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Getting Mileage Out of Your Dashboard - Net Gain 7.0


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AskingCanadians CEO Adam Froman shared his perspective on the real opportunity for harnessing the power of Big Data in this presentation at the MRIA's Net Gain 7.0 Conference on January 31st. The firm has just spent the past six months conducting R&D on a user-centric dashboard project for one of its clients and in his session, Adam shared this experience and outlined the importance of understanding the kind of information decision makers need; understanding how data should be correlated to quickly derive insights, and the need to present the data in a manner that is relevant to decision makers.

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Getting Mileage Out of Your Dashboard - Net Gain 7.0

  1. 1. Getting Mileage Out of Your DashboardAdam Froman, P.Eng. MBA Net Gain 7.0CEO January 2013
  2. 2. A Glimpse into the Future Photo Credit: Unhindered by Talent
  3. 3. The Age of Intelligence Photo Credit: Unhindered by Talent
  4. 4. Too Much InformationPhoto Credit: Kevin H. Flicker Photostream
  5. 5. The Rise of Dashboards
  6. 6. Our Unique PerspectiveWe work with brands 1 a customer-centric philosophy,to innovate and improve 2 data-driven insights,digital experiences 3 visual storytelling, andthrough the use of ... 4 emerging digital platforms.
  7. 7. Canada: A Place to be Innovative
  8. 8. Customer Journey
  9. 9. DATA GATHERING & ALGORITHM Approach DEVELOPMENT Weather Network provided the Our Customer-Centric Process appropriate data to support the design. Through a series of meetings, the data was reviewed and scrubbed in order to identify duplication and gaps.USER REQUIREMENTS PLANNINGDetermined the communicationobjectives and detailed the requirementsand constraints gathered during a seriesof requirements meetings. DASHBOARD DESIGN Designed the user experience and creative elements to satisfy the project requirements and conceptual direction.FULL DASHBOARD DEVELOPMENTBased upon the prototype success,commence full development of thedashboard. DASHBOARD PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT Translated the creative into a working prototype built on dashboard technology including algorithm design for data presentation of the pages / functions listed in the requirements phase.
  10. 10. Responsive Design
  11. 11. 5 Steps to Ensuring a Successful Digital Dashboard1) Clearly define who is your user audience • What is their role? • What kind of decisions do they make? • What kind of information do they need to make these decisions?2) Gather and analyze existing data and reporting tools • What kind of data are you collecting today? • What kind of gaps in the data or reports exist? • What are other sources for this information? • Can you make assumptions when the data doesn’t exist? • Decide if you need to correlate or consolidate the data?3) Ensure that user interface design is a collaborative process • How should the data be displayed to be meaningful and quick to read? • How often will the data need to be updated? • Do you need to consider designing for mobile and tablets?4) Don’t let technology lead: try before you buy • What are the limitations of the technology platform? • Is the technology platform prepared to support your development without a large upfront investment?5) Realize that it’s just the beginning… • Does the dashboard achieve the user’s expectations? • Do you have a plan to append new data sources? • Can you measure an ROI? • What are the new ways to visualize data?
  12. 12. THANKS! Adam Froman CEO, Delvinia & AskingCanadians