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  • 1. What crimes had these people committed?
  • 2. Emmet Till
    • In 1955 this boy was visiting relatives in the south. One Saturday night he was taken from his bed and beaten up and then shot in the head. He was so badly attacked, his mother couldn’t identify his body.
  • 3. What crime?
    • He had wolf-whistled at a white women and this wasn’t the done thing in the South.
    • Her husband and brother-in-law attacked him and were freed by an all white jury.
  • 4. Punishment and retribution? His mother insisted his battered body was seen at his funeral. Why do you think she did that?
  • 5. Why was she being shouted at? In 1954 the highest court in the USA decided that separate education in the South was illegal, this was known as Brown vs Topeka Board of Education. This meant that black children could now attend white schools. This was a legal success for African Americans (no violence was used)
  • 6. Wanting to be educated
    • The white women in the background was screaming at the black girl for attending the local white school. Forty years after the photo the lady did apologise for her actions.
    • It show African Americans that legal action was a good way forward.
  • 7. What crime?
  • 8. Being tired Rosa Parks, a respected member of the African American community in Birmingham, Alabama, refused to give up her seat on segregated bus to a white man. This spurred the African American Community into action, with the full support of Martin Luther King. Non-Violence was the way forward!