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Cv & covering letter

  1. 1. Writing a CV (US. Résumé) & a Covering Letter By María Luisa Ochoa
  2. 2. Writing a CV• When you apply for a job, it is usual to include a curriculum vitae, or CV (called résumé in the US). This is a list of your personal details, educational history, qualifications, experience, and interests—that is to say, the story of your life from a professional point of view. By María Luisa Ochoa
  3. 3. Writing a CV. Parts of a CV• There are many different models of CVs. The ones that you are going to see here are just some examples.• When writing a CV, you should include: By María Luisa Ochoa
  4. 4. • PERSONAL DETAILS (name, address, telephone, email, date of birth, nationality, etc).• EDUCATION/PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION (include dates, places, etc).• WORK EXPERIENCE (include detailed data relevant to the job you are applying for).• LANGUAGES (specify your command of languages: level, certification, etc. Some people put this information in “Other Information”).• INTERESTS AND HOBBIES• OTHER INFORMATION (include any other information that has not been included before and can be relevant for the job i.e: driving licence,own car, computer literate, etc).• REFERENCES(include two people that know you professionally so that they can give reference about your work when asked, you should provide as much information as possible about them (email, telephone, work address, etc)so that your future employer can contact them easily. By María Luisa Ochoa
  5. 5. Name: Mary PhyllisAddress: 16 Victoria Road Brixton LONDON SW2 5HUTelephone: 081 677 9683Nationality: BritishDate of birth: 11 March 1963Marital Status: SingleEducation/Qualifications:1985-6 University of Essex Business School PostgraduateDiploma in Business Management with German.1981-5 London School of Economics, Department of BusinessStudies BSc First Class Honours in Business Studies with Economics.1983-4 in Bonn, studying business German at evening classes andworking in various temporary office jobs.1974-81 Colchester Grammar School for Girls. 4 “A” Levels:Mathematics (A), History (A), Economics (A), German (B). By María Luisa Ochoa
  6. 6. Employment to date:1992-PRESENT Deputy Manager, Retail Outlets Division, Delicatessen International, Riverside House, 22 Charles St, London EC7X 4JJ.1991-2 Assistant Purchasing Officer, Delicatessen International, 77 rue Baudelaire, 75012 Paris, France1989-91 Assistant Manager, Sainsway Foodstores PLC, Lincoln Arcade, Faversham, Kent.1987-9 Trainee Manager, Sainsway Foodstores PLC, 69-75 Aylestone Street, London EC5A 9HB.Hobbies and Interests:Tennis and swimming, Judo-brown belt, Wine tasting and vineyardOther Information:Language Skills (English-French Bilingual,C2;Spanish, A2), driving license,computer literate.References:Mr. J. Byers-Elllis. Manager, Retail Outlets Division, Delicatessen International,Riverside House, 22 Charles St, London EC7X 4JJ.Dr. Margaret McIntosh, Director of Studies, University of Essex Business School,Colchester CR3 5SA By María Luisa Ochoa
  7. 7. Writing a Covering Letter• Together with your CV it is usual to send a covering letter. This covering letter needs to tell the person you are sending it to why they should read your CV. By María Luisa Ochoa
  8. 8. Writing a Covering Letter• A covering letter needs to tell the person why you are writing to them and outline why you are the ideal candidate for the job. You need to pick out the highlights from your CV that are relevant to this specific application. By María Luisa Ochoa
  9. 9. 11 North Street Your address Cambridge, BN7 2BT Date aligned with the address 25th February, 2008The Personnel Director,J.M. Kenyon Ltd,Firebrick House, Person you are writing to and his/her addressClifton, MC45 6RBDear Sir/Madam,I am writing to apply for the position of senior receptionist as advertised in this months´ HotelReview.I am a fully trained receptionist with a diploma in Leisure and Tourism Studies, and I have threeyears´ work experience. I currently work as a receptionist at the Excelsior Hotel in Leeds.I would like to apply for the position advertised as I feel I have the necessary experience forthe job. I have experience using the Fidelio and Galileo systems and excellent computer skills. Iam sociable and well organized, and I enjoy working with people.I enclose a copy of my CV and a completed application form. I look forward to hearing fromyou.Yours faithfully,Mary Stuart By María Luisa Ochoa
  10. 10. Writing a CV & a Covering Letter SPECIFIC TIPS for writing CVs-Keep your curriculum vitae simple.-Your CV must be concise and easy to read.REMEMBER: CV writing is a form ofmarketing or advertising, where you arethe product! By María Luisa Ochoa
  11. 11. Writing a CV & a Covering Letter SPECIFIC TIPS for writing Covering Letters• Address Your Covering Letter to a Specific Person.• Explain Why You Are Sending the Covering Letter.• Specify How You Learned About the Position or Organization.• State the Elements of Your Background That Are Relevant to the Position.• Provide or Refer to Any Information Specifically Requested• Market Yourself.• Keep the Tone and Content Professional.• Be Clear, Concise, and Focused.• Don’t Repeat Your CV.• Make Yourself Available and Tell Employers How to Reach You.Adapted from By María Luisa Ochoa
  12. 12. You can find more about CVs (Résumés) and covering letters at:-CVs: • Tips & Templates • Example 1 • More examples • Application Forms- COVERING LETTERS: • Example 1 • Example 2 • Tips • Format • StructureSome other websites are:•••••• By María Luisa Ochoa
  13. 13. THE BASICS TO BUSINESS LETTERS• The Start Dear Personnel Director, Dear Sir or Madam: (use if you dont know who you are writing to). Dear Dr, Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms Smith: (use if you know who you are writing to, and have a formal relationship with VERY IMPORTANT use Ms for women unless asked to use Mrs or Miss). Dear Frank: (use if the person is a close business contact or friend).• The Reference With reference to your advertisement in the Times, your letter of 23 rd March, With reference to your phone call today. Thank you for your letter of March 5 th .• The Reason for Writing I am writing to inquire about… I am writing to apologize for… I am writing to confirm…• Requesting Could you possibly? I would be grateful if you could…• Agreeing to Requests I would be delighted to… By María Luisa Ochoa
  14. 14. THE BASICS TO BUSINESS LETTERS• Enclosing Documents I am enclosing… Please find enclosed… Enclosed you will find…• Closing Remarks Thank you for your help. Please contact us again if we can help in any way. Please contact us if there are any problems. Please, contact us if you have you have any questions.• Reference to Future Contact I look forward to ... hearing from you soon. I look forward to ... meeting you next Tuesday. I look forward to ... seeing you next Thursday.• The Finish Yours faithfully, (If you dont know the name of the person youre writing to). Yours sincerely, (If you know the name of the person youre writing to) Best wishes, Best regards, (If the person is a close business contact or friend) By María Luisa Ochoa
  15. 15. By María Luisa