pitching L.I.F.E


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people development with an emphasis on youth

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pitching L.I.F.E

  1. 1. Learning Ideas for Future Elevation LLC DBA, the L.I.F.E project
  2. 2. “the L.I.F.E project” is a 360ᵒ approach to youth development through our Pillars...
  3. 3. Our Pillars used to develop youth Reach Introduce Coach Review …then Replicate
  4. 4. Defining our Pillars Reach - being present in the lives of youth in their immediate & normal surroundings Introduce - communicating with youth to understand their critical thought process & knowledge base, then providing improved information Coach - follow up new information with practical implementation & skills to accomplish enhancement of knowledge base in youth Review- reinforce knowledge base and practical skill implementation with youth **Replicate – youth can demonstrate knowledge base and practical skill to immediate surroundings
  5. 5. Methodology behind our 360ᵒ approach
  6. 6. The visual representation of…. OurNICHE
  7. 7. Our Niche effects these industries with our 360ᵒ approach Community FaithBasedAgricultureEducation EconomicsCorrectionsBusiness HealthCare Athletics Technology
  8. 8. “the L.I.F.E project” is a 360ᵒ approach to youth development through our Pillars...that are designed to produce young citizens that thrive not just hang on!
  9. 9. Communal Principles Financial Principles Entrepreneurial Principles Spiritual Principles Technological Innovation Educational Principles Health & Wellness Principles RESTORATION CENTER
  10. 10. Although the Technological element of the company is not considered a ROOT, it will continue to irrigate the “Tree of L.I.F.E” and our Root Principles metaphorically. WATER symbolizes Technology by providing platforms, innovative concepts, practices & services to the youth, organizations & communities we connect ourselves with. The Technological element will eradicate location constraints and drive the 360° learning technique to accomplish the LIFE project’s mission. The Technological elements affords our youth with unlimited access to master our methods and Root Principles while replicating our trainers as positive, productive, and properly trained community members of future generations. The Water = Technological
  11. 11. Spiritual Awareness Principle The Spiritual Awareness Principle of the company is responsible for educating and training our staff, youth, and communities to have a biblical worldview. These biblical practices are specifically catered to address the needs of our youth but structured through theological doctrine with scriptural evidence for community. Our training or crisis counseling must not compromise or misrepresented biblical principals in any fashion. The Spiritual Awareness Principle is also responsible for coordinating and developing curriculum with the Educational Achievement Principle for biblical training and crisis counseling sessions conducted by the trainers of our organization.
  12. 12. Entrepreneurial Diversity Principle The Entrepreneurial Diversity Principle of the company is responsible for educating our youth on correlated grass root, national or global business technologies, practices and strategies, leadership skills and techniques to include creating awareness of streams of capitol needed to start-up, maintain or grow a business. The Entrepreneurial Diversity Principle shall take the lead on partnering with organizations to provide a work-study & internship programs for youth seeking industry experience before pursuing self employment. The Entrepreneurial Diversity Principle is responsible for coordinating and developing curriculum with the Educational Achievement Principle for entrepreneurial training sessions conducted by the organization.
  13. 13. Financial Empowerment Principle The Financial Empowerment Principle of the company is responsible for obtaining grants, fundraising, donations and endowments while overseeing the project ‘s budget and organizational resources in conjunction with the Restoration Center. The Financial Empowerment Principle is responsible for coordinating and developing curriculum with the Educational Achievement Principle for financial training sessions conducted by the organization. The Financial Empowerment Principle is responsible for addressing youth needs indentified through communication and services provided by the Communal Accountability Principle.
  14. 14. Educational Achievement Principle The Educational Achievement Principle of the company is responsible for supporting the other Roots Principles by conducting training session in accordance with curriculum developed by each Root Principle respectively. The Educational Achievement Principle is accountable for being efficient & compatible with every Technological platform necessary in delivering instructional & developmental training. The Educational Achievement Principle collaborates with the Technological Innovations element of the company to align all business practices to our staff, youth and communities. These technical alignments are for business critical and mission functional competencies.
  15. 15. Communal Accountability Principle The Communal Accountability Principle of the company is responsible for training our youth how to shelter themselves from life’s situations through by providing, information, concepts, practices, opportunities and services that derive from their communities. The Communal Accountability Principle is responsible for addressing youth needs indentified through services provided by Financial Empowerment Principle to sustain their family’s connection in their community for future generations.
  16. 16. Health & Wellness Principle The Health & Wellness Principle of the company is responsible for teaching our youth how to preserve their bodies through healthier lifestyles that include; appropriate nutrition, continuous exercise, removing risky behaviors & seeking proper healthcare. The Health & Wellness Principle of the company is responsible for providing activities and personalized plans that are closely joined to the services of our Spiritual Awareness Principle to improve the pedigree of medical history of their family’s for future generations.
  17. 17. Our Tree of Life feeds the Seed’s of Life Restoration Center; is the centrally located physical location in communities (Tree of Life) where the youth (Seed’s of Life), receive the culmination of training of our Pillars (reaching, introducing, coaching, and reviewing) to replicate all our ideas using the tools of the 360ᵒ approach through the L.I.F.E project’s root principles** ** our root principles** (Spiritual Awareness, Entrepreneurial Diversity, Educational Achievement, Financial Empowerment, Health & Wellness and Communal Accountability)
  18. 18. The Restoration Center
  19. 19. Restoration Center’s purpose To house the training and tools of the LIFE project Also to make a slice of all the things the residents cannot obtain inside their community available to them, which reinforces community pride.
  20. 20. Introducing our 360ᵒ interactive toolbox
  21. 21. 360ᵒ approach interactive tools Plant Water Reap Surviving My Choices Bought Le$$ons I meant to LOVE you Silent Chatter Double Talk Rise of Cain Pulsate Who U Are Calling Men out the Box I meant to RAISE you Teaching with Technology Street Smart vs. Business Savvy Power of the Tongue
  22. 22. Plant Water Reap • Reach Pillar – (Tool Example): Plant Water Reap, is the interactive Biblical series that animates key principles of the journey throughout the 66 books of the Bible to introduce the Gospel to youth and their families in a generationally relevant format.
  23. 23. Surviving My Choices • Introduce Pillar– (Tool Example): Survive My Choices, is the animated series series that illustrates to youth a wide range of ills that poor worldly choices generate. The video game version will be used to prevent firsthand experience of dire consequences for youth as a prerequisite for improving critical thought through teaching opportunities.
  24. 24. I meant to LOVE you • Coach Pillar – (Tool Example): I meant to LOVE you; is the study guide used for relational analysis to determine, prepare, or reevaluate youth’s individual understanding towards relationships. This study guide will be used to foster the mastery of biblical gender roles in young male to female unions.
  25. 25. Bought Le$$ons • Review Pillar– (Tool Example): Bought Le$$on, is the short story Journal that gives details of lived out scenarios. Telling youth how making poor decisions & the actions of others or themselves, have landed them in bad places to include what it took/is taking to overcome those decisions.
  26. 26. Olive Branch’s from the L.I.F.E project LIFE Sports Training & Fitness Institute As a result of the Health & Wellness Principle growth potential we established the LIFE ST&FI to help conduct our Pulsate Regiment & services on a year round basis to better serve the families and communities. Infinite L.I.F.E Foundation As a result of our Root Principle replication potential and a necessity to have a traditional community service operation capability while being inclusive we established ILF (501c4) to help facilitate our mission
  27. 27. Onceeach youthhas gained understandingofthe root principles taught from our360ᵒ approach & Pillar formats, they will be expected to replicate our knowledge base…into their own. by regeneratingtheir transformationto otherswithin their immediate surroundings, Thusmaking stronger families & communities.