How To Succeed With Mobile


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How To Succeed With Mobile

  1. 1. POINTABOUT WHITEPAPER:How To Succeed With Mobile Initiatives Pre-Development associated with rushing into development work based on responses to RFQs and PointAbout uses the Process RFPs: “For the client, therePointAbout’s phased Funnel below as a guide to is a collision course setapproach to mobile help Clients map out their when a mobile solution withdevelopment ensures mobile strategy. The funnel high level requirements isthat our Clients can emphasizes that building bought for a fixed price.knowledgeably evaluate the mobile products is a holistic Mobile is a medium inmobile landscape, articulate process with a series of inter- which slight differencestheir wants and needs, and connected decisions. have significant costdevelop mobile productsaccordingly. Our process implications. Additionally, Potential clients often send client requirements orconsists of three main steps, out expansive RFPs and clarifications continue towhich are reviewed below: RFQs that require detailed emerge throughout the responses regarding a project, and usually accrue Step 1: Defining Goals, High- proposed development negatively to the developer’sLevel Strategy Overview & Data solution and related quote. bottom line.” Architecture Review The cost of mobile projects varies widely, however, PointAbout consults withWhen a company refers to depending on a number Clients to develop a System“mobile,” it’s typically using of intangibles. PointAbout Requirements Specificationthe term to cover both mobile consults with clients in the (SRS) document that layswebsites and apps, each of pre-development phase out a development plan forwhich should be addressed to guide them through the apps and/or mobile websitesseparately. Mobile websites process funnel. If a Client has based on each individualhave broad, although not considered every aspect of Client’s expectations,inconsistent, distribution. their business requirements, targeted platforms, andEvery phone has a different audience, platform, features, preexisting data architecture.browser; there is no standard storyboard, data definition, The SRS document providedof Internet Explorer, Firefox, acceptance criteria, and by PointAbout at the endor Chrome like there is in the post-development support, of the consulting perioddesktop world. any quote resulting from an can be used for in-house RFP or RFQ will be preliminary development, serve as theMobile apps are typically at best, and could result in basis for development byused to drive deep, rich costly mistakes throughout PointAbout, or be distributedinteraction and experiences. the development period. to multiple vendors inSmartphones are the fastest the form of a Request forgrowing segment of mobile, Pete Johnson,PointAbout’s Proposal (RFP).and for some users they are VP of Professional Services,replacing computers entirely. describes the negatives CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  2. 2. POINTABOUT WHITEPAPER: HOW TO SUCCEED WITH MOBILE INITIATIVES 2 Business Requirements reach new customers and keep them coming back if they truly stand out from the competition. This means having the foresight and patience to create a best- in-breed app as well as the fortitude to see it through. What utilities will make your app a must-have? What apps that aren’t necessarily “competition” contain elements you’d like to see in your apps? New Sales – How can app sales help bolster the bottom line? How can you increase user uptake of your app to drive new sales, in-app sales, and/or advertising sales? Market Research – How can you use analytics to optimize User Experience? Audience Your intended target Business Requirements Education / Engagement – market defines who the How can/should you engage app should be designed to users to keep them coming reach. Defining the audience back? influences decisions in theBusiness Requirements Platform, Features, andspell out some of the most Branding – What kind of Storyboard sections.important components of a feedback channels do youClient’s application. want to open? What social Target Users – What is the media outlets do you want to demographic profile of yourAd Sales – How can you tap and how? intended target audience?maximize user downloadsand ad revenue? New Customers / User Stakeholders – Before an app Acquisition – Apps only can be released in the wild, it CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  3. 3. POINTABOUT WHITEPAPER: HOW TO SUCCEED WITH MOBILE INITIATIVES 3needs to meet the approval iPhone apps, which have hadof a range of stakeholders, over 1.2 million downloadsincluding operational and in the App Store.economic. Android – Smart phonesCompetition and Precedent running on Android OS are– What can you do that your rapidly gaining market share,competitors aren’t already and Google’s plans for web-doing? What should you do based apps on Chrome havethat they’re already doing? the potential to challenge Apple’s dominance in theAdvertisers – Which app market.advertising vendors shouldyou consider, which do you RIM/Blackberry – Blackberryalready use, and what kind accounts for more smartof advertising would you phone users than any otherprefer to include in your device, yet their App Worldapp? Banner/interstitial/ contains roughly 1/10th thesponsorship? number of apps as Apple. Platform Windows Mobile – Microsoft has been very silent in the For more information and app space, but is the ‘lurking statistics about mobile giant’ and is starting to and the automotivePointAbout helps Clients re-prioritize for apps. Other industry, check outstrategize which platforms to considerations come into our case study with antarget with their mobile apps. play with Windows Mobile automotive thoughtWe examine all platforms to such as: What languages leader at link.pointabout.gauge whether there would will optimize speed of com/automotive or clickbe significant benefits to development, UXP, and below:creating apps on them. content delivery to apps? Which of these considerationsiPad – The iPad is a new is most important?technology platform, andalthough it’s an extension of WWW – Do you want to createthe well-known iPhone SDK, a mobile website, or justbuilding software for the mobile apps?iPad carries its own inherentchallenges. FeaturesiPhone/iPod Touch –PointAbout’s AppMakrservice has been the force PointAbout has strategicbehind more than 1200 partnerships with a number CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  4. 4. POINTABOUT WHITEPAPER: HOW TO SUCCEED WITH MOBILE INITIATIVES 4of mobile solutions providers. Pixel Perfect Images – Images apparent.We also have reusable code created based on wireframes Do you have ways to allowlibraries and access to open that developers use as the data to be inputted by thesource that is specific to the basis for app creation. mobile user (i.e. comments,mobile app space. user locations, blog Style Guide – How should postings)?Some primary technology the app look and feel? Whatcategories that we explore message do you want it On mobile web this isduring Step 1 include Push to present? What are your typically just httpNotifications, Analytics, company’s color schemes, based form submissions.Advertising, eCommerce, preferred fonts, etc.?and Social Media/Sharing. On mobile apps this isConsiderable energy will be Data Definition typically via direct API accessspent pinning down what to the data can and should do tomaximize user retention and Are you counting on RSSacquisition through the use What does your data feeds to deliver data to theof features. architecture look like? Is it app? If so, are those RSS equipped to deliver what you feeds displaying full data Storyboards need to create these mobile feeds, or just summaries? Do applications? the RSS feeds validate? How are the RSS feeds updated? Are you running legacyStoryboards are visual systems that do not interface Do your various data sourcesdesigns of the app’s expected with web-based protocols speak to one another? If alook, feel and functionality. and API calls? If so, what data query needs to be madeStoryboards and wireframes mapping needs to be done that involves multiple dataprovide the groundwork for to extract the data from the sources that are typically notnecessary decision-makers system so it can be utilized queried together, will thereto understand exactly what by the app? be problems?the app will be able to do.Additionally, they allow Do you already have APIs Do you have places to putdevelopment teams and data created to allow for extraction new data that is created byproviders to understand of data by the mobile device? mobile users? Examplesexpectations for back-end include GPS coordinates,data processing and front- Is your data kept up to date user generated content,end display. automatically? If not, does it time-based requests for need to be updated manually? information.Wireframes – Have you Mobile tends to uncover datathought through every nook, issues, including instances What analytics and trackingcranny, back button, swipe, where data is not updated systems are you currentlyand pinch/zoom of your often enough, which can go using? Will you be able toapp? Developed use cases? unnoticed on the desktop extend those to gain insight but in mobile becomes very into mobile usage? Are CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  5. 5. POINTABOUT WHITEPAPER: HOW TO SUCCEED WITH MOBILE INITIATIVES 5there native SDKs available the development phase(if mobile apps) for these ensure we are able to deliveranalytics applications? What successful, market-readyreporting will they be capable applications in a shortof? Will that satisfy all of window of time.your stakeholders’ needs? We update Clients onDo multiple systems need to progress through email andbe updated when something conference calls, and givehappens on the mobile daily, weekly, or biweeklydevice? updates on each project’s development progress.Have you moved to a Service-Oriented Architecture Communication during alldesign? If not, do you want phases of developmentto do so to facilitate your is critical to buildingmobile initiatives? successful mobile products. We encourage constantHow can you achieve your communication throughoutmobile objectives without the development process. Wehaving to re-architect also use project management For more statistics, andlarge parts of your internal tools, namely Unfuddle, information about whysystems? that enable Clients to stay continues to a apprised of developments successful mobile player, Acceptance Criteria via RSS. read our case study with Nick Fotis of PointAbout’s work isn’t Visit link.PointAbout. over when the development com/cars-case-study orAcceptance Criteria is a phase ends. We remain click below:line-by-line explanation on board after mobileof requirements the app products are launchedmust fulfill before it can be to help Clients correctdeemed accepted by you and data or display errors andsubmitted to Apple’s App repeatable software-specificStore. crashes. Post-development support offerings include: Support App Promotion, Support for the first 30 days, a comprehensive “Month One” report, and Optional OngoingOur pre-development Technical Support.planning processes andproject managementsystems employed during CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  6. 6. POINTABOUT WHITEPAPER: HOW TO SUCCEED WITH MOBILE INITIATIVES 6 Things to Consider •What kind of support and Review in Step 1 does your business need • The point above tends throughout the mobile to be a big issue with app development process? sponsorships. Sales teams• Have you considered which typically sell on a CPM basismobile approach is best for • What is your goal with your and are not well equipped toyour business? mobile initiative? sell sponsorship deals.• For mobile web: Are you • Are you looking for an • Do all stakeholders in yourgoing to do phone browser ROI off of each project, or organization understand thedetection and serve content are you treating mobile as a steps involved to creatingthat’s optimized for each marketing expense item? Is mobile initiatives?phone’s browser? Or will you your goal to drive increasedbe satisfied with one mobile awareness of, or engagement Typically, involvement is aswebsite version of your with your brand? follows:content that does not renderdifferently on each phone, • You may often find the Executive Staff:but is more digestible on answer is a mix of the above.the mobile form factor than You may have different Get prioritized list ofthe desktop version of your mobile goals for different requirements for mobilecontent? parts of your customer life initiatives. cycle. For example, you may• For mobile apps: The app be focused on generating Get buy-in and a dedicatedspace is very fragmented. awareness through mobile budget to fund mobileSince apps are software, games, and then utility objectives over the next 12and each operating system through mobile apps, and to (ideally) 24 different, apps created continued engagement withon one platform will not the brand post-purchase. Create and share a roadmaprun on others. You have to (see step 2) with time framesindividually consider each • Are you looking to generate for various components. Getplatform. revenue from each mobile roadmap approval. initiative? If so, do you• Have you considered each expect that to come from IT / Technology Staff:layer of the process funnel? advertising, sponsorships, integrated purchasing (such Get prioritized list of• Have you reviewed and as in-app purchasing), or requirements for mobileprepared for all aspects of direct sale revenue (i.e., initiatives.the mobile process? charging for an app)? Clearly articulate the• Will your audience respond • Does your sales force know required involvement bywell to mobile initiatives, and how to sell mobile? Will you each component. Ensurehow do you want to reach have to train your sales force bandwidth is available tothem? up on mobile ad unit sizes execute. and functionalities? CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  7. 7. POINTABOUT WHITEPAPER: HOW TO SUCCEED WITH MOBILE INITIATIVES 7Product Management: become available once paid for. Step 2: Define Long-Term AppGet prioritized list of Strategy & Roadmap.requirements for mobile • Businesses may choose to Derive Short-Term App Strategy &initiatives. make one or two “flagship” Roadmap From Long-Term Plan mobile applications thatMarketing: are expensive to produce In determining mobile but hold the majority of theGet prioritized list of strategy, a business must content and functionalityrequirements for mobile think about how its users the brand represents, alonginitiatives. will interact with its various with a suite of lightweight, components. Some typical temporal apps which areStart planning messaging, examples are as follows: relevant to users for specificroll-out and marketing events.integration of mobile • A business creates a mobileinitiatives within the overall web presence that offers Specific to mobile apps, themarketing plan. limited functionality found usage patterns of returning on the desktop version of users show that lightweight,Define dedicated marketing its website. This mobile temporal apps tend tobudgets for marketing website might use browser produce the most value, asinitiatives detection to serve an the percentage of returning optimized version of its site users drops significantlySales: to each type of mobile phone over time (see on next page). (expensive) or it might justGet prioritized list of be a pared down, easy torequirements for mobile read version of its desktopinitiatives. website (inexpensive).Human Resources: • Separately, the businessGet prioritized list of might choose to make one orrequirements for mobile more mobile apps for eachinitiatives. part of the customer life cycle, to drive awareness ofCustomer Support: the brand, engagement and interaction with its content,Get prioritized list of and customer loyalty.requirements for mobileinitiatives. • Mobile web and/or apps may be used to drivePlan ramp-up of customer revenue. Content may besupport staff on mobile restricted unless a user hasquestions that will be coming paid for the specific content,from user base or functionality may only CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  8. 8. POINTABOUT WHITEPAPER: HOW TO SUCCEED WITH MOBILE INITIATIVES 8According to Pinch Media different task)? For Mobile Web:(since acquired by Flurry),long-term app usage tends • How will the user experience • Total ad or sponsorshipto be 1% of total downloads. differ in mobile web and revenue generatedThe entire Pinch Media deck, mobile apps? How will youtitled “App Store Secrets,” is take advantage of what apps • Number of mobile webavailable at (link.pointabout. can offer, including: visitors (both uniques andcom/pinch-stats). aggregate) • GPS locating capabilities Things to Consider • Proximity sensors • Total web page impressions and Review in Step 2 • Accelerometer • Camera • Time spent on site • Augmented Reality• How centralized or • Access to address book • Number of page views perde-centralized do you want • Compass visitoryour mobile strategy to • Pinch, swipe & draggingbe? Do you want to allow For Mobile Apps:individual business units • How will you market eachto launch mobile initiatives mobile initiative to users? • Total ad, app or sponsorindependently? revenue generated • Set metrics against your• Related: Will the end mobile goals for three, • Total downloadsuser’s experience suffer six, twelve and twenty fourfrom a decentralized mobile month periods. Standard • Total page viewsstrategy (i.e., a user has to metrics include:use one mobile website or • Device usage patternsapp to perform one task, and (based on accelerometer,switch to a different mobile proximity sensor data)website or app to perform a CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  9. 9. POINTABOUT WHITEPAPER: HOW TO SUCCEED WITH MOBILE INITIATIVES 9•Geographic usage patterns web and mobile apps: software, requirements must(based on GPS, WiFi Mobile Web: Companies be set and signed off ontriangulation) will generally start with free before development begins or nearly free solutions like – known as a “waterfall”• What are your immediate Wordpress or Drupal plug- development process,mobile goals (next 3 months) ins that will reformat content where the next piece flowsbased on the questions for the mobile device, but from the last. Changingabove, and which project not do browser detection for of requirements afteror projects do you want to specific phones. development has begun withtackle first? mobile apps is a very costly There is an entire industry exercise.• Ideally high-level design of mobile website solutionwill be integrated into step 2 providers, from templated A special note for the iPad:(whether the design is coming solutions to software The iPad’s larger form factorfrom your team or ours). We that integrates with CMS means it is a design-heavylike to use rapid prototyping systems to reformat device. While design is antools like Balsamiq (www. content appropriately by integral part of the to ensure the requesting device. Cost mobile initiative ecosystem,everyone is on the same can be from free on the it’s especially true for thepage for proposed mobile open source CMS side, to iPad: Good design can makeweb and app functionality, $100,000+ if software is or break the app.even at a high level. installed in the enterprise to sit between the CMS and Things to Consider Step 3: Specify Mobile Web & the end user. PointAbout and Review in Step 3 Mobile App Requirements, can handle this through Scoping & Versioning partnerships with leading vendors of this technology, • What are the prioritized and project manage the stakeholders’ objectives for(Repeat this step as needed the project entire solution.for each distinct projectbased on goals from Step 2) • Which of those objectives Mobile Apps: It is critically important that stakeholders can be accomplished in thisMobile app development project, based on its time be brought in early anddiffers greatly from mobile frame and budget? requirements be specified inweb development in the a detailed manner up-front,fact that mobile apps are • How will the objectives before a single line of codecompiled software. This that don’t make it into the is written. Many companiesmeans that a very specific first version be treated? are used to doing web-process must be followed to Ideally a roadmap is created based development, whereensure a successful product that encompasses all requirements can be resetlaunch. objectives and is versioned after the process has begun – also known as an “agile” appropriately (i.e., what isHere are PointAbout’s included in version 1.0, then development process.recommendations for mobile 1.1, then 1.2, etc.) However, since apps are CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM
  10. 10. POINTABOUT WHITEPAPER: HOW TO SUCCEED WITH MOBILE INITIATIVES 10 • The requirements must authority to make decisions process, before the SRS isbe detailed in our Software on behalf of the stakeholders. signed, and understand theRequirements Specification cost and time ramificationsdocument located at (link. • Quality Assurance testing of waiting until is a big part of ensuring a has begun to provide(sample copy also attached successful launch. We have feedback on the this document) and signed an evolved QA process weoff on before development run internally but also turn Ready to Mobilize?begins. A project quote will to you to QA within yourbe given based on these organization once the app PointAbout offers expertiserequirements. has passed our QA testing. in all aspects of mobile It’s important to ensure you development. We have a• How will our design team either: wide range of experienceinterface with yours? Does tackling mobile strategyyour design team have A) Have a group of and development. Petespecific mobile experience? people ready to perform the Johnson, PointAbout’s VPIf not, it’s often best to appropriate QA testing on of Professional Services,simply provide assets and the project, or and the rest of our staff arehigh-level design guidance passionate about helping ourto our team. Mobile design B) Define exact QA clients meet their goals. Youis very specialized, and testing requirements can find examples of somedesigners who do not have up-front to allow us to of our previous work experience often do perform all the necessary QA PointAbout’s consultingnot realize this until it is testing in-house division offers a pathwayaffecting the project. to mobile success through A special note about getting our expertise, relationships• As part of the SRS, detailed a signed SRS for Mobile within the mobile industry,mockups (wireframes are Apps: Various stakeholders and continued supportOK) should be provided for within an organization throughout the developmenteach screen that include all will often wait until after process. To get startedfunctionality and content your internal deadlines to defining your mobile strategyplacement. The detailed provide feedback. Often, please contact Pete Johnsonmockups should be part of these stakeholders may be at pete.johnson@pointabout.the sign-off process. These executives at the company com or 301.602.1210.detailed mockups will then that do not have time tobe turned into pixel-perfect provide feedback until themockups before the mobile finished (or nearly finished)websites or mobile apps are project is presented to them.created. Especially within the large• Who will interface with the enterprise, it’s critical todevelopment team to ensure ensure these stakeholdersproject success? This person have ample opportunity tomust also have the necessary provide feedback early in the CONTACT POINTABOUT AT 202.391.0347 OR INFO@POINTABOUT.COM