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twenty4 have been doing digital for a long time. We think we are pretty good at what we do… but anyone can say they are good at something. Ringo thought he was a good drummer.

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twenty4 - Digital Marketing Agency

  1. 1. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. ‘/’/ We Live. In a digital world. Offline we have offices in both Melbourne and Sydney. We Share. Information and ideas with the people we work with. We Form. Partnerships. We get to know every business, their marketplace and their customers. We Think. About trends, platforms and innovation. We Do. Digital Strategy, Creative, and Technology. We look after Web Development, eCommerce, SEO, Social Media, and mobile. We Move. Across retail, corporate, government, entertainment and not-for- profit brands and industries. Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  2. 2. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Discovery Goals and Objectives / Market Research / Competitor Analysis / Digital Strategy A new website process starts by understanding the business, goals, consumers, brand strategy, user research and how we best incorporate this into a digital strategy. Consideration will also be given to how this new development will affect or streamline internal process’ within the organisation. Information Architecture & UX Wireframes / User Experience Discovery stage has allowed us to start considering the best possible experience for a user. It has formed the basis for the site structure, layout and how the user will interact and navigate through the end product. This website needs to be as intuitive as possible and allow for unique scenarios of people’s needs, computer knowledge, browsing environments and habits. This step is often overlooked or undervalued, but is paramount in setting the tone for overall success. Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  3. 3. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Design UI / Prototyping / Graphic Design With a clear blueprint plan, we can get to the part that everybody loves – the visual process of look and feel. The knowledge from the Discovery / Information Architecture and User Experience planning stage is used to conceptualise the design and user interface. Prototyping and graphic design are the key tangible aspects of this stage. Development HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP / CMS / Browser Compatibility This stage of the project is where we the design is brought into a web browser an interactive, clickable version of the website is created. This is the most time intensive aspect and involves coding, development and back-end CMS, EDM and Social integration. The focus of this stage is the develop the working website, integration with backend systems, while considering user interaction and cross browser functionality. twenty4specialise in standards-based development as well as in the implementation with a number of CMS systems, that will bring the most out of the site with dynamic content and interaction. Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  4. 4. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Training, Testing & Go Live Face to Face / Training Videos / Goals Checklist Training is performed as face to face training that is tailored to the website administrator and specific CMS setup. The website training session is recorded for future reference. A follow up is done to ensure the website administrator is comfortable with updating all aspects of the website. Metric Analysis ROI / Google Analytics / Customer Conversion / Goals & Funnels / Custom Dashboard Once the digital presence has been launched to the world, it’s essential to future success to review the performance and engagement. A good digital presence can only achieve greatness after launch when we can see how people are using the site. It also allows us to make informed decisions together about future enhancements. We look at entry points, popular content and other strategies to make sure that both you and users are getting the best web experience possible. Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  5. 5. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Ongoing Support Phone / Email / Project Management System The time after the website is live is as important as the build up period. The internet does not stay still. We like to revisit the project online to see what we have learnt as well as introducing new technology or ideas that might help grow the website and online presence. The twenty4 team manage feedback efficiently through our web based project management system ensuring prompt response times, as well as transparency to all stakeholders. Digital Agency Melbourne and Sydney
  6. 6. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Should You Choose a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business? When you are planning to start a business, what are the steps that you have to go through? What are the things that you need? Who are the persons that you are working with in order to get things done and have your business running smoothly? Do you need to hire a digital marketing agency to help you in setting up your products and service online? Having a digital marketing agency has an assurance that you are working with experts in marketing. Its employees have the best knowledge in promoting your products and services without spending a big amount of money. Most of these companies offer a wide range of services and features that are of a big advantage especially to those who have just started their online business. 1. One advantage of hiring a digital marketing agency is that you have a productive use of your time. You are not contained in the four walls of your office and have your marketing strategy planning meeting with your partners or employees. Instead, you can be anywhere at any given time while you still have an access to the operations of your business. When you outsource your business needs, you can have the best persons to take care of them. Your time can be spent in your other endeavors which can be also productive and will eventually help your business sooner or later. 2. When you run a marketing campaign, you know well that it can be a competitive advantage. The digital marketing agency has the best idea where exactly they can strategically include your campaign and you can surely expect positive results. Branding is one important thing in marketing aside from promoting your products and services or increasing the exposure of your business. It clearly defines your business and your target market where you want your customer base. 3. They have the best solutions to offer you. With lots of advancement in technology, marketing has never been this easy. With the availability of big screens in the main cities and the 3D technology in cinematography, these mediums were also used by marketing companies for their advertisements. Certainly, your products and services are highly visible to the public. And what’s more? When they are exactly your target audience, you have a big catch. 4. Budget is never a problem. Marketing campaigns can use a large amount but if you let the professionals handle them for you, then budget constraints will never be a big worry to you. These experts already know
  7. 7. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. how to promote your business. With the detailed information you can provide, they can strategically create a campaign using the limited budget that you have without compromising the quality of your advertisement. Their contacts and connections can also offer them some help in order to minimize your expenses while achieving the best results of your campaign. All you have to do is look for the ideal company to do the marketing campaign. Having a Melbourne digital marketing agency is one of your options. 8 Characteristics of Trustworthy Digital Marketing Agencies Digital marketing agencies are becoming more popular these days. With the rise of the World Wide Web, modern businesses are now obliged to market their products and services online in order to reach more clients and earn higher profits. Here are eight characteristics to take note of when choosing a trustworthy digital marketing agency to help boost your business in the internet: Experience It takes time to master the tricks of the trade when it comes to internet marketing strategies. Choose the ones who have been in the field for at least a year. Also check the number of clients that they have served before. Expertise Find out what kind of software, and programs they use. Their team should be trained in these tools. Most reliable companies proudly broadcast the credentials of their technicians. The ones with formal training are your best bets. Flexibility The agency should be flexible when it comes to meeting your online marketing needs. Most internet processes change and update frequently. For example, when it comes to search engine optimization, a year ago, creating multiple links at different parts of the web that bring clients to the business site is a popular tactic in increasing search engine ranks. This year, that no longer works too well. Search engines are now more particular about the content of the webpage where the links are found more than the number of links. A flexible company would be able to see these changes and adjust so that your business could be up to date and web- efficient at all times. Timeliness Timeliness is a must since online processes are fast and quickly changing. The advertisers should always present your needs on time, based on the agreed timetable.
  8. 8. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. Professionalism They should be professional in dealing with you. Signs of professionalism are bringing a contract for your project, presenting receipts, consulting you before making changes on your campaign, and giving you weekly updates regarding the progress of your enterprise in the web. Transparency Their technicians should be transparent. They should readily share the drafts of the products, their work processes, and end results. This allows you to understand where your campaigns are heading. Creativity They should be able to present you with ideas and suggestions that are fresh, quirky, and imaginative. The World Wide Web is an extremely competitive platform, which is why it is important that your advertisers help you stand out. Research Skills Their team should do a market research before presenting project proposals to guarantee that your campaigns are competitive and to ensure that your tactics are appealing to your target clients. For instance, if you want to please kids with your clothing line, a website with mellow music and Victorian themes might not get their attention. What Are the Services Offered by a Good Digital Marketing Agency? With the growing competition in the online business, most owners want their own site to go with the trend in the industry. It does not only mean that the site looks good to the customers but it should also be a user- friendly one. In order to have a website that has your preference and specification, you have to hire the best digital marketing agency that offers top-notch services 1. Best Programmers. Every digital marketing agency has its own best programmers who can work with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Flash, and CGI. What you need to do is to ask for their portfolio to see which one has the best qualifications for your needs. They can design a website that is compatible with various browsers used by the customers. When the viewers have a better experience with your site, most likely, they will be coming back again and again. 2. Well-Designed and User-Friendly Website. Your website should be well-designed and user-friendly. At the first glance, the viewers will have the interest to browse for your products and services. It should be a well- optimized site with a bold and modern design that best suits the offered products and services. The customers can easily find what
  9. 9. Melbourne Sydney a. 17b William Street, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia a. Suite 1308, 109 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia p. +61 3 9005 0055 p. +61 2 8488 0055 f. +61 3 9011 9718 e. e. they are looking for with the right and valuable information provided for every products and services offered. 3. Mobile Applications. For most websites, they have utilized mobile applications which are quite popular these days and will lead you ahead of your competitors. And they have proven how very effective these can be when designed according the website’s products and services. These should be relevant as well as valuable to the users. Also, they can be entertaining and educational, two things that makes your application more in-demand in the market. With a good digital marketing agency, there is someone out there who is very much familiar in the area of mobile applications. He knows exactly what is best for your website and what your audience would like to have. He is familiar that the customers want something new, modern, valuable and interesting so he will recommend you to web developers of the mobile application that is best suited for your site. 4. SEO and SEM. One should never forget that, while website development is going on, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are very important in the process. In the recent years, there have been lots of Google updates which have greatly affected online businesses. Website owners can have a hard time in keeping up with the changes and let’s be honest. Not all of them understand the correct process of setting up SEO and SEM for their site. This is where a digital marketing agency comes in. There are experts who can handle everything for you with the promise of much better results. They can also offer link building packages through social networks, article directories, blog networks and a lot more media to options so your website will be highly visible to your target audience.