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description of personality qualities having horoscopes into account

description of personality qualities having horoscopes into account

Published in Education , Technology , Spiritual
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  • 1. and personanilty
  • 2. Aries mar 21 - apr 19 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Adventurous Energetic Courageous Enthusiastic Confident cheerful Selfish Quick-tempered Impulsive Impatient
  • 3. taurus apr 20 - may 20 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Patient Reliable Warmhearted Loving Persistent Determined Jealous Possessive Resentful Inflexible Self-indulgent Greedy
  • 4. gemini may 21 - june 21 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Adaptable Communicative Witty Intellectual and Eloquent Youthful Lively Nervous Tense Superficial Inconsistent Cunning Inquisitive
  • 5. cancer june 22 - july 22 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Emotional Loving Intuitive Imaginative Shrewd Protective Sympathetic Changeable Moody Overemotional Touchy Clinging Unable to let go
  • 6. leo july 23 - aug 22 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Generous Warmhearted Creative Enthusiastic Broad-minded Faithful Loving Pompous Patronizing Bossy Interfering Dogmatic Intolerant
  • 7. virgo aug 23 - sept 22 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Modest and Shy Meticulous Reliable Practical Intelligent Analytical Fussy Worrier Overcritical Harsh Perfectionist Conservative
  • 8. libra sept 23 - oct 23 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Diplomaitic Romantic Charming Easygoing Sociable Idealistic Peaceable Indecisive Changeable Gullible Easily infuenced Flirtatious Self-indulgent. 
  • 9. scorpio oct 24 - nov 21 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Determined Forceful Emotional Intuitive Powerful Passionate Exciting Magnetic Jealous Resentful Compulsive Obsessive Secretive and Obstinate
  • 10. sagittarius nov 22 - dec 21 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Optimistic Freedom-loving Good-humored Honest Straightforward Intellectual Philosophical Blindly optimistic Careless Irresponsible Superficial Tactless Self-indulgent Impatient
  • 11. capricorn dec 22 - jan 19 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Practical Prudent Ambitious Disciplined Patient Careful Humorous Reserved Pessimistic Fatalistic Miserly Grudging Over conventional Rigid
  • 12. aquarius jan 20 - feb 18 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Friendly Humanitarian Honest Loyal Original Inventive Independent Intellectual Intractable Contrary Perverse Unpredictable Unemotional Detached
  • 13. pisces feb 19 - mar 20 POSITIVE NEGATIVE Imaginative Sensitive Compassionate Kind Selfless Unworldly Intuitive Sympathetic Escapist Idealistic Secretive Vague Weak-willed Easily led
  • 14. FEED-BACK (me)
    • I ‘m a ____________(star sign) because I was born on________.
    • I agree with my horoscope that I am______,______and
    • __________ because________________
    • . But I don’t agree that I’m_______ because __________
  • 15. FEED-BACK (my friend)
    • He/she’s a ____________(star sign) because she/he was born on________.
    • I agree with his/her horoscope that she /he is ______,______and________ because______________
    • . But I don’t agree that he’s /she’s _______ because __________