Preposition rules (a2 z) by tanbircox


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Preposition rules (a2 z) by tanbircox

  1. 1. Web: Email:PrepositiontsWfstw s n Preposition 3315 <JT?Tf ITf TW i fst ttus ifTPJ CT OTTIt CfT:-At, Above, Across, Against, Among, After, Along, About, Before, Beside, Below, Beneath,Behind, Beyond, Between, By, Down, Expect, In, Into, On, Over, Of, Out of. Outside, To,Towards, Through, Through out. Up, Upon, Near, Since, With, Without, For, Form, LikeijtaW ew :- Presition "WlSw pre + position oTC t Pft WWC? Pre fU1Position ""fU1 1 " R * Preposition SR R" vni Preposition f5wr?i Noun 1 Pronoun «<BI iHe is helpful for us.He lives at Anayct Bazar.NOTE :- Noun ?l Pronoun 4? IPl C H Adjective Jt Article (a/an/the) ,itTW Preposition15 <*J Adjective Article -"Jilw i:-Inc .-He lives a in village.C:- He lives in a village.Inc :-He came a poor of family.C: He came of a poor family.N InoPut the book this on table.C:- Put the book on thistable.»Rulc 1 :- f t n<(W?i Preposition wtsft PtPi Qrtt iINf f%%i m ra c h t p in pt iifS <jc In cr I8 rGl 5 In PT i8.IMt? TC*t In " i tMorning, evening, afternoon OT<T The fTWI The iflffl in iJj. ORI In 711c. f f 5 In itt iExample :-1.He is_college, (in)2.He lives Chittagong. (in)3.He came here 1974. (in)4. He joined Army.5. He gets up early the morning, (in)6.He studies english. (in)7. He is expart music, (in)8.He will come a month, (in)9.1 will finish the work; time, (in)
  2. 2. Web: Email:ATC f5 XtCT At <R7i I. .8 spul T 5m<l At IO.WIR At CTI8.ftroHSfttft At TCT ION. f?. ? sroflu ra tc on " m i. Tf -*!, B, f , on Io. T g on iBYExample :-1.He lies Anayet Bazar, (at)2.I take exercise morning, (at)/He will come_3.Rice sells_4 p.m.22 taka per kg.*tK TTO by CT i.43jfsi3 HlT 5 5 by CTIby ri8. n<pi tc by tct isrspr f us by iNOTE :- W ttc?! fool f&ttionfool iFORi.R] 4 s PTt W?(US for i.ror? I for iv5.Pfl for Wl4. He is expert tenni. (at)Example :-1. Keep the book the table, (on)2.He came my birthday, (on)/He went home Monday, (on) .3. The ship saild the widw sea. (on)Example :-1.He sat me. (by)2.He was killed you. (by)3.He will come back this month.(by)/I will finish the work 4pm. (by)4. I paid him cheque, (by)5.He went there bus. (by)6. I pulled him the ear. (by)Example :-1. I am wating your arrival, (for)2.He has been ill three days, (for)3. He left home, (for)TOtf ni m ra f w wtf ;Wt to i.. lilH!<5 Tftw 1 5 to CT Io. rfer K " K to <R7i i8. tfTSs Verb TTCI t wf fiRFplsc to"CTIBETWEENi. nra between IAMONGi. [ft H ttts among iBEFOREpf IW before i. pl s before CT-1o. g wTg] P9!?? cQ ? Pastperfect Past indefinite tense.t SR ln Past indefinite tense g?before iExample :-1. He goes college, (to)2. Manikgonj is the west of Dhaka.(to)3.He went Rahim. (to)4.He went there see his mother, (to).theExample:-1. Devide the mangoes_twoboys. (between)Example :-1. Devide the mangoes the boys.(among)Example :-1. I will go there you. (before)2.He stood me. (before)I had ealin rice I went there.(before)
  3. 3. Web: Email:AFTERb. after I. vs r Past perfect Pastindefinite tense *OT winPast perfect after !VptH 3(H C "5 5 after ia. jplca sWi rc after rcr iWITH"m"smf w with wr i. fat " ti wilh tNOTE :- He talks with Kamal Hetalks Kamal "SfS iINTO*t% c rw It5? into iBELOW/BENEATH>.thus below/beneath Cf iUNDERWl i>«c« under i.sSto under io.R b-it <ii<jy<J 5 iABOVEi, i pp it ra 1 5 above ch iJ OT shove JOVER1 l tTTO t?ra sf RIover i."sTtTO over iACROSSc«n srj fitfs tC5 across jAGAINSTy fepc <i 5 against I. l ffk "5 5 against tft io. against " t iALONGi. -apppt along n?B W1ABOUT>."TO spfsRsMTO abouti. RJ er M about PJ lExample :-1, He came here me. (after)2. The bell rang I had gone tocollege, (after)3.He ran a thief, (after)his4. The college was namedfathers name, (after)Example :-1.He came me. (with)2. He wrote the letter a pen. (with)Example :-1.He entered the room, (into)Example :-1.We live the sky. (below/beneath)Example :-1.He sat _a tree, (under)2. He serves me. (under)3.The case is trial, (under)Example :-rl. The fan is - my head, (above)2; He .got 90% marks, (above)Example1. The plane is my head, (over)2. He got 90% marks, (over)Example :-1,, Grime is increasing thecountry, (across)Example :-1. They are plotting me. (against)2. They set the wall, (against)3. Fifty students passed seventy.(against)Example :-1.Go__the boat, (along)Example :-1.He told me the matter, (about)2.He is to die. (about)
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