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A                Rule Engine             Intellect & Logic for EnterprisesRULE ENGINE is an intelligent extension to anyap...
Knocean   A complete EducationalInstitute Management SystemKnocean (KnowledgeOcean) is a CompleteSuite of Managementand Pe...
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Ladders ERP The proactive intelligent ERPA business is successful due tothe business intellect andmanagement skills.How do...
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Mechsoft portfolio


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mechsoft portfolio is summary about mechsoft and its expertise. Mechsoft has multiple expertise that we have listed in our portfolio.
We have also mention some of our products, applications and services in the portfolio.It also contains several links where we have live or demo and the information related to Mechsoft.

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Mechsoft portfolio

  1. 1. Lorem Ipsum Dolor [Insert Date]Application Product Design & Business ProcessDevelopment Development AutomationWeb Applications Innovation & Enterprise ApplicationsVirtual Reality Apps Idea Implementation Legacy ModernizationE-Commerce Rapid Development Cloud ComputingCMS Development with Rule Engine Testing Lab
  2. 2. A Rule Engine Intellect & Logic for EnterprisesRULE ENGINE is an intelligent extension to anyapplication, or enterprise system allowing it to adapt tochanging business logic and newer scenarios. It is aversatile solution with help of which your applicationswill become much more powerful, without doing anymajor coding or redesigning. Bwww.ruleengine.com Tele Rules Intellect & Logic for TelecomTelerule prevents buying new expensive billing system byadding intelligence to your existing billing applications,just write the rules for business logic and your applicationwill adapt it intelligently without resulting in slow downof the whole application and without any need oftechnology specialist. This nullify the requirement of thepurchasing the expensive telecom billing application.http://www.tele_rules.com C 2
  3. 3. Knocean A complete EducationalInstitute Management SystemKnocean (KnowledgeOcean) is a CompleteSuite of Managementand Performance A BEnhancement tools forany Educational http://www.knocean.com Enterprise Information & Communication Management System EICMS Anybody uses Outlook, but smart businesses use EICMS Enterprise Information & Communication Management System is a collaborative platform which helps in managing & controlling information flow across an organization. D EICMS helps in managing C tasks & projects, keeping the client & vendor closely A. Vestibulum quam. collaborated as a team. B. Nulla quis sem. http://www.eicms.com (item # XXXX) $000.00 3 C. Cras et sem.
  4. 4. A. Aenean elit. B. Lorem ipsum. C. Vestibulum quam. A Virtual Fashion House, showcasing a fashion designers collection online. Contains a tailoring (item # XXXX) $000.00 (item # XXXX) $000.00 application, XXXX) $000.00 (item # which allows virtual designing ofD. Quisque Viverra E. Suspendisse congue. clothes. F. Nulla quis sem. Design; take measurements & book orders online. www.virtualdesigner.com (item # XXXX) $000.00 (item # XXXX) $000.00 (item # XXXX) $000.00 Pawn Prophet Corporation is dedicated to bringing you the best bargains available. You will have an opportunity to browse for savings, without leaving your home. If you like to win free prizes, or get incredible deals, you will find this site to be a tremendous advantage. www.pawnprophet.com A B C Skumars has done interiors for offices, homes and hotels, in India and in Dubai. In all projects done by Skumars, one thing stands out … Each project has some unique creations, and the whole harmony of spaces, color combinations and planning stands out. www.skumarinteriors.com D E F 4
  5. 5. A virtual shopping mall. 3D simulation of elevators, shops, plaza & shopping arena. Tristique A walkthrough in virtual reality. Nullam (item # XXXX) $000.00 www.vshop.com   HRMS Payroll Fleet ManagementLadders HR is a complete Human Online Payroll Ladders, the most It is web based fleet managementResource Management and flexible, adaptable, fast & user friendly solution integrated with CRM andoptimization tool for any solution providing complete functionality many other features with reach frontorganization wanting to excel. to handle any size of organizations end for cab management & trip Payroll processing needs. booking.http://www.mechsoft-hrms.com http://www.mechsoft-payroll.com http://www.mechsoft-fleet.com Deal Management Correspondence Management Report EngineIt is an effective tool to track the Tracks all the letters coming and A Report Engine Tool whichDeal Status and monitor key deal going out from the organization helps clients/Customers toinfluencers. (Inward & Outward) & make them custom-­make their own style of available to all application users reports along with Homepage according to their roles & access. Dashboard & also Exportinghttp://www.mechsoft-deal-mgt.com Functionalities. http://www.correspondance.com http://www.mechsoft-report-engine.com 5
  6. 6. Ladders ERP The proactive intelligent ERPA business is successful due tothe business intellect andmanagement skills.How do you translate thisintellect to your solution?Ladders is a set of plug and playindividual modules. Eachmodule is a ladder, which wouldhelp you to rise in your business.You can combine these laddersand increase your businessefficiency, and productivity.Some of the modules in this are... • Financial accounting • Inventory and stocks • Human Capital Management • Project Management • Project costing • Fixed Assets management • Budget management
  7. 7. Client Project Geography This is a homeopathic expert system. Sold in 50+ countries Global Medical Clinics worldwide. Available in various versions, with a high-end search engine and interactive expert system. Rule based billing application, which works as add on Thailand DTAC solution to their billing application, making it very versatile and adaptable to change. L&T Infotech Intranet/ Internet based mini ERP for a banking India institution. SoftPower.com Developing an online POS and Inventory application. USA Kings Road Tires E-Commerce B2B Solution networking all their UK resellers/ associates. Schlumberger Correspondence management solution. USA EDR Continuous Electronic Data Discovery solution for India Legal profession.Information SystemCashman Computer Online Shopping Cart implementation for Jewellery USA portals. Associates Ivedha Performetrix, a performance monitoring/ Canada evaluation system. A complete Human Capital Management solution. Proschconsult Various Dot Net based projects. Germany Thunderbolt Complete Travel Technology solution with booking USA engines for Air, Hotel and Car reservation, with Technologies connectivity to multiple sources, and E-Commerce and Payment/ Settlement/ Distribution System. Ad-Mag Classified newspaper management, database India handling to generating a final DTP version of paper. (Multi lingual application).Cemaze Technologies Portfolio management software, (Rated best in its India kind by Chip magazine) for Indian Market. (NVEST) blauerlotos Internet based Online Gaming, with E-commerce & Germany Security. (Casino on web), Flash gaming Bholanath Online marketplace for Carpet sales, with India distribution/ logistics and supply management solution.International Limited
  8. 8. Client Project Geography Various hospitality related solutions / websites USA (www.weekendescapes.com) Dynamic Travels Real estate marketing company’s website site. USADreamhomes and U Hubert Ebner Gaming engine related development. Austria Verkehrslehrmittel GesmbH Image Computers Mechsoft has developed and developing many online Ireland projects for them. SPAR Solution Working with this client on Java and Dot net projects USA in insurance related sector.Hearing Impaired and These are the active trust in India and developed India online presence and web promotion for these sites. Differently abled Trusts Sewepl Satisfactorily using prebusiness analysis tool and ERP India developed by Mechsoft.Central Bank of India Analysis solution for their Regional Rural Bank’s India performances. Address: Prestige Plaza-I, Second Floor, M04 Abdul Aziz Mirza Bldg. Opp. Nigdi Bridge, Above Hitachi Showroom, Alkarama, Mumbai-Pune Old Highway, P.O. Box No. 119465 Pune-411035, Dubai India. UAE. Phone: +91-20-32606499 Phone: +97143367725 Email us: contactus@mechsoftgroup.com Email us: contactus@mechsoftgroup.com