1rst Mandra Gymnasium


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School presentation during our travel to Poland according to the Comenius project Let΄s create a multicultural Europe

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1rst Mandra Gymnasium

  1. 1. 1rst Gymnasium of Mandra West Attika, Greece
  2. 2. Our School
  3. 3. Location of our school  Mandra, in west side of Athens.  It is an industrial area with rich tradition .  In the close area there is the historical city of Elefsina known for the ancient religious ceremonies dedicated to Goddess Dimitra
  4. 4. Description of the school  It is consisted of 360 students aged 1115 years old.  It is a part from the Secondary Education of West Attika and the Ministry of Education  Basic School faculties Maths, Chemistry Physics, Biology Foreign languages Literary lessons Technology, Gym
  5. 5. School classrooms
  6. 6. The students like painters  Each class has been painted by the students and the teacher of Arts was the leader for this action.
  7. 7. Constructions and inventions of the students Making a radio Making a boat
  8. 8. School activities Our school shows great interest in several cultural programs which are supervised be the Secondary Education of West Attika . Also many visits at museums are organized every year
  9. 9. War Museum of Athens
  10. 10. Acropolis Museum
  11. 11. Visiting and learning  Travel to the island of Corfu which is in the Unesco Heritage List
  12. 12. Fortezza
  13. 13. The Palace
  14. 14. Outside the Palace
  15. 15. Making our school green Class actions Planting trees
  16. 16. Recycling team  Was created by the teacher of Chemistry  The team aimed to learn more about recycling  The team managed to make soap form used olive oil and recycling paper from used up school notebooks  Visited at Laurio the Center of Environmental Education and learn how waste products can be useful.
  17. 17. Saying YES to recycling Making soap Making paper
  18. 18. Laurio, Center of Environmental Education
  19. 19. Presenting famous people at school  Music  Athletes
  20. 20. At the footsteps of Manos Xatzidakis
  21. 21. The school choir We have sung many famous songs of Manos
  22. 22. Presentation of a famous athlete, Elias Hliakis
  23. 23. Learning from his experience
  24. 24. Our theatrical team
  25. 25. Our Participation in the Comenius Project We have managed to participate in “Let΄s create a multicultural Europe’’ after applying to our National Agency (I.K.Y.). We hope to communicate with other countries, learn their culture and create a multicultural Europe crossing every border.
  26. 26. Our first actions!  We have invited the journalists for a press conference  Thriassio newspaper and the local authorities helped us to spread the good news of our participation
  27. 27. We have created our Comenius Corner
  28. 28. Creating our postcards
  29. 29. Postcards for Human Rights
  30. 30. Postcards for Human Rights