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Android vs iOS

Simple and Detail information about the competition between android and iOS. You can get the latest data in this presentation, the current scenario of two major operating system. This presentation is about operating system not mobile phone.
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Android vs iOS

  1. 1. Made by- Abhishek Zala Department – C.E
  2. 2. Things We Are Gonna See Introduction Devices Versions Features Security and privacy Software upgrades Market share Room for Developers Conclusion
  3. 3. WHAT IS MOBILE OS? A MOBILE OPERATING SYSTEM is the operating system that controls a Smartphone, Tablet, PDA(Personal Digital Assitant), or other mobile devices. MAJOR MOBILE OS
  4. 4. LET’S TALK iOS iOS comprises the operating system and technologies that you use to run applications natively on devices , such as ipad, iphone and ipod touch.  Programmed in :C, C++, Objective-C  OS family :OS X, UNIX  Initial release :June 29,2007  Kernel type :Hybrid (XNU)  Default user :Cocoa touch interface (multi-touch,GUI)
  5. 5. Developer - AppleInc. Source Model - Closed Source Customizability - Limited unless jailbroken Easy MediaTransfer – with Desktop Application OS Family – OS X, UNIX Available Languages – 34 Latest Stable Release – 9.0.2 Device Manufacturer – AppleInc.
  6. 6. Now Let’s see about Android  Android is a Linux based Operating System.  Android is open source and Google releases the code under the Apache License.  This open source code and permissive licensing allows the software to be freely modified and distributed by device manufacturers, wireless carriers and enthusiast developers.  Programmed in :C, C++, JAVA  OS Family :Linux  Initial release :September 23,2008  Kernel type :Monolithic (Modified Linux Kernel)
  7. 7. Developer - Google Source Model – Open Source Customizability – All most Everything Easy MediaTransfer – Depends on Model OS Family – LINUX Available Languages – 32 Latest Stable Release –6.o Device Manufacturer –Various Companies
  8. 8. Various iOS Devices
  9. 9. Android Devices
  10. 10. iOS 9 Marshmellow
  11. 11. Features of iOS • Consistency • A Well-Designed, Intuitive User Interface • No Crapware • iTunes and Tethered Syncing • Find my iPhone • Airplay • The iTunes Media Store
  12. 12. Features of android • Customization • Better notification • Better multitasking • Wide range of device to choose from • Back button • Do virtually everything faster • Better user control • Better maps
  13. 13. SECURITY AND PRIVACY iOS While any system can be broken, at this time the iPhone’s tightly controlled apps seem to be the safest bet for people who want a secure phone Android Android is an open source and need most of permission to run an app. So as compared to iOS android lacks need of more security in it.
  14. 14. Software Upgrades Android dominates the iOS
  15. 15. USA; 52% Australia; 19% India; 12% France; 9% UK; 8% iOS USA Australia India France UK Top 5 Job Countries for App Developing USA; 44% India; 20% Australia; 18% UK; 11% France; 7% Android USA India Australia UK France
  16. 16. Conclusion Although iOS and Android are extremely competitive in out-of-the-box experiences, we would be neglectful not to mention that Android’s user experience is very customizable, where iOS is not. You may not be able to add fingerprint scanner to your HTC One, but you can totally change how the phone looks by using custom icons, widgets, lock screens, and so on. It one are where Android definitely has the inflexible iOS beat. But other than this, it’s not a clean sweep anywhere, Almost anything you would want to do with a Smartphone can be done well on either platform – Something that was not the case a year or two ago. Lastly…. The best way to answer the age old questions is to ask “Who is using iOS or Android ”? Show your device! If you like it… use it!