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Mechsoft	  Report	  Engine	  Tool	  Reports/	  Reporting	  nowadays	  have	  gained	  more	  popularity	  across	  the	  e...
 	  For	  example,	  when	  User	  select	  type	  as	  Employee	  Leave	  Details,	  and	  then	  click	  on	  submit,	  ...
             	        2) Generate	  Report:-­‐	  	  When	  users	  prefer	  to	  generate	  a	  report,	  they	  have	  th...
       3) View	  Reports:-­‐	  	  This	  functionality	  helps	  the	  users	  to	  view	  all	  the	  reports	  at	  a	  ...
 In	  the	  below	  screen	  shot,	  if	  the	  user	  wants	  to	  view	  the	  employee	  Loan	  Details,	  he	  has	  t...
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Mechsoft report engine tool


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Mechsoft’s Reporting is a comprehensive and effective tool that helps user to generate, view,modify/ add/ upload data to the existing information. Further to this, the users also have the option for Approvals/ Rejections based on ROLES
before submission.

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Mechsoft report engine tool

  1. 1. Mechsoft  Report  Engine  Tool  Reports/  Reporting  nowadays  have  gained  more  popularity  across  the  entire  segment  of  Industries.  Reports  helps/  enables  to  review,  analyze  and  forecasts  revenues  within  an  Enterprise  or  an  Organization.  Mechsoft  has  developed  a  Report  Engine  Tool  which  helps  clients  /  Customers  to  custom-­‐make  their  own  style  of  reports  along  with  Homepage  Dashboard  and  also  Exporting  Functionalities.    Overview  of  Mechsoft’s  Reporting  Tool  Mechsoft’s  Reporting  is  a  comprehensive  and  effective  tool  that  helps  user  to  generate,  view,  modify/  add/  upload  data  to  the  existing  information.  Further  to  this,  the  users  also  have  the  option  for  Approvals/  Rejections  based  on  ROLES  before  submission.  The  home  screen  gives  an  overview  of  all  the  existing  reports  and  also  reports  that  are  pending  for  any  reason.  It  also  has  an  inbuilt  dashboard  feature  which  allows  the  user  to  manage  the  reporting  effectively.  Features   1) Upload  New  Data  to  Existing  Information:-­‐  Every  user  is  provided  with  a  Log-­‐In  ID  and  password  to  view  existing  reports  and  also  they  can  add  /  upload  any  new  data.  The  type  of  data  that  users  can  upload  is  related  to  department,  Employee  details,  Leave  Allocation  etc…  They  can  upload  excel  sheets  (xls/  xlsx,  csv  and  txt).  Users  can  select  an  existing  report  (this  shows  the  path  from  where  the  reports  are  available).  Users  can  also  set  their  own  reports.      
  2. 2.    For  example,  when  User  select  type  as  Employee  Leave  Details,  and  then  click  on  submit,  the  following  Excel  Sheet  will  appear  where  the  user  can  see  the  entire  leave  details.      Click  on  the    Icon  to  see  the  details.                    
  3. 3.     2) Generate  Report:-­‐    When  users  prefer  to  generate  a  report,  they  have  the  option  of  selecting  a  name  for  that  particular  report.  They  can  select  the  type  of  reports  from  the  drop-­‐down  menu  and  also  can  set  their  reports  according  to  their  choice  on  frequency  (Monthly/  daily/  weekly).  All  these  information  are  used  to  generate  a  report  to  an  Excel  Sheet  or  they  can  send  it  for  Approval  before  submission.  Below  is  a  sample  screen  shot:-­‐      For  example,  if  we  need  to  generate  the  SALARY  REPORT  of  employees  according  to  the  criteria,  the  data  that  will  appear  will  be  the  one  that  is  shown  below.  
  4. 4.   3) View  Reports:-­‐    This  functionality  helps  the  users  to  view  all  the  reports  at  a  glance  that  are  available.  Users  have  the  option  of  selecting  the  frequency  of  reports  that  are  being  generated,  the  month/  year  and  also  the  status  whether  it  is  approved,  rejected  or  pending  or  whether  it  can  be  run  as  a  report.  Below  is  a  screenshot  of  the  same:-­‐    
  5. 5.  In  the  below  screen  shot,  if  the  user  wants  to  view  the  employee  Loan  Details,  he  has  to  click  on  the  particular  section,  and  then  click  on  Export  to  Excel.  The  following  Excel  sheet  will  appear  to  him  once  he  submits  his  selection.    
  6. 6.   Copy of LoanMaster.xlsClick  on  the  Icon  to  see  the  details  of  the  output.  Work Flow Management:-Here the users have the option to submit the same reports for approval /rejections using the same filter columns that is applicable while viewing areport. Below is the screen shot of the same.Rule  Based  Report  Generation:-­‐  Users  can  create  reports  based  on  certain  rules  that  are  applicable  by  using  our  Tool.   1) Users  can  manage  rules  for  existing  /  new  reports     2) Users  can  choose  the  kind  of  information  they  need.  They  can  select  the  tables/  information  set   and  they  can  create  a  relation  between  these  two.  This  rule  can  be  set  up  for  both  excel  sheets   and  also  information  set  –up     3) They  can  also  set  up  output  results  as  what  they  need  in  the  output.    Attached  is  the  screenshots  for  all  the  above  mentioned  rules:-­‐    
  7. 7.        
  8. 8.