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  1. 1. 2 Italy Yildiz Aygen Maria Paşcalău Romania Diana Ladariu Netherlands Jaap Bolhuis Luca Guarino Valentina Francolino Ilaria Spagna Chiara Paparella Marika Rinaldi Enrica Gallo Roberta Lapergola Giulia Tridente Emanuela Amendolara Federica De Mattese Vavoura Evangelia Mavroidi Eleni Basiliadoy Sofia Sule Ali Konstantina Mavroidi Imbram Simge Avci Amet Merve Gaitatzis Christos Halil Imbram Berna Memet Ailin Greece Ivi Papadopoulou Tahsin Meltem Rabia Zeynep Harmankaya Turkey Housein Sezen Farasopoulou Vaso Haritopoulou Maria Ahmet Yılmaz Gülşah Şahin Nuseibe Nur Yagmur Seyda Elif Tekinarslan Madalina Iacob Mihai Militar Enes Bașci Victor Granados Daniel Ruiz Kadir Çakmak Ignacio Calvo David Fernandez Daria Bocancea Daniela Lazar Sara Codreanu Andreea Dedea Sandra Nebreda Marta Sanz Miriam Torres Marta Granados Spain Montse Santos Paula Betancort Mª Jose Hernandez Paradinas Ioana Tiulea Julia Emma Bengtsson Sanna Tobias Fanny Johannes Jeanette Sofi Sandra Alex Sweden Maria Johnson Menke Jan Milona Eleni Malle Eleni Căbău Cosmin
  2. 2. 3 The project focuses on an international co-operative approach to the multicul- tural and ecological education. The main aims are developing pupils’ interest for the historical and natural background and preserving environment health. Through the theme of tourism pupils from 7th-10th grade will be involved in activities that will develop pupils knowledge about their country and other European countries. Objectives: -to apply aesthetic and moral criteria in national and European values assessment -to explore the surroundings of the town pupils live -to encourage intercultural dialogue and reciprocal exchanges between European coun- tries -to improve the abilities of using ITC during lessons -to develop artistic skills as well as creativity and imagination -to discover similarities and differences between European countries involved in the project -to encourage learning of foreign languages IDENTIFICATION NUMBER 2011-1-ES1-COM06-35088 2
  3. 3. 4 ITALY PARTNERS LICEO SCIENTIFICO “ENRICO FERMI” POLICORO Our school is situated in an area which is very inter- esting under a historical and tourist point of view. The State Scientific High School “Enrico Fermi” of Policoro aims at exploiting the European dimension of learning and promotes the use of the new technol- ogies and computer. There are four didactic profiles : scientific, techno- logical, linguistic and nautical profile. There are about 740 students and 65 teachers. In the linguistic course an English , a French and a German native speaker support the teachers and help students in the process of learning the for- Policoro is a town in the province of Matera, in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata. It is situated not far from the ruins of the ancient town of Heraclea, where in 280 BC Pyrrhus fought the Romans. In the school there are three multimedia laboratories which are connected in a network, a language laborato- ry, a Chemistry lab, a Physics lab, a drawing lab, an auditorium and a fully equipped gymnasium. Our students take part to the Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Olympic games, to sport students compe- titions and to courses of English, French and German international certifications . The official website of our school is:
  4. 4. 5 NETHERLANDS Partners Our school is a public school, situated in a small village in a rural area in the North of the Netherlands, called Leek. The pupils come from various villages in a radius of ap- proximately 20 kms. We have about 1000 students and about 70 teachers. It prepares its pupils for studies at both the university and schools for higher professional educa- tion. Besides a number of concentration deficiency and autistic pupils we don't have many students with special needs. We only have a few students with an immigrant background. On the whole, these pupils have no problems with regard to integration and education. Our official website:
  5. 5. 6 Apóstol Santiago School is located in Aranjuez, a town situated at 48 km in the south of Madrid, and at the same distance from Toledo. Because of this it has a privileged sit- uation. Aranjuez has got 55.000 inhabitants. The main activities for the local economy are hotels, tourism and agriculture. On 14th De- cember 2001, Aranjuez was designated as a World Heritage Cultural landscape by UNESCO due to its Royal Palace, gardens and beautiful landscapes. From that point on, tourism has kept on increasing in Aranjuez. Our school was founded by the Padres Somascos fifty years ago. There are about 1600 students from one to eighteen years old and 111 teachers. The number of students involved in Comenius project is 60 and 10 teach- ers. SPAIN Partners
  6. 6. 7 SWEDEN PARTNERS WHO WE ARE? In this project there are four teachers Anette, Lars, Maria and Marie. They are all teachers in the school’s es- thetic profile and most students in the project are from the esthetic profile. The number of students has varied during the project. The first year we worked with students from the 9th grade, the second year we have had students from grade 7-9. To Arad we travelled with Jeanette, Sofi and Tobias. To Komotini we travelled with Fanny and Sandra. To Aranjues we travelled with Sanna, Julia, Alex and Johannes During this project we have worked with the different tasks, the first we did was the Logo-competition. We all have enjoyed working together with this project, both at our school and together with our Europe- an partners. Both teachers and students have made new friends, learned much about other cultures and traditions. We all have had a wonderful experience and we all feel we want to be part of another project soon!
  7. 7. 8 ROMANIA PARTNERS Our school is situated at no.22, Udrea Street, postal code 310171. The number of the pupils is 1010 and there are 56 teachers. The pupils are divided in 35 classes, namely 19 for the primary school and 16 for the middle school. One can find both 26 large and up-to-date classrooms for teaching process, and 4 laboratories (the Chemistry lab, the Physics lab and the IT lab). There are also 4 Art subjects departments for foreign languages (English, French, German), one for the Romanian lessons, one for the History subject and the last one for Religion studies. The School is also endowed with 2 sport grounds and 1 library containing 16400 books. Our students are taken care by the school doctor and nurses in a special small school clinic for human health and dental problems.There is a festival hall which has 250 seats. The policy of our school is to give the students the opportunity and possibility to learn foreign languages, that is why they start English and German in the first grade and begin French in the fifth grade. Our Teachers and students are involved in lot of international projects such as Eco-School , ENO-school competition, e-Twinning and Comenius. As the students show interest in learning and school-competition, they were awarded many national prizes and diplomas starting with Maths, Physics, Romanian language and Cambridge YLE exams. Sport is also an important activity in our school. The students take place in sports competitions as swimming, football, basket ball, badminton, voleyball. As a conclusion, our school and teachers have been recently awarded the title and diploma of European School and Eco-School.
  8. 8. 9 Our school is located in a special area. With our involvement in this project our students developed respect ,cooperation and help between peo- ple from different worlds with different culture and ideas. All this to help protect the environment in a very environmentally sensitive area. An area that is protected by the RAMSAR Convention because of this biodiversity. Sapes Intercultural high school is situated near the border with multicultural people who live there. Due to its vicinity to the border with Turkey and because of the Lausanne Convention in 1923 there are a lots of muslim students in this school. There are also Pomaks descendants of ancient Thracian people who now speak Pomaktsu, a slavo-thracian dialect. There are also a minority of Roma people who speak the Romani. Lastly, there is a big number of immigrants from the Former Soviet Union who set- tled in the area about 15 years ago. All our students live in poor conditions, with illiterate parents and have integration problems with the greek orthodox community. In our school we try to integrate the different cultures(greek-orthodox, greek-muslims) and give our students equal opportunities and basic skills to face everyday life and find a job in the future. GREECE PARTNERS
  9. 9. 10 Hacıbayram Anadolu İmam Hatip Lisesi is a General High School situated in Altındağ, a district in Ankara. There are 850 students aged 14-18 and 57 teachers. Our school mostly has subjects related with religion. The students can study at every department of universities after they graduate. They can also study at Religious Faculties. Our school is in a disadvantaged district. Most of the students' families are poor. The houses they live are in bad conditions. However, the stu- dents are eager to learn, to study and to be educated in every subject. The mission of our school is to train our students to respect human, enlighten people about our religion, respect different countries' culture, traditions, religion to become respectful person and to be a good person at his / her job. The students of our school are inter- ested in social and sportive activities. They are very sensitive about charities and social problems. With this project we want our teachers and students to improve themselves in every field, to gain confidence, to learn about foreign countries, cultures, traditions, customs,languages and foreigners' lifestyles. We want them to learn and compare their peers in different countries about their lives and how they respect each others believes. TURKEY PARTNERS
  10. 10. 11 INTERVIEWS COME CLOSER, MY WORLD IS YOUR WORLD Why did you join the project? “I wanted to have the opportunity to meet people from other countries in their cultures (not like a tourist) “I wanted to practice more English and get new friends. I also wanted to learn more about all the countries and I think it is a good experience for life”. “I thought it was cool with a project all over Europe. I liked the thought of meeting people from other countries with their languages” “My friend gave me a tip that I should be host”. “To be able to meet new people and learn new things. I love to learn about different countries and cultures” “I joined the project because I have a interest in world culture. I love languages, there’s a lot that I would like to learn and I’m currently learning two. I also love learning about how things are in other countries compared to how they are here in Sweden where I live. And it can be anything from the school system to dating to manners… Anything! It’d also be fun to be able to get contacts and make friends in other countries. It was too bad that I joined right in the beginning of the project. It would have been fun to have been in it for a little longer time but I guess you can’t have everything in this world.” What did you learn in the project? “Of course I learned a lot about the countries and I developed my English!” “I learned more English, more about other countries and other school systems”. “I learned more English and a bit more Spanish. I found out that the languages aren’t that different! But a regular day in Sweden is very different from a normal day in Greece”. “The languages aren’t that different and a normal day in Sweden and a normal day in Spain are more different than I thought”. “I’ve learned a bit about these countries that I didn’t know before” What was it like to be a host? “It was so much fun! I think everyone that has the chance to be one really should. I learned many things about Hol- land and I made several new friends”. “It was very funny ant it was nice to talk English all the time, it was also nice to teach them about Swedish traditions and it was fun to show them our beautiful country. “ “It was great! We had lots of fun and became like siblings. When the other countries came here we had something to do all the time, which was good because it is not a lot of fun sitting and waiting”. “It was fun. I got a lot of experience.” “It was really fun to meet people from other cultures. It was a great experience I made a few new friend”. Is there anything else you would like to say? “It’s fun!!” “I feel very lucky that I got the chance to be part of this project and I’m happy that I was a host”. “I would recommend everybody to take the chance and join the project!”. “Even if I haven’t been a part of the project for long it has been awesome and I hope I will be able to do something similar again!!.
  11. 11. 12 INTERVIEWS COME CLOSER, MY WORLD IS YOUR WORLD What did you learn in the project? “The Comenius project changes the school, the teachers but especially the students and families, involving them. It was a great experience because I improved my English but most of all I met new cultures. I think these projects are very important for the formation and European education of people! I would like to do it again and again!”  Luca Guarino (He came to Aranjuez and hosted a Spanish student) “I knew a new aspect of the English; it permits me to meet and to compare me with other youths of the world. Even though mobilities last too little, real and nice relationships have begun, that will continue after this experience. I visited Sandviken and hosted a Greek girl and though my parents can't speak English we managed to communicate and all of us felt the European wind!” Valentina Francolino What was it like to be a host? “Maria is the Greek girl I hosted in my house. She is a beautiful girl and she is very sweet! We spent a lot of unfor- gettable moments together in three days. I also met his family (her parents and grandparents) thanks to a com- puter program: “skype”! She told me her life style and we share a passion for “the animals”. She taught me some Greek words and the verse of a song in Greek. My family was very enthusiastic to host Maria, my parents think that she is very polite and pretty and for this reason I asked her to return to Italy next summer. So it was a beautiful experience to meet people of the other European schools because it made us ”breathe” Eu- rope!” Emanuela Amendolara “When I decided to take part to the Comenius project I couldn’t imagine all that! Visiting Spain was a fantastic experience but it wasn't the same thing to be a host. I think that living in the same house with foreign people was the best moment of this project. Two different cultures which meet and melt. At first I was a bit scared to host, but when Paula arrived everything went in a wonderful way, and our time together flew: my family was really happy too about this experience and I want to thank them and my teacher too for giving us this opportunity!!!” Marika Rinaldi Is there anything else you would like to say? “I have met Eirini thanks to Comenius... for me it had been hard to persuade my parents, but then they were happy too, for this fantastic experience! I have had the chance to meet a sweet and funny girl and meet other people from many countries... I was very sad at the end of this experience because it has given me so many emotions, and I would do it again..!” Federica De Mattese (She hosted a Greek girl) “I took part to this Comenius project and I think it was a very motivating but above all exciting experience. Yes, I was lucky! I was hosted in Sweden by a very nice Swedish girl but I also hosted in my house a very nice Greek girl. Both experiences were fantastic because when I was hosted I could learn typical food and culture, and when I host- ed I could teach Italian typical food and culture and show our places. Meeting all the seven cultures together made me “feel” European”! It’s true : my world is now your world!” Ilaria Spagna
  12. 12. 13 INTERVIEWS COME CLOSER, MY WORLD IS YOUR WORLD Introduce yourself please? “I am Ahmet Yılmaz.I was born in Ankara in 4th June,1995.This is my last year at school. Nowadays I am preparing the university exam. I have got some hobbies which I get great pleasure at doing such as taking photographs, div- ing and singing.” What’s your duty at the Project? “Taking photographs and archiving them. At the end of the Project I will create a photo album” Have you got any difficulties with your duty? “Taking photograph is a great pleasure to me. But of course there are some little disadvantages.For example, in the group photo- graphs, I couldn’t be in the picture.” Did you travel to one of the countries in the Project? “I travelled to Spain.” What is your part at the Project? Why is your work so important? “Everyone can take photos of course.But my photography is more qualified, more creative, clearer and colourful. Moreover, the most important part is composing an archieve.” Tell us your impressions about Spain? “Spain is a very beautiful country with its geography, people, hospitality and facilities.Economically a rich country. Maybe because of this everything is expensive and our lifestyles are very different from each other. They are very respectful to each other.For example,cars always stop and wait while someone is crossing the street.I have never heard a car horn during our stay in Aranjuez.Their lives are very systematic. They have been ruled by monarchy. Because of this there are lots of palaces and royal gardens.They have got a lot of historical architectural constructions. They are very big and beautiful. We stayed in Aranjuez. It is 45 minutes away from Madrid. Madrid is a very big, developed, crowded and colourful city. We visited Barnebau-the stadium of Real Madrid.It is a gigantic and perfect stadium.I am so grateful to the Spanish teacher Ms Montse Santos for this visit.” What was the benefit of this Project to you? “By the help of this Project I have made friends from different cultures and countries. I have observed different schools and a different type of education.Additionally, working at this Project develops my photography. I am grateful to my teachers who involved me in this Project.” Is there anything else you would like to say? “This Project is very helpful both in Europe and Turkey. Having friends from different countries and cultures im- proves our foreign language.Additionally we improve ourselves also.” Ahmet Yılmaz
  13. 13. 14 INTERVIEWS COME CLOSER, MY WORLD IS YOUR WORLD Introduce yourself please? “I am Gülşah Şahin. I am at the 12th grade at Hacı Bayram High School. This year I am studying for the university exam.” How did you join to the Comenius group? “I saw a notice on the school board about the Project logo. I wanted to attend this competition. The topic of the logo was integrity, unity and solidarity of the countries. I joined to the competition with my friend Feyza Deniz. The reward is joining one of the mobilities of the Project.My logo design was chosen the first. In this way my friend Feyza and I were included to the Project group.” Which country did you visit? “To Greece.” Could you tell us something about there? “First we went to Komotini.A very peaceful and beautiful town.Therebare a lot of Turks living there. I made a lot of Turkish friends in Komotini. It is very nice to talk Turkish in a different country. Then we went to Thesssaloniki. Con- trary to Komotini Thessaloniki was a very crowded city. The streets were very colourful with black salesman and tangerine trees. We visited a lot of historical mosques and churches. I suggest everyone to visit Komotini.” What did you learn in the Project? “It is a wonderful thing to communicate with our pers from different countries. It increases my self-cofidence. Moreover, it was wonderful to win a prize from a competition.By the help of this Project I Express myself beter.” Is there anything else you would like to say? “I want to thank to my teachers to join us in an international programme.” Gülşah Şahin
  14. 14. 15 ACTIVITIES COME CLOSER, MY WORLD IS YOUR WORLD Teachers and students have been working in many activi- ties inserted in the academic curriculum : Art, ICT, Natu- ral Sciences, Mathematics, Music, History, etc . All of them developed in English, the official language of the project. The first activity was designing a LOGO. The Spanish one was chosen by all partners and has represented our project. After that, students started to know each other by exchanging letters and emails. We have taken many photos during these two years and we will put them into a photo album. A brochure was created with many photos and explanations about Madrid area. A VIP biography was written and students voices recorded in a presentation. Bracelets , ashtrays , necklaces,…. have been made with wastes.
  15. 15. 16 Learning about our town ACTIVITIES COME CLOSER, MY WORLD IS YOUR WORLD Meeting with a VIP Visiting monuments recycling Visit to the Bears caveComenius day
  16. 16. 17 “The meeting provided an opportunity for 17 teachers and 8 students from Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Sweden and Turkey to learn Romanian education sys- tem and national heritage. Students from Greece and Sweden were hosted by students of our school, this ex- perience giving them the opportunity to improve the language skills and social skills by interacting with stu- dents from partner schools, or with host families. For- eign students had the opportunity to learn about life, culture and language in Romania and for Romanian stu- dents to link new friends.” Maria Paşcalău (headteacher of the Romanian school) “Our first meeting. We all took ideas for this meeting. Diana you did your best. Thanks for all !!” Papadopoulou Ivi (Greece) “Romania was perfect!! I lived in a hotel with our teachers. We met lots of people. By the way I speak with them until now. The places was wonderful! We visited the Bear’s cave and lots of churches. The food was delicious. The local market was full of shops and restaurants. The last day when we left the local people was a special surprise for us, a big team of football players. The travel was my best experience until now. In the future I want to visit again Romania.” Basiliadoy Sofia (Greece)
  17. 17. 18 “After a long trip, our flight landed in Timisoara airport. A few minutes later, Diana arrived smiling, as usual. Half an hour later, Enrica with her blue eyes and the rest of the Italian team arrived safe and sound!!! We went out of the airport terminal and the van was waiting for us. The luggage was kept into the van and we headed for city centre of Timisoara. The Dutch team was waiting for us, sitting in the reception of the hotel. It was really easy to see Jaap, almost two meters tall. We went towards them and each coordinator introduced her/his team to the rest of the group. During the journey from Timisoara to Arad we talked non- stop with our friends. When we arrived in the nice town of Arad, Ivi the Greek teacher with curly long hair was waiting for us. We went into the hotel and Maria, the tall Swedish teacher was also there with her smile. The Turkish team wasn´t there yet. Their flight was delayed and arrived very late and without their luggage. Their suitcases were lost. Suddenly, Yildiz seemed to have forgotten her tiredness, and her black eyes started to bright. It was the first time we were all to- gether!!!! At the following day we visited the school. The welcoming was great and the organization was excellent: typical Romanian mu- sic, dancing, food. We had the opportunity of visiting some natural treasures like the Bear Cave, and a nice walking tour in Arad. We had a very good time together and went back home happy because the following project meeting would take place three months later. See you in Greece!!!!” Montse Santos (Spain) “Romania. Our first mobility- the wonderful country where everything be- gan. Our plane landed in Timisoara Airport without our luggage. In this way we lived the great hospitality of the Romanian people. Special thanks to Paul, Diana and the headteacher. They brought us two times to the airport- Which is very far away to Arad. By the help of them we could get our lug- gage. The welcoming ceremony was great. The organization was very professional and unforgettable. I admired how talented your students were. Thanks to Diana, and her team being so kind and helpful.” Yildiz Aygen (Turkey)
  18. 18. 19 ARAD: when we first came closer! The first Comenius meeting was unforgettable, not just because it was the first, but because it was really surprising! The Italian group was made up of two teachers-Marisa and Enrica- and two students- Elisa Dolce e Roberta Lapergola- who were really happy to visit Romania. Arad is a very elegant refined town, with beautiful avenues and charming views, but I think that it was even more special to us because of the wel- coming activities Diana and her team had prepared for us! From the very beginning the school hugged us in the warmest possible way making us feel “home”. Each class had prepared something special for us and we really “felt” to be special! Both Elisa and Roberta asked me:” how will we ever be able to do the half Our Romanian mobility has been really moving! Everything was perfect ...I couldn’t stop congratulating Diana, the headteacher and their team for the perfect working machine they had realized what’s more they manage to have more than one international project in the same year! Maybe this first mobility was also the most difficult because seven different cultures had to work face to face and thanks to Diana it was easy for all the partners to melt into one only team. Before that meeting I had just emailed with the other coordinators and I had just seen some photos of we were all together , talking, laughing, eating, planning our future together, discovering our true colours...we were really coming closer!!! Enrica Gallo (Italy) “For our school it was an honor to host the first Comenius meet- ing, one with great expectations from all the partners. Pupils from first to eights grades and teachers were very excited to welcome people from six countries. For me it was full of the emotion of the first meeting with our partners. As I expected, I met wonder- ful people: lovely Montse and Jose Luis from Spain, Enrica, with her sweet smile who has brought the sun and the clear blue sky from Southern Italy in her eyes, Maria, always smiling and will- ing to help, Yildiz, the very nice Turkish partner, cheerful Ivi, full of happiness and eager to find new things and Jaap, the only coordinator man. We spent great moments together, but moments full of work, as the beginning of any project demands. This first meeting anticipated the good future cooperation between part- ners. It was the first step to the success of the project: here we decided the logo of the project, the future project visits and planned future activities.” Diana Ladariu (Romania)
  19. 19. 20 “I liked it very much! It was a very beautiful experience and I enjoyed it!! I think it was a great opportunity to meet and live for some days with a girl from another country.” Malle Eleni (Greece) “Hosting a girl from another country it was one of my best experiences. When she first come here we were very shy but then we come closer. It was a very good experience for me and I want to live again all these!!” Sule Ali (Greece) “When I heard that I would put up a girl from Spain I was very excited and I was looking forward to the time we would meet each other. the girl is called Ana and we have a lot of common interests such as our taste in music and clothes. I have got a great time when I’m with her. I hope that and Ana enjoyed Greek hospitality.” Farasopoulou Vaso (Greece) “During the meeting in Greece we have visited monu- ments of great cultural value: the City Hall of Maro- nia, Xilagani Village Museum, the city of Komotini and Monastery "St. Nicholas" in Porto Lagos. The students in Sapes offered a beautiful artistic program of music and dance. At the end of the meeting there was a traditional Greek dinner. The meeting was dominated by a spirit of friendship and promoting cultural values of the participating countries.” Tiulea Ioana (Romania) “I hosted a girl from Spain. From the first time I was very happy and I was looking forward to meeting her. She was fantastic and we had a great time together. We spend a long time together and we had a lot of fun. Also with the other children we had a very good time. Everyone was fantastic!!! When she left I was so sad and I missed her a lot.” Haritopoulou Maria (Greece) “Hosting a girl from another country is something different and it is a wonderful experience. The daily habits are changing and you learn o lot. I hospitalized a girl from Sweden. We had a great time together. Altough she had different habits from me it was something uncommon. I can say that after hospitality some of my habits had changed.” Milona Eleni (Greece)
  20. 20. 21 “This was the first that the Spanish students took part in a project meeting. Three boys (Victor, Julio and Javier) and three girls (Belén, Ana and Elena) travelled to Greece with their teachers Montse and Ana Lourdes. They were excited about this experience and it was the first time that students introduced their towns with the presentations they had already prepared. The hospitality of the host families was great and the activities the Greek team organized were really nice. We visited St Nicholas´ church in Porto Lagos, Xanthi, Iasmos,… and had a farewell dinner with traditional Greek music and dancing offered by the students. And we cannot forget the meals: Moussakas and Tsatsiki . It was a pity that the Italian and the Turkish team couldn´t stay with us because of the snowstorm in the South of Europe. See you in Spain!!!” Montse Santos (Spain) “I liked the trip to Greece, because there I could meet a lot of people, practice my English, and learn things about Greece and the other countries” Victor Granados (Spain) “Meeting in Greece was my second Comenius experience and my best one. Thank you very much for welcoming us in your school. I had great times in there. Everything was great! Thank you Ivi and team!”  Madalina Iacob (Romania)
  21. 21. 22 “According to me the Greek mobility was wonderful and unforgettable. Travelling by bus took a lot of time_ I think 15 or 16 hours. First we travelled to Komotini,then Thessalonika. Komotini was a pretty, little town.It’s 3 hours far away from the Turkish border line. We met with the Turkish Mufti, visited the mosques and took a lot of photographs. What impressed me the most was, the presence of mosques and churches together and waking up by the sound of church bells.We didn’t have any diffculties with food because there were some Turkish restaurants.But if you ask me ‘What do you miss the most?’ I would answer you ‘ tea ‘. In Turkey we drink boiling tea, but in Greece there are tea bags. They are very differ- ent from each other.I have made excellent friendships.” Kadir Çakmak (Turkey) “Our travel to Greece by bus was very enjoyable. It was very interesting to me being in a Christian country; the first in my life.Very sweet Greek teacher Ivi introduced us to the Ko- motini Mufti( the religious leader of Muslims),and I was very happy meeting with some Turish women in the streets. I made a lot of wonderful relationships in our Greek partner school. Our peers in Greece are very hospitable.They are very kind to us.We are still keep in touch on facebook nearly every day.Their school system is different from ours. For example, they don’t wear uniforms at school.” Rabia Zeynep Harmankaya (Turkey)
  22. 22. 23 “Last april my school visited Aranjuez. It was a great experience. I love the palace with his characteristic element which are the big gardens, and of course the local cuisine. It is worth to mention that we visited Madrid and I had the apportunity to enjoy the exhib- its of the Prado museum. Also Toledo was really wonderful place.“ Mavroidi Eleni (Greece) “Last year we traveled in Spain. Everyone there was polite and gentle. I made new friends and I saw new cultures. The food was good at least for me. It was a great ex- perience. I hope to visit Spain again.“ Konstantina Mavroidi (Greece) “Since I knew that I participate in the Spanish city of Aranjuez mobility of the project named in memory of the great pedagogue Comenius initiated in our school I felt a sensation of delight. Arrived after a long journey, we had a warm welcome from the host teachers and teachers from other 6 participating countries. In the days spent away from home I attended the opening parade "Olympics of students" where I proudly wore my country's flag and tried sporting qualities of the individual or team. Then I admired the beauty of the surroundings, the Spanish messeta, beginning with Toledo city with its majestic Gothic cathedral, with the Aranjuez Royal Palace and Gardens, Madrid Prado mu- seum that exhibits works by Velasquez, Goya, El Greco, true cultural values, and Santiago Bernabeu stadium. I had the opportunity to test my knowledge of English, communicating and knowing students from other countries.” Militar Mihai (Romania) “When I just landed to Madrid airport it was unbelievable to me. We went to Aranjuez by train. We had a very cordial greeting there. We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon. Then we went dinner with our partners it was very fun for me. Our partners were really close to us like we knew each other before. The next day when we went to the host school we were very surprised because they made a really good greeting programme for us. The mini con- cert at the end of the programme was very fun. After lunch, we joined in the preparations of the Olympic Games organised by the host school. Then we went for a city tour in Aranjuez. We visited historical places and cathedrals they are really admirable. İt was a long and fun tour. But it was tiring too. When we finished the tour we vent to a beautiful restaurant for dinner. The next day we meet and chat with students from the host school sports Olympics. We played football with a group of home school students. In the afternoon, we visited the museum of bullfighting going to the field, an interesting place. Madrid city center was impressive was really great, a great experience for me, very different. Street performers, parks, streets, interesting individual. In the meantime, the project group ex- cursions more enjoyable because we are intimate with the passing. Days are passing very nice and fun. And all the beautiful things come to an end. Spain was the last day of our trip. In the evening, had a very nice dinner and a farewell program. Everything was thought to have fun and spend a nice evening. There was a bittersweet sadness in me because it is the last day. Our plane was four o'clock in the evening. We visited the Bernabeu stadium until it's time to go. I did not want to go back now it was time to go. Spent a great time for five days. Comenius and the host school would like to thank bi moment I will never forget in my life to have present.“ Enes Bașci (Turkey)
  23. 23. 24 “Our partners visited Aranjuez from 18th to 24th April 2012 and enjoyed the Olympic Games with Spanish students and teachers. During their stay, they were part of the school life and joined the activities that were held: sport competitions, parade, excursions,etc Our students prepared a nice welcoming ceremony showing a power point presentation about the most emblematic monuments in Aranjuez, singing, playing their flutes, guitars and piano,etc. We visited Toledo and Madrid and showed them Las Ventas bullring, Cibeles fountain, Puerta del Sol, El Retiro Park,… On Sunday , the students acted like tourist guides and explained to our visitors the his- tory and the most important aspects of the Royal Palace. After that, all of us visited Jardín de la Isla and Parterre. And in the afternoon, we participated in the parade, and every team took their own flag. Last night, the students from Apóstol Santiago School organized a nice farewell party where flamenco performance was offered. The golden medals were given to the foreign students and then teachers and pupils had dinner, all together and after that, we were dancing and saying goodbye to our friends. The experience was great and we had the opportunity of sharing with them our school-life. We hope you have enjoyed this meeting project.” Montse Santos (Spain) “I enjoyed a lot our visit to Madrid. I could see buildings and monuments I hadn`t ever seen. I also liked to be in Ma- drid with the foreign people because we could learn a lot about their manners and we speak a lot of English. It was a very good experience.” Daniel Ruiz Sanchez and Paula Betancort (Spain) “The experience was great: learning English and meeting people from the other countries. But what also impressed them was the welcome to our school.” Sandra Nebreda and Marta Sanz (Spain) “The activity I liked the most was the trip to Toledo. It was the first activity after the presentation and the most beautiful because that was when the Comenius adventure began in Spain.” Mª Jose Hernandez Paradinas and Miriam Torres (Spain) “The best part of the meeting project in Aranjuez was the last day, during the dinner. We were dancing and having fun togeth- er!” Marta Granados (Spain) “At first I was very nervous, but as soon as I met my host Paula I felt comfortable, everyone was so nice.” “We had a great time in Spain. We did lots of cool things than I ever thought I’d get to do!” (Swedish pupils)
  24. 24. 25 “Come closer: my world is your world” has been fantastic! I've really enjoyed myself, because I love meeting people. In April 2012 I also took part to the Spanish mobility. It was one of the best weeks of my life. In March 2013 I hosted a Spanish girl and I got closer to so many cultures… magnificent! I'm happy I've had this opportunity and I hope I'll meet my new friends again.” Chiara Paparella (Italy) “It was wonderful to involve in greek Olympic games far from our coun- try. It is very nice to see your history from a foreign perspective.” Ivi Papadopoulou (Greece) “What I enjoyed most on my trip was the friendly and warm attitude of the family who put me up. The host school was very well-organized and while we were there, the school held Olympic games for teenag- ers all over the Europe. During our stay, we met lots of of interesting boys and girls of our age and we had a wonderful time together.” Farasopoulou Vaso (Greece) “I was impressed by their royal palaces and gardens, as well as that I have made many friends in Spain, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, Greece and Sweden. It was an experience that I would repeat when- ever I would have the opportunity.” Căbău Cosmin (Romania) “We went to Aranjuez in Spain with our friends Alex and Johan- nes and our teachers Eva and Maria. It was an amazing experience to get to know people from other cultures in their natural environ- ment. To meet people our age in school and in their homes gave us a whole other perspective of other countries, other than on a vaca- tion The whole time in Spain we were smiling and making new friends from several countries. The trip to Spain is one of our best memories so far.” Sanna and Julia (Sweden) “When I first came to Spain I was so excited. I was there for seven and every day was different. We went to a lot of interesting places, like Toledo and Madrid, and we saw so much things like the palace. We also made new friends and we had the greatests times together. It was an unforgetable experience!!” Maria Haritopoulou (Greece)
  25. 25. 26 “I had a great time in Spain. The family I lived in was very good and generous. What I liked most is that we went a lot of trips and the friendships we made with the other kids .I hope to visit Spain again one day…” Sule Ali (Greece) HOLA ARANJUEZ! The Italian group, two teachers- Enrica and Rosanna- and six students, Chiara Paparella, Marika Rinaldi, Zineb Lharchi, Luca Guarino, Francesco Pellegrino e Francesco Zangaro were very excited to visit Spain! Four of us had already failed to reach Greece in February , due to an icy storm on Rome airport…so we were a bit worried. The more interesting the Spanish program was the more anxious we were…I confess I used all the propi- tiatory rites I knew because I really missed my partners and I really wanted to meet them all again and ….It worked!!! Joking apart, the Spanish mobility has been a very interesting experience under all points of view: we have been involved in the Spanish lifestyle, we have shared very stimulating and motivating days, we have worked hard on the project and we have had a very good time! Visiting Aranjuez, Madrid and Toledo has pointed out what everybody knows: Spain is a wonderful Country, friendly and well organized. The great surprise for us was to visit the Collegio Apostolico, to meet all the teachers during the Olympic games, to be a part of the parade in the opening ceremony, to live the international “fiesta” and to share all those cheerful moments! For the students too it has been an amazing, unforgettable experience which is still lasting because they keep in touch and they will visit during next summer holidays! Dear Montse, thanks so much for having given us the chance to live all those awesome days we’ll never forget!!! Enrica Gallo (Italy) “Although I have visited Spain many times before, this time I discovered new places, new wonderful people. I was completely impressed by the beautiful and impos- ing cathedral of Toledo. I would like to thank Montse and Spanish team for the opportunity to know better this lovely country.” Diana Ladariu (Romania)
  26. 26. 27 “In October it was time for the other Come- nius-countries to come to our school here in Sandviken, Sweden. We were so nervous to be hosts but those feelings turned into pure happiness when we got to know our ex- change students. Everyone was so nice and during the week we did so many fun things. It was very educational to speak English and we learned about the other countries nature, animals, feasts and music.” Sanna and Julia (Sweden) “In the middle of autumn we visited Sweden, our partner school in Sandviken. Although the weather was chilly the hospitality was so warm that made our visit unforgettable. We lived unique experiences such as eating bear, watching wild animals, dressed like Vikings. At their school we felt like home especially when we cooked our tradi- tional food accompanied by all groups. We will never forget the beautiful autumn colours and their hospitality. tag tag…..Sweden!” Vavoura Evangelia (Greece) “When I heard about the project I got really excited. I thought it sounded very fun and I really wanted to be a part of it. The reason I joined the project was because I thought it was a good chance to practice my English and also to meet people from other countries and maybe learn something from them. My sister was a part of a similar project so I knew a little before and my parents were really positive. I learned a lot in the project and it was even better than I thought from the beginning. So far in the project I feel much safer with my English and I think it has improved. I also get to know people from other countries and learned more about how they live. It was also really good to meet new people and practice to take “the first step” and talk to them. To be a host was really fun. I enjoyed showing them our country and hometown. There were two Italian girls living with me and I’ve learned a lot from them about Italia, their school system and lots of more. I haven’t done my trip in the project yet but I will go to Holland this spring. I’m so excited, even more than being a host, and I hope it will be really fun. My expectations before the trip is high and I think a can learn a lot from living in a family. I think this is an even better chance to practice the English because there is no chance to talk Swedish. I haven’t changed my mind about this project; I still think this is a really good experience. I’m really happy that I got the chance to be a part of it and I hope that our school will participate again because everybody can learn something from it and it is fun too.” Emma Bengtsson (Sweden) Me and my guests in Sweden.
  27. 27. 28 “It was a wonderful experi- ence. It was like a myth. So fantastic scenery with abundant greenery and yellow land- scapes.” Papadopoulou Ivi (Greece) “After our summer holidays we started to prepare the meeting in Sweden. This time four boys: Sergio, David, Álvaro and Ignacio travelled with their teaches Montse and Mari Cruz. The curiosity for visiting the Scandinavian country increased when our students were told the meals we were going to eat: beer, elk and beaver. It was amazing!!! And the beautiful landscapes , and also the animals in Högbo Bruk. Students from all countries cooked cinnamon buns and offered them to the teachers during the FIKA (the Swedish word for breakfast). Farewell dinner was really funny. We could taste traditional food from every countriy cooked by teach- ers: Ladera Gemista and Tsatsiki (Greece), Pancakes (Holland), Orechiette con le cime di rape (Italy) , Ro- manian tochitura, Potato omelette (Spain), Manti (Turkey) and Jahsson´s temptation (Sweden). Every- thing was delicious!!!!” Montse Santos (Spain) “The activity I liked the most was our trip to Swe- den. It was very funny and we had a great experi- ence. We met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends. I would like to repeat it.” Ignacio Calvo (Spain) “The activity that I liked the most was the trip to Sweden. We were living in our partner’s house for five days and did all kind of activities: watching wild animals, playing table- tennis between classes and cooking at school delicious des- serts.” David Fernandez (Spain) “With Comenius project I went to Sweden and I met a lot of new friends. When the project moved to Italy, I hosted a girl from Greece. But mobili- ty is just a moment of Comenius, in fact before and after mobility there’s a lot of work to do! Our class has emailed with the Spanish partners; some of us have prepared a presentation about the animals of our area, then we have prepared a power point about the Italian food and we have also written an article about our travel to Sweden for our school’s maga- zine! I am very happy to have had this experience because I really like travelling and meeting new people and new cultures. My parents too were satisfied even if they don’t speak English very well. I can say that thanks to Comenius I felt a real European citizen.” Giulia Tridente (Italy)
  28. 28. 29 Sandviken and our senses From 2nd to 6th October Anna Fris- enna, Valentina Francolino, Ilaria Spagna and Giulia Tridente with the teachers Maria Dona- dio and Enrica Gallo visited Sandviken in Sweden with the other partners: Greece, The Netheralands, Romania, Spain and Turkey. This was the first time our students could be hosted by families and they were re- ally excited and happy to live such a new ex- perience! After a long journey (coach+ plane+train) we found our colleagues and our ” new Swedish families” waiting for us at the railway station with the lovely Swedish girls Emma and Linnèa. We have learnt a lot about the hosting country and the other partners thanks to the workshops and the fabulous creative activities planned by the “super” Anette! We have analysed the Swedish school system and attended some lessons. Our students were wonderfully taken care by the hosting families and the program they followed during our staying, while we had the opportunity to explore both nature and the Viking lifestyle: how in- teresting! And when the school smelt of all the fragrances the recipes each country had prepared and it sounded of music and shone in the colours of the decorations made by the students …well …in that mo- ment all our senses were awoken! Tack Sverige!  Enrica Gallo (Italy) “When the teachers and students from the other schools came here I was a host for a Dutch girl. It was fun even though I felt very awkward around the other people. Especially sense most of them were so much older than me. Most of them were at least 2 years older and it made me feel awkward and like I didn’t belong here. Other than that it was a great experience.” Student from Sweden
  29. 29. 30 “I m happy that I went to Turkey. I had a wonder- ful time with Turkish friends.” Moumin Elif (Greece) “I am happy I have been to Turkey. It was wonder- ful. I saw many new sites and I met new friends.” Imbram Simge (Greece) “I had wonderful mo- ments in Turkey and we want to go again.” Memet Ailin (Greece) “All were wonderful. All the people were friendly with us and the students too.” Gaitatzis Christos (Greece) “When we went to Turkey we met new friends. We were happy. We loved eachother. We didn’t want to came back but that’s life. We lived a dream!!” Avci Amet Merve (Greece) “I liked Turkey. We had a funny time and I want to go again.” Halil Imbram Berna (Greece) “It was fantastic. I want to go again.” Tahsin Meltem (Greece) “I am happy. It was wonderful. I lost my mobile phone but it doesn’t matter.” Housein Sezen (Greece) “As we arrived Ankara we start- ed living in a new world for us, with many things so beautiful for us. After 18 hours by bus, we arrived in a different world with different color and tasties. Me thank the Turkish team for their hospitality and for every- thing we lived together.” Ivi Papadopoulou (Greece) “We started our trip to Ankara very enthusiastic. There we ex- plored the old and the new and we gathered so many beautiful memories from the places we visited. So many friendly faces at their school, so nice traditional food. We believed we felt the magic and the mystery of Anoto- lia.!!” Vavoura Evagelia (Greece)
  30. 30. 31 Cose turche! Maybe because it was not planned, maybe because Turkey is a crossroads of Western and Eastern cultures, both Asian and Europe- an and so it fascinates every traveller and maybe because I “cannot rest from travel”, but this mobility, planned in a very short time, has turned to be really astonishing in every single moment! Maria and I have enjoyed the famous Eastern hospitality, this really dynamic young Country, proud of its ancient culture and open to the future with enthusiasm. Yildiz and her team managed to arrange such a wonderful program for us! We visited lots of interesting places in Ankara such as the Parlia- ment, the Ministry of Education , the beautiful mosques , Ataturk Mausoleum and ultramodern malls . It was exciting! Anyway I am sure none of us will ever forget the magic atmosphere we breathed in Cappadocia where we explored the cave church, the underground city and the fantastic breathtaking valley. Yildiz, thanks so much for giving us such an unforgettable experi- ence! Enrica Gallo (Italy) “I want to express my gratitude for everything Yildiz did to make this mobility in Turkey such a wonderful experience. It is not easy to organize everything in the way she did. During the meeting we saw such a lot of different things, landscapes, cities, traditions, we had tasty Turkish food. Wonderful days to breathe an au- thentic Turkish atmosphere. After this mobility I re- mained with a beautiful image in my mind: Cappado- cia- one of the most beautiful places where nature meets history. While natural phenomena form fairy chimneys, during history, signs of ancient civiliza- tions preserved after thousands of years through the houses and churches decorated and carved in poles in the ground.” Diana Ladariu (Romania)
  31. 31. 32 “The activities developed during the meeting in Italy have strength- ened the bonds of friendship between the project partners. This proves once again the role of Comenius school projects to promote national identity and being aware of belonging to the same family, Europe. Students and teachers participated with great interest in the activities proposed by the hosts and felt very welcomed. We had some wonderful days, full of different activities, which highlighted all project partners. Many special thanks to Enrica and Italian team for every special mo- ment spent together and for some days I will never forget!”  Diana Ladariu (Romania) I have to confess that being the hosting country has been a fantastic but quite tiring experience: 4 headteachers, 12 teachers and 25 students plus 21 Italian hosting students was a nice but also a huge group! I felt the responsibility of choosing the activities and the visits to do: “will our guests like them and enjoy them? Will we be able to be at least as warm and friendly as they have been to us?” Welcome to Italy… or being the hosting country By Enrica Gallo Maybe only in this phase of the project I realized we had different cultures and habits and that I had to come closer to my partners as well as they had to come closer to us!...and it worked beau- tifully! The hosting families were really crazy about their guests and vice versa, the weather was good , Matera, Policoro, Metaponto were at their best, everybody enjoyed our food and got even used to our late meals!!! We also had celebrations: 3 birthdays with wonderful cakes and a cheerful Karaoke farewell par- ty. Thanks so much for coming and especially because we really CAME CLOSER: my world became your world!
  32. 32. 33 “Seven students travelled to Italy: Paula B., Paula G., Sandra, Marta, Daniel, Guillermo and Jaime. The host families were waiting for us in Policoro and since the beginning , students be- came very good friends. On Sunday, they had a family day, sharing the Italian lifestyle. They visited the seaside and WWF oasis at “Pantano wood”. On Monday we visited the school and students had a very good time playing volley, dancing and meeting new friends. The visit to Matera UNESCO Heritage was great, what a wonderful place!!!! We also enjoyed wonderful Italian food: pizza, pasta, delicious tomato sauce,… And the most important was the wonderful peo- ple we met in the South of Italy, always smil- ing, always kind to us. It was an unforgettable experience!!!!” Montse Santos (Spain) “Comenius project has been one of the most beautiful experience of my school life because it allowed me to learn about various habits, different food and also various customs of Romania. But even better it was to host one Romanian girl! Her name was Briana. De- spite she was younger than me, we went on really well: Briana has been well and she has been very fond of my family. I 'm very happy with the result because I was able to meet other foreign students who were hosted by my friends. It has been interesting and es- pecially very motivating to know their uses and com- pare their habits to ours. This Comenius made me and my family improve our English and “feel” European! I would like to repeat this experience!!!” Roberta Lapergola (Italy)
  33. 33. 34 “Comenius experience was very interesting for me. In Italy I knew very special people which I still get in touch. I was welcomed with lot of love by the family who hosted me. Every day was fun and I felt very good with students from other coun- tries. There we visited beautiful places and I remained with a wonderful impression after the visit in Italy.” Bocancea Daria (Romania) “I had a wonderful experience in this marvelous country, Italy, and for me it was a pity to leave Policoro so soon. I´m sure all the Romanian team will try to come back again to Italy. I felt here like at home thanks to Elisa Dolce and her teacher Enrica. So, I won´t say good bye, but "see you soon", because I think we will meet again in a near future. Lots of hugs and kisses for everybody.” Sara Codreanu (Romania) “This experience has helped both teachers and students improve the communication skills in English and realize that diversity is the main asset in building a rich general culture. We discovered a new atmosphere, learned about the customs and traditions and enjoyed Italian culinary delights of the region. There were other strengths? Of course! The fact that I had the opportunity to be part of the Comenius family for a few days was definitely an experience that will remain on my mind for a long time.” Daniela Lazar (Romania) “I got into the project in time to be able to travel to one of the partner schools. I went to Italy and…It was just mindblowing. It was amazing to travel but also to experience the language, the culture. It was a lot of fun and I think they made a great decision with my host. We’re friends and we have kept the contact. It was also very interesting trip sense, I didn’t know a lot about Italy or the culture. The information I had lied in the Roman/Greek mythology and the gods. Also the roman empire and the religion. That was what I knew. But I had no idea what the modern culture in Italy was and now I know a bit more. The conclusion is: It was amzing. Both being a host and travelling has been a great experience and I hope to be able to be a part of something similar again.” Student from Sweden
  34. 34. 35 The Netherlands: last but not least mobility Here we are in the Northest North of the Netherlands: the mag- ic land of tulips, mills and bikes! The students , Adriana Antonicelli e Maria Teresa Galeazzo, and the teachers Mimma and Enrica , have enjoyed every sin- gle day of our staying in Leek and we want to thank theDutch team and families for what they have planned for us! Anyway, this mobility has been particularly meaningful to me, not just because it was our last journey, but because it was the end of a longer trip…Montse and I started talking about a project together long before September 2010. Then the “thing” gradually turned to be the fantastic puzzle with seven different nations who turned to be a Comenius partnership with a long path to walk. The goal seemed so far and now that we have almost reached it I feel both happy and sad…proud and scared… It was my first Comenius so I was also a bit worried at the beginning… now I feel really satis- fied for the result we got because we can state that Your worlds are my world! You came into my life and will be with me forever… I hope to meet you again! All the best and all my love to all of you  Enrica Gallo (Italy)
  35. 35. 36 “Holland, the last destination of the Comenius members in this project, welcomed us on 21st April in Leek, Groningen, a beau- tiful town situated in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Mª José Hernández Paradinas and Miriam Torres travelled with their teachers Carmen Rosa and Montse Santos. We ar- rived in Groningen station at 4 p.m. and both host families and Dutch teachers were waiting for us. “We were looking forward to seeing you again!”,they said. The Spanish students have been preparing this trip for one year, since Nikki and Julie visited Aranjuez. First Romania, then Greece, Spain, Sweden, Italy and now……….Holland!!!! Turkish friends and members were also there. All of us, together again. On Monday morning we visited Rsg Borgen school. We had coffee and delicious sweets and then a “getting to know” game . Then we had a tour of the school by Dutch students. After that we had a funny English class. And Groningen.....lunch and sightseeing. Beautiful town, full of bicycles!!!! On Tuesday, at 9 a.m. we began a tourist trip through the Province of Groningen: Dokkum (Windmills, shops...), 12:00 Lunch in Lauwersoog (National Park) , Pieterburen (Seal rehabilitation Centre) , Noordpolderzijl (dike), Waffum (open air museum Het Hoogeland), and at 6 p.m. farewell dinner in Roden. On Wednesday morning at 7 a.m we left Leek. GOODBYE HOLLAND!!! It was great to be with our friends. We hope to see you soon !!!” Montse Santos (Spain) “It was a nice trip, full of funny activities and I liked it a lot. I also appreciated the fact that we were introduced to the Dutch atmosphere. I think that the schedule was very well-thought because I saw a lot of things and for me it was a great experience. My favourite part was that one when we traveled a whole day in the county. I found the seals absolutely lovely and the old Dutch houses were also nice. I also enjoyed talking to Dutch pupils and find out their opininions about their country and everything related to it. Moreover, I learnt new Dutch words. I can confess that pronounciating „stroopwafel” was one of the hardest thing to do, but after 4 days I could finally say it well.  My host family was absolutely amazing. I had a great time with them and I really appreciated the fact that they served me delcious traditional food. They were really friendly and I think we got on well with each other. I have to mention that everybody was friendly from teachers to students. But there was one thing I did not like: it was too short but I understand it. These are the terms and conditions of this project, so I am grateful for the days spent there. Thank you! In conclusion, it was an experience that lightened a lot of things about the Netherlands in my mind.” Andreea Dedea (Romania)
  36. 36. 37 “Holland was one of the best places I visited in Europe I really had fun and learned a really different culture from mines.Our trip to Holland was kind of tiring but fun first we took a plane to Frankfurt and then to Amsterdam after we went to Holland we had to take the train to groningen it took about 2 or 3 ours.They told us that Groningen was a farm but it was beautiful the big areas full of grass and really cute animals the houses schools were all nice.The school that we went to was really good their labs cafeteria classes they had everything the thing i was surprised is everybody in Holland can speak English good that is really a good achievement.My favourite thing in Holland was the bikes i loved them the way that they even have a different roads for bikes thats awesome.The people were really kind and tolerant.I am happy that I went to Holland it was a really nice difference in my life I hope I can go again one day.” Nuseibe Nur Yagmur (Turkey) “My Amsterdam trip was one of the most wonderful trip that I have ever had.There are a lots of things to tell about Amsterdam. Let me begin: There are lots of trees in there.The streets are very calm.The construction of the houses are very very diffrent.And also they have got the bicycle ways.People are very kind and helpful.Mostly the city , which is Amsterdam, is famous for having cows , mills and shoes.In my experiences most of people know how to speak English in Amsterdam. But one thing that I didn't like when you are in a restaurant and order something , it takes too long to back you.This was annoying. Although Amsterdam was very expensive according to Turkey , I would like to visit there again.” Seyda Elif Tekinarslan (Turkey)
  37. 37. 38 “The last meeting of the project represented a unique opportunity for participating students and teachers to learn new things, see new places and to perform joint activities with partners. At the beginning of this partnership we wanted to know the customs and traditions of other countries, to share our professional knowledge, to understand the differences in cul- ture, religion, civilization and accept them, to use English and to enrich our minds and hearts. Now, at the end of the project, I found that we exceed- ed goals and that we have lost in this fascinating experience called Comenius and that all things lived together caused en- joy both to the mind and soul of each of us - whether a teach- er or student. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with wonderful people, people from different coun- tries who think and feel the same. I think all of us left with memories for a lifetime, each school remained with a "house" that is full of material that outlines a profound reality of each country. I hope this project, like the others developed in our schools are a sign that we owe by the nature of our job to try, to fail, to enrich and share ... and that for the sake of noble purpose that our profession has - to open doors for our students and to be close to them when they will follow the beautiful flight of life. We are at the end and it's difficult ... it's difficult to explain in words how much was done, how many we have experienced, how many wonderful places were seen, how many wonderful people came into our personal and professional lives ... people who will forever remain in my heart as good friends. And maybe this is the most beautiful gift this project gave to me.”        Diana Ladariu (Romania)
  38. 38. 39 A few words about project ………………… 3 Partners…………………………………………. 4 Interviews……………………………………… 11 Activities………………………………………. 15 Project meeting Romania……………………17 Project meeting Greece……………………. 20 Project meeting Spain……………………… 23 Project meeting Sweden..…………………. 27 Project meeting Turkey……………….…… 30 Project meeting Italy……………………….. 32 Project meeting Netherlands……………… 35 This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
  39. 39. 40