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A short guide to designing and building outstanding websites, also includes new approaches for designing in the responsive age.

A short guide to designing and building outstanding websites, also includes new approaches for designing in the responsive age.



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Web Design and Build Web Design and Build Presentation Transcript

  • Web Design & Buildthe Social MoonFOLLOW US@The_Social_Moon
  • 1 2 3 DISCOVERY INFORMATION AUDIENCE PROFILING ARCHITECTURE Before any project starts, we We have an art in developing Most online marketing conduct extensive research website content that is initiatives are not as and analysis of all elements organised, structured and successful as they could be affecting the environment presented in a purposeful way because they fail to including understanding of that helps users identify what communicate with their landscape and customer is important and how to get intended audience. Through needs. This ensures alignment there. our audience profiling, we are with digital strategy and able develop a detailed and marketing goals. 5 accurate picture of customers WIRE FRAMING and their online behaviour.WE’VE CREATED USER JOURNEYS 4 Each page is created in wireframe format to ensure its DESIGN 6SOME AMAZING Where have your customers come from, why are they here flow and structure is focused on helping users reach their Good design can’t be achieved with glossy buttons orWEBSITES and what are they going to do goals. The wireframes and prototypes ensure the masterful wireframes alone. next? In designing websites, structure is correct, but the It’s a merger of all theseBut there’s a little more we leverage user journeys to identify the various ways to visual design is critical in principles into something that is meaningful and deliberate. engaging users.to it than that… enable users to achieve their goals as quickly and easily as We ensure our design process balances technical, functional possible. 8 and visual elements to create a LAUNCH system that is not only 7 operational, but also usable The launch of your new site is BUILD and adaptable to changing just the beginning. We help user needs. We use cutting-edge you make it a success by using technology to create inspiring conversion rate optimisation websites and web apps, which and driving traffic using SEO, are all bespoke and tailored to paid search and more… your exact requirements. FOLLOW US @The_Social_Moon
  • Most online marketing initiatives are not as successful as they could be because they fail to communicate withUNDERSTAND the intended audienceYOUR Marketing initiatives that thrive are those that understand and embrace recognised online behaviour.AUDIENCE Develop a detailed and accurate picture of the customer Determine how to structure content, messages and design. Adopt a user perspective, rather than a marketing mind-set. FOLLOW US @The_Social_Moon
  • AGE 24 GENDER Female EDUCATION Honours Degree SOCIAL STRATA Professional LOCATION UK INCOME £22,000 - MARITAL £26,000USER FIRST VISIT RETURN LOYALPROFILES Special offers and promotions from homepage. Frequently updated special offers and promotions. Good offers across a wide range of products. Invite to online exclusive “sale preview”. Quick and easy selection tools like “price filter” (i.e. Tops under £30). Limited edition sub-brands, Good product detail and Quick shop option. bespoke fabrics, unique descriptions. garments designed in- Convenience of delivery to house. Personal shopping work option. experience. Frequently updated products Aspirational, trend stories, Secure environment, easy Use store card online for top 10 outfits, style on how transaction process. payment flexibility and to create looks, etc. discounts. Convenience and enjoyment of shopping online exchange Wish list facility so she can policy. be sure about her choice of purchase. FOLLOW US @The_Social_Moon
  • BRANDING RESULTS SOCIAL SOCIAL PPC MEDIA MEDIA WEBSITE CHECKOUT COMMUNITY DISPLAY MANAGEMENT PHONE SOCIAL CORPORATE MEDIA BLOG DIRECT WEBSITE TRAFFICWEBSITE HOMEPAGE NEWSLETTER SEO NEWSLETTER AFFILIATEUSER MARKETING SEO AFFILIATE MARKETINGJOURNEY We apply user journeys to study patterns of online user behaviour, user interaction with the site and their paths. It is a conceptual process that affects the information architecture of a website. By identifying your users’ top tasks, we will be able to build you a robust information architecture that supports the users’ goals and objectives. FOLLOW US @The_Social_Moon
  • Business goals, politics, culture, technology, resources, constraints CONTEXTBUILDING IATHE RIGHT CONTENT USERSARCHITECTURE Documents, data types, content objects, Audience, tasks, needs, information- volume, structure seeking behaviour, experience The IA ensures the structure is correct, but the visual design is critical in communicating to users… FOLLOW US @The_Social_Moon
  • MOTIVATIONAL As well as making yourDESIGN website easy to use, weHow do you motivate your users combine the most powerfulto undertake the journey you set of human motivators tohave planned for them? How do our design:you guide them and how do youconvince them to spend more Achievement, competition,time (and money) on your site? collaboration, learning & improvement, communication and self expression. FOLLOW US @The_Social_Moon
  • RESPONSIVEDESIGN“Day by day, the number ofdevices, platforms, and browsersthat need to work with your sitegrows. Responsive web designrepresents a fundamental shift inhow we’ll build websites for the Large + Medium + Smalldecade to come.” We ensure one site for every screen - Jeffrey Veen FOLLOW US @The_Social_Moon
  • BUILDINGYOU THEPERFECT Always building towards the futureWEBSITE Semantic web, artificial intelligence, virtual worlds, mobility, online video / internet TV, rich internet apps, personalisation, native applications. Using the latest standards HTML, HTML5, Canvas, PHP, Python, Ruby, XHTML, PHP, XML, CSS3, XSLT, DOM, MathML, SVG, LAMP Ensuring our code is lean, clean, CSS-based, accessible, usable and search engine friendly. FOLLOW US @The_Social_Moon
  • Say hello and get in touchhello@thesocialmoon.com+44 02 7148 4170www.thesocialmoon.com FOLLOW US @The_Social_Moon