Stress free living


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to get rid of stress check this out

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Stress free living

  1. 1. Stress Free Living
  2. 2. What is Stress• It refers to failure to respond adequately to mental , emotional or physical demand, whether actual or imagined.• It is the body’s reaction to a change that requires mental,physical or emotional adjustment or response.
  3. 3. TypesEustress are the so called ‘good stress’ or ‘positive stress’ it gives one a feeling of fulfillment and makes excited about life.Distress is ‘negative stress’ caused by adverse events it can be further classified to acute stress or chronic stress.
  4. 4. sYMPtoMs of StReSScOgnItiVe- -EMOtionalMemORy Problem MooDinEssinaBILIty TO cONcenTRAte SHorT TEmPERPooR jUDGeMENT seNSe of tEMper- PhYsicaL -bEHavIOUraLDiArrhEa or cOnsTipAtiON EAtinG mORe oR leSSNaUsEa OR diZZinEss slEEpinG too Much/too littlEFrEqueNT cOLd NegLECtiNg rESpoNSibIlitY
  5. 5. Causes of Stress are known as stressor.‘’Any idiot can face a crisis , it’s the day-to-day Living that wears you out”-Anton ChekovDaily Stressors:Misplacing keys Excess NoiseArguments Traffic JamsGossip Lack of SleepQueuing
  6. 6. Internal StressorsBeliefs Perception low self-esteem Personality expectations“Stress resides neither in the situation nor in the person it
  7. 7. Major Life EventsDeath of Loved oneFinancial ProblemsRelationship IssuesWork Matters
  8. 8. This is something youget from everywhereNow lets have a lookand understand stressfrom a spiritual aspect!!
  9. 9. Stress is a form of pain which means that I need to change somewhere. We have a tendency to blame outside, thePeople , friends, relatives , things and situations . Thisa very deep rooted thinking which indirectly means‘we do not want to change , we want to control andchange everything outside. Stress has become a daily routine an integralPart of people’s lives something very normal.
  10. 10. Stress = Pressure Resilience What we’re doing is trying to change the numeratorWhich is not in our control. We must have a check of what is in our control i.e ,the denominator, our inner powers!! It all begins with a thought . We need to stop checkand evaluate our thoughts.
  11. 11. Identifying StressStress free living starts with identifying the sources ofStress in your life.Your true sources aren’t alwaysObvious, and it’s all too easy to overlook your ownStress inducing thoughts,feelings and behaviour :a. Keep a track of itb. What caused you stress?
  12. 12.  A person experiences stress in all age groups. When we’re young we have the capacity to cope up with stress. But as we grow between 35-40 our body , due to wear and tear , gets weaker and a little trigger from outside leads to disease. Today all scientists and doctors believe the root of disease lies in mind,all diseases are psychosomatic. Stress has become an integral part of our life , just like a measure of success or status
  13. 13. We face different sitations in our day to daylives it is not the situation but the responsethat counts because we can’t control thesituations but our own response I.e ourTHOUGHTS!!!While in Stress our body secretes adrenalinewhich creates stress hormones under whichwe tend to work faster, but more of it canresult in a BURNOUT!!!It is similar to walking and running , if we runfrom one place to another we’ll definitelyreach faster but get tired VERY SOON!!
  14. 14. And now lets understand how to do away with stress.Firstly, we have a very complex lifestyle we Need to easeit down here are some of the tips:1.Get 8 hrs of sleep per night so that you can think more clearly.2.Don’t try to be friends with everyone cultivate
  15. 15. 3.Before getting angry ask yoursellf if it will reallly matter after 20yrs.4.Focus on being a good person not on pleasing others.5.SLOW DOWN6.Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.
  16. 16. 8.Forgive and forget end of story9.Never go to sleep angry10.Refuse to gossip ,talk behind others back.11.Turn off T.V/Video games/computers they’re time consumers12.Be Useful13.Don’t eat when aren’t hungry.14.Tell the Truth
  17. 17. Short term remedies to Relax and RechargeRead a good book Go for a walkCall a good friend Listen to musicSpend time in nature Play with a pet
  18. 18. Permanent cure:Daily get some time out for YOURSELF!Sit in aquiet place.Stop thinking about anyone orAnything.This is your time meant just for u!Sit inand relax in a comfortable posture and imagineyourself as a peaceful being…Peace prevails in u…yourare filled with hapiness and love…you are enjoyingyour life…your purpose is to be happy,peaceful andcontented….you have good wishes for everyone in theworld….!! Try this
  19. 19. To know more Contact Brahmakumaris:INDIA