The butterfly effect

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The Butterfly Effect Trailer Analysis

The Butterfly Effect Trailer Analysis

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  • 1. The Butterfly Effect
  • 2. The audience first sees ‘Some people want to forget thepast’ the words ‘forget the past then changes to ‘want tochange it’. This is done to entice the audience and give aclue on what the film is going to be about. the first shotwe see is a two shot of a woman and a man. It thantransition to a boy on this shot the have a special effectto make it look like he is dizzy or a feels a bit spaced out.The lighting is low key.
  • 3. The next sequence we see the two characters throughtheir life it goes from them when there adults tochildren to teenagers than to adults again. All this isdone by fade in from one shot to the next.
  • 4. A cut into a high angle shot/close-up of the man on ahospital bed, a cut into a low angle pan shot showingsomeone being taken into an ambulance. The pancarries on two show a funeral. We than see the malecharacter again, he places a note onto the coffin saying‘I’LL COME BACK FOR YOU’. The audience than sees afade into the male in his room. A close-up of the book heis looking at all the words than goes all moving andgetting jumbled. The audience see the maleconcentrating and than the room disappearing like thecharacter is going back into time.
  • 5. A close-up shows the male in pain a wide shot than see thewoman with a doctor showing a close-up of the maleshead scan results. The audience sees a mid shot of a themale confused, it is hot like the it is being rewind as the arewalking backwards.There is non diegetic sound of a voice over in this . Thevoiceovers confirm that the ,ale character is going back intime.
  • 6. In this the voiceover is carrying on it says‘Think of it like a movie, you canpause, rewind or slow down.’ this goes reallywell with the sequence. The shots throughthis is mid shots, close-ups, and wide shots.The editing to this is done really well it enticesthe audience to watch it. The way they havedone this is by when the voice over says pausethe shot pauses, when it says rewinds the cliprewinds and slow down the shot slows downto shoe the male looking at the book.
  • 7. The voice over carries on to say ‘Could you savethe one person that mattered the most.’ This iscarrying on the sequence. While that sentence isbeing said a fast pan and close-up of the male face.
  • 8. A close-up of the males face shows the audience thathe is rather confused and not sure where he is andwhy he is there. Cuts to the next shots shows the maleand female in different places. Anchoring than tells usthis winter. This is done by a cut into a bright light andinto a black screen with the words written in white andsome blue on the left of the screen.
  • 9. It than fades into show a close-up of a malecharacter in a orange jump suits, barbed wire on thewalls behind him this suggests that he is in prison. Acut into a n establishing shot confirms that he is nowin prison. The establishing shot shows the audienceall the cell, all the people behind bars. Another cutthan show the audience the male and femalecharacters having a talk. A wide shot than shows themale character with a new male character. The mainmale character says ‘just tell me if you see anythingweird.’ with the new character replying ‘weirder thanthis?’ The audience than see again the male travelingback in time as we see all the prison disappearing.Another anchoring accurse saying ‘Change on thing’all is the same as the last except the blue is now onthe right.
  • 10. A fade into a wide shot shows the audience the male characterhas appeared to a street when the door opens that he has gone towe see a close-up of the female character she seems to be ondrugs and alcohol. A close-up shows the male character upset tosee what has happened to the girl. He also seems to be blaminghimself which makes the audience wonder how this hashappened to her and if he is going to do anything about it. A fadein than show the female how she used to be all happy andinnocent. Anchoring than reappears with ‘ Change Everything’.Another cut shows the girl when she was low saying ‘why don’ yougo back and save me.’ This than cuts to a wide shot of him tryingto go back in time which indicates that he is doing exactly whatshe asks. However we see him go back to when they meet whichmakes the audience wonder why he has gone back to that time.This than entices the audience to go watch the film as they wantto know why he has gone to that specific time. The is non-diegeticsound in this of a soundtrack the words of this is parallel sound towhat we see on screen. All the lighting is quite low lighting to givethe scene of dark scenes.
  • 11. A cut shows us a man behind a video camera looking veryconfused he says ‘How are you doing this?’ we than see the mainmale character. The audience would be wondering we he has alsoreturned to this place and who is this character. The words AshtonKutcher than show on the screen the same way all the other havebeen done. This is star persona the producers are trying to get allfans of his to come watch the film.
  • 12. The audience than see an over the shoulder shot of the maincharacter when he was younger talking to a prisoner, this make theaudience who is this character and what has he done to try to attachthe main character. Star persona is than used again as the wordsAmy Smart than appears on the screen this is to also get her fans togo watch the film. Following this is a mid shot of her. The audiencethan see the main character again saying’ every time I go back intime to try to go back in time and help someone, everything justgoes wrong.’ this is followed with seeing a piece of dynamo been litand being rolled across the floor followed with a cut to a bigexplosion with someone being flung backwards. The soundtrack isstill being played.
  • 13. A high angle/mid shot is showing the male character in ahospital bed looking extremely scared. Quick shot than occur allleading to reveal ‘The butterfly effect’. The soundtrack continuesthrough this however it is slightly louder.
  • 14. The whole title ‘the butterfly effect’ appears on screen like how all the others have been done except the writing is in a gold colour and the blue is now in the centre. A black screen transitions us to the word ‘coming soon’ followed by the website.