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Adv 206 spring 14 class 18 digital revolution
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Adv 206 spring 14 class 18 digital revolution



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  • OK, so back to our subject for today.
  • Though the marketing team didn't have the type of budget that could instantly place their video in front of thousands of viewers, Harmon continued to invest wisely in the YouTube campaign. "We started out on YouTube with a $40 a day spend. Then, as soon as I could get $45 back, we upped it," he says. "And then I just dumped all of our profits back into the campaign and it just grew and grew and grew.“In five weeks, Orabrush sold out 10,000 units. The company ordered more inventory and sold out again. More succinctly put: "It exploded," Harmon says.Since it launched a year ago, the Orabrush YouTube channel has garnered more than 24 million views and 250,000 fans on Facebook. Online alone, the company has passed $1 million in sales, and demand shows no sign of slowing down. According to Dr. Bob, he has had requests for distribution from  retailers and distributors in mroe than 40 countries. Boots, the British pharmacy giant, now carries the Orabrush, as do as stores in Japan, Canada, and soon, Australia.According to Harmon, the secret to the campaign's success is simple: People don't really know what causes bad breath, even though studies show that 90 percent of bad breath comes from the tongue. So it stands to reason, then, that the number of searches for tongue brushes on Google and Yahoo are low..


  • 1. Discussion 17 The Digital Wave April 8, 2014 ADVERTISING PRACTICE IN A DIVERSE SOCIETY
  • 2. Name tags out Cell phones off Campaign project  Any questions on the creative assignment Eric Mower Speaker Series  Thursday 4/10, Jim Miller, CMO NBC Sports, 6:30 The Herg  6 points extra credit Exam#2 grades – Remember ~54% HOUSEKEEPING
  • 3. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING HOW WE THINK, PLAN, CREATE, E XECUTE AND MEASURE Discussion 17 The Digital Wave April 8, 2014 © 2014 OgilvyOne
  • 4. Media buying toplines Tips how to think about media planning Media planning and IMC – integrating media with the shopper’s journey and contact points TODAY WE’LL EXPLORE http://www.slideshare.net/OgilvyOne/transformation-in-digital-advertising http://marketingsuccess.tv/video/ogilvy
  • 5. WHAT WOULD YOU DO ABOUT SKANKY BREATH? Discussion 17 The Digital Wave April 8, 2014 © 2014 all women’s talk
  • 6. You invented a device that would eliminate the cause of skanky breath? How would you market it? Advertise it? WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF…
  • 7. You invested $40,000 in a TV infomercial and got only 40 orders? If you got it in retail stores but people walked by it? You offered to sell your patent to other oral hygiene companies and none of them bit? WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF…
  • 8. SO HOW DID ORABRUSH SELL NEARLY 4,000,000 OF THESE? Hire a college student. Pay him $500 to produce a quirky video. Put the video on YouTube. Sell it online.
  • 9. Got an order from Wal-Mart for >700,000 units via email with no face- to-face meeting. Also in CVS. Has made more videos (see the Cure Bad Breath channel); still uses YouTube Created the iPhone Bad Breath Detector app Has sold millions in 40+ countries; has made millions…but going to the dogs! TODAY, ORABRUSH IS LEGENDARY
  • 11. www.orabrush.com http://www.inc.com/articles/2010/10/meet-the-byu-student- who-took-orabrush-viral.html http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2259681/How-Orabrush- Harnessed-the-Power-of-Video-Marketing LEARN MORE ABOUT ORABRUSH (AND GET RID OF YOUR SKANKY BREATH)
  • 12. AND NOW, LEARN MORE ABOUT THE DIGITAL WAVE FROM A GUY WHO RIDES IT EVERY DAY Andres Echenique Senior Partner, Director of Digital and Media
  • 13. Read pp 556 to 559 Listen to the Gunther Schumacher video Read headlines www.adage.com Final version of Situational Analysis and Media Plan due 4/15 by class time --- 2PM and not a minute later Quiz Thursday 4/10 – On Chapters 11, 12, 13, 14; Study Guide Posted BE PREPARED
  • 14. A one-month media schedule consists of the following:  One magazine with a total circulation of 1,000  Three TV programs reach households of 1,000 each  A highway billboard with 5,000 vehicle pass-bys  A radio program with 1,000 listeners How many exposures in this media plan? 10,000 SOLVE THIS:
  • 15. A two-month (8 week) media schedule consists of the following:  One monthly magazine with a total circulation of 1,000 and a pass-along of .5  One TV program/week reaching 1,000 households, each with an average of 2.3 people/household  A highway billboard with 5,000 vehicle pass-bys/month, each vehicle having an average of 1.8 people  A radio program with 1,000 listeners per week How many gross impressions in this media plan? 47,400 SOLVE THIS: