Bjs rampuria jain college ims jay narayan vyas colony bikaner institute my institution building experiences


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Bjs Rampuria Jain College Ims Jay Narayan Vyas Colony Bikaner Institute - My Institution Building Experiences

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Bjs rampuria jain college ims jay narayan vyas colony bikaner institute my institution building experiences

  1. 1. IMS BIKANER - MY INSTITUTION BUILDINGEXPERIENCES By : Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain Management Consultant and Career Advisor Afterschool Career Guidance Trust Sivakamu Veterinary Hospital Road,Baginada Bikaner 334001, Rajasthan, India Mobile : 9414430763, 0151-2544275,
  2. 2. At IMS Bikaner, we were blessed with guidance from many eminentpersonalities of that time, that included the following : - Prof. V.S. Vyas, Ex-Director of IIMA Prof. Azhar Kazmi Prof. Ravi Tikku, Principal of BJS Rampuria Jain College Bikaner Prof. M.L. Mishra Prof. Udai Pareek, Ex-professor of IIMAWith their guidance, we were able to prepare a roadmap for theprogress of IMS Bikaner. We had following roadmap in our mind : -To form strong alumni networkTo emphasize on research and publicationsTo form strong network with industry and corporatesTo provide rigorous educationTo encourage comprehensive summer training to the studentsTo have daily seminars – with focus on high quality in content and deliveryTo invite best visiting faculties for updation on latest themes in management education
  3. 3. A roadmap helps and it worked in IMS Bikaner also. I remember thegreat contribution of Prof. S.S. Surana, Dr. Om Kuvera, Dr. N.S.Rathore, Dr. Mukta Arora, Dr. Aruna, Dr. G.M. Saxena, Dr. M.R. Khatri,Dr. Ved Sharma, Dr. S.D. Dave,Dr. Pant, Dr. Amod Bhardwaj, Dr.Meenakshi Handa, Dr. Sanjeev Prasher, Dr. D.K. Khatri, Dr. NeerajAnand, Mr. Atmaram, Mr. Anil Lata, Ms. Shiran Mukerjee, Mr. JugrajSethia (who was the Secretary of the Managing Committee), Mr. U.C.Kochar (who later became Secretary of the Managing Committee),Mr. Bhanu Prakash Purohit, Mr. Mangilal, Mr. Moolsingh, Mr. NarsinghDas Maru (he was a very devoted class IV employee, he died in anaccident, we had started Antakshri Competitions in his memory) andothers.Students from Bikaner used to be hesitant in English speaking. I usedto give particular attention to this aspect and used to conductspecial classes for the students in English communication. I recall thegreat contribution of Dr. M.R. Khatri in this regard. I appreciate hiscontribution.We used to induct students in every activity of the institution. Therewere active students empanelled in every committee of the student.We had students working in academic committee, visiting facultycommittee, placement committee, industrial tour committee etc. Thestudents were actually our main workers. They used to work andlearn. I remember that when I was compiling database of alumniand trying to contact them, Mr. Ali Menon (who was a student ofMBA at that time) used to offer great support. The contacts withalumni helped us in getting their support in many forms – includingsupport in summer training, support in arranging industrial tours andsupport in placements of our students.
  4. 4. Focus on Research and Publications - When we started thenewsletters (FCD Summary) and the journal (Bikaner Journal ofManagement), we found that there were many supporters who wehad ignored. I recall that for the first few issues of the journal, wedidn’t face any problem. There were many donors willing to help usin publication of journal and other such materials. We used to workwith the mission of establishing IMS Bikaner as a strong brand andwe were successful in our ventures. We were excited when BusinessIndia ranked our institute as A+ institute and ranked us as 35 rankedbusiness school in the country.
  5. 5. Student groups - We had many active student groups, wherestudents used to devote lot of time for preparation on some themes.There was a spiritual discussion group called SOUL, where we used tohave some or other spiritual discussions. We also had a group onmarketing – which used to formulate marketing related plans andprojects. We used to have regular reading of economic times in FCDClub. We used to have a research club – where students used todiscuss about research issues. There were many students activities,which were of very high quality. Many of these activities didn’t haveany faculty involvement. It used to be purely students organizedprogramme. Mind your Mind was one such programme – wherestudents used to invite some spiritual trainer to train the students inYoga, Meditation and Self Control. The students used to extensivelyparticipate in many social development activities. I remember, thatthe students gave their full support to many social and culturalorganizations. I remember that students like Manoj Nagpalorganized surveys of Harizan Basti in Bikaner and recommendedcourse of action for their development. There were some studentgroups, which prepared marketing plans for Indian Oil, BPCL andother companies in Bikaner. The students also prepared marketingstrategies for other institutions – for example – one group of studentprepared marketing strategies for some schools in Bikaner.
  6. 6. Seminars – the most memorable moments - Students had to presenttheir seminars almost every day. The seminar could be apresentation on some contemporary issue or it could be summertraining report. We used to give very high emphasis on quality ofsummer training. If a student couldn’t give convincing presentationof his summer training – he would be asked to undertake summertraining again. We had established a very rigorous system of summertraining. The student had to take prior permission regarding his topcof study and get it approved through a synopsis. His researchmethodology and research instruments had to be approved. Weused to take regular feedback from the industry project guide also.There were some enthusiastic students, who used to give more thanone seminar during a sessions. These seminars were an occasion fortheir development. Students of final year used to help the students offirst year in preparation of the seminar. There would be onechairperson and one speaker (out of the students only) for theseminar. The students used to prepare seminar leads, seminarsynopsis, seminar invitation well in advance and used to circulate itwidely in the campus. The speaker used to take 30 minutes inpresentations, followed by queries / debates / discussions – whichused to take another 30 minutes. The later part – the queries /debates / discussions used to be more interesting and exciting. Thestudents had their own informal groups and they used to spendnights in preparing for seminars. The rival groups used to prepare wellfor the seminars also and used to ask tricky questions at the end ofthe seminars. We also used to have regional and national seminars.
  7. 7. I recall tremendous support that I got from many persons inorganizing national seminars. When I organized National Seminar onManagement of NGOs, I got tremendous support from Dr. OmKuvera, Dr. V.N. Singh, Mr. Arvind Ojha, Mr. Yogendra Kumar Rawal,Mr. Indu Bhushan Goyal, Mr. Deep Chand Sankhla, Mr. Mool Chand,Mr. M.L. Saini and others. The national semiar was a great success.Large number of MBA students prepared papers for the seminar andthere were two sessions dominated by the papers presented by theMBA students. I recall that Mr. Apoorva Dubey and Mr. AshishPUgalia (both were MBA students) worked very hard during thosedays in organizing seminar. Prof. V.S. Vyas gave full support duringthe seminar. He motivated Dr. Sunil Ray and Dr. Jain to participate inthe seminar. Just after this seminar, we had another seminar,organized by Dr. Om Kuvera.
  8. 8. Outstanding staff club - Dr. S.D. Dave had organized a staff club,which consisted of some fund generated collectively by all the staff.We used to contribute some amount of money to the staff club everymonth. This money was used to providing financial support / loan tostaff members who needed it. Many persons were able to getfunding for their financial needs through this staff club. The staff clubused to offer gifts and mementoes in all important occasions. If therewould be marriage of any staff member or his / her son / daughter,there would be some gift by our staff club. There used to be oneparty hosted by staff club every year, in which we used to have onemeeting and then we used to have lunch. The meeting used to bepresided by the senior most person and Dr. S.D. Dave used to readout the minutes of the staff club meetings and used to declare thedividend of the staff club fund. I have not seen any other similar clubworking so devotedly for the interests of the staff members. When Mr.Narsingh Das Maru died, the staff club immediately provided supportto the bereaved family of Mr. Maru and represented his case to themanagement. The management agreed to give some financialsupport to his family and to provide employment to the son of Mr.Maru.Some Important featuresWe used to organize some programmes regularly and it was aregular feature. For example, on 9 January every year, we used toorganize a Quiz – in which all the schools and colleges of Bikanerwould participate. On 26 Feb we used to organize pre-budgetdiscussion, followed by post budget discussions on 2 March everyyear. These activities were almost routine activities.
  9. 9. Admission CounsellingWe used to provide pre-admission counseling and training to thestudents. We used to get students through all Rajasthan Entrance Test– and we used to provide free training and guidance to the students.The students had to appear for counseling at Jaipur. A few of us usedto go to Jaipur to provide counseling and support to the students.Participation in FDPsThe institute used to encourage us to participate in FDPs and othersuch occasions. Many faculty members participated in many suchevents. Many faculty members did refresher courses. Many facultymembers participated in national seminars / conferences.Considering the fact that it was a self financed institution, it was agreat step to encourage faculty members to participate in suchoccasionsInnovative courses and programmes - Our institute was pioneer inintroducing innovative courses and programmes. We were the first inthe district to start courses on computer science, courses on hotelmanagement, courses on French and German language, courses onEnglish speaking, courses on vocational skill training, courses onjournalism, courses on entrepreneurship and a lot of other courses.All these helped us in developing the society and in establishing ourlinkages. We conducted many programmes for NGOs and socialdevelopment organizations. We conducted studies and research forNGOs like the Hunger Project, Ajit Foundation etc. All these helpedus in doing our ultimate work – upliftment of society. It was a purelyacademic pursuit - many money minded persons of today may notbelieve in all such activities.
  10. 10. Industry Interactions - We used to have extensive industryinteractions. We got support from Bombay Stock Exchange. Localentrepreneurs like Mr. Triloki Kalla, Mr. Hemant Daga, Mr. AshokDhariwal, Mr. Sridhar Sharma, Mr. K.B. Gupta, Mr. Mathur, Mr. Pachisiawere always keen for association with us. Our students did manyprojects for them. The Rotary Club Bikaner organized a programmeto recognize our contribution, in which all the industrialists gatheredto recognize our institute’s contribution.Great Academics - Dr. Sanjeev Prasher used to take extra classeson Sundays to make the students strong in marketing. We used togive focus on marketing. Some people say – business is marketing –we also believed in this. Faculty members also used to give seminarsand discuss about their research projects / publications. We alwaysensured that students read the best books available for the subject –even if that book was very high priced. Good books ensured goodinputs and it helped us in developing the students. We used to offertremendous support to the students. Whether it was study material /book / summer training / placement / career guidance / seminar orany topic – we were always available. Our close association withstudents helped us in creating a strong fabric of rigorous academics.