2.3 revision workshop 2012
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2.3 revision workshop 2012



Revision workshop for TGS 2012

Revision workshop for TGS 2012



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2.3 revision workshop 2012 2.3 revision workshop 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Demonstrate geographic understanding ofdifferences in development Geography 2.3
  • O This achievement standard involves demonstrating geographic understanding of differences in development.O Demonstrate comprehensive geographic understanding of differences in development involves:O fully explaining aspects of development including use of geographic terminology and concepts, showing insightO integrating supporting case study evidence.
  • O Development refers to the standard of living and quality of life of people. Living standards and quality of life vary spatially, and undergo change, at the individual, local, national and global scales.O Characteristics of development refer to descriptions of development based on economic, social and political factors and features.O Different ways development can be measured include quantitative and qualitative indicators and their limitations.
  • O Factors contributing to differences in development include natural and cultural factors.O Strategies for reducing the differences in development refer to the actions that have been or may be taken by governments and/or non-governmental organisations to reduce differences.
  • Aspects are selected from:O characteristics of developmentO different ways development can be measuredO factors contributing to differences in developmentO strategies for reducing the differences in development.
  • characteristics of development O Where are the more developed/less developed areas ? O Arusha, kigoma, dar es salaam, dodoma O Which Groups are/are not developed ? O Men vs Women O Masaai vs Non Masaai
  • different ways development can be measuredO IndicatorsO Subjective eg Qualitative indicators = descriptions Happiness, SafetyO Objective eg Quantitative indicators = numbers IMR, GDPO Problems with using indicatorsO Averages, everyone included ? Can’t read but not developed ? What is developed ?
  • factors contributing todifferences in developmentO Natural FactorsO Landforms, soils, climateO Cultural FactorsO Religion, Cultural beliefs, Colonisation
  • strategies for reducing thedifferences in development.O How have different Groups/People tried to help.O Trade Aid/Fair trade – increased prices for goods eg coffee and cocoaO Ujama – julius Nyerere – move back to village based production and farming – didn’t workO World Vision – raise money to pay for vaccinations against childhood diseases eg 2 million children vaccinated against polioO Project carbon x – solar panels for communities to run pumps april 2010
  • General tipsO Use statistics – these are the differencesO Make definite links between stepsO Make sure you plan an answerO READ THE QUESTION