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RSG Wiringherlant (Holanda): ELOS School. (II Jornada Internacionalización)


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Presentación del Colegio RSG Wiringherlant (Holanda): ELOS School. II Jornada Internacionalización en el Colegio Jesuitinas Pamplona, 13 marzo 2018.

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RSG Wiringherlant (Holanda): ELOS School. (II Jornada Internacionalización)

  2. 2. GENERAL INFORMATION: • RSG Wiringherlant is located in Wieringerwerf a village in the north of Northern Holland in a rural area situated 60 km from Amsterdam. • Pupils cycle to school from nearby villages.
  3. 3. GENERAL INFORMATION: • Public school • Age group: 12-18 • Educational levels: 5 different educational levels VWO (higher academic, 6 years) Havo (lower academic, 5 years) TL (vocational, 4 years) BB/KB (lower vocational, 4 years) • 1050 students and 120 teachers • Rsg Wiringherlant is a European-oriented school
  4. 4. MISSION:Open to yourself, to each other and the outer world • Rsg Wiringherlant is a small school, a meeting place where a safe environment is offered to everyone. Our education is featured by structure and support with attention for the development of the individual student. • Rsg Wiringherlant offers inspiring and groundbreaking education, in which students are prepared for the next step in their lives. • Rsg Wiringherlant ensures that students learn to find their way in society at a regional, national and international level.
  5. 5. School facilities: • Library • Canteen • Sports halls • Fitness rooms • ELOS area • Computer rooms • Technology rooms • Chemistry laboratories
  6. 6. School facilities:
  7. 7. School facilities:
  8. 8. School facilities:
  9. 9. OFFERS: • ELOS Strong language education Exchanges and international projects in class Making students aware that they are European citizens by providing them theoretical knowledge on Europe • Multi-lingual classes (English, French and German) • Sports classes • Extra curricular activity programmes • Homework class • Oplis school/ Teachers’ training school
  10. 10. INTERNATIONALISATION: • Comenius projects (past) • Erasmus+ subsidies • ELOS school (education streching borders) (Elos ambassadors) • Bilingual school (TTO) • European Parliament Ambassador school ( Epas ambassadors) • Student exchange programmes (Italy, Spain, France,UK) • Etwinning projects
  11. 11. ELOS SCHOOL: • Elos stands for: Education stretching borders • It’s an educational concept which seeks to promote the European and International dimension in education • It’s about preparing young people for a future in a society in which European integration and globalization are a reality. • Exchanges with partner schools.
  12. 12. European Parliament Ambassador School: • Junior Ambassadors
  13. 13. STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES Projects are prepared in class and involve 5 different levels of education • Italy: The Sea (Chiavari) 4 VWO Local jobs from the past to the future (Palermo) 3 Havo/Vwo • Spain Local jobs from the past to the future (Mataró) 3 Havo/Vwo Sport and nature (Tietar, Merida) 2 Vmbo Etwinning : global awareness and European citizenship (Pamplona)
  14. 14. BILINGUAL EDUCATION: TTO • For havo/vwo (lower academic – and academic) students who are willing to go the extra mile. • At least 50 per cent of subjects are taught in English using CLIL • Includes: (English) international projects, extra curricular projects, collaboration with University of Durham, schooltrip to the UK in year 3. • Students speak English in – and outside the classroom. TTO teacher meetings are also held in English.
  15. 15. Etwinning projects: • 2016-2017: “The Best of Both Worlds” The Netherlands-Spain National Quality Award 2017 • 2017-2018: “Let’s Catch Up!” The Netherlands-Spain-Sweden
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention