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Why Should I Care About Blogs
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Why Should I Care About Blogs


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Slides from a brief presentation at Morehouse College as a guest speaker for the Sports & Journalism Program on September 1st, 2010. …

Slides from a brief presentation at Morehouse College as a guest speaker for the Sports & Journalism Program on September 1st, 2010.

Topic was about Blogging and understanding its history & relevance to current journalism strategies, presented to a diverse audience (in terms of familiarity with social media and traditional media).

Reviewed why Blogging is relevant, why old and new can mesh well, case study on, and key takeaways for beginning to Blog in any area of business.

Enjoy! Contact me @whoisvince or for anything.

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Why Should I care About Blogs? vince bakerville
    • 2. Vince Baskerville Multimedia Developer Morehouse College @morehouse_vb
    • 3. What is a Blog? ✤ The term ‘blog’ comes from “web log” ✤ Coined to originally refer to web online journals ✤ Displays Chronological ‘posts’ which can be accessed at any time
    • 4. 20th Century Media ✤ Professional ✤ Workflow for news article: ✤ Reporters gather information ✤ Article is drafted ✤ Reviewed ✤ Published
    • 5. 21st Century Media ✤ Professional ✤ also Personal ✤ Workflow for Blog Post: ✤ Think of a Topic ✤ Write Post; Publish
    • 6. The term “news” is used loosely
    • 7. Types of Blogs ✤ Hosted; Free ✤ Hosted & Download; Free ✤ Hosted; Restricted format; *Free ✤ Hosted; Restricted format; Free ✤ & many more...
    • 8. How many blogs are on As of June 2010: 11.4 million
    • 9. Blog Setup ✤ Title ✤ Titles to draw in users ✤ Post ✤ = Industry news/articles ✤ Comments ✤ Personable communities that allow 2way communication
    • 10. Why are Blogs gaining popularity? ✤ They’re easy to create & use ✤ Either free or cost efficient ✤ Readily available to everyone
    • 11. Why does this matter to you? ✤ is #3 on the list, yet is estimated at a value of over $50 million. ✤ Pete Cashmore, CEO of also writes a weekly column for ✤ was started only 5 years ago.
    • 12. Use Blogs as a Marketing tool to strengthen your brand
    • 13. Blogs as marketing Tools ✤ Establish yourself as a industry leader ✤ Strengthen your brand; Which is yourself! ✤ Utilize social media tools ✤ Increase your visibility & validity
    • 14. Before you begin ✤ Understand what are your goals ✤ Who is your audience? ✤ What would be your schedule? ✤ 1 post per day/week/month ✤ What is your budget
    • 15. Review Sites ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤
    • 16. fin vince baskerville