Hawaii meeting may 2014


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the presentation from the may meeting

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Hawaii meeting may 2014

  1. 1. Hawaii Meeting May 2014
  2. 2. Rooming • Rooms of 4 single beds – 2 in the lounge and 2 in the bedroom. • Each room needs to organise to buy two USA – NZ adapters for the power sockets. Then plug a multiboard into each one – in different rooms. • We have had a few change arounds so we need to redo the room list . • The new room list is available on the blog and at the google drive link below • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y5wPW7ymzKkbN- y2sqZY7Ev6UseVrRTxzwWaKDp0S-8/edit?usp=sharing
  3. 3. The Itinerary • The Itinerary is now set finally • It can be found at : https://docs.google.com/document/d/12sQgqBdxgkuUTw1qs kN0xhXv47IgQVp14uu1pfWd3tI/edit?usp=sharing • We will need to drop our bags at the accommodation then head our so have a change of clothes in the top of your bag ready to go with walking shoes too.
  4. 4. Forms • Bring back the Pack of forms to sign as soon as possible so I can get them to the Board of Trustees so we can get the trip signed off. • Please read all the forms carefully so you know what you are signing.
  5. 5. Cell phones • You need to check to see if your phone model works overseas. Just google the make and brand and USA to see if it will work. • If your phone will work you need to set it up to roam ( can be very expensive ) or buy a new sim card when we get there and text your new number home. • If you are roaming – switch off the data and push notifications. • There is free wifi in the accomodation and down the road at starbucks.
  6. 6. Volcano day • If you are going to the volcano you will need walking shoes and a rain coat and small back pack (school bag is fine) • If you are not going to the volcanoes then you will be doing the tour of honolulu then to the aquarium or zoo in the afternoon.
  7. 7. Travel insurance • I will get a quote from the travel agent for travel insurance but please shop around for better deals too. • Remember if you have a medical condition it must be declared or you will not be covered for it and medical care in the USA is VERY EXPENSIVE ! Even if it is just asthma, tell them. • If you are taking an expensive camera or computer then declare that too or it may not be covered.
  8. 8. Payments • By the first week of June you should have paid $3000 then by the last week you should have paid $3200 as the full and final price. • I will update everyone where they are according to our finance office. • Payments should be made to ; • Takapuna Grammar School, • BNZ Takapuna • A/c 02 0272 0119240 000 • Please ensure you include Student’s Name & Hawaii as a Reference,