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Greek colonization odessos-today_varna-new


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Comenius partnership project - MCIMC, presentation of the Greek colonies on the Black sea coast

Comenius partnership project - MCIMC, presentation of the Greek colonies on the Black sea coast

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Mutual Cultural Influence ofColonization and Migration GENERAL SECONDARY SCHOOL “HRISTO BOTEV” - AYTOS
  • 2. Greek colonization Odessos today Varna
  • 3. Greek expansionGreek colonization was a large – scale phenomenon in the VIII - VI centuries BC. Many Greeks settled in new areas where non-Greek polis based.
  • 4. Map of the town Odessos
  • 5. Reasons for the Greek expansion:Reasons for the Greekcolonization are two: Economic Political
  • 6. Why do the Greek chose the Black Sea area?According to theancient Greek concepts theBlack Sea distinguishesfrom Greece in itsgeographic location andclimate.They think thatadjacent areas are betterplace to live.
  • 7. The first Greek colonies• The earliest Greek colonies appeared on the northern and southern Black Sea coast, because it was the closest to Greece;• This early Greek colonization on the Black Sea coast dates from the second half of VII century;• Several decades later cities situated on the coast were Odessos, Dionysopolis and Tommy.
  • 8. Map of Greek colonies
  • 9. Traditional crafts The most popular crafts in the Greek colonies were:• Pottery - ceramics• Metal – working – gold, silver and bronze smelting
  • 10. Some objects found during the excavations
  • 11. Odessos treasure
  • 12. From Thracian to Greek coloniesMost of the Hellenistic colonies were settled in next to the ancient Thracian settlements. This fact is proved by the excavations done in the areas of Odessos, Messembria and Anhialo. The old settlements were destroyed by the new Greek towns.
  • 13. Fight for influenceThe colonies on theAegean and BlackSea coast were fighting allthe time for acquiring large spheres of influence.
  • 14. Ancient fortressThe ancient Greek towns were well keptfortresses and important ports. The earliest fortifications were found in thetowns of Odessos, Apollonia and others.
  • 15. Ancient temples The most important were the holyplaces of various divinities. The most ancient and popular were the temples of Apollo. The temple of Darzalsa was found in the town of Odessos.
  • 16. The ancient colony now is a modern cityThe ancient town Odessos, Varnaof today was founded in thefirst half of VI century bythe Phrygian king Astyages in593-558 as it is mentioned by thehistorians Strabon and Pliniy
  • 17. Varna – important port and trade centre It was created as a trade center. Todays city of Varna occupies not only the old area of Odessos, but it spreads out far away beyond the ancient necropolis.
  • 18. Varna Today
  • 19. General InformationCountry BulgariaMunicipality VarnaPopulation 350.064Area 154.236Altitude 0-170mPost code 9000-9030Tel. code 052
  • 20. Varna Archeological Museum It keeps the oldest worldgold treasure found near the Varna lake in the twentieth century.
  • 21. The treasure in theArchaeological museum
  • 22. Regional History Museum
  • 23. Ethnographic Museum
  • 24. Varna Theatre
  • 25. Asparuhov Bridge
  • 26. EndBy: Fikrie Kambur
  • 27. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This presentation reflects the views only ofthe author, and the Commission cannot beheld responsible for any use which may bemade of the information contained therein.