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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #19


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A weekly roundup of Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #19

  1. 1. April 7th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! Series coolers and I really like the new mounting system for VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication the pump/coldplate covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Description: Toshiba is replacing its current 32nm process flash chips with 24nm SmartNAND: flash with on-chip errorThe Daily VR-Zone News correction. The new chips will have faster controllers and deliver faster read and write speeds, although no numbersSummary - 7 April 2011 have been supplied.Source: Description: Even though it is well known thatapril-2011/11455.html Advanced Micro Devices has strong intentions to startApril 7th, 2011 commercial shipments of its FX-series code-named "Zambezi" microprocessors based on Bulldozer micro-architecture, the intrigue remains when exactly the company formally introduces new chips and reveal its levels of performance. Consumer Electronics and Software newsIn todays news roundup: • GIGABYTE G1.Assassin (Intel X58 Description: The Xoom Android tablet and Atrix smartphoneExpress) gaming motherboard review; • Toshiba introduces are being called out as poor performers, despite heavysmall but SmartNAND chips; • Google to finance $100 million marketing campaigns launched by Verizon Wireless andworth of original programs for YouTube ; • Sophisticated cyber AT&T, respectively.thieves behind Epsilon attack; • Sony PlayStation Portableholiday release may be dDelayed by Japan disaster, and • Description: Google plans to create 20 special channels on itsSEGA today unveiled a teaser trailer for a new Sonic game. YouTube site, and will spend $100 million to create original programming to populate them.Hardware news Description: Moodys cut its credit rating on Nokia, citing theDescription: This board is the G1.Assassin; part of the G1 Killer Finnish mobile phone companys weakening market positionline-up. When you pick this board up you get an X58 chipset, and uncertainty over its transition to Microsofts Windowsa Creative labs X-Fi audio card and a Killer NIC built onto the Phone software.board. You all get this for US$529.99 on whichcomes in a little less than buying the parts separately. Description: An online marketing firm hit by what may be one of the biggest data thefts ever was the victim of "highlyDescription: The Sapphire Radeon HD 6790 sits in that sophisticated cyber thieves," according to its parent company.entry gamer market. The Radeon 6790 looks to edge out Alliance Data Systems Corp. also reiterated that only thethe competition with increased performance. It features a names and email addresses of customers were stolen in840MHz core clock, 1050MHz memory clock, 800 Stream the attack on its subsidiary, Epsilon, and not credit cardprocessors, and 40 texture units. Onboard there is 1GB of information or social security numbers.DDR5 memory with a 256-bit interface. Description: Chrome already has a "Safe Browsing" mode,Description: With the Rampage III Black Edition, ASUS has a which Google said "has done a lot of good for the Web," butnew flagship in its portfolio. This board embodies the further there is still plenty of harmful content floating around on thedevelopment of the already very successfull Rampage III Internet.Extreme. The new kid on the block will try to win gamers andoverclockers hearts with a very extensive delivery and lots of Description: In this review I’ll be taking a look at a reallyfeatures. unusual set of Gaming headgear called the ISURUS in-ear gaming headset. Thermaltake have taken the headset era toDescription: The Hydro Series from Corsair has been king of another level by giving the end user the option of using ahill for pre-built sealed kits since it came out. It seems that sleeker in-ear headset that won’t over time give you thatwith Antec teamed up with Asetek now in the cooler market uncomfortable ache you can have using a bulky traditionalthe hill now belongs to them. With that being said, the H60 designed headsetis a good cooler. It is well built, quieter than previous Hydro Gaming news 1
  2. 2. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: Atari Greatest Hits includes Pong for free, and major resellers and e-tailers at MSRPs of US$71 (16Gb), USincludes 99 games from the Atari 2600 and arcade system $140 (32Gb), and US$235 (64Gb) in Japan.for purchase. By Jared Newman, Technologizer You may nowcount Atari among the classic video game systems to find a News via [Softpedia]home in the iOS App Store.Description: The new PlayStation Portable, dubbed “NGP,”may be introduced in a single region this year instead of Nexus Debuts SM-8000 Silentstarting sales in Asia, Europe and the U.S. in time for Mousethe end-of-year holiday shopping season, said Jack Tretton, Source: of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, citing mouse/11827.htmlproduction problems related to the March 11 disaster. April 7th, 2011Description: So youve got an iPad or your shiny new iPad 2and come to the dawning realisation that youve no cash left tobuy any games for it.Description: SEGA today unveiled a teaser trailer for a newSonic game slated for release later this year for PlayStation 3and Xbox 360. The video, which originated on SEGAs official Nexus Technology has unveiled the SM-8000 Silent mouse,Sonic Facebook page this morning, doesnt reveal much about featuring a patented design that eliminates all clicking noisesthe gameplay, only that it may feature both the old and new when you press the buttons. Measuring 117 x 76 x 42mm, itgeneration of Sonic characters. has five buttons, an optical sensor, an auto power save mode, and connects to the PC via a 2.4 GHz wireless Nano receiver.Green House Announces The SM-8000 operates on two AAA batteries and is expected to start shipping soon.PicoDrive F3 USB 3.0 Flash NEXUS PRESS RELEASEDriveSource: 7th, 2011Tokyo-based Green House has unveiled the PicoDrive F3 flashdrive series. Measuring 73.2 x 19.75 x 9mm and weighing Nexus Technology introduces the SM-8000 Silent mouse. No13.5g, they sport a USB 3.0 interface and deliver data transfer more clicking noise. After several requests to introduce arates up to 120 Mb/s (read) and 80 Mb/s (write). bigger brother for the SM-7000 we now introduce you the SM-8000, a big 5 button silent mouse. The Nexus Silent Mouse SM-8000 is an advanced 2.4G wireless optical mouse, which connects to your PC, Mac or laptop with a super small nano receiver and has a total of 5 silent buttons. Beside the regular 3 buttons this mouse have two extra buttons on the side which makes it easy browsing forward and backward.Tokyo-based Green House has unveiled the PicoDrive F3 flashdrive series. Measuring 73.2 x 19.75 x 9mm and weighing13.5g, they sport a USB 3.0 interface and deliver data transferrates up to 120 Mb/s (read) and 80 Mb/s (write). Availablein 64Gb, 32Gb and 16Gb capacities, they are available from 2
  3. 3. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZonePatented Switch Technology all models meet both the European Energy Using ProductsThe switches we have used for the Silent Mouse have a Directive (EuP) and The American Energy Star 5.0 standard.patented construction and lack the clicking sound when you The units run quietly and emit extremely low levels ofpress them. interference.You will be amazed how much more relaxing it is when you getrid of this useless sound in your working environment.Specifications • Advanced 2.4Ghz wireless technology • Nano receiver (included) • 39 channels • 16 bits mouse • 5 buttons • Auto Power save mode • Red sensor light • 2x AAA batteries (included) • 11.7x7.6x4.2 cmFor more information please check this page. An interesting aesthetic touch on what is often a bland system component is the patented design pattern on the laminated steel shell. The innovative surface coating process yields anA-Data Launches BN Series attractive textured appearance.PSUsSource: Features:psus/11826.htmlApril 7th, 2011 •Wattage: 400/450/500/550W •Active PFC •ATX12V Ver.2.3A-DATA Technology, well-known for their DRAM modules •Meets EuP and Energy Star 5.0and flash memory products, has introduced the BN SeriesPSUs. Available in 400W, 450W, 500W and 550W capacities, •80 PLUS (Bronze)these 80Plus Bronze PSUs feature a laminated steel enclosure,active PFC, two 12V rails, a MTBF of 100,000 hours, and •Low Ripple & Noiseare cooled by a 120mm fan. The ADATA BN Series PSUs,compliant with ATX12V Ver.2.3, EuP and Energy Star 5.0, are •PCI-E Connectorsavailable through selected distributors. •Textured laminated surfaceADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash applicationproducts, today announced the launch of its latest series Availabilityof power supply for personal computers. The BN Series istargeted towards consumer and professional users who arelooking for economical solutions in energy efficient power. ADATA BN Series power supply units are now distributed through selected distributors and resellers. More information about ADATA BN Series power supply unit can be found onWith 80 Plus Bronze certification, the BN series offer up to the companys website.85% efficiency, while the 95% Active Power Factor Correction(PFC) minimizes power loss. The series comes in four wattagemodels to meet a wide range of individual user needs, and 3
  4. 4. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneZowie Gear Introduces G-TFSpeed MousepadSource: 7th, 2011Zowie Gear has refreshed its G-TF mousepad (released 2009)with the announcement of the G-TF Speed. Measuring 440 x First things first. The G-TF speed will not replace the G-TF. We320 x 2mm, the gaming pad boasts a newly designed rubber have been receiving a lot of requests to develop a surface whichbase for more stablity, a liquid-resistant surface for smooth was faster than the G-TF and took up the challenge. Due togliding and easy maintenance, and triple-stitched rolled edges the popularity of the G-TF, we decided to use the same uniquefor durability and comfort. The G-TF Speed is compatible with waterproof texture in the G-TF speed and improve on specificall mice and is expected to start shipping in June 2012. details.ZOWIE GEAR PRESS RELEASEOn August 17th 2009 we announced the innovative G-TFmousepad which we had developed in cooperation withAbdisamad ‘SpawN’ Mohamed. As a groundbreaking additionto the mousepad market, the G-TF provided competitivegamers around the world with the edge they needed to stay ontop of their game.The G-TF combined flexibility, comfort and size of theclothpads with the unique texture of plasticpads, resulting ina unique mousepad with a large and comfortable mousing-area as well as low friction allowing for swift and precisemovements. To increase the overall durability and qualityof the mousepad, the G-TF was created using 100% naturalrubber and the edges were stitched to prevent them fromfraying – all of these features were unique and specifically Not only is the G-TF speed faster than the G-TF, it also havedeveloped for the G-TF. a newly developed unique base, which allows for a firm flat suction to the table and makes the mousepad thinner, making it ideal for gamers who has been using plasticpads and are nowAmazed by the outstanding performance of the G-TF, this looking for something a bit more flexible. The G-TF speed isclothpad was soon to become the preferred mousepad of many for those gamers who want it all – comfort, flexibility and swiftcompetitive and casual gamers around the world. Today the performance.G-TF is a sure sight at all of the competitive LAN’s andtournaments worldwide.With that being said, we are happy to introduce the G-TFspeed, yet another innovative addition to the ZOWIE GEARproduct portfolio. 4
  5. 5. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneStaying true to our motto, we are always striving for perfection,even if it’s a matter of improvement of just 1%. We believe this1% is what makes the difference in competitive gaming.The G-TF speed will be available medio 2011.Features * The speed edition of the popular G-TF – faster than ever * Newly designed rubber base for increased stability * Liquid resistant surface allows for easy maintenance It is a well known fact that the words Singapore and fast, * Triple-stitched edges preventing fray and increases the seamless and hassle-free are seldom (if ever) used togetherlifetime of the pad in the breath or sentence when the state of the countrys broadband network is brought up for discussion, and for * Rolled edges for added comfort while playing good reason. With most existing home and mobile broadband providers boasting robust networks that never fail to operate at * 100% compatible with all types of mice a fraction of their advertised speeds, it should be little surprise that locals often take pride in competing to see which ISP offers * Perfectly oversized for gamers & designers: 440 x 320 x the lowest average network speeds.2mm/ 17.3 x 12.6 x 0.08" Thankfully, this dismal state of affairs is about to change now that the Next Generation National Broadband Network (NGNBN)is upon us, and most of us are in the midst of gettingSign up at our Facebook page, for a chance to win this awesome their fibre termination point installed as we type this story out.pad once it is released: Of course, in an ideal world, things such as ISP or hardware bottlenecks would not exist, except that the real world isCisco launches Linksys E4200 seldom as forgiving. And while ISP bottlenecks are definitely going to stay, users have the capability to prevent hardwareMaximum Performance Dual- bottlenecks from taking place, and this is precisely what Cisco is aiming to eliminate with its new Linksys E4200 Wireless-NBand Wireless-N router router, which was officially launched today.Source: In his opening address, Craig Gledhill, vice president of CiscoApril 7th, 2011 Consumer Products for Asia Pacific and Japan, described how the new E4200 router will enhance a users online experience when used in conjunction with the upcoming NGNBN infrastructure.Now that more residential areas are getting the upgradesneeded to access to the Next Generation NationwideBroadband Network (aka NGNBN), it should come as nosurprise that getting an aftermarket router to share the ultrahigh-speed connection is going to be a top priority. And if youare willing to spare no expense in ensuring that your routerdoes not end up being the bottleneck to this new network,Cisco is only all too keen to sell you its new E4200 Wireless-Nrouter, which it officially launched in a media event held in theInfocomm Experience Centre located at Esplanade Xchange.VR-Zone brings you the coverage. "Cisco is a big supporter of the NGNBN, and we think that this is a great initiative by the government. Cisco has been involved in this project, and as technology vendors, we want to bring new technology to take advantage of the NGNBN. The product we are launching today, the E4200, is a top-of-the- range router that has been getting great reviews, and it is the kind of device youd want to put next to your LED TV," he said. 5
  6. 6. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAccompanying him was Cisco Systems head of consumerproducts for Asia Pacific and Japan, Jaimohan Thampi, whoproceeded to describe some of the new features and usabilityupgrades consumers can take advantage of in the new LinksysE4200 Wireless-N router.Darwin can keep his evolutionary theory; we are moreinterested in Ciscos router design evolution specimens"The need for bandwidth and capabilities is only going to growin homes. With Singapore being one of the frontrunners speeds have skyrocketed. And people aregoing out to buy cheap, affordable routers that are just notable to keep up with the expectations of the network. In suchcases, the router has become the throttling point. We want Cisco Connect; Easy as 1, 2, 3 indeed. Three windows andto market a product that is capable of delivering tomorrows youre done; notice that the E4200 sports the ability to set upexperience...without the complexity of trying to get it to work," a guest network with the click of a button.he said, while adding that these are issues which the newLinksys E4200 router is fully capable of solving."The E4200 router is our maximum-performance, dual-band Fujifilm unveils new FinePixrouter today. The Linksys E4200 is designed for speed and iscapable of transfer speeds of up to 450Mbps under the 5.0GHz Z900EXR compact digitalband. It is also Home Theatre-ready, which means that it is cameracapable of delivering high-definition, 3D content, and back Source: digital files. Cisco connect (also removes) the complexity compact-digital-camera/11822.htmlelement; setting up a connection is now as easy as one two April 7th, 2011three," he claimed. Fujifilm has unveiled their new FinePix Z900EXR compact digital camera designed with new image sensor that is capable of shooting full high definition videos and automatically detect up to 27 different scenes. 6
  7. 7. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe Z900EXR is the latest addition to Fujifilms portfolio of suddenly ceases to operate, and it will take a long time for anFinepix compact digital cameras that features a multi-touch alternative solution to fill the void it will leave behind.display, new image sensor and the capability to capture videos However, it also appears that Google is not content aboutin full high definition (HD). The 16-megapixel camera also YouTube just being a gigantic repository of videos for usersoffers high dynamic range and improved battery life and can to view online. Apparently, the search giant has always beenperform full resolution continuous shooting of three frames harbouring plans of making YouTube much more ubiquitousper second. in the average users lifestyle, we have seen how Google TV wasThe Finepix Z900EXR is equipped with a 5x wide-angle, probably the first example of the search giants long term goals28-140mm (35mm equivalent) Fujinon zoom lens and can for YouTube. But even that is not enough, and various sourcesautomatically detect up to 27 different scenes including familiar with Googles dealings are claiming that the companysunsets and blue sky. At the rear is the 3.5-inch touchscreen is setting up YouTube to go head to head against the likes ofLCD display with multi-touch capabilities. The camera can TV network operators in order to keep people hanging aroundalso record full 1080p high definition videos at 30 frames per the video portal for longer amounts of time.second in H.264 file format. Available in black, red, white, pink According to a report made by the Wall Street Journal, theand blue options, the Finepix Z900EXR will retail from May online video streaming service is now focusing on acquiringat US$279.95. new content in the way most TV broadcast and cable networks will; by offering to sponsor or fund the production of contentGoogle planning to introduce specially designed for online viewing. The search giant has also reportedly set aside a staggering US$100million just for thischannel system to YouTube? purpose. It is speculated that such an approach has greaterSource: potential in successfully winning over producers to producesystem-to-youtube-/11821.html Youtube-exclusive content, as opposed to striking licensingApril 7th, 2011 deals with video and content distributors. In addition, Google is also reportedly planning to revamp YouTubes home page by introducing a Channels system which will supposedly allow users to sort between videos of various genres for easier classification and searching purposes.Sure, YouTube may have the worlds most comprehensive,up-to-date repository of movies, home-made video clips and Last but not least, the Wall Street Journal also claims thatother kinds of media files, but it appears that Google is still Google is planning to integrate social networking features intotrying to find a way to position YouTube as a source of media YouTube, and that such features are likely to be introducedthat will eventually be as ubiquitous as existing television together with the new Channels system so that viewersnetworks. And according to bits of information claimed by will have a comprehensive package of new features in thevarious insider sources, it seems that Googles approach might revamped YouTube to revamp the portal into the web equivalent of a TV For more information about Googles plans for YouTube, hitnetwork. up the source link below. Acer refreshes Timeline X product line with new models featuring Intels Sandy Bridge Source: with-new-models-featuring-intel-s-sandy-bridge/11820.html April 7th, 2011It does not take much to convince most web-savvy users thatYouTube is probably one of, of not the most popular source Until very recently, Acer was the only major notebook OEMof online videos in the world today. After all, most web users which had yet to update its entire product line with models thatwill be hard pressed to find a similar alternative video hosting featured Intels new Sandy Bridge platform. However, if youservice that offers the same kind of depth, reach and variety have been waiting all this while for a low-priced notebook thatas what Googles YouTube is currently capable of. In fact, it packs the latest specifications from the likes of Acer, today isis probably no exaggeration on our part when we say that the going to be your lucky day, for Acer has finally rolled out whatglobal online video scene would grind to a halt if YouTube the world has been waiting for: its own line of Sandy Bridge- powered notebooks under the Timeline X banner. Talk about a 7
  8. 8. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneclassic example of better late than never being put into action a trait which appears to greatly reduce the appeal of the 15-in the real world. *UPDATED with local prices! inch 5830TG. Unfortunately, the notebooks are currently only available for sale in Taiwan, so budget-conscious consumers here in sunny Singapore seeking an Acer-branded notebook featuring Intels Sandy Bridge platform will probably have to wait a little longer before these notebooks finally pop up for sale in our local computer stores. That being said, here are some prices for comparative purposes: the 13-inch 3830TGWell, that sure took Acer long enough. While major notebook is currently retailing in Taiwan for NT32,900 (NT37,900 forOEMs such as HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu have already had the i5 version), while the 14-inch and 15-inch 4830TG andnotebooks powered by Intels Sandy Bridge platform out for 5830TG are selling for the same price of NT39,900.retail on the market for quite some time already, Acer wasconveniently absent from the Sandy Bridge race, for reasons *UPDATE: a reader has updated us with information thatunknown to all but its own internal departments. Acers Sandy Bridge notebooks are already available for sale locally at discounted prices. The Timeline X 3830TG isHowever, those who have been patiently awaiting the day currently selling for S$999 (S$1,398 for the Core i5 version),Acer will eventually unveil an updated line of notebooks while the 5830TG costs S$1,298, and the 4830TG is alreadyfeaturing the new Sandy Bridge platform will probably retailing for the price of S$1,598. Last but definitely not least,have much to look forward to. This is because Acer there are two additional models, the 14-inch 4750G and the 15-has finally delivered what the world has been waiting inch 5750, which feature Intels Sandy Bridge platform but willfor, and it comes in the form of four new Timeline X not be sold under the Timeline X banner. The 4750G featuresmodels: the Acer Aspire Timeline X 3830TG-2312G64nbb01, an Intel Core i3-2310M processor and an NVIDIA GeForce3830TG-2412G64nbb02, 4830TG-2412G64nbb01 and GT520M graphics card and is selling at the discounted price of5830TG-2412G64nbb01. S$849, while the 15-inch 5750 makes use of the Core i5-2410M processor and onboard graphics, and is currently discounted for sale at S$899. Apple to introduce its own proprietary version of USB3.0 and DisplayPort? Source: proprietary-version-of-usb3.0-and-displayport-/11819.html April 7th, 2011No prizes for guessing the model number for this particularTimeline X notebookAccording to an online report published by the Chinese branchof Engadget, all three new Sandy Bridge-powered Timeline X Once again, leave it to Apple to throw existing standards outnotebooks will feature near identical hardware specifications: of the window by choosing to implement its own ports whichthe 13-inch 3830TG-2312G64nbb01 will come bundled with attempt to combine two interfaces into a single “hybrid port”.an Intel Core i3-2310M processor clocked at 2.1GHz, an And according to the latest patent awarded to the CupertinoNVIDIA GeForce GT540M graphics card which sports 2GB of giant, it seems that the next hybrid port that is expected toVRAM, 2GB of system memory, a 640GB hard disk and USB debut on future Apple hardware will be capable of delivering3.0 ports capable of independent charging. both USB3.0 and DisplayPort signals. Although USB3.0 and DisplayPort are interfaces which caterOn the other hand, the other 13-inch 3830TG model, along to very different needs, the basis for their design arewith the 14-inch 4830TG and 15-inch 5830TG loses the completely identical; they are both standard interfaces whichCore i3-2310M processor more a more powerful Intel Core have been designed to facilitate the transfer of digital contenti5-2410M processor clocked at 2.3GHz, which is capable from various electronic devices. And everybody knows howof achieving speeds of up to 2.9GHz under Turbo Boost. important standards are to our daily computing needs; that isHowever, all other specifications remain identical, which the main reason we do not have to fiddle with cumbersomemeans that both the 4830TG and 5830TG will feature the adaptors when it comes to dealing with various standardsame GT540M graphics card, 640GB hard disk and USB3.0 expansion and I/O ports found in our PCs today.ports found in the 3830TG. And to top that off, all three That being said, at least one OEM has a fond preference fornotebooks will sport the same display resolution of 1366 x 768, doing everything its way and tossing out popular existing 8
  9. 9. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonestandards in the process, and it should come as no surprisethat Apple is now attempting to do the same with USB3.0and DisplayPort today. According to a patent which was onlyrecently awarded to Apple, it seems that the Cupertino gianthas plans to create an entirely new “hybrid port” which isreportedly capable of delivering both DisplayPort and USB3.0signals in a single package. Of course, with this being Apple we are talking about, it probably goes without saying that such an interface is going to be an Apple-exclusive, just like how the current line of iPods, iPads and iPhones all feature proprietary charging ports even though the micro-USB interface has already been recognized internationally as the standard port to be used for mobile devices.Based on what we are able to understand from the patent Feel free to hit up on the source link for more informationfilings, the hybrid port will feature a 30-pin connector, of about the patent and its implementation.which the various signal types each pin will transmit is shownin the patent illustration below. Microsofts Bing Streetside to launch in Germany, compete with Googles Street View Source: in-germany-compete-with-google-s-street-view/11818.html April 7th, 2011 Microsoft is planning to launch the Streetside feature of their Bing map service in Germany, competing head on with Googles Streetview. If everything goes well, the serviceAlso, based on illustrations of the devices physical could be up this coming summer.dimensions, it can be inferred that Apple might plan toimplement this new hybrid port on mobile devices such asits line of iPods, iPhones and iPads first. This is due to thefact that the ports capability to deliver both USB3.0 andDisplayPort signals means that it greatly reduces the amountof space needed to feature dedicated ports for such highlymobile devices, where sufficient real estate for implementingadditional I/O ports are a luxury. That being said, Apple doesmention that the port may eventually find its way to desktopand notebook PCs. While Google may have Street View, Microsoft has their Bing Streetside. And the Streetside service is coming to Germany. Google Street View cars had been accused of collecting data from open Wi-Fi spots and networks without authorization, and the search engine giant has admitted to the wrongdoing. To avoid similar thing from happening, Microsoft officials have met with industry associations, political representatives and privacy advocates. The software company will begin photographing 50 major cities in Germany and the service will be available for use to the public by the end of May 2011. 9
  10. 10. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneA website will be launched next Friday with detailed managed to pin-point the actual launch date which is the finalinformation on the routes the camera cars will take while they piece of the puzzle.take the pictures, and with many people who do not want theirhomes to be shown on Streetside, Microsoft will have to findways to tackle this issue for the Bing Streetside service. The By now were within a month or two at the most from theBing Streetside is scheduled to go live in summer this year. launch of Intels upcoming high-end Sandy Bridge chipset, the Z68 and weve gotten some new details ahead of the launch via the grapevine. Its all good news, although we have as yet notMSI E350IA-E45 AMD Brazos managed to pin-point the actual launch date which is the finalPlatform Review piece of the puzzle.Source: As you may or may not have read, Intel has added support forreview/11417.html SSD caching in the Z68 chipset and so far its been known asApril 7th, 2011 RST SSD caching, not exactly a sexy name for what at least for Intel is a new technology, so the companys PR department came up with a better one – Smart Response. Its at least a catchier name, even though it actually says less about the actual technology, but thats what marketing and PR is for, right? If you want a preview of how well it works or not, we suggest you head over to Toms hardware that put up an early preview a while back. Smart Response still requires that youIn this article, we will explore the performance of the recently own an SSD of course, although even a fairly small one wouldlaunched AMD Brazos platform - more specifically MSIs be good enough.implementation with the E350IA-E45 Mini-ITX motherboard,which is worth a consider as a home theatre PC (HTPC) due to However, the really good news is that Intel decided to lower theits small physical size and low power consumption. price of the Z68 chipset to a price point much closer to that of the current P67 chipset. This should hopefully result not onlyAMD Fusion is the marketing name for a series of in a lot more affordable Z68 boards, but also a wide range thanAccelerated Processing Units which was announced to be many of the board makers initially planned to offer. That said,in development since 2006. The final design is the product Intel hasnt officially revealed the pricing of its P67 chipset soof the merger between AMD and ATI, combining feneral any actual pricing is a bit hard to deduce and were currentlyprocessor execution as well as 3D geometry processing and unable to reveal the price difference, but its much smaller thanother functions of modern GPUs into a single chip. This what earlier rumours have was shown to the general public in January 2011 atthe Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As soon as Intel has gotten its Sandy Bridge and Westmere-EX Xeon CPU launch out of the way, wed expect that theyll start preparing the launch of the Z68 chipset, unless theyve decidedIn todays review, we will explore the performance of the to hold it back until Computex. Otherwise the best and mostrecently launched AMD Brazos platform - more specifically likely launch even would be IDF Beijing which kicks off on theMSIs implementation, which is worth a consider as a home 12th of April, but none of the keynotes or technical sessionstheatre PC (HTPC) due to its small physical size and low seems to suggest that were looking at a Z68 platform launchpower consumption. However, small size and low power at IDF.consumption does not mean poor performance, as recentMini-ITX systems have demonstrated. The Daily VR-Zone NewsIntel Z68 chipset pricing lower Summary - 6 April 2011than expected Source: april-2011/11452.htmlSource: April 7th, 2011expected/11817.htmlApril 7th, 2011 In todays news roundup: The elusive P67-totting Quantum Force Rattler motherboard from Foxconn has finally be taken out for a review; Techspot performs a short comparison ofBy now were within a month or two at the most from the various entry-level, budget and mainstream-level graphicslaunch of Intels upcoming high-end Sandy Bridge chipset, the cards from the likes of both AMD and NVIDIA; Toshiba isZ68 and weve gotten some new details ahead of the launch via reportedly planning to launch a new notebook featuring athe grapevine. Its all good news, although we have as yet not glasses-free 3D display sometime in the second half of 2011; 10
  11. 11. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSamsungs Prevail smartphone gets a hands-on; AIKA SEA complete backwards compatibility to USB 2.0 and 1.1, whilehas been confirmed for an April 12 launch, and Dragon the U3e adds eSATA connectivity to the mix. Whether youQuest X is reportedly close to completion, and that an official need blazing USB 3.0 and eSATA transfers, or connectivityannouncement regarding the games launch can be expected to an older machine, the ZM-HE350 U3 and U3e have yousometime at the end of the year. covered.Hardware news Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler Review @ Description: Noctua has developed a reputation for highFoxconn Quantum Force Rattler P67 Motherboard Review @Vortez quality components, backed up by countless awards from reviews published around the world. Downdraft coolers haveDescription: Rumours surrounding the Quantum Force Series been manufactured in the past, however few have been able tohaving a new P67 addition have been circulating around the stand up to the larger tower coolers. The NH-C14 shows thatinternet for many months now, and today we finally get our Noctua knows what they are doing in this field.hands on a motherboard named Rattler which incorporatesthat Intel P67 chipset. Seagate GoFlex Slim 320GB USB 3.0 Hard Drive Review @ Legit ReviewsGIGABYTE HD 6970 OC 2GB Review @ OCAU Description: The Seagate GoFlex Slim 320GB portable driveDescription: A unique technology featured on GIGABYTEs caught us a little off guard when it arrived. We werent suremotherboards has come to graphics cards in the form of what to expect, but in the end we found ourselves pleasantlythe Ultra Durable VGA technology banner. This includes a surprised to find a portable drive that was fast, lightweight,2oz copper design for a lower working temperature and a small and looked good. Usually, you cant find a way to blendreduction of hotspots, better overclocking and better power all those features together without making sacrifices along theefficiency, as well as Japanese solid capacitors, Tier 1 memory way, but that doesnt appear to be the situation we have herefrom Samsung and Hynix, as well as quality Ferrite Core today. In order to take full advantage of this drive you reallychokes and MOSFETs adding to the benefits of the 2oz copper need to have a USB 3.0 interface! With CrystalDiskMark wedesign. Youll find the majority of non-reference GIGABYTE saw the GoFlex Slim 320GB drive peak at ~120MB/s read andgraphics cards sporting this logo, while SuperOverclock (SOC) ~118MB/s write, so if youve been using a USB 2.0 drive andcards feature the Ultra Durable VGA Plus+ logo. are stuck at ~31MB/s write speeds youll see nice performanceTop Budget to Mainstream Graphics Cards gains!Description: The last few months weve seen both AMD and Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler Review @ OCIA.netNvidia turn their attention to the high-end segment of the Description: We first saw this cooler on display at CES 2011 ingraphics market. In addition to launching their latest single- the suit that Thermaltake was set up in. The Frio OCK is theGPU flagship boards, both companies just recently launched refreshed version of Thermaltakes top Frio cooler. With OCKa couple of dual-GPU beasts. We have to say its great to see standing for “Over Clocker King,” it wasn’t hard to determinesuch spirited competition as its usually customers that reap the target market here. We are actually a little surprised to seethe benefits. Thats especially true today as mainstream cards it released as our rep said it might not make it to market dueare getting more and more powerful and even a $100 product to a cost prohibitive capable of far more than you may give it credit for. So,while AMD and Nvidia settle the score at the super expensive ASUS GTX 590 Review @ ocaholicenthusiast level, we actually want to have a look at whats Description: With the GTX 590 ASUS also has the NVIDIAbeen happening elsewhere. Weve compiled a table with some dual GPU flagship in its portfolio. This card is based on theof what we consider the best options at several price points reference design except that ASUS marginally increased GPUbetween $70 and $200. and memory frequencies to get a very small advatage over their competitors. Never the less were curious how this thing willXigmatek Gaia SD1283 CPU Cooler Review @ Tweaknews perform in our benchmark parcours.Description: Xigmateks Gaia SD 1283 CPU cooler has itall covered. Its got outstanding cooling performance, a Antec Kuhler H20 620 CPU Cooler Review @ Real World Labsdiminutive acoustic footprint, a distinctive look, an innovative Description: With the latest Kuhler H20 620 Antec has made adirect touch design and a robust yet easily installed mounting strong come back in CPU Cooling not only because of the unitssolution. excellent cooling efficiency but also because of its small size, low-profile pump, flexible tubings and killer price tag.Fractal Design R3 Case Review @ ITShootOut.comDescription: Today ITShootOut take a look at Fractal Designs Prolimatech Genesis Review @, an affordable case designed for ultra-quiet PCs. As we Description: Prolimatech is known for high-end air coolingfound out, however, it is far from a one trick pony. With heatsinks like the Megahalems, Armageddon and Superexcellent design features, great build quality and very good Mega. The Genesis is supposedly a hybrid processor andcooling performance its one of the best contemporary cases on motherboard cooler and in this review we’re going to seethe market today whether Prolimatech’s hybrid is any good.Zalman ZM-HE350 U3 and U3e External HDD Enclosure Consumer Electronics and Software newsReview @Hi Tech Legion Acer Aspire 5830T TimelineX: Evolution Through Time @Description: The Zalman ZM-HE350 U3 and U3e External InsideHWHDD Enclosures are all about flexibility. The Zalman ZM-HE350 U3 offers a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connection, with 11
  12. 12. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: It’s been a while since we met the last entertainment and even some gaming potential thanks to arepresentative of the new, promising series of Acer notebooks range of discrete NVIDIA GPUs to choose from.- Timeline. The elegant lines, good performance and Hands on: Samsungs Prevail smartphone on Boost Mobilerecognisable design were accompanied by excellent battery Description: Confirming several leaks, Boost Mobile hasautonomy and a reasonable price, which made these models formally unveiled its latest smartphone, Samsungs Prevailvery attractive. This time around, it’s another “sinking” - handset, at a special event in New York City. The deviceAcer’s Aspire 5830T, from the new TimelineX generation. The represents the carriers flagship smartphone, which will berecognisable ground aluminium lid with a silver Acer logo is sold alongside several BlackBerry offerings and the agingpresent here as well. Besides the fact that pressure on the Motorola i1. Electronista attended the introduction to take alid causes no display distortion, the aluminium surface also closer look at the new device, which may prove to be one of theprovides additional ruggedness and strength to the notebook. most attractive smartphones paired with contract-free dataThe sharp lines are usually indicative of business models, but plans.Acer has used a small trick - all edges are rounded or mildlytilted against the surface they’re facing, which makes the new Gaming newsTimelineX models much more attractive to a wider number of AIKA SEA To Launch On April 12 Officiallycustomers… Description: AIKA SEA will be opening its servers officially onToshiba unveils 2011 product range – entertainment, 12th April at 4pm (GMT+08h), and here are some answers towherever you are questions that Asiasoft have put up for AIKA SEA with regardsDescription: Toshiba UK today announces its 2011 product for CBT users.range, including the first CEVO Engine powered TV, 3D- Dragon Quest X almost done, announcement by the end ofenabled Satellite laptops, brand new Blu-ray players and two this yearnew Camileo high definition camcorders. Toshiba also today Description: Series creator Yuji Horii announced Dragonannounces Toshiba Places, a cloud-based portal that enables Quest X, in development for Wii, at a press conference inusers to access and share content across a variety of devices. December 2008. And that was the last anyone heard about itToshiba to launch glasses-free notebooks in 2H 2011 until the April 2011 issue of Nintendo Power. The subject cameDescription: According to Digitimes, Toshiba plans to up in an interview feature about "Dragon Quest through thelaunch glasses-free laptops in 2H 2011. Toshiba actually Ages," when Horii stated that its nearing completion.demonstrated a prototype 3D laptop in CES 2011, called the Next Black Ops Map Pack LeakedQosmio. It had a parallax-barrier LCD (with one viewpoint) Description: An Australian retailer has leaked the first detailsand an eye-tracking camera. on the second map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, which willWestern Digital My Book 3.0 1TB USB 3.0 External HDD be called the Escalation Pack.ReviewDescription: The Western Digital My Book 3.0 is a sleekenclosure around two inches wide and seven inches tall. The Mach Xtreme Debuts 1.8" MX-top, bottom and back are vented to allow air to flow over the MDS micro-SATA SSDinternal drive, but the front and sides have a matte black finish. Source: the drive is powered a tiny white LED glows to show micro-sata-ssd/11816.htmlthat the system is actually powered on. Western Digital needed April 7th, 2011some way to show that the drive was powered on since the MyBook 3.0 is silent from just a few inches away. On the back youwill find a single button to power the enclosure on and off."HTC Pyramid to launch on April 12th under the name of HTCSensation? Mach Xtreme Technology has expanded its line-up of flashDescription: When HTC extended an invitation our way to storage devices with the introduction of the MX-MDS Seriescome "see whats next" on April 12th in London, plenty of you SSDs. The compact 1.8" SSDs, based on the powerfulwere already guessing that its long-rumored 1.2GHz Pyramid SandForce SF1222 processor, feature a micro-SATA interface,device would seize that opportunity to make its debut. Now MLC flash memory, 30,000 IOPS (Input/ Output OperationsPocket-lint has apparently confirmed those inklings, with Per Second), a MTBF of 1,500,000 hours, and supports dataword from an insider affirming the new Android smartphones transfer rates up to 285 Mb/s (read) and 275 Mb/s (write). Thelaunch for that day and also adding that its retail name will be MX-MDS series, covered by a two year warranty, are availablethe HTC Sensation. HTC has already filed a claim to trademark in 40Gb, 60Gb, and 90Gb capacities at MSRPs of €135, €165,that tandem of words, which lends an extra dash of credence and €220 this revelation. MACH XTREME PRESS RELEASEAcer Aspire Z5761 touchscreen all-in-one packs Core i7 andNVIDIA GPUDescription: Acer has outed its latest all-in-one, the 24-inch Acer Aspire Z5761. Built around a choice of Intel Corei5-2400S, i5-2500S or Core i7-2600S processors along withup to 8GB of RAM, the touchscreen desktop promises home 12
  13. 13. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Available in capacities of 40GB, 60GB and 90GB, Mach Xtreme Technology MX-MDS SSDs comes backed with 2 Year Warranty and outstanding after-sales service. MX-MDS Series 1.8" SSD at A Glance: •1.8" SATAII micro-SATA MLC Solid State Drive •Max. Read Performance up to 285MB/s (40GB up to 220MB/ s) •Max. Write Performance up to 275MB/s (40GB up to 210MB/ s)Mach Xtreme Technology Inc., a worldwide leader in topperformance, high reliability and user friendly designed PC •Sustained Write up to 230MB/s (40GB up to 120MB/s)components, today unveiled the 1.8"micro-SATA MX-MDSSeries SSD. Based on the best-in-class SandForce SF1222 •IOPS up to 30,000controller, the 1.8" MX-MDS Series delivers an enhancedmobile computing experience with much faster application •Power consumption: idle 0.5W / active 2.0Wloading, ultra-fast data access, shorter boot-ups, and longerbattery life of all laptops with micro-SATA interface. •Life expectancy 1.5 million hours MTBF •Capacity: 40GB (MXSSD2MMDS-40G), 60GB (MXSSD2MMDS-60G) and 90GB (MXSSD2MMDS-90G) •Warranty: 2 Years Cooler Master Unleashes HAF 932 Advanced Case Source: advanced-case/11815.html April 7th, 2011This series maintains the highest level of read and writeperformance though the life of the SSD. Highly intelligentblock management and wear leveling optimizes longevity ofMX-MDS series drives. The MDS series supports DuraClass, Cooler Master has unveiled the HAF 932 Advanced Case,DuraWrite and unique RAISE technologies. DuraClass further expanding its HAF series of chassis first introduced intechnology provides best-in-class endurance, performance, 2008.and low power. DuraWrite technology extends the enduranceof MLC memory providing at least 5 year lifecycles with3-5K cycle MLC flash. RAISE provides the protection andreliability of RAID on a single drive without the significantwrite overhead.The MX-MDS drive delivers best-in-class read and writespeeds clocking in at up to 285 MB/s read and 275 MB/s writealong with the stunning maximum of 30,000 IOPS and lowpower consumption (stand-by 0.5W / active up to 2.0W) andsuperior durability (1.5 million MTBF) compared to rotatinghard disk drives. 13
  14. 14. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCooler Master has unveiled the HAF 932 Advanced Case,further expanding its HAF series of chassis first introduced in2008. Measuring 243 x 560 x 564mm and weighing 13.4kg, the tool- free, all-black full-tower case features six exposed 5.25" bays, five 3.5" HDD racks with anti-vibration pads, seven expansion slots, two rear holes for water-cooling tubes, a front-side I/O panel with four USB 2.0 ports, one IEEE 1394a, one eSATA, and audio connectors, and two USB 3.0 ports (via a 5.25" panel). The HAF 932 Advanced comes pre-installed with four fans (x1 front 230mm LED fan, x1 top 230mm, x1 230mm side, & x1 rear 140mm) is available now through major retailers and e-tailers at a MSRP of US$159.98. Chieftec Announces Nitro 88+ PSUs Source: psus/11814.html 14
  15. 15. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneApril 7th, 2011 According to MSI, the latest version of MSI Afterburner isChieftec Industrial, manufacturer of numerous PC chassis and capable of increase a graphics cards overclocking potential byPSUs, has launched the Nitro 88+ series PSUs. Available in as much as 25%, thanks to its support for voltage adjustments650W, 750W, 850W, and 1,000W capacities, these 80Plus to the card via software means. Additional features found inSilver-certified PSus are fully modular and boast a single the updated release of MSI Afterburner includes the version12V rail, sleeved cables, active PFC, a MTBF of 100,000 2.0 of the Kombustor software used to test for overclockinghours, and are cooled by a 140mm PWM fan. The Nitro 88+ stability, and a new video capturing tool known as Predator,can be pre-ordered now from authorized e-tailers at MSRPs which allows OC-ers to record in-game videos during theof €112.05 (650W), €120.61 (750W), €158.87 (850W) and benchmarking process.€198.97 (1,000W). To ensure that gamers and enthusiasts do not burn out their cards when subjecting them to intense loads for benchmarkingNews via [Techpowerup] purposes, the R6790-2PM2D1GD5 comes with what MSI claims is a new cooling system for the GPU. By utilizing three copper heat pipes kept in direct contact with the GPU, alongMSI releases with a 90mm PWM fan, MSIs design supposedly providesR6790-2PM2D1GD5 graphics better airflow, which results in a more efficient cooling system that reportedly 50% more effective than the reference design.card designed for overclockers Last but definitely not least, the MSI R6790-2PM2D1GD5Source: utilizes solid, aluminium core capacitors which are said to begraphics-card-designed-for-overclockers/11813.html much more durable than the typical electrolyte capacitors; thisApril 7th, 2011 supposedly allows the R6790-2PM2D1GD5 to "achieve perfect operation under all load circumstances". Specifications of the card as as follow: Graphics Engine AMD Radeon HD 6790 Bus Standard PCI Express x16 2.1 Memory Type GDDR5MSI has launched the new R6790-2pm2D1GD5 graphics Memory Size(MB) 1024card for the enthusiast market. According to the Taiwanesemanufacturer, the new graphics card is reportedly capable of Memory Interface 256 bits"meeting the needs of gamers and professionals" thanks to Core Clock Speed 840MHzthe use of various features designed to enhance the cards Memory Clock Speed 4200MHzoverclocking capabilities. DVI Output Single-Link DVI-D x1, Dual- Link DVI-I x1 D-SUB Output 1 (optional, via DVI to D-Sub adaptor) HDMI-Output 1 Mini DisplayPort 2 HDCP Support YMSI has announced in a press release today that it has HDMI Support Ylaunched its new R6790-2PM2D1GD5 graphics card based Dual-link DVI Yoff the recently-released AMD Radeon HD 6790 GPU. The Display Output 4x 1920x1200R6790-2PM2D1GD5 will feature 1GB of dedicated VRAM, (Max Resolution)support for overvolting via the MSI Afterburner tool, as well RAMDACs 400as Eyefinity support, which allows for a single graphics card tosimultaneously drive multiple displays. DirectX Version Support 11 15
  16. 16. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone OpenGL Version Support 4.0 According to a news report, Microsoft has confirmed that the CrossFire Support Y launch of Internet Explorer 9 in Japan will be delayed in Card Dimension(mm) 245 x 115 x 35mm order to assist the countrys recovery efforts. The browser, which was originally slated for a March 15 launch, will nowAs it has always been with regards to MSI press release, be postponed to April 26: this delay will reportedly help tono information about pricing and global availability for reduce additional burden on Japans quake-damaged networkthe R6790-2PM2D1GD5 has been revealed yet, so do check infrastructure. This means that Japanese users will not be ableback for updates. to obtain official builds of Internet Explorer 9 either via direct downloading of the installer binaries or through WindowsRelease of Internet Explorer Update until the aforementioned date.9 for Japan delayed due to Alternatively, you can play the role of the good friend and assist your Japanese friends by sending them your downloadedearthquake binary of Internet Explorer 9. Of course, youd want to makeSource: sure that they are using of the English version of Vista orjapan-delayed-due-to-earthquake/11812.html Windows 7; we dont want to add to their burden by wreckingApril 7th, 2011 their Windows installation now, do we? Another x86 tablet PC shows up in China Source: china/11810.htmlIf you make use of Microsofts Internet Explorer as your April 7th, 2011primary web browser for the daily Internet surfing needs,chances are that you will have already made the jump toInternet Explorer 9 in order to take advantage of the variousnew features IE9 has to offer. Unfortunately, the same cannotbe said of IE users and fans in Japan, as Microsoft Japan hasdecided to delay the browsers release date in light of the recentdisaster that rocked the country a few weeks ago. With iOS and Android wiping the floor where mobile operating systems are concerned, one might be tempted to think that there is little hope left for Microsofts and its Windows 7 OS to carve out its own share of the mobile device pie. However, it appears that a Chinese OEM in Shenzhen does not share the same view, and the announcement of its upcoming x86 tablet running off Windows is probably the best proof of that. Most people may be quick to shun Windows 7-based tablets in favor of alternative devices powered by Googles Android operating system, or Apples iOS, and for good reason. Even at its best, Windows 7 and its overlaying user interface was designed to be used with a precision pointing tool such as aBarely a couple of months ago, the mere mention of the words mouse or stylus; anything else will definitely result in a sub-Internet Explorer is more than enough to trigger wave after optimal user experience. And this issue is further complicatedwave of criticism about Microsofts ageing web browser, for by the fact that installing said OS on devices with smallrather obvious reasons. After all, it cannot be denied that display resolution do no favours for Windows already touch-Internet Explorer has been known to not only be a resource unfriendly interface.hog, but also as a security nightmare due to various securityholes and its use of ActiveX. And to top that off, IE is also However, it appears that not all OEMs are ready to give up onoften ridiculed as the slowest browser currently in use, a trait Windows-based tablets just yet, and this latest announcementwhich is not exactly the most forgiveable considering how from a certain Shenzhen-based manufacturer appears to backevery second matters in the digital world we live in today. that claim. Apparently, the manufacturer, which is known as GFive, has claimed that it plans to launch a new x86 tabletHowever, much of that changed with the introduction of known as the WisPad some time in the "immediate future",Internet Explorer 9, with many media organizations giving and that Windows will definitely come bundled on the device.Microsofts new browser favourable reviews, especially inareas where performance and support for web standards areconcerned. Unfortunately, it seems that Microsofts plans toencourage the adoption of Internet Explorer 9 has hit a snagin crisis-hit Japan. 16
  17. 17. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Flip Video announces new FlipShare with social features and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices Source: with-social-features-and-mobile-apps-for-iphone-ipad-and-android- devices/11809.html April 7th, 2011According to online sources, the WisPad GFT97A will be soldto global OEMs and carriers for rebranding, although GFive isreportedly thinking of introducing its own retail brand in order New social and video sharing capabilities have been added toto sell the WisPad directly to the Chinese domestic market, the latest Flip Videos FlipShare software, and the maker haswith an option for BTO if need be. also announced the new mobile app for iPhone, iPad, iPodThat aside, not much detail about the elusive WisPad has been touch and Android devices.revealed by GFive. What we do know is that the WisPad willfeature an Intel Atom N455 processor and a 9.7-inch capacitivetouchscreen, although the actual display resolution is still amystery. In addition to that, GFive has also revealed thatthe WisPad features 1GB of system memory, while storage isprovided via an optional SSD capable of capacities of up to16GB or 32GB. Last but not least, the tablet also appears to bedesigned with the style-conscious in mind, as it sports a fullaluminium body and a relatively thin profile with its maximumheight of 14mm. Cisco’s Flip Video has announced their new FlipShare software that comes with social and video sharing capabilities as well as FlipShare Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Users will be notified of the available upgrade automatically in this month when they open the FlipShare application, or they can go to to download it. The FlipShare software, which comes with every Flip video camera, now has enhanced video sharing capabilities. The new software includes FlipShare Groups for users to share videos more securely with friends and family. After creating a FlipShare Group, users and their friends can access theirNo pricing information for the WisPad has been announced videos from and through the FlipShare Mobileyet; however, given the fact that the device will eventually apps that are now available for iPhone, iPad and Androidbe sold under a different brand name, chances are that its devices. Within FlipShare Groups, users can comment, readprice will vary greatly between various OEMs. Oh, and one and post messages on each other’s videos and Groups.more thing: GFive has reportedly confirmed that the actualproduction model will feature the ability to dual boot between Compatible with both Mac and PC computers, FlipShareboth Windows and...yes, you guessed it, an x86 port of allows contacts to be imported directly from Gmail, WindowsAndroid. Now we are talking. Live Messenger, Yahoo and AOL address books so users can easily create address books for sharing videos. New Features for FlipShare: - Create and manage FlipShare Groups - Watch all your videos anywhere, anytime at - Comment on videos and read what others have posted in return 17
  18. 18. April 7th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone- Import contacts from your email address book- Expanded greetings card library- Enhanced video quality and performance for private emailvideo sharingThe FlipShare Mobile app is free and easy to use. You can shareany mobile video or photo to Facebook, Twitter and YouTubeor directly to friends and family, while on the move. You don’teven need to own a Flip Video camcorder.Features for Mobile App:- Available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android - withor without owning a Flip video camera Seagate today announced the availability of its new GoFlex Slim portable hard drive –– a 2.5–inch external drive- Share up to five mobile videos and/or photos at once to measuring just 9mm thin, designed for the latest trend ofFacebook, Twitter or YouTube - or send directly to friends and portable, thin, stylish laptops and The new GoFlex Slim performance drive is now available on- Post a comment, share, or “favourite” a video with the click, in–store and at select online retailers. Aof a button 320GB version of the GoFlex Slim drive can be purchased at US$99.99. It is roughly the width of a pencil and can slide- Built-in filters let users quickly navigate and organise their effortlessly into a pocket, purse or messenger library The GoFlex Slim portable drive also allows for use between Windows and Mac computers, interchangeably, without- Compatible with iPhone 3G or higher, iPod touch 2nd formatting or performance loss.generation or higher, iPad Requires iOS 4.0.0 or higher, andAndroid 1.6 or higher A 320GB version of the GoFlex Slim for Mac drive will be made available in May at Apple retail outlets nationwide for a- Available now at iTunes Store and Android Market manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$99.Seagate launches GoFlex PROLINK GSM 3G CameraSlim, worlds slimmest review: because your privacyexternal hard disk is just that importantSource: Source: because-your-privacy-is-just-that-important/11798.htmlApril 7th, 2011 April 7th, 2011Seagate has just announced the GoFlex Slim, which claims to Do you fancy being able to track what goes on in your homebe the worlds slimmest external hard drive to date. If you even while you are at work or in school, all with a simpleare looking for a portable external storage, this one is now press of some buttons on your 3G-capable mobile phone? Ifavailable on, in-stores and selected online that sounds like the kind of thing you wanted for the longestretailers. time already, there may be some good news in the form of PROLINKs PHC-105 GSM 3G camera, which is supposedly capable of doing just that. And leave it to us over at VR-Zone to check out its features and ease of use, so that you do not have to. 18