you browsers garbage collector has got more work to do, andare adventurous enough to play around with the apps and the consequence is that it is expected to cause pauses in theservices the Chinese search giant has to offer. Of course, with browsers user interface. And that is precisely what Mozilla isthis being pre-release software, the same disclaimer about the trying its best to avoid in order to ensure that it can continuebrowser potentially borking up your system applies (and even to deliver a proper web browser experience for the consumer,more so this time), so be sure to have your backups done. although the biggest obstacle lies in the fact that the document object model, which is also known as the DOM, is single-Mozilla To Bring Multi- threaded in nature.Threading Support To Firefox? And Mozillas solution? Well, the browser vendor is claiming that the best way to deal with the issue "is to have each DOMSource: assigned to its own processor, and the easiest way to do that issupport-to-firefox-/13019.html to have a few processes that can each be assigned to their ownJuly 19th, 2011 CPU". However, as The Inquirer has clearly pointed out, this is not an actual example of building in multi-threading support into the web browser, although it concedes that it is capable of producing similar results. Indeed, Mozilla has also confirmed in its blog post that its long-term goal will be to deliver a multi- threaded DOM, although it also claims that the act of doing so is " far enough away and risky enough where we know thatThere is no denying that Firefox is one of the more popular there will be lots of value in building a multi-process browserbrowsers to exist today, but with the likes of competitors such for quite a while".as Googles Chrome and Apples Safari snapping away at itsheels, it should be of little surprise that Mozilla is keen to offer So, it seems that a multi-threaded version of Firefox is stillconsumers a more compelling web browsing experience in on the cards, except that Mozilla has got no plans to throw itsorder to maintain user satisfaction. And apparently, the next hand on the table anytime soon, especially when the browser 7
  • 138. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonevendor clearly sees the value of going with the multi-process the need to send multiple MMSes or emails with multipleroute for the time being. However, be it multi-process or multi- attachments to their intended recipients. My Picturetownthreaded, it does not change the fact that users can expect to users can also perform various basic operations includingsee some improvements to the Firefox web browser, at least in moving photos and rotating photo display.the form of lower resource consumption. Main Features of my Picturetown for iPhone Album ViewingNikon my Picturetown iPhone Access all your photos and albums on my Picturetown withApp now available for users your mobile device. You can also view albums shared by your friends Singapore, Hong Kong and Album CreationAustralia You can create and edit albums. Organising the photos taken with your iPhone into albums is also very easy.Source: UploadingJuly 19th, 2011 You can upload photos from your phone and also add photos to existing albums, or create and save entirely new albums. Downloading You can select the resolution of the photo and download it to your iPhone. Camera FunctionsNikon Asia has announced the availability of their my You can start the iPhone camera without exiting thePicturetown iPhone App for users in Singapore, Hong Kong application and the photos taken can be uploaded instantly.and Australia. You can download the app to your iPhone, iPod Sign up from the appTouch or iPad and create your album, view your photos and If you didnt create any my Picturetown account yet, you caneven upload or take a photo. sign up from the application itself. The Nikon my Picturetown app can be downloaded from the iTunes App store: picturetown/id299293367?mt=8 To learn more about my Picturetown app, please visit: HK - iphoneApplication.html SG - iphoneApplication.html AU - iphoneApplication.html Types of accounts : Free (no charge, up to 2-GB storage) Gold (membership fee charged, up to 200-GB storage in units of 20 GB each)Nikon Asia has recently announced that their proprietarymy Picturetown application is now available for users in Acer announces new AspireSingapore, Hong Kong and Australia. My Picturetown is 5755 multimedia notebook inNikon’s online photo storage and sharing service that waslaunched in Asia in 2008 and according to the company, it is UKcurrently used by more than a million users globally across Source:, Europe and USA. The app is free to download from multimedia-notebook-in-uk/13017.htmlthe Apple iTunes App store, and users can access their my July 19th, 2011Picturetown accounts from their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad(with iOS 3.1 or later).The my Picturetown App allows users to make use of all thephoto sharing functions with great flexibility and mobilityeven while on-the-go, as long as you have 3G or Wi-Fi Internetconnectivity. Users can create their photo albums easily Do you enjoy playing with multimedia notebooks? Well, if yourfrom their iPhones by uploading photos from the phone and answer to that question is a resounding "yes", Acer has got justsharing the album with just one click. This also helps to reduce the device for you, and it comes in the form of a new notebook 8
  • 139. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneknown as the Aspire 5755, which boasts some decent hardware your thing, there is always the trusty HDMI-out and Acersand specifications to boot. Oh, and it comes equipped with own to fall back on.a certain wireless technology from Intel which will probably No mention about the Aspire 5755s global availability (if atattract neat freaks who cannot stomach the idea of dealing with all) has been made, although Tech Digest is claiming that thecables. Read on to find out more. notebook will be retailing in the UK at the starting price ofNotebooks are supposed to be used only for work and casual £899 or approximately US$1,440.entertainment, right? Well, not in todays context they arent;apparently, the notebook today is expected to be an extremelyversatile tool capable of some serious entertainment such as HTC to buy back 20 million ofmid-range gaming and the playing back of full HD movieswithout any signs of slowdown or lagginess. And leave it to its own shares Source: to provide consumers with yet another choice in the shares/13016.htmlmultimedia notebook department with the announcement July 19th, 2011of its new Aspire 5755, which is apparently designed tocater to the needs of "multimedia lovers looking to get theirentertainment fix on the go". Amid a patent infringement ruling in favour of Apple by the ITC, HTCs share price has taken a tumble and the company is looking at buying back a not insignificant 20 million shares. HTC is expected to give half of the shares to employees while the other half will be cancelled. Amid a patent infringement ruling in favour of Apple by the ITC, HTCs share price has taken a tumble and the company is looking at buying back a not insignificant 20 million shares. HTC is expected to give half of the shares to employees while the other half will be cancelled.According to a report published by Tech Digest, the Acer HTCs shares have dropped to a six month low of NT$870 (SAspire 5755 multimedia notebook is powered by Intels Sandy $36/US$30) and the company is now springing into actionBridge platform (as most would expect from notebooks that to prevent a further drop in the share price. More than halfare released recently), and that Acer is reportedly offering of HTCs outstanding shares are owned by foreign investorsa variety of processors for consumers to choose from in and with a lot of negative feedback from various investmentorder to suit their personal needs and budget, with the companies the share price has configuration utilizing the i7-2820QM processor. Inaddition, the notebooks graphics crunching capabilities will However, the patent infringement dispute with Apple isnt thebe provided by NVIDIAs Optimus-capable GeForce 540M only reason why HTCs shares have been falling even thoughgraphics card, which is definitely powerful enough to handle its the most recent contributor, as overall HTCs share pricejust about anything a user would throw at it (except for has dropped by 20 percent since the 6th of July. HTC is ofgraphics-intensive games, of course). course appealing the ruling and even before that happens; the ITC still has to review the ruling by the judge and come to theBacking up the notebooks processing power is 8GB of DDR3 same conclusion as the judge.memory and up to 1TB of storage capacity, so suffice tosay users should not expect to run out of space on the Worst case, Apple could demand a ban on HTCs devicesAspire 5755 anytime soon, even after transferring their entire into the US, although its more likely that the two companiescollection of games and movies into the notebook. The display, will settle outside court before it gets to this. Also rememberunfortunately, will probably be a bit of a deal breaker, as Tech that these kinds of things tend to take a lot of time and anDigest has reported that the 15-inch screen is only capable import ban is highly unlikely. The scary thought is that if Appleof resolutions of up to 1366x768. would come out victorious, it would put precedence in Apples favour against other Android handset makers who could alsoHowever, if you are the sort of user who often hooks up his potentially be banned from selling their devices in the US.or her notebook to a huge television set to enhance your We have a feeling that a small company known as Google willmultimedia experience, you will find that there is something interfere before it gets to this stage though, but its a scaryextra which the Aspire 5755 is capable of offering, and it comes thought the form of built-in support for Intels Wireless Display orWiDi technology, which allows users to stream content directlyfrom the notebook to an external display without the need todeal with those cumbersome wires. Of course, if WiDi is not 9
  • 140. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone A new feature for SSDs is Queued Trim Command whichSATA revision 3.1 released by allows the SSD to execute Trim commands without having anthe SATA-IO impact on the normal operation of the SSD, so in other wordsSource: the SSD can handle data being written or read at the same timeio/13015.html as its dealing with garbage collection.July 19th, 2011 Finally the SATA-IO has added some new hardware control features which enabled host identification of "device capabilities" which is said to allow for more effective use ofSATA 6Gbps is all but ubiquitous, but that doesnt stop the SATA devices by the host.SATA-IO to add new features to the standard and revision In as much as all this is good news, were wondering how far3.1 of the SATA spec adds support for a wide range of new the SATA-IO has gotten on the next major revision of the SATAfeatures, of which very few are performance related. New spec, since as crazy as it is, the SATA 6Gbps specification isfeatures include support for USM, mSATA, several new power already reaching its limits. Get a pair of fast SSDs in RAIDmanagement features, improved Trim command support and and you could at least in theory max out the SATA 6Gbps bus.a few new hardware control features. Its not likely that well see a new SATA standard for the next couple of years though, which isnt great news and its possibleSATA 6Gbps is all but ubiquitous, but that doesnt stop the well see a lot of custom solutions akin to what OCZ is workingSATA-IO to add new features to the standard and revision on until then.3.1 of the SATA spec adds support for a wide range of newfeatures, of which very few are performance related. Newfeatures include support for USM, mSATA, several new power Intel demos "cloud-in-a-box"management features, improved Trim command support and server solutiona few new hardware control features. Source: stands for Universal Storage Module and its an addition solution/13014.htmlto the SATA spec that Seagate has been pushing for. In a July 19th, 2011nutshell its an external 2.5-inch or less likely a 3.5-inch harddrive fitted in an enclosure that easily slots into a wide rangeof devices such as TVs, consoles, set-top boxes, computers,docking stations, stereo systems, media players and just aboutanything else that would benefit from having a hard drive init. Its meant to be a consumer friendly solution, as the onlyaccessible part of the drive is the rear SATA data and power Intel is currently touring around the world promoting cloudconnectors. computing and its rather unusual "cloud-in-a-box" demoIn reality USM is pretty much a hard drive dock for hard for system which can fit into a suitcase and this is in fact how Intelconsumers, as the whole thing is a bit less intimidating with is taking the server with them. The "cloud-in-a-box" serverall the "techy" parts hidden away inside a plastic box. So far actually consists of a pair of compact servers with a pair ofthe industry uptake isnt exactly huge with of course Seagate Xeon CPUs in each server, although its apparently not a retailbacking it, plus a couple of case makers and some companies product.weve never heard of before. In a way we do hope that USM willtake off, as it should allow for consumers to get the full speed Intel is currently touring around the world promoting cloudadvantage of plugging in a SATA hard drive into their device, computing and its rather unusual "cloud-in-a-box" demorather than having to rely on slow USB 2.0 hard drives, at least system which can fit into a suitcase and this is in fact how Inteluntil USB 3.0 takes over. is taking the server with them. The "cloud-in-a-box" serverBy now youre probably familiar with mSATA, its a tiny actually consists of a pair of compact servers with a pair ofconnector that looks like mini PCI Express card connector and Xeon CPUs in each server, although its apparently not a retailthe two are physically identical. The new addition to revision product.3.1 of the SATA spec allows for better auto detection which In as much as the "cloud-in-a-box" server is a fun demo (funmeans that the mSATA slot can be shared with a standard for a server demo at least), it also demonstrates how compactSATA port, as the SATA port would be disabled automatically and powerful servers have become. Each of the Xeon CPUsif an mSATA SSD was installed. features eight cores and 16 threads for a total of 32 threadsIn terms of new power saving features were looking at Zero- across the two comparatively compact servers. In fact, IntelPower Optical Disc Drive which as the name suggest allows the went as far as suggesting that one server like this could replaceoptical drive to power down completely and as such eliminate an entire rack of older servers. Intel was keen on pointing outany power drawn by it. Another power related feature is that only two percent of the cost of a data centre is spent on theRequired Link Power Management which adds additional servers, while a massive 80 percent is spent on the building,power management features to the SATA spec. electricity and cooling. Apparently this is a subject Intel is going to talk more about in a few weeks time, but that was as much as the company was willing to reveal for now. 10
  • 141. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Intel is expect its data centre processor growth to double between last year and 2015 with cloud computing accounting for some 20 percent share, up from 10 percent last year. TheIntel made some interesting arguments for cloud computing as interesting thing here is that most other segments are expectedwell, as youd expect them to do, as they are after all investing to shrink percentage wise with the only exception being theheavily into cloud computing. By 2015 Intel expects there to be networking segment.over 1 Billion people on the internet and an insane 15 Billionconnected devices that are shuffling an astounding 1 Zetabyteof data around. Thats only four years from now not exactlywhat youd call the distant future. Intels cloud vision for 2015is focusing on securely shared data between public and privateclouds, client aware services and automated cloud servers. Of course an Intel presentation wouldnt be an Intel presentation without some talk about manufacturing processes and Intel is quite boldly claiming that its competitors are falling further and further behind as theyve stagnated on a 40-45nm technology while Intel is ready to start producing 22nm silicon later this year using its Tri- Gate technology. Considering how much money Intel is re-One interesting example that Intel highlighted was that per investing into manufacturing this is hardly surprising, but theabout every 600 smartphones, one server is needed, but this competition is also likely to move forward a generation and anumber drops drastically when were talking tablets, as each half shortly when a lot of the other foundries are moving toserver can only support 122 tablets in comparison. Were 28nm. Even so, Intel does have a technological lead over itstalking about content delivery here and Intel claims that tablet competitors and itll be interesting to see how Intel leveragesusers are accessing "richer media" content than smartphone that.users. Report: Sandy Bridge-E to be branded Core i7 3000 Series Source: core-i7-3000-series/13013.html 11
  • 142. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 19th, 2011We had previously covered the 3 CPUs Sandy Bridge Ewill release with. Now DonanimHaber is reporting that thebranding for these three CPUs. The three CPUs will be brandedCore i7 Extreme Edition 3960X, Core i7 3930 and Core i7 3820respectively. The Sandy Bridge E CPUs will be compatible withthe upcoming X79 chipset, which will finally replace Intelslast enthusiast chipset, X58, released way back in 2008 and Above: ETS-T40-VD CPU Coolerserving the Core i7 900 Series.The new flagship will be Core i7 3960X Extreme Edition. A 6-core / 12-thread CPU, clocked at 3.3 GHz with Turbo upto 3.9GHz, with 15MB L3 cache, as reported previously. The priceis expected to be in the $999 range. The i7 3960X will featurean unlocked multiplier. Core i7 3930 will be another 6-core /12-thread SKU, clocked at 3.2 GHz with Turbo upto 3.8 GHz.Unlike the 3960X, the 3930 will feature 12MB L3 cache.The most affordable Sandy Bridge-E will be the Core i7 3820,a 4-core / 8-thread CPU cllocked at 3.6 GHz with Turbo up to3.9 GHz. It is expected to cost roughly the same as the Corei7 2600K, but it features an locked multiplier and requiresa more expensive X79 motherboard. The Core i7 3820 willsurely be a popular choice for gamers. All 3 CPUs will feature Above: ETS-T40-TA CPU Coolera 130W TDP. There are no surprises with the specifications, asthey are identical to our reports back in May.Interestingly, Intel could also have branded it under theCore i7 2000 series, since currently it only goes up to 2600.However, Intel has chosen the 3000 nomenclature, and it isnow likely Ivy Bridge CPUs will be branded Core i3/i5/i7 3000Series as well.Intel is currently having problems with the platform, havingdelayed it to earliest end-2011.ENERMAX introduces ETS-T40Series CPU CoolersSource: Above: ETS-T40-TB CPU Coolercpu-coolers/13012.htmlJuly 19th, 2011 ENERMAX introduces the ETS-T40 series CPU coolers which include ENERMAX twister bearing fans. ETS-T40 series come in three models each having different types of fan. The ETS- T40-VD and ETS-T40-TA are equipped with LED fans while ETS-T40-TB is mounted with a non-LED fan. ETS-T40 VD TA TB Fan Type VEGAS DUO T.B T.B SILENCEENERMAX introduces the ETS-T40 series CPU coolers which (120mm) (Red and APOLLISH (non LED)include its very own LED fans. A down flow variant CPU cooler Blue LED) (Blue LED)will soon be available as well. Fan Speed 800 - 800 - 800 - 1800RPM 1800RPM 1800RPM Air Flow 33.26 - 33.26 - 37.57 - 75.98CFM 75.98CFM 86.70CFM Noise 16 - 26dBA 16 - 21dBA 10 - 21dBA 12
  • 143. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Socket Intel LGA 775/1155/1156/1366, AMD AM2/ AM2+/AM3/ AM3+/FM1 Heat Pipe 4 x 6mm Copper Heat Pipes Material Aluminium Fins Overall 139(L) x Dimension 93(W) x 160(H)mm Weight 610gThe ENERMAX ETS-T40-VD, ETS-T40-TA, ETS-T40-TB willbe retailing for US$49.99 (S$61), US$49.99 (S$61) and US$39.99 (S$49) respectively. According to the report published by AndroidCentral, the yet- unnamed smartphone, while bearing a near-identical designMore images of Samsungs to that of the Epic 4G, comes with a few tweaks and extra features that were not present in the latter. For one, theupcoming 4G slider for Verizon unnamed smartphones keyboard has had the placement of its "Shift" and "Fn" keys switched, while an additional shortcutshow up online button to allow quick access to the devices web browser hasSource: been added. On top of that, Android Central has pointedupcoming-4g-slider-for-verizon-show-up-online/13010.html out that the superfluous dedicated emoticon button is nowJuly 19th, 2011 no more, having been moved as a secondary input for the smartphones spacebar. In addition to the aforementioned differences, AndroidCentral is claiming that the unnamed Samsung slider phone will come preloaded with version 2.3.4 of the Android operating system, as opposed to the Epic 4Gs 2.1, and is supposedly capable of connecting to a 4G LTE network.Sprint may have its epic Samsung smartphone which goesby the name of the Epic 4G, but it certainly seems that thetelco was not epic enough to score the device as an exclusiveproduct, for word has it that Verizon is well on its way tolaunching its own Samsung slider smartphone that bearsmore than just a passing semblence to the Epic 4G. Andapparently, Verizons version of Samsings yet-unnamed slidersmartphone will sport a few features that is not present on theoriginal Epic 4G. Read on to find out more.Do you remember Sprints Epic 4G smartphone? You know,that epic smartphone which was released in the US way backin September last year and boasts a Super AMOLED capacitivetouchscreen and was preloaded with version 2.1 of the Androidoperating system? Well, it seems that Sprints epic smartphonewill now have to take a back seat where epic-ness is concerned,for images of what appears to be a successor to the Epic 4Ghas showed up online, and that it will be designed to work withVerizons network. Last but definitely not least, it would seem that Samsungs unnamed smartphone will also newer and better hardware than the aforementioned Epic 4G: AndroidCentral has claimed through a tipster that the unnamed device could potentially sport a Super AMOLED Plus display which is reportedly capable of "packing in more subpixels than a mere Super AMOLED screen", and that it boasts up to 2GB of internal flash memory. And if that was not enough, AndroidCentral is also claiming that the smartphone boasts performance levels 13
  • 144. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonesuperior to that of the Fascinate, and sports both front andrear-facing cameras. New images of ZTEs WP7-Of course, dont expect this powerhouse of a smartphone to powered smartphone nowever make its way down to our shores in some other form orvariant any time soon (if at all), especially if the fact that the available Source: 4G, which is also known as the Galaxy S Pro in other parts smartphone-now-available/13009.htmlof the world, has yet to find itself on our local retail shelves, is July 19th, 2011of any indication.Enjoy your favorite songson the new Genius SP-i500iPhone speaker dock ZTE may not be all that well-known in certain parts of theSource: world, but there is no denying that the company is one of thegenius-sp-i500-iphone-speaker-dock/13008.html larger players when it comes to producing mobile phones forJuly 19th, 2011 the Chinese market. And from the looks of it, it seems that one such ZTE-branded smartphone that will eventually make its way over to China is powered by none other than Microsofts Windows Phone 7 operating system, with a few extra changes made to ensure that it plays nice with the local populace there. Windows Phone 7 may be an excellent operating system forThe Genius SP-i500 iPhone speaker dock not only plays your smartphones, but the fact that Microsoft has done little tofavorite songs, but it also charges the phone battery when market devices running off its operating system, along with itsyour phone is docked. It also supports iPod music players and very late entry into the market, means that it has to competeyou can download the Musical Alarm app to set up your alarm. against the likes of powerhouses such as iOS and Android for a slice of the smartphone pie. Which, as we all know, is definitely no easy task. However, it seems that Microsoft might have a chance in China, for it is known that ZTE is planning to release a smartphone that will be powered by the "Mango" version of the Windows Phone 7 operating system. And to top if off, new images of that alleged smartphone have reportedly been released online by none other than ZTEs very own Dr. Luo Zhongsheng, who is said to be the companys head of smartphone development.Featuring a stylish black finish, the Genius SP-i500 iPhonespeaker dock claims to be perfect for playing music fromyour iPhone. The dock can charge your iPhone or iPod while According to a report published by, the yet-it plays your favorite songs from the 1.5-inch high quality audio unnamed smartphone will feature some cosmetic tweaks ondriver with a total output of 2 watts. It also has a line-in the OS front, such as the use of custom wallpapers on the Startjack to support other device input. On top of that, Genius also screen, as well as Chinese localization, as shown in the imageincludes a Musical Alarm app that you can download to your below.iPhone for user to setup ones own alarm schedule; the SP-i500also has a snooze key which you can combine with the apps. 14
  • 145. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone printers are designed for use mainly by small and medium businesses (SMBs).That being said, claims that the copy ofWindows Phone 7 that comes bundled with ZTEs smartphonewill lack Twitter support, ostensibly due to the Chineses According to Samsung, the standalone models, which are alsogovernments decision to ban the use of the popular known as the ML-2951D, ML-2950ND and ML-2955DW, willmicroblogging platform in its territories. However, Chinese boast prints speed of up to 28ppm and sport a 533MHzusers will probably have nothing to lose, as the report also processor. The printers are also capable of achieving aclaims that in place of the missing feature is a preloaded maximum print resolution of 1200 x 1200, while the built-app for Sina Weibo, a very popular domestic microblogging in paper tray is reportedly big enough to accommodate upplatform that is reportedly like a hybrid of Facebook and to 250 sheets of paper. Samsung has also claimed that theTwitter combined. aforementioned eco-friendly characteristics of its printersNo other details about ZTEs upcoming smartphone has been will come in the form of a low noise output of 50dBa andrevealed at this point, so do check back for updates. lower toner consumption, while sporting what it calls an "Eco Simulator" which reportedly allows users to see the cost ofSamsung launches five new their prints based on the amount of energy, toner and paper consumed. In addition, the printers will come bundled witheco-friendly mono laser support for Mobile Print, which allows users to send print commands to the printer from their smartphones and tablets.printers for Korea The other two models that were announced by SamsungSource: today are the multifunction-capable SCX-4728FW andfriendly-mono-laser-printers-for-korea/13007.html SCX-4728FD, which boast the added ability to provideJuly 19th, 2011 scanning and fax support. Considering how there was little mention about both the SCX-4728FW and SCX-4728FDs specifications, wed hazard a guess that they are largely identical to those of the aforementioned standalone models. No details about product availability and pricing were revealed by Samsung in its announcement.Remember the short story we published last week aboutSamsung releasing a bunch of new laser printers for sale in itsdomestic Korean market? Well, it turns out that the Korean iOS hack brings multi-userelectronics giant has got even more of such devices up itssleeves for its customers, and it comes in the form of five new support to Apples iPadmonochrome laser printers, two of which boast multifunction Source: And yes, Samsung has confirmed that all five apple-s-ipad/13005.htmlprinters are economically-friendly models with the capability July 19th, 2011to reduce ones energy consumption.Remember the little story we published exactly seven daysago about Samsung launching four new monochrome laserprinters for personal and home office use? Well, it seemsthat the Korean electronics giant has more devices of such a Everyone knows that the iPad is a fantastic consumernature up its sleeves, for the company has announced five new electronic device for users to create and consumer digitalenvironmentally-friendly monochrome laser printers today. content on, but the fact that it is designed to be used only byHowever, unlike the more consumer-oriented products that a single user makes it difficult (and potentially costly) for anwere launched last week, this batch of monochrome laser entire family to share content without mixing up each others 15
  • 146. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonepersonal files and information. That is all set to change though,for word has it that a Brazillian hacker has somehow managed LG introduces Optimus Proto bake support for multiple user accounts into the iPad, much and Optimus Net Androidlike how one would set up a family PC with such accounts foreach member. Gingerbread smartphones Source: this scenario: you are busy playing Angry Birds on your optimus-net-android-gingerbread-smartphones/13004.htmliPad, and your parents request to borrow the device for a while July 19th, 2011so that they can use it to check their work emails since thehome PC is busted up due to dead hardware. No problem; youterminate the game, log out of the iPad and create a new useraccount for your parents work use. And once they are done,you log back to your own user account on the iPad to continueyour game, while those work emails stay safe in your parentsown user account which no one can access without the correctpassword. LG Korea has unveiled their Optimus Pro (LG-C660) and Optimus Net (LG-P690) smartphones, which are running on Googles latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread mobile operating system. The Optimus Pro has both QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen display, while the Optimus Net is full touchscreen.Sounds impossible? Well, not anymore, apparently, aBrazillian hacker has managed to craft an iOS hack that isreportedly capable of performing the aforementioned task.The hack, which is dubed as the iUser, allows iPad users tocreate multiple user accounts on their device, but the real cruxof the hack is that it is capable of segregating application dataand system preferences between the various user accounts. LG Korea has introduced two new additions to the OptimusThis potentially allows users to share their iPad much like the smartphones portfolio - the LG Optimus Pro (LG-C660) andway one would share a family PC, with each users account the LG Optimus Net (LG-P690) running on the latest Androidbeing given its own seperate profile which will not overlap or 2.3 platform which claims to offer enhanced multimediainterfere with those set up by other users, and the short video support, power management and gaming support.below tells it all: LG Optimus Pro – Simple Social Networking with Both QWERTY and Touch Unprintable Content (Video, Flash, etc.) The LG Optimus Pro claims to be the companys firstSounds great? Well, heres a little caveat; apparently, iUser will smartphone with a portrait QWERTY keyboard for fast andonly be made available on Cydia, which means that only users accurate typing, and it also offers a 2.8-inch touchscreenof jailbroken iPads can engage in some multi-user goodness display for quick navigation. The phone also comes withwhen it is officially released. However, if you are daring dedicated hotkeys for instant access to email and scheduler.enough to fool around with code, you might be pleased to The LG Optimus Pro will be available in white, titan, as wellknow that the hacker has released a pre-release version iUsers as black.source code for public download. LG Optimus Net – The Next Generation of Social Communication Featuring LG Social+, the Optimus Net places all the popular social networking portals in one convenient widget which you can access easily from the homescreen. Users can multitask between updating their status on Facebook and Twitter while 16
  • 147. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonereading their friends’ social media feeds on the same screen. importantly, insecurity as the main reasons for doing so. AndThe widget also provides one-click photo sharing with multiple while the first two claims may have some degree of truth to it, itsocial media accounts. The Optimus Net sports a 3.2-inch would seem that Microsoft has largely cleared up its act on theHVGA (320x480) display while the LG SmartShare function security front, especially if the latest study by NSS Labs is ofallows easy sharing of content with other DLNA devices. any indication. Apparently, in an independent test, NSS Labs found that both Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 8According to the company, specifications for the Optimus came through as clear winners in actively blocking malwareNet will vary from market to market. Depending on the from entering a users PC, beating the likes of Chrome, Firefox,carrier, some of the phones in Europe will be Near Field Safari and Opera by a huge margin.Communication (NFC) capable for mobile payments. TheNorth American version will include a QWERTY keyboard andin Brazil, China, Asia and the CIS region, the Optimus Net willbe dual SIM-compatible. The phone will be available in white,as well as black.Both the Optimus Pro and Optimus Net boast the largest1500mAh battery in their class and an 800 MHz CPU,ensuring longer, better performance. Both smartphones willbe available starting this summer, rolling out in 30 marketsbeginning in Europe. According to the report published by NSS Labs, InternetMicrosoft scores first place Explorer 9, with its dual-pronged approach of actively filtering out malware via a combination of URL and application-basedin malware blocking test with reputation scans, produced the best results by far. NSS LabsInternet Explorer 9 claims that Microsofts URL filtering system was capable ofSource: nabbing as much as 92% of live threats, while the addedmalware-blocking-test-with-internet-explorer-9/13003.html protection offered by Application Reputation bumped theJuly 19th, 2011 filters success rate up to a perfect 100%, thus easily earning it the top spot in the test. And if that was not good enough, NSS Labs has also discovered that the older Internet Explorer 8 web browser did reasonably well in the test too, being able to stop as much as 90% of live threats from reaching a user. In contrast, Safari 5, Chrome 10 and Firefox 4 were all tied for the third spot, with each browser reporting a significantlySpeak of Internet Explorer to most computer-savvy people lower protection rate of only 13%; however, NSS Labs claimsand chances are you will be given icy glares and a profound that this is due to all three browsers utilizing Googles Safelecture of how Microsoft always fails to make a good browser Browser system. Opera, on the other hand, was last with onlythat is capable of safeguarding a user from nasty malware a 5% block rate, a score which NSS Labs attributes to thecirculating the depths of cyberspace, right? Well, not anymore; browsers use of an AVG-based protection system, althoughapparently, a recent study conducted by NSS Labs have shown the test credits Opera for making a significant improvementthat Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 8 clinched both in security, as the previous version of the Opera web browserfirst and second spots respectively where browser security is reportedly scored a 0 in an older test.concerned. And no, we are not making this up. Last but definitely not least, NSS Labs claims that Internet Explorer 9 also holds the top spot in the amount of time needed to block websites that are known to host malware, although this is brought about by the browsers implementation of Application Reputation scanning, a feature which is not found in any of the other browsers used in the test.When it comes to web browsers, most people tend toavoid Microsofts Internet Explorer like the plague, oftenciting various "issues" such as its slow performance,non-conformance to popular online standards and more 17
  • 148. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWith results as definitive as this, it is going to be very difficult The wall-mountable part, according to Sony, will come in thefor the "Internet Explorer is not secure" claim to hold any form of "key holes on the back panel" that is reportedly capablemore water in todays context. So, if you are running a recent of giving users the "freedom to either mount the system onversion of Windows on your computer and are looking for a the wall, or display via shelf set-up". In addition, the CMT-good and secure web browser to safeguard your online web CX5BiP will feature Sonys Dynamic Sound Generator X-traexperience...well, lets just say that a trip down to Microsofts technology, which "delivers a clear, crisp sound that can bedownload pages is in good order. enjoyed via a number of audio inputs". Last but definitely not least, the CMT-CX5BiP will come bundled with built-inThe full report can be downloaded off NSS Labs website here. support for a variety of audio input sources such as media players, CD and even FM tuners through USB or a 3.5mmSony announces wall- audio-in jack, as well as by connecting one’s iPod or iPhone onto the dock.mountable Hi-Fi system for the Unfortunately, Sony Europe has not announced any detailsiPhone pertaining to pricing for the CMT-CX5BiP wall-mountable Hi-Source: Fi system, although it has revealed that the product is expectedsystem-for-the-iphone/13002.html to be released for sale in the UK come August 2011.July 19th, 2011 Apple releases iOS 4.3.4 Source: July 19th, 2011Most people will not deny that the iPhone is every bit afashion statement as much as it is a smartphone, and itseems that Sony is not about to go against such popularopinion, especially if its latest Hi-Fi system that was recentlyannounced in Europe is of any indication. Apparently, theJapanese electronics giant is claiming that the new wall-mountable Hi-Fi system for the iPhone, which is otherwiseknown as the CMT-CX5, is designed to allow users the luxuryof "getting superior sound quality in a sleek, aestheticallypleasing, wall-mountable hi-fi" . Apples iOS 4.3.4 is simply a minor security update which fixesTo say that our professional and social lives are slowly but a vulnerability associated with softwares PDF viewing. Thesurely starting to revolve our smartphones may sound a bit vulnerability is reported to allow hackers to gain full controllike an overstatement, but there is no denying that there is of Apples device hence users are encouraged to download thesome truth in such a claim, considering how addicted we are to new iOS 4.3.4, unless of course, you are using applicationsour smartphones for access to email, along with Facebook and such as Jailbreakme.Twitter updates while on the move. And since we are already soreliant on our smartphones for work and play, Sony apparentlythought that it would be a good idea to enhance the "play" GScreens dual-screen Laptoppart of the equation with the introduction of its new, wall- Finally Availablemountable iPhone Hi-Fi system, the CMT-CX5BiP. Source: available/12999.html July 19th, 2011 GScreen first introduced the SpaceBook laptop in 2009 which sports two pieces of 15.4-inch screen. However, the product was delayed as they decided to go for two pieces of 17.3-inchAccording to the official press release issued by Sony Europe, screens. Read on.the CMT-CX5BiP is a Hi-Fi system designed to allow usersthe luxury of "getting superior sound quality in a sleek,aesthetically pleasing, wall-mountable hi-fi" without makingit stand out from ones home decor like a sore thumb, and itshows. Sony claims that the Hi-Fi system will consist of threeunits (main unit and two speakers), "which can be groupedfor efficiency and aesthetic purposes or separated dependingupon the stylistic preferences". 18
  • 149. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZonePlans to push them out in May 2010 did not surface.Finally, consumers can now preorder them at their website.Unfortunately, other than the dual 17.3-inch screens, rest ofthe specifications did not impress. The SpaceBook comes intwo models. The high-end version consists of a dual 17.3-inch1920 x 1080 LED backlit screens, Intel i7-740QM 1.73GHzprocessor, 8GB of memory, 500GB of hard disk space, NvidiaGeForce GTS 250M graphics card and a DVD drive. The low-end model will feature Intel i5-560M processor and 4GB ofmemory instead. The SpaceBook 17 i7 8G is retailing for US$2,795 (S$3,408) while the SpaceBook 17 i5 4G is going for US$2,395 S$2,920).AREA introduces Micron2 USBMicroscopeSource: 19th, 2011 AREA releases the USB powered microscope which will make a very interesting product. The Micron2 has an optical magnification of 20x and electronic magnification of 200x, allowing users to view the finer points of his/her hair as shown above. It also enables user to capture up to 2.6- megapixel image and video recording at 640 x 480 resolution. 19
  • 150. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe AREA Micron2 USB microscope weighs about 60g andcomes with a dedicated tripod, software CD and manual. It has 4th Floora total warranty period of 6 months and is already retailing inJapan for 4980 Yen (S$77).See more specifications at AREA website.COMEX 2011 Show Dates,Venue, Lucky Draw and FloorPlans!Source: 19th, 2011Its never too early to prepare your budgets! This years 6th Flooriteration of COMEX will feature over 830 exhibitors anda record of 345,000 square feet of exhibition groundsat the Suntec Singapore International Convention &Exhibition Centre, 1st to 4th September 2011. Read more forour sneak preview of the show, including details of a whoppingS$20,000 lucky draw and exclusive floor plans reveal to startstrategic planning for your COMEX 2011 assault today!Dates:1st - 4th September 2011 (Thursday to Sunday)Venue:Suntec Singapore - Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6Lucky Draw:For every $100 spent during the show, you will get a chanceto win Notable Exhibitors:1st Prize: S$ 20,000 Cash Acer Computer (Singapore) Pte Ltd2nd Prize: S$ 3,000 Cash Altec Lansing3rd Prize: S$ 2,000 Cash Apple4th Prize: S$ 1,000 cash Asus Technology Pte Ltd5th Prize: S$ 900 cash Audio-Technica (S.E.A) Pte Ltd6th Prize: S$ 800 cash Belkin7th Prize: S$ 700 cash Brother International Singapore Pte Ltd8th Prize: S$ 600 cash Canon Singapore Pte Ltd9th Prize: S$ 500 cash Casio Singapore Pte Ltd10th Prize: S$ 400 cash Compaq Singapore11th Prize: S$ 300 cash Creative Technology Ltd12th Prize: S$ 200 cash D-link International Pte LtdThe COMEX 2011 Show Lucky Draw Results will be published Dell Singapore Pte Ltdin the New Paper on 12th September 2011.Floor Plans: Epson Singapore Pte Ltd 20
  • 151. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Western Digital (S.E.Asia) Pte LtdFuji Xerox Printers Pte Ltd and many more!Fujitsu PC - AsiaPac Distribution Pte Ltd VR-Zones coverage of the show will be at comex. Its never too early for you to start planning!Hewlett Packard Singapore (Sales) Pte LtdImation Asus Xtion Pro Live launching soonInfocus Systems Asia Pte Ltd Source: soon/12996.htmlKingston July 19th, 2011Lenovo Singapore Pte LtdLexmarkLG Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd If you head over to the Asus website youll notice that the company is currently running a competition where you canLogitech vote for the best software developed by a wide range of competitors for its Xtion Pro motion sensor (similar to KinectMicrosoft Singapore Pte Ltd for Xbox 360). However, the Xtion Pro is a very basic device, especially compared to Kinect, but it seems like Asus is gettingM1 Ltd ready to launch a more advanced model shortly, the Xtion Pro Live.Netgear If you head over to the Asus website youll notice that theNikon Singapore Pte Ltd company is currently running a competition where you can vote for the best software developed by a wide range ofNokia competitors for its Xtion Pro motion sensor (similar to Kinect for Xbox 360). However, the Xtion Pro is a very basic device,Olympus Imaging Singapore Pte Ltd especially compared to Kinect, but it seems like Asus is getting ready to launch a more advanced model shortly, the Xtion ProPhilips Live.Samsung Asia Pte Ltd There are a couple of major differences between the Xtion Pro and the Xtion Pro Live. Although the Xtion Pro works just fineSandisk as a motion sensor it only has IR and depth of view sensors while the Xtion Pro Live gains a webcam, much like MicrosoftsSeagate Technology International Pte Ltd Kinect. The webcam is hardly going to blow your mind, as just like Kinect, it tops out at 640x480 resolution. SurprisinglySennheiser Asus has managed to keep the size of the unit the same, despite the additional sensor.Singnet Pte LtdSonicGearSony Singapore (S) Pte LtdSony EricssonStarhub LtdSymantec Singapore Pte Ltd Another addition to the Xtion Pro Live is a pair of microphones, which could be handy for voice commands orTargus web cam usage, one again following in the footsteps of Kinect. Asus is also opening up an app store for the Xtion whereToshiba (Singapore) Pte Ltd developers are going to be allowed to offer their goods for sale. Its somewhat amusing that Asus is claiming a world firstTrend Micro and exclusive still, especially as a Kinect unit offers exactly 21
  • 152. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethe same features, well, not quite as the Kinect unit has auto a better dissipitation of heat. iPhone 5 will probably be usingtilting, a feature that Asus doesnt seem to have implemented. the A6 processor instead. iPhone 4S is rumoured to be released first to allow time for the issue to be resolved and will be equipped with a less powerful A5 processor in order to avoid overheating. Silverstone introduces Temjin TJ08-E Casing Source: managed to find some pricing as well and this is where casing/12994.htmlthings arent looking so good for Asus, as according to July 19th, 2011Asusworld Italy, were looking at a retail price of €175 (S$300)which compares badly against buying a standalone Kinectunit for €95 (S$165). Even the Xtion Pro is quite a lot moreexpensive at €155 (S$270), so unless you specifically want touse the software from Asus app store, a Kinect unit will setyou back a fair bit less and itll work with an Xbox 360 as well.Were not sure when the Xtion Pro Live will be available, but Five years since the first official launch of TJ08, Silverstoneconsidering pricing is already out; we shouldnt have to wait now introduces the Temjin TJ08-E mATX chassis. Moretoo long. details inside.Apple to release iPhone 5 or4S?Source: 19th, 2011Rumours are coming in regarding the launch of Apples nextgeneration iPhone. Most of the sources seem to agree on thetiming for the release to be 3rd quarter of this year. Moredetails inside.As the date draws nearer to 3rd quarter (which is rumouredto be the period for the launch of Apples next generationiPhone), reports are coming in saying it will not be therelease of iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 is reported to beencountering heat issues with the implementation of the A5processor. iPad 2 which are using the A5 processor faces nosuch problems probably due to its bigger surface area allowing 22
  • 153. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone shift system allowing users to change the color and speed of the fans.Dont worry, the first image shown above is not distorted.The Temjin TJ08-E mATX tower chassis is supposed to lookstocky. Compared to the TJ08, TJ08-E does look much betteroverall probably due to the fully painted interior. The frontpanel looks much neater as well. TJ-08-E features a 180mmSilverstone Air Penetrator fan, removable motherboard tray,dust filter, holes for cable management, space for 4 x 3.5" harddisks and 2 x 5.25" devices. Weighing at 5.3kg and measuring210 x 374 x 385mm (W x H x D), the TJ08-E is the solutionfor users who are looking to save space and yet still wishes tohave a powerful build. The TJ08-E is reported to be retailingsoon at around US$100 (S$121).See more specifications of the Temjin TJ08-E at the ASRock Fatal1ty 990FXSilverstone website. Professional launches Source: launches Level launches/12992.html July 19th, 201110 GT LCS ChassisSource: 19th, 2011 Were not sure how much the Fatal1ty branding is really adding to ASRocks brand image, but at least the Fatal1ty series of motherboards stand out from the companys other products. The latest addition is the Fatal1ty 990FX Professional andThermaltake Level 10 chassis had surprised us all with the as the name gives away, this board is based on the AMDunique design and features. The Level 10 series expanded from 990FX chipset for AMDs FX-series of, ah yes, thats right, thethen on to include a GT version and GT snow edition. Now, we new CPUs havent launched yet, but anyhow, onwards to thehave the Level 10 GT LCS model to look out for. motherboard.Thermaltake continues to expand its Level 10 series casingby launching a Level 10 GT LCS case which includes a Were not sure how much the Fatal1ty branding is really addingwatercooling system for the CPU. The watercooling system to ASRocks brand image, but at least the Fatal1ty series ofconsists of a copper CPU waterblock, 330cc reservoir, P500 motherboards stand out from the companys other products.pump and a 240mm motorsports radiator with 2 x 120mm The latest addition is the Fatal1ty 990FX Professional andfans. The casing is pre-installed with addtional 2 x 200mm as the name gives away, this board is based on the AMDand 1 x 140mm fans for better ventilation and features a color 990FX chipset for AMDs FX-series of, ah yes, thats right, the 23
  • 154. July 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonenew CPUs havent launched yet, but anyhow, onwards to themotherboard.As with all of ASRocks other Fatal1ty branded boards, thisone too sports the black and red colour scheme. Nothingmuch stands out at first glance, possibly because of the colourscheme that hides much of whats going on. Its still surprisinghow much better AMDs chipsets are compared to what Inteloffers for the general consumer market, even though the990FX is a high-end chipset. The Fatal1ty 990FX Professionalboard sports two full x16 PCI Express slots as well as anotherone with four lanes worth of bandwidth and of course a pair ofx1 PCI Express slots and two PCI slots. Around the back there are two PS/2 ports, five USB 2.0 ports, one "Fatal1ty mouse port", two USB 3.0 ports, a FireWire port, two eSATA ports, a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports, 7.1- channel audio with optical and coaxial S/PDIF out and a clear CMOS button. ASRock has used a pair of Broadcom Ethernet controllers and the eSATA ports are via a Marvell SATA 6Gbps controller.That still leaves a total of six PCI Express lanes for peripherals,although ASRock hasnt gone for the ideal mix of extras inour opinion. The SB950 southbridge offers a set of six SATA The VRM is a 12+2 phase design and its said to be using a6Gbps ports and ASRock has decided that this is more than Digital PWM. One thing wed like to point out is the three fanenough, something of a shortcoming on a high-end board like headers by the CPU socket which is great for anyone intendingthis in our mind. There are no less than three Etron USB 3.0 to use watercooling, as sometimes there just arent enough fanhost controllers though; two are connected to pin-headers for headers conveniently located. There are an additional threefour front USB 3.0 ports while the third controller connects fan headers as well, although these arent quite as ideallyto the rear ports. Other additions include a pin-header for a located. One thing that struck us as odd is the location for theFireWire port and a serial port, as well as two pin-headers for front panel pins, as theyre located below the bottom x16 slotan additional four USB 2.0 ports, power and reset buttons and and a bit awkward to get to. Overall this is a pretty decenta POST80 debut LED. board, but the main question is how much itll retail for and when therell be a new FX-series CPU to go in that socket… 24
  • 155. July 22nd, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! That brings us to the Core i models which consist of three VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication new models. The first and maybe most interesting model is covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. the US$134 Core i3-2125, Intels second Core i3 with HD 3000 series graphics. The Core i3-2125 is clocked at 3.3GHz, thats 200MHz faster than the current Core i3-2105 (priced at USMore upcoming Intel CPUs $134 as well), although the graphics clock remains the same.priced, Pentium and Core i this This is followed by the Core i3-2130 which is a 3.4GHz model which comes in at US$138 and its a 100MHz speed bump oftime the Core i3-2120, although once again were looking at a priceSource: adjustment in October which will bring this model down to USpentium-and-core-i-this-time/13063.html $117.July 22nd, 2011 The final new CPU is the Core i5-2320 which is yet another model thats 100MHz than its predecessor, the Core i5-2310. It even comes in at the same US$177 price point and there are no additional changes here either. Intel may yet have some surprises in store for us, but if the company does, then its not in the roadmaps weve seen.Intel is going to be a busy company between now and theend of September, as beyond the entry level CPUs that werevealed the pricing of yesterday, Intel has a total of eight Intel Core i7 3960X vs Core i7new desktop Pentiums and Core i processors launching. Three 990X Benchmarks Leakedof the new models are low-power 35W models, with the Source: models being standard desktop parts. benchmarks-leaked/13062.html July 22nd, 2011Intel is going to be a busy company between now and theend of September, as beyond the entry level CPUs that werevealed the pricing of yesterday, Intel has a total of eightnew desktop Pentiums and Core i processors launching. Threeof the new models are low-power 35W models, with theremaining models being standard desktop parts. DonanimHaber has leaked internal benchmarks of IntelsLets start with the T models which in Intel language mean that next-gen Sandy Bridge E flagship, revealed to be branded Coretheyre intended for small form factor systems and have a TDP i7 3960X earlier this week, put to the test against currentof 35W. First up we have a new budget model at a mere US$47, flagship Core i7 990X. Both are 6 Core / 12 Thread CPUsthe Pentium G530T which is a dual core 2GHz part with 2MB fabricated at 32nm. While the i7 3960X actually features aL3 cache. This is followed by the pricier US$70 G630T which slighty lower clock speed, 0.16 GHz less than the i7 990X, it ishas a faster clock speed at 2.3GHz and 3MB of L3 cache. The based on the improved Sandy Bridge architecture, and boaststhird and final new model in the T-series is the Core i3-2120T of 15MB L3 cache - 3MB more than the 990X. The X79 chipsetwhich is a US$127 part clocked at 2.6GHz, 3MB of L3 cache also supports 4 memory channels - 1 more than X58. Finally,and Hyper Threading support. Sadly we dont have the spec for Core i7 3960X features a more aggressive Turbo, clocking allthe graphics core clock for any of these models. the way up to 3.9 GHz.Moving on to the full-fat CPUs we start with the Pentium G630 Since these are internal benchmarks conducted by Intel, thewhich has the same US$64 pricing as the current G620, but leaked slides are quick to point out benchmarks influencedits 100MHz faster at 2.7GHz and thats the only difference by memory bandwidth and AVX instructions (new to thebetween the two as the G630 retains the same graphics clock. Sandy Bridge architecture). In SPECint_rate the i7 3960XThe final Pentium model is the G860 which is also a simple takes a 35% lead over the i7 990X, and a 65% advantage inspeed bump to an even 3GHz and itll be priced at US$86, the SPECfp_rate. In Sandra 2011, the i7 3960X nearly doubles i7same price point as the current G850. That said the G850 will 990Xs performance in Multimedia and Memory Bandwidthreceive a price cut in October to US$75, putting it at the same tests, once again thanks to 4 memory channels and AVX.price point as the G840. 1
  • 156. July 22nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone sufficient demand left in the market for such devices for Panasonic to justify the releasing of yet another camera for this particular segment, and it comes in the form of the new LUMIX FZ47.In more relevant real world benchmarks, the picture is lessrosy, though not unexpected. In Cinebench 11.5, POV-Ray 3.7and ProShow Gold 4.5, the Core i7 3960X leads the i7 990Xby 12%-15%. The 3DMark 11 is "estimated" at 36%. Judgingby these benchmarks, in most multi-threaded applications, wewould expect the Core i7 3960X to be about 15% faster thanthe Core i7 990X. Of course, non-multithreaded applications,applications sensitive to AVX, memory bandwidth and cachewill see greater improvements for the Core i7 3960X. According to the official press release that was issuedSandy Bridge-E, alongwith Core i7 3960X, 3930K and the yesterday, the new LUMIX FZ47 superzoom bridge cameraquad-core 3820 are expected to release in late 2011 at the will sport a LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens that isearliest, about one quarter after AMDs FX-Series. reportedly capable of achieving an optical zoom range of 24x that reaches from 25mm to 600mm in 35mm-equivalent terms. Panasonic has also confirmed that the lens has beenPanasonic announces new treated with its proprietary "Nano Surface Coating technologyLUMIX FZ47 superzoom to help minimize light reflection that causes ghosting and flare".camera In addition to its decent zoom range, the FZ47 will also boastSource: support for 1080i video recording in the AVCHD format,superzoom-camera/13060.html with Panasonic claiming that the cameras optical zoomJuly 22nd, 2011 mechanism has been specially optimized for use in shooting videos, as it now features technology which allows for low- noise autofocus and zooming while capturing movies. And if that was not enough, the FZ47 also boasts the ability to allow users to capture still images at a resolution of 3.5 megapixels in the midst of filiming a video, as well as the addition of a new Creative Video mode, which allows users to manually set theSuperzoom bridge cameras which allow a user to excercise full shutter speed and aperture when recorming videos, a featuremanual control over their photo-taking are being squeezed out which is not present on most digital cameras on the marketon both ends of the digital camera market by cheap entry- today.level DSLRs, high-end compact cameras and and new breed Last but defintiely not least, Panasonic has confirmed thatof mirrorless cameras which boast interchangeable lenses, the new LUMIX FZ47 will be powered by both a 1/2.33" "Hi-right? Well, not if Panasonic has got anything to say about Speed CCD sensor" that is capable of capturing still imagesit; apparently, the market for such superzoom bridge cameras at resolutions of up to 12.1-megapixel, and the Venus Engineis still good enough for the Japanese electronics company to FHD processor, which is reportedly capable of deliveringjustify releasing a new model for this particular segment, and superb image quality in both photo and video recording,it comes in the form of its new LUMIX FZ47. while also powering the Intelligent Resolution technology to perform the optimum signal processing. In addition, the processor is also capable of allowing the camera to take "high-Superzoom bridge cameras. Who needs them, when you got resolution consecutive shots at 3.7 fps in 12.1-megapixel full-entry-level DSLRs that are capable of capturing still images resolution and maximum 10 fps at 3-megapixel recording".at significantly better image quality, or even the new breedof mirrorless cameras which sport interchangeable lenses and No news of the FZ47s global availability has been announcedstill feature the same large image sensor that one would by Panasonic yet, but the company claims that the cameratypically find in a DSLR? Well, it seems that there is still 2
  • 157. July 22nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneshould be available for sale in the U.S come August this year the PlayBook meets their computing policy requirements forat the price of US$399.99. protecting sensitive information.”BlackBerry PlayBook wins Sony A77 camera body finallyFIPS certification needed for revealed?U.S government deployment Source: revealed-/13058.htmlSource: July 22nd, 2011certification-needed-for-u.s-government-deployment/13059.htmlJuly 22nd, 2011 You might have seen some leaked blurrycam photographs ofThink that Research In Motion (RIM) is swiftly losing ground what was supposedly the design for Sonys upcoming A77to the likes of Apples iOS and Googles Android, especially DSLR some time back last month, but the latest news thatwhere government deployment is concerned? Well, think the rumour mill has been churning out seem to suggest thatagain; apparently, RIMs BlackBerry PlayBook, coupled with images of the real deal has finally managed to find its wayall the security features that people have come to associate out onto the Internet for everybody to view. And apparently,with the companys BlackBerry operating system, has just the general consensus is that Sonys upcoming A77 is goingscored a win in the form of securing the FIPS 140-2