With Precision Services: Social Enterprise Project


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Autism Calgary’s With Precision Services: Social Enterprise Project is being established to provide mentoring and support for our participants (adults with medium to high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder) in preparing for their long and short term career objectives

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With Precision Services: Social Enterprise Project

  1. 1. GOALThe aim of Autism Calgary’s With Precision Services: Social EnterpriseProject is to address the plight of individuals with ASD in regards totheir : • Engagement and inclusion in employment, • Self-employment, • Contract and freelance opportunities.
  2. 2. WHY?Autism Calgary’s With Precision Services: Social Enterprise Project hasidentified the following factors in the Market that require support forAdults with ASD: • High unemployment rate among individuals with ASD, • Gap in Service • Employer stigma towards adults with ASD
  3. 3. MISSION AND VISIONThe mission of Autism Calgary is to:Support: Bring hope and help meet the needs of families and individuals living with AutismSpectrum Disorder (ASD).Speak: Be the voice of families and individuals living with ASD.Educate: Increase Awareness and Understanding of ASD.Advocate: Secure and defend the best quality of life for those with ASD and their familiesthroughout the lifespan.Promote: Encourage the advancement of meaningful research and the development ofeffective treatment options.Our Vision is, “To See Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) living meaning andpurposeful lives in a community that values them.”
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES?Autism Calgary’s With Precision Services: Social Enterprise Project isbeing established to provide mentoring and support for ourparticipants (adults with medium to high functioning Autism SpectrumDisorder) in preparing for their long and short term career objectives: • Support in preparing for, obtaining and keeping employment or becoming self-employed, • Enhance participant’s employability skills including personal, learning, independence and job related competencies,
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES?• Identify barriers that hinder participants’ involvement in the labour market with the aim of increasing their economic participation,• Provide individualized on going employment related and work place support to ensure participants are able to maintain employment.
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES?• Build on existing knowledge base including developing best practices,• Provide holistic supports and services through our program activities as well as collaboration with community partners.
  7. 7. KEYS TO SUCESS Establish trust and understanding with potential employers and deliver results overcoming employer stigma. Develop and share a management model that will enable companies and workplaces to hire and manage our participants.
  8. 8. KEYS TO SUCCESS Bring together a community of diverse strategic partners from the private, corporate, public and community sectors. Recognition in the business community as a comprehensive employment service for adults with ASD.
  9. 9. KEYS TO SUCCESS Establish trust with potential participants as a non-profit devoted to creating win-win situations for employees with ASD and their employers. Develop and share a management model that will enable companies and workplaces to hire and optimize the potential of our participants.
  10. 10. KEYS TO SUCCESS Bring together a community of diverse strategic partners from the private, corporate, public and community sectors. Expand our profile in the business community as an employment resource for adults with ASD.
  11. 11. LOCATION AND FACILITY The initial office will be established in Calgary at The Ability Hub located in the Child Development Centre on the University of Calgary campus. The program will support other organizations that might benefit from a similar program. Replication of the program in at least one other site in Canada will occur during the initial five years of the program.
  12. 12. MILESTONES
  13. 13. SERVICES Social Enterprise Readiness Programs Network Knowledge Provider Program
  14. 14. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE READINESSInitiate and develop an innovative and effective approach that meetsthe needs of people with ASD through the creation of a commerciallyviable business with employment opportunities for 44 persons withhigh functioning ASD.The program will also create linkages to other employment or post-secondary opportunities for adults with ASD who are not suitable for,or not interested in the social enterprise. Linkages to post-secondaryopportunities will also be created.
  15. 15. NETWORK KNOWLEDGE PROVIDERWith Precision hopes to deploy initial pilot projects across Canadausing developed program toolkits and best practices by selecting andtraining partner organizations (including other establishedassociations, networks or organizations that serve individuals withASD).With Precision will also collaborate with key partners to provideconferences to disseminate knowledge and best practice informationand to build on existing networks.
  16. 16. INTENDED RESULTS1. Autism Calgary is committed to furthering its partnerships andnetworks to encourage increased knowledge and social responsibilityamong various community stakeholders concerning the social andemployment challenges facing Adults with ASD.
  17. 17. PROGRAM DELIVERABLES• 1000 potential employers will have been reached (by the end of year five) with our outreach workshops to foster a greater understanding of the social and financial issues and challenges facing adults with ASD and encourage corporate responsibility in tackling these issues. GOAL 1: Promote and facilitate hiring of people with autism by collaborating to create on-line resources to assist HR departments. GOAL 2: To create on-line resources to assist job seekers with Autism.
  18. 18. PROGRAM DELIVERABLES• Facilitate and participate in conferences and workshops with at least 25 private partners each year where we will form networks and share knowledge best practices best practices with partners and stakeholders.
  19. 19. PROGRAM DELIVERABLES• Autism Calgary Social Enterprise will ensure diverse representation of stakeholders :• Customer Corporations• Public Sector• Employer Companies• Private Financial Partners• Autism and Disability Sector• Community
  20. 20. INTENDED RESULTS2. Autism Calgary will initiate the development and utilization of socialenterprise as a new vehicle for social change as regards theenhancement of employment opportunities for a adults with ASD. Thiswill include the development of a new employment social enterprisethat will compete in the market for technical service contracts and hire44 adults with ASD to carry out the contract requirements.
  21. 21. PROGRAM DELIVERABLES• The creation and dissemination of a toolkit, which outlines best practices, resources, methodologies, etc.• Initiate pilot projects across Canada using developed program toolkit and best practices by selecting and training partner organizations that serve individuals with ASD)• Collaborate with key partners to provide conferences to disseminate knowledge and best practice information and build on existing networks.• Generate over 50% of project funding with earned revenue from the employment social enterprise by year five.
  22. 22. INTENDED RESULTS3. We will disseminate, promote and share knowledge and bestpractices of With Precision Services: Social Enterprise Project to betterserve individuals with ASD both in Calgary and in other centers acrossCanada.
  23. 23. PROGRAM DELIVERABLES• Challenging other non-profits across Canada to embrace employment based social enterprising for individuals with ASD.• Community engagement through networking with various private partners (as either potential employers or corporate customers for the social enterprise) so as to foster corporate responsibility.• Working with the Faculty of Education on a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the program.• Working with the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary to evaluate the impact of the program from an economic perspective.
  24. 24. INTENDED RESULTS4. We will enhance the well-being of the 44 employees in the CalgarySocial enterprise including increased life skills, increased confidence,increased independence, workplace participation and economicinvolvement through:• Income Security (employment in the program)• Access to opportunities (increased knowledge and exposure (e.g. through social enterprise contracts, national conferences and employer workshops)
  25. 25. BENEFICIARIESAdults with ASD: Targeted participants will be adults (18 and over) with highfunctioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome) who are employablebut have been unsuccessful in obtaining and/or maintaining employment despite thehelp of other employment assistance programs or because they have been ineligiblefor other employment assistance programs.
  26. 26. BENEFICIARIESEmployers: Because of the worker shortage for companies in Calgary, manyemployers will benefit not only from a new outsourcing service but also from a newpool of employees to draw from. This is especially important in light of the recentresearch release by The Talent Pool Society of Calgary (created by the CalgaryChamber of Commerce) which reports that “Alberta can expect a shortage of workersapproximately 114,000 workers by the year 2019”. In anticipation of huge shortfall ofworkers expected over the next decade, The Talent Pool strongly encouragesbusinesses in Alberta to “expand your search and consider people with disabilities”.Autism Calgary’s with Precision Services: Social Enterprise Project opens up aresourceful pool of individuals (adults with ASD) who have appropriate skills,knowledge and education to fill this gap.
  27. 27. BENEFICIARIESGovernment: According to The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide 2nd Edition(2010), “as they become more successful and known in the marketplace, socialenterprises can bring in anywhere from 5% to 100% of an organization’s revenue”.This is important in facilitating the stability and sustainability of non-profitorganization programs. This in turn eases pressure on the already overlyoversubscribed and overstretched government resources.
  28. 28. BENEFICIARIESOther Centres: Many other non-profits in Canada will benefit from exploring thisnew and innovative income generating approach to meeting social, cultural andeconomic needs of the target participants. Social enterprises will enhance theseorganization’s programs and services. This will help organizations achieve theirmissions more effectively and generate new revenue streams that enable them tostabilize and diversify their funding bases. The income generating aspects of thisapproach is particularly important in light of the changing nature of governmentfunding. Government funding programs are becoming increasingly oversubscribedand overstretched and more difficult to access especially for newer or emerging non-profits.
  29. 29. MORE INFORMATION ? Autism Calgary 174, 3359-27th Street NE 403-250-5033 403-250-2625http://www.autismcalgary.com/
  30. 30. “It is no use saying ‘We are doing our best. You have to succeed in doing what is necessary.” - Sir Winston Churchill