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PyCon JP 2012 Opening
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PyCon JP 2012 Opening


PyCon JP 2012 Opening slide. Welcome message, sponsors introduction, precaution, program overview and topics.

PyCon JP 2012 Opening slide. Welcome message, sponsors introduction, precaution, program overview and topics.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • Good morning pythonistas. I’m Takanori Suzuki.\nI talk about precaution and program overview.\n
  • First, Eating.\nWe do not eat into the conference rooms.\nWe only eat in the cafeteria area.\n
  • Second, photos and videos.\nPlease note that we take photos and videos of the conference.\n
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  • If you have any problems, please feel free to ask PyCon JP staffs.\n\n
  • We are wearing this STAFF T-shirts.\n
  • This venue provides Wireless LAN access without this Main hall.\nThis Wireless LAN information has been noticed in any conference rooms.\n重要なことなので日本語で失礼します。このホールでポータブルWiFiを使うのは自重をお願いします。発表者のネットワークが死ぬので。\n
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  • Next, Program overview\n
  • PyCon JP includes 2 Days conference and 1 Day sprints.\n
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  • Please look on the back side. There are sponsor Company booths.\nAnd books selling booth is next to the reception.\nThese booths are only today. You can talk. You can buy books.\n
  • Today’s lunch time event is “introduce the Python Connected Community”.\nThe event is in Japanese and English.\nIt does in this room. Please feel free to join. You do not forget to eat lunch.\n\n
  • またまた日本語で失礼します。明日行われるリクルーティングセッションはスポンサー企業による企業紹介LTとその後必要であれば面談ができます。直近ではなくてもPythonでの仕事を探している人は是非参加してください。\n
  • There are Job offering and Job hunting board next to the reception.\n
  • Open Spaces is on tomorrow afternoon in ALL rooms.\nPlease enter what YOU want to talk to the white board.\nLet’s build sessions all attendees.\n
  • This is open spaces white board image. Please write to the sticky note that you want to talk.\nPlease attach to your sticky notes on the open space of a whiteboard.\n\n
  • Rather than just Listening, Talking is better.\nRather than just Talking, Collaboration is better.\n
  • This is first collaboration time.\nLet’s conversation with your neighbors\n


  • 1. Joint Events
  • 2. Where are you from?
  • 3. Sponsored by
  • 4. Platinum Sponsor
  • 5. Gold Sponsors
  • 6. Gold Sponsors
  • 7. Gold Sponsors
  • 8. Silver Sponsors
  • 9. Silver Sponsors
  • 10. 注意事項Precaution
  • 11. 食事 / Eating• 教室内は食事禁止• 食事は食堂(2F)のみ可能• Bringing food into the conference rooms is forbidden• You only eat in the cafeteria(2nd Floor)
  • 12. 撮影 / Photos and Videos• 講演や会場内の状況を撮影します• 参加者も会場内の撮影は可能です• We will be taking photos and videos of the conference• Attendees may take photos
  • 13. 同時通訳 /Simultaneous interpretation• Day 1 の基調講演に同時通訳あり(100席)• 中央ホール出口で「必ず」スタッフに レシーバーを渡してください• We provide simultaneous interpretation only Day 1 keynote(English to Japanese)
  • 14. お困りの際 / Any problems• お困りの際はスタッフに相談してくだ さい• Please feel free to ask PyCon JP staffs if there is any questions or concerns
  • 15. お困りの際 / Any problems
  • 16. Wireless LAN• ESS-ID: guest-wifi (AES)• WPA2-Personal: aiitlan-gst-ABzye8bkJ• Web auth user/pass: pyconjp/gpcu1245• Room 230のみ無線LANが使用できません• Wi-Fi is not provided at Room 230
  • 17. Wireless LAN WPA2 PERSONAL
  • 18. Wireless LAN
  • 19. プログラム概要Program overview
  • 20. Program• Conference: September 15(Sat), 16(Sun)• Sprints: September 17(Mon, National holiday)
  • 21. 2 Keynotes
  • 22. 2 Japanese / 1 English Tracks Japanese English
  • 23. 3 Hands-on Hands- on
  • 24. 4 Joint events Joint events
  • 25. その他のネタOther topics
  • 26. 企業ブース / Booth• Day 1 (15 Sep.) only / Room 230• Room 230後方に企業ブースがあります• 受付横に物販ブースもあります• Company booths on the back of room 230• Books selling booth is near the reception
  • 27. Lunch time events• Day 1(15 Sep.) 12:00-13:30• Room 230(Do not eat!)• Language: Japanese and English• Python関連コミュニティ紹介• Introduce the Python Connected Community
  • 28. Recruiting session• Day 2(16 Sep.) 11:00-11:45 / Room 433• Language: Japanese• スポンサー企業による企業紹介、求人 LT+面談タイム• Job offer LT by sponsor companies
  • 29. Job board• Day 1(15 Sep.), Day 2(16 Sep.)• 求人用と求職用とのジョブボードがあ ります• Job offering and Job hunting board
  • 30. Open Spaces• Day 2(16 Sep.) 12:00-14:00 / All rooms• Language: Japanese and English• 話したいことを記入してください• みんなでセッションを作り上げます• Please enter what YOU want to talk
  • 31. Open Spaces white board
  • 32. Collaborate > Talk > Listen
  • 33. Collaboration• 隣の人と話しましょう• Conversation with neighbors