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Character Study Presentation (All Nations Leadership Institute)


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All Nations Leadership Institute
4501 West 127th Street
Alsip, IL 60803
From Call and the Covenant: The Story of David

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Character Study Presentation (All Nations Leadership Institute)

  1. 1. Learningbiblical truthfrom thecharacters weread about.
  2. 2. To learn character from the characters ofscripture.
  3. 3. In the Biblical context, character study is thestudy of a select character from the scripturewith the intent of learning important biblicaltruths from them and the events concerningtheir lives. These truths have a moralapplication to our faith and our lives.
  4. 4. Let’s gather the facts!!After selecting a character of interest, it is important thatwe gather as much information about them from thescripture as possible. What does the Bible say about them?Sometimes, a lack of information can be information toobut not always. This is determined from the biblicalcontext itself and other passages addressing the samecharacter. This will require the use of Bible Concordancesand Bible Dictionaries to find those passages. Look at theexample on the following slide:
  5. 5. There was a priest in the Old Testament named Melchisedek, Genesis 14:18-19, Psalm 110:4. He Lived during the time of Abraham and a few hundredyears before Moses and the giving of the Law. There is no record of hisancestral descent in Genesis. He is only mentioned in 3 verses of the OldTestament. This lack of information for someone who was a priest wasinteresting. Under the Law of Moses, a priest proved his calling by showinghis decent from Aaron the first priest. The lack of this vital information wasinterpreted by the writer of the book of Hebrews, in chapter 7 under theinspiration of the Holy Ghost, to show that the Messiah would be a priestbut not a descendant of Aaron. Instead, he would be a priest having theranking of Melchisedek ‘s priesthood, who was both a king and a priest. Thepriesthood of Jesus Christ would not only have intercessory ability by hisdeath and resurrection, but it would have kingly authority allowing him tofulfill the Davidic Covenant. Jesus is both King and High Priest. Note: We arrived at these conclusions about this character because of what various biblical passages said about him and not by our own choosing. This is how scripture should be interpreted.
  6. 6. Study the character in the context of the scripturalpassage(s). How is the character used in the account(s)?Questions to ask: What part did they play in theaccount? Where they the main characters, or whatrelation did they have to the main characters.
  7. 7. Vital Stats? Does the scripture give statistical information about thecharacter? This information is very helpful in determiningwhat kind of person they were or were not.Who was their father, genealogy?Who was their mother?What tribe are they from?What influences did they have in their life?What was their vocation if given?Where did they live?
  8. 8. Does the scripture mention this characterelsewhere? If so, what does it say about them?Bible dictionaries and concordances can be helpfulhere.
  9. 9. What characteristics do you observe in their life?When reading about a person various traits willbegin to stand out. Are they good or are they bad?
  10. 10. What did I learn?The ultimate goal of Bible study:•Is my knowledge and understanding of God’sword enhanced?•Is what I learned applicable to life?•Will I grow If I do it this way?•Do I understand Jesus and the gospel better?
  11. 11. The best way to maximize your study is to meditate,consider deeply, your new found knowledge. That is howunderstanding and wisdom come. This is the way toanswer all questions and enhance your knowledge andunderstanding of God’s word. This is diligence in study.
  12. 12. For whatsoever things were writtenaforetime were written for our learning,that we through patience and comfort ofthe scriptures might have hope .Romans 15:4But Grow in grace, and in the knowledge ofour Lord and savior Jesus Christ. To himbe glory both now and for ever. Amen.II Peter 3:18