Successfully Embedding Relationships and Sexuality Education


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A common question we receive from schools and youth organisations is “How do we successfully embed RSE into our student activities?” - particularly when it comes to overcoming financial obstacles. Our Top 5 Tips for successfully embedding Relationships & Sexuality Education will give you the answers you need to get things moving.

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Successfully Embedding Relationships and Sexuality Education

  1. 1. 5 Fundraising tips to help your organisation successfully embed RELATIONSHIPS & SEXUALITY EDUCATION
  2. 2. Have you considered who is in your extended network? identify and connect with local STAKEHOLDERS
  3. 3. FIRST.. “Programs which seek to enhance the relationships between students and their peers and teachers, can be expected to improve students educational outcomes by reducing teenage risk behaviours.” Inquiry into the Potential for Developing Opportunities for Schools to Become a Focus for Promoting Healthy Community Living (2010) Once you’ve done this, you can further explore your creative options
  4. 4. P&F Committees TIP 1
  5. 5. Each department may have staff that will be involved in delivering your Sexuality and Relationships education, so each may have the capacity to allocate a portion of budget. This is a great way to instil collaboration and ownership.
  6. 6. TIP 3 Implement a beginning of year cost per student
  7. 7. WHAT ABOUT OUTSIDE YOUR ORGANISATION? Communities will always rally for a good cause. Here are some tips to get you thinking…
  8. 8. TIP 4 LOCAL BUSINESS Approaching your local business network and offering to be a guest speaker at their next meeting not only helps to actively voice your cause with the wider community, but also provides businesses with an opportunity to support local organisations, promote a positive professional self-image and assert their business as an active presence within community. Business owners are great potential candidates for supporting youth initiatives
  9. 9. OPTION 2 NEWSPAPERS LOCAL TIP 5 Newspapers provide a succinct means to rally support for a cause. Consider preparing and approaching a pitch for your community newspaper as a means to spread the word. Alternatively, community billboards are a great way to advertise and link with like-minded locals to gain support.
  10. 10. Seeking innovative, engaging and evidence based sex education resources?
  11. 11. Youth Wellbeing Project Providing innovative, engaging and evidence based sex education programs & presentations focussed on the whole-person and their wellbeing. Sign up at to receive free resources & strategies for successfully navigating sexual health conversations + lots more! Mention this SlideShare to receive 20% off online Professional Development for groups at your school or youth organisation. Ph: 07 3102 3684 Mobile: 0438 124 780 WWW.YOUTHWELLBEINGPROJECT.COM.AU
  12. 12. Where can you find us? Supporting you wherever you are... EMPOWER youth INVEST in community IMPACT the future [blog for teens] [blog]