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Active listening
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Active listening


Published on

ELT MOOC by Jason R. Levine on WiziQ. …

ELT MOOC by Jason R. Levine on WiziQ.

This is a professional development massive Open Online Course in listening and pronunciation techniques.

Active listening presentation by Dr. Nellie Deutsch.

MOOC team organisers:

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Sylvia Guinan

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Active Listening Practice Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D English Language Teacher Education Leadership Curriculum Instruction and Technology University of Phoenix Atlantic University
  • 2. Active Listening Practice Are you a good listener? • • • • • • • • • • Think of other things? Doodle, shuffle papers, look elsewhere? Silently argue with the speaker? Select and choose what you like? Boring??? Feel lifeless? Interrupt? Complete sentences (silently or out loud) Criticize (silently) voice, looks, way of talking? Please repeat?
  • 3. Active Listening Practice Suggestions • • • • • • Interest Empathy Focus on them Keep silent Accept the speaker It’s not about you
  • 4. Active Listening Practice Try to duplicate others? Find ourselves Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 5. Active Listening Practice Authenticity Real world learning Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 6. Active Listening Practice Whole Person Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 7. Active Listening Practice Teacher as Learner Learner as Teacher Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 8. Active Listening Practice Emotions Tap student feelings Reflect your own Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 9. Active Listening Practice Feeling good about yourself Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 10. Active Listening Practice Gain Confidence Collaborative Process Not alone Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 11. Active Listening Practice Presence Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 12. Active Listening Practice Relax Mindfulness Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 13. Active Listening Practice Alexander Technique Yoga, Reiki, Chi Kong Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 14. Active Listening Practice Sports Long distance Running Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 15. Active Listening Practice Let Go Give Space Watch Suspend Evaluation Let them speak Ask to Respond
  • 16. Active Listening Practice Resources Audio American British
  • 17. Active Listening Practice
  • 18. Active Listening Practice
  • 19. Active Listening Practice VOA News
  • 20. Active Listening Practice PRE-CASS TASK a. How do you know when someone is really listening to you? List the things that indicate they are listening. You may provide examples. Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 21. Active Listening Practice PRE-CASS TASK b. What do you gain from talking and what do you gain from listening to someone? Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 22. Active Listening Practice PRE-CASS TASK c. Do you prefer to listen or talk? Explain your choice. Relationship-based Interactive socially engaging activities
  • 23. Active Listening Practice Reading • • • • Brady, M. (2003). Wisdom of listening. Boston: Wisdom. Donoghue, P. & Siegel, M. E. (2005). Are you really listening? Keys to successful communication. Notre Dame: Sorin Book. Isaacs, W. (1999). Dialogue. New York: Currency. LeClaire, A. D. (2010). Listening below the noise: The transformative power of silence. New York: Harper
  • 24. Active Listening Practice Let’s have some fun!! Thank you!