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  1. 1. Topic::The Non-profitorganization foreducation in CambodiaInstructor: Mr. Vong ChorvyGroup Members:Svay VanthanMak ChanraksmeyHy Bunneang2013
  2. 2. AboutThe SIPAR is a French NGO thatworks toward the reconstruction ofCambodia through education of theyouth.SIPAR’s goal is to open doors onthe world through thepleasures of reading. Theirproject is to get children and youngpeople on the road towardsknowledge, the first step in thebattle against illiteracy and poverty.SIPAR aims to offer all childrenand young people an access toquality education by fightingilliteracy and giving every child thetaste of reading.For SIPAR, education builds the future!
  3. 3. BackgroundFRANCE1982 SIPAR foundedOver a period of 12 years more than 3000 refugees were helped by Sipar via 160reception groups in all of France (shelter, employment, education, moral support).THAILANDIn 1986, in a refugee camp, founding of the first school for teaching French language andculture, in order to facilitate insertion of refugees upon arrival in France; the school was closeddown in 1995.1989 : Presence of Sipar on the Frontier Sites along the Thai-Cambodian border in order toprepare the population for return to its native country (training of teachers and teaching ofFrench).CAMBODIAEarly 1991 : emphasis on teaching techniques: counsellors and pedagogical materialsprovided for the formation of primary school teachers.1993 : founding of the first library in the provinces, followed by launching, the year after of aschool library program in the primary schools. Beginning of library training program.
  4. 4. Reading for all programsSince 2000, Sipar has developed a new point of focus : reading for alloutside the school system, in varied disadvantaged environments.Complementary programs:• School Libraries• Centers for PublicReading• SIPAR Books• Pro-Poor program
  5. 5. School LibrariesSIPAR aims to create anetwork of schoollibraries. Since 1993,230 primary schoollibraries have been setup in the whole country.This project is carriedout with the Ministry ofEducation and the localauthorities. Trainingsessions for librariansare offered on a regularbasis.
  6. 6. Centers for Public ReadingSIPAR has established 43Centers for PublicReading in remotevillages, prisons andhospitals, to offer thelocal population -children, teenagers andadults - a space forreading and an access todocumentation. 8mobile librariescirculate in the suburbsof Phnom Penh and theneighbouring provinces.
  7. 7. Mobile librairies tours for children living in thesuburbs and remote villages
  8. 8. Reading areas in pediatric wards
  9. 9. Communal Centers of Education For All (CEFA) :Reading Centers in rural areas.
  10. 10. Libraries in prison : by 2014 reading madeaccessible to 15 000 prisoners, 200 guards andtheir families
  11. 11. SIPAR BooksSipar Books was createdin 2000 as a division ofSIPAR. They publishbooks in Khmerlanguage designed forthe Cambodian youth,from early childhood toadulthood. Quality istheir mainpreoccupation!
  12. 12. Good Books for Education & Pleasure!
  13. 13. Pro-Poor programSIPAR wishes to build the capacityof commune councils indesigning, implementing andmanaging educationdevelopment plans and projects,and to propose tailorededucational services based oneach commune’s needs andconstraints, in link with localand national service providers.There are 10 projects ofcommunal educational servicesdevelopment set up in 2provinces.
  14. 14. Key Figures• 200 000 new readers among children• 230 school libraries• 26 public Reading Centers• 8 mobile libraries in 3 provinces• 2000 school librarians trained• 12 000 teachers trainees initiated• 10 projects of communal educational services development• 95 titles for young people in Khmer• 1 million books were published