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  1. 1. Freedom Rider and the Sit-ins1960s - Civil Rights Movement - Blacks and Whites get involved - SNCC
  2. 2. Freedom Riders✤ The SNCC and others decided to test whether coach travel across States in America had been integrated.✤ They went on Freedom Rides across America.
  3. 3. There was a lot of resistanceIn the South
  4. 4. Sit ins✤ Mainly organised by students (some white students travelled down from the North)✤ SNCC✤ The 1960s was an era of hope - JFK was the new President and he was young and fun!✤ The aim was to end segregation at lunch counters
  5. 5. There was a lot of resistanceIn the South
  6. 6. Your learning✤ Both these protests were ✤ It also persuaded more liberal peaceful Whites that something had to be done✤ There was a sense of working together - Blacks and Whites ✤ Once the Civil Rights Act (1964) and North and South and the Voting Rights Act (1965) were passed we see a✤ The violent reaction against change in the movement them was shown across the USA and across the World - this ✤ More violent caused embarrassment for the government ✤ Less cooperation with Whites