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World's first Workbook for the Recruiters. It captures all the needed data in your recruitment life cycle and helps the manager / management on performance review & appraisal discussions. It makes your hiring life simpler and smarter.

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Hiring workbook

  1. 1. World’s first Workbook for RecruitersThe motive of “Hiring Workbook” (HH - Part 2) is to capture recruiter’s day today recruitment efforts and improve their performance. We found that therehas been less awareness on the ethical practices, due importance oncapturing data and lack of documentation process among the recruitmentfraternity.For a long time recruiter’s efforts are captured in a Daily / Weekly / Monthly/ Yearly reports. Either in a form of an automated way or using XL Sheet.Pettiest thing is that both are not serving its purpose and it has been difficultfor the recruitment manager / management to analyze the individual &team’s capability.It is a recruitment guide for recruiters / managers to understand their ability,to expose talents, exhibit the efforts and improve performance of therecruitment team. It captures all the needed data in your recruitment lifecycle and helps the manager / management on performance review &appraisal discussions. It makes your hiring life simpler and smarter.
  3. 3. World’s first Workbook for RecruitersGist from the book;RECRUITMENT POLICYEach company has their own recruitment policy connected with thecompany’s goal and mission. Before hiring, recruiter needs to understandand follow the company’s Recruitment Policy for better recruitment results.For example, your organization’s recruitment policy could be to hire onlyengineering graduates with first class in computer science from a tier 1educational institution. In this case, your policy will not allow hiringcandidates with other stream in engineering or with less percentage.Significance of writing your organizational / client recruitment policy herewill help you to look back this page whenever you need a clarification.RECRUITMENT LIFE CYCLERecruitment Life Cycle is the first phase of the recruitment activity and theentire lifecycle includes from job opening from the Client till Candidatesjoining and closing the position. As a Recruiter / Recruitment Manager, youneed to be strong on the concept. The structure differs from organization toorganization (including Manpower Agencies).
  4. 4. World’s first Workbook for RecruitersGist from the book;RECRUITMENT HIRERACHYA well planned system or an organization formation in which people orgroups are ranked one above the other according to their status or theauthority. Pyramid-like ranking of ideas, individuals, items, etc., where everylevel (except the top and the bottom ones) has one higher and one lowerneighbour. Higher level means greater authority, importance, and influence.KEY RESULT AREADid you find out yourself in the organizational hierarchy chart? You may be atrainee or a senior executive or a recruitment manager, now it’s time to set aKRA for you. Usually, people who are up in the ladder determine KRA for thedown line employees (Subordinates). For Recruitment Manager and his / herteam of recruiters, CEO sets the KRA. It is important for you to achieve theKRA set by the management for best appraisal / promotion. Your day to dayhiring needs to be based on the KRA set to you and once in a day check ifyou are in-line with the goal.
  5. 5. World’s first Workbook for RecruitersGist from the book;SOURCING METHODSRecruiter(s) goal is to fulfil the given assignment with the suitablecandidate(s) on time. Below given is the sample sourcing methods by whichRecruiter(s) can target relevant resources.SCREENINGThe next step after sourcing resumes is to check the suitability / availabilityof the candidates with your current job openings. Below given is the samplemandatory data for the recruiters to check in the resume before speaking tothe candidates.INTERVIEWSInterviews are the place for finding real time expertise of the candidates.Following are the sample interviewing types in an organization (both incorporate and consultancy). It can change based on the organizational andthe recruitment policy.
  6. 6. World’s first Workbook for RecruitersGist from the book;SELECTION METHODSEach organization has their own way of selecting candidates. Below given isthe Sample Selection Methods for Fresher. It can change based on therequirement and client needs.OFFER PROCESSOffer Process is part of the Interview Process. In HR interview, the HRManager understands the technical and personal capability of the candidate.HR Manager takes a decision based on the Joining date, Salary fitment andother expectations of the candidate.JOINING / ON-BOARDING PROCESSThe Recruitment Life Cycle successfully ends by on-boarding suitablecandidates for the open positions. The candidate interacts with the HR-Recruiter from the date of applying the job till joining. So, Recruiter is theright person to give a warm welcome to the new employee joining thecompany. As per company’s policy, Recruiter confirms that the candidate hasbrought the needed documents to do the join formalities.
  7. 7. World’s first Workbook for RecruitersGist from the book;RECRUITMENT PLANNINGThis is an important part of the requirement handling. Most of the recruitersskip this exercise and start their sourcing channels once after receiving theindent. This is not only a bad practice but also it will never yield properresults to the recruiter / organization. Indent speaks about what manpowera client needs. But Recruitment Planning speaks about how recruiter / teamcan close the open positions raised by the hiring manager / client. For eachindent / requirement (not for each positions), recruitment planning is must.Hiring managers / clients may not know the market reality. Recruiters are theone who has to give a realistic view on closing the openings.JOB DESCRIPTIONOnce the indent and recruitment planning sheet approved by the hiringmanager / client, recruiter has to create the detailed Job Description to beshared with the candidate. Indent is for internal recruiter’s reference andthat can’t be shared with the candidate as it includes confidential matters.For candidate’s understanding, recruiter need to create a Job Description(JD) and it has to be authorized by the hiring manager / client.
  8. 8. World’s first Workbook for RecruitersGist from the book;Indent CreationInterview SheetMarket MappingRecruitment Planning SheetYearly PlannerMonth on month based chart for the recruiters
  9. 9. World’s first Workbook for RecruitersTo purchase this book, visit;Amazon / CreateSpace – https://www.createspace.com/4268880Pothi.com (For Indian Recruiters) - http://pothi.com/pothi/book/vijay-anand-l-v-hiring-workbookTo know more about the author and his books, visit – www.vijayanand.co.in