Abraham lincoln


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Abraham lincoln

  1. 1. Sarah Lewis 1st period Mrs. Dycus Abraham Lincoln
  2. 2. LIFE TIMELINE Born 1811 Graduated 1829 Married 1833 Career 1835 Politician 1843 Elected President 1861 The Civil War erupts 1864 Assassinati on 1865
  3. 3. Abraham Lincoln was born in 1811 in Illinois and lived in a log cabin with a dirt floor until he was 14. Add a picture here.
  4. 4. Important Family Events Abraham Lincoln became a father to Tad Lincoln in 1841. Abraham Lincoln’s mother died in 1823. His father, whom he was very close to, died in 1833.
  5. 5. EDUCATION • Abraham was schooled through the 6th grade. This was normal for the time period. • He attended a small college in Illinois for 3 years and studied to become a lawyer. • After he passed the bar, Lincoln decided that law was not for him, he went on to become involved in United States politics.
  6. 6. CAREERS and OCCUPATIONS • Lawyer − After assisting people with law for 8 years, Lincoln decided that his gifts of working with people would be better served in the political arena. • President -The country was in eruption over states rights and slavery, and Lincoln was thrown right into the middle of it (and soon The Civil War), when he was elected president.
  7. 7. President Abraham Lincoln was shot by James Wilkes Boothe in 1867, while he was watching a play. He was sitting next to his wife, when Boothe, pretending to be part of the play, raised his gun and shot Lincoln in the chest. Lincoln was rushed out of the theater and pronounced dead. Lincoln became the first president to be assassinated in the United States. John F. Kennedy would be assassinated nearly 100 years later. DEATH
  8. 8. ACCOMPLISHMENTS • National Government − Name the current United States Senators and Representatives. • State Government − Name the current governor. − Describe the state’s legislature.
  9. 9. PERSONALITY TRAITS Abraham Lincoln was known as “honest Abe.” People claimed that he was one of the most upstanding people they had ever met.
  10. 10. THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL • The Lincoln Memorial was erected in order to show tribute to all that Abraham Lincoln had done for the U.S.A. Made out of marble, the monument is a favorite spot for tourists of Washington D.C. to visit.
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