Serial killer project


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Serial killer project

  1. 1. Bind…Torture…Kill.By: Kyle Kenny
  2. 2. Early Childhood• Had an average childhood as far as the home life goes.• Oldest of 4 sons• As a young child he tortured animals.• Had a sexual fetish for women’s underpants.
  3. 3. Adult Life• Attended Kansas Wesleyan University from 1965 to 1966• Spent 4 years in the U.S Air Force• Earned an associates degree in electronics at Butler Country Community College.• Earned a bachelors degree in the Administration of Justice from Wichita State University.
  4. 4. Adult life Cont…• Married on May 22 1971 and had 2 kids.• 1974 to 1988 he installed security systems at ADT.• Attended Christ Lutheran Church and was elected president of the Congregation Council.
  5. 5. Motives for Killing• Often left semen at the scene of the crimes stating that he derived sexual pleasure from killing.• Often became obsessed with his intended victims.• Desired fame• Described the urge to kill as “a monster inside me”• Killing was a game to him.• Stated that his children were grown and he had more time on his hands.
  6. 6. Methods for Killing• Bind. Torture. Kill• Bound his victims, and often raped them and tortured them before killing them.• Most common way to kill was by strangulation.
  7. 7. Characteristics of Victims• Didn’t go after a specific type of person.• He only desired fame so he killed anyone that he could.
  8. 8. Apprehension• He wrote letters to the police describing the murders.• Often reported the homicides by himself.• Asked the police if they could trace information given to them on a CD• Police traced the information back to him.• Compared DNA test results of his daughters DNA.• Caught and arrested on probable cause on February 25 2005
  9. 9. Sentencing• Charged with 10 first degree murders.• To the surprise of all Rader plead guilty.• The death penalty in Kansas was reinstated in 1994.• The killings Rader was convicted for were all before 1994 making him ineligible for the death penalty.• Sentenced to 10 life sentences on 10 million dollar bail without parole.
  10. 10. Why are Serial killers difficult to spot?• They appear as normal people• Are often fine upstanding citizens• They are charming, handsome and polite• Blend in with society.
  11. 11. Information I Learned• Serial Killers are not the monsters that we see them to be.• They are often very normal people with a normal life.• They are difficult to spot or recognize because of this.