Generational Differences in the Workplace


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One of the biggest changes in business today is 4 generations in the workplace. Generations are groups of people shaped similarly by formative events in their early years. Generational differences create frustration in the workplace but, can also be managed to improve and prepare companies for a sustainable future.

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Generational Differences in the Workplace

  1. 1. Survey & Discuss among 3 or 4 of you… What issues might come up among generations in your workplace?Take 15 minutes and be ready to share. Property of Bridges LLC
  2. 2. Property of Bridges LLC
  3. 3. Generational Differences… Create Frustration in the Workplace Develop from Formative Events in Young People’s Lives Are Opportunities for Innovation Property of Bridges LLC
  4. 4. “Why are so many people in their 20s taking so long to grow up?” reverse mentor ‘Crappy Retail Job’ “enslave themselves in a monotonous job that means nothing” Boomerang Kids Wait your turn! Loyalty Silents HappyNomicsDigital Natives “Peter Pan of the Workplace” Slackers Woodstockers Property of Bridges LLC
  5. 5.  Formative Events › War › Economic Extremes › Technological Change Property of Bridges LLC
  6. 6.  Traditionalists Baby Boomers Gen X Gen Y Property of Bridges LLC
  7. 7.  Most Loyal Workers, Conformists, Builders Great Depression, WWII, and Post-war Prosperity Property of Bridges LLC
  8. 8. Property of Bridges LLC
  9. 9. Woodstockers 1946 -1953 Confident, Self-indulgent Change-Makers, Leaders Work-AddictedYoung Baby Boomers 1954 -1964 Less Confident Inner Change, Empowerment Work-life Balance Martin & Tulgan 2006 Property of Bridges LLC
  10. 10.  Question Authority, Independent, Entrepreneurs Global Economy, Downsizing, Tech Boom Latchkey Kids, Work-Life Balance Property of Bridges LLC
  11. 11.  Confident, Connected, Open to Change Affluence, War, Terrorism Diverse, Global, Educated Socially Conscious We Generation Property of Bridges LLC
  12. 12. Are Socialized with Several Core Messages: Be Smart You are Special Leave No One Behind Connect 24/7 Achieve Now Serve Your Community Claire Raines, Generations at Work Property of Bridges LLC
  13. 13. Look over the Generations Grid and answer… What words best describe you? Check them. What similarities among the generations do you see? How can we tap into the strengths and assets of each generation? Talk about it 15 minutes Property of Bridges LLC
  14. 14.  Boseman, G., & Herbison, (2009). Here they come-generation y. Are you ready? Journal of Financial Service Professionals, (2009), 33-34. Eisner, S.P. (2005). Managing generation y. Society for the Advancement of Management Advanced Management Journal, 4-15. Jenkins, Jim. (2007), Leading the Four Generations at Work. American Managers Association Raines, Claire. (2010) Generations at Work Tulgan, B. (2000). Managing generation x: How to bring out the best in young talent. New York: WW Norton& Company. Wesner, M.S., & Miller, T. (2008). Boomers and Millennials have much in common. Organization Development Journal, 26(3), 89-96. Thanks to Mathias Mata for Tech Design Property of Bridges LLC