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Abraham Lincoln


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Abraham Lincoln

  1. 1. Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 nearHodgenville Kentucky.He was assassinated April 15, 1865 in WashingtonDC.
  2. 2. The drawing to the depicts the home of Richard Berry where Thomas Lincoln and NancyHanks were married at sunset on June 12, 1806. The photograph to the right depicts areassembled replica of the cabin purported to be Abraham Lincolns birthplace. Lincoln wasborn about dawn on Sunday, February 12, 1809, in Hardin County (now LaRue County) nearHodgenville, Kentucky.
  3. 3.  In December 1816, as a youngboy, his family was faced with alawsuit challenging theownership of their farm, theythen moved to southwesternIndiana. A few years later his motherdied in the autumn of 1818, thiswas by far the saddest period ofhis childhood.
  4. 4.  In 1842, struggling lawyer Abraham Lincolnmarries Mary Anne Todd.
  5. 5. Robert Todd Lincoln "Willie" Lincoln August 14, 1873 – March 5, 1890 December 21, 1850 – February 20, 1862 Edward Baker Lincoln Thomas "Tad" LincolnMarch 10, 1846 – February 1, 1850 April 4, 1853 – July 15, 1871
  6. 6. In 1834, Lincoln was elected to the state legislature, in which he served four successive terms(until 1841) and achieved prominence as a Whig. In 1836 he obtained his license as anattorney, and the next year he moved to Springfield, where he became a law partner of John T.Stuart. Lincolns practice steadily increased.First partnership was succeeded by others, with Stephen T. Logan and then with WilliamH. who was later to be Lincolns biographer. Lincoln displayed great ability in law, a ready graspof argument, and sincerity, color, and lucidity of speech.
  7. 7. On his visit to New York In the presidentialin February 1860, the election offifty-one-year-old 1860, HannibalLincoln posed for his Hamlin, a Senatorphotograph. He appears from Maine, ran astall and confident. The Lincolns vicepose became known asLincolns “Cooper Union” president.photograph.“To this place and the kindness of these people, I oweevery thing. Here I have lived a quarter of acentury, and have passed from a young to an old man.Here my children have been born, and one is buried. Inow leave, not knowing when, or whether ever, I may
  8. 8. Abraham Lincoln served as a volunteer in the Illinois Militia from April 21, 1832 – July 10, 1832during the Black Hawk War. Lincoln never saw combat during his tour but was elected captainof his first company. He was also present in the aftermath of two of the wars battles, where hehelped to bury the militia dead.When Lincoln was mustered out of command on May 27 he re-enlisted and was reduced inrank to private under the command of Captain Elijah Iles
  9. 9.  Lincoln depicted protecting a Native American fromhis own men in a scene often related about Lincolnswar-time service Lincoln had no military experience when he waselected captain of his company but a large number ofsources have described his command ability as capableand describing him as a popular leader.Other negative accounts of Lincolns ability as a military leader came in the 1870s when J.F. Snyder interviewed several of Lincolns men from the Black Hawk War days. Snyderclaimed the men, "never spoke of malice of Lincoln but always in a spirit of ridicule" andthat they characterized Lincoln as "indolent and vulgar", "a joke, an absurdity", and themen "had serious doubts about his courage"
  10. 10.  On July 10, 1832 Atkinson decided he had too many men and mustered Earlyscompany out of service, Lincolns military career ended less than three months after itbegan.last duty as a soldier Lincoln wrote out the company role for Lieutenant RobertAnderson, the man who had mustered him into service in his second company under Iles.An honorable discharge signed by Lincoln for a private under his command
  11. 11.  During his lifespan he suffered illnesses like color blindness, smallpox, malaria, depressio n; he survived all these illnesses to murdered. President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth when Mr. President & His wife had been to the Ford’s Theatre to attend the play on April 14th 1865. After being in a coma for nine hours, Lincoln died the next morning on 15th April 1865. John Wilkes Booth was a well-known actor and a Confederate spy from Maryland. Abraham Lincoln was buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery Springfield, Illinois.
  12. 12.  The first public monument to Abraham Lincoln was a statue erected in front of the District of Columbia City Hall in 1868, three years after his assassination. A 60 foot (18m) long sculpture of his head is carved into Mount Rushmore. The Lincoln Memorial an American national monument built to honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.
  13. 13.  Abraham Lincoln was one of those people who refused to quit. Never stop at Failures. Leadership. Focus.
  14. 14. “All men are created equal”