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The Game Trailer Analysis

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The Game

  1. 1. This first shot of the trailer is a wide shot of a car passingthrough gates. Low key lighting is used to make it feel like a darkand twisted type of film. It than fades into a low angle shot oftwo characters. The man we see at the front seems just to be anextra with the one behind being the protagonist. It than carrieson panning on with the protagonist. The mise-en scene givesthe effect of they one at the front is a chauffer and the onebehind a business man working in a city. In the background thereis non-diegetic sound of music this is played silently. A cut in toa mid shot shows a woman. The dialogue that she is saying is‘Thank you Maggie’. It than cuts to a wide shot which isshowing the protagonist and his assistant at the back of theshot with a woman right at the front of it. Low key lighting iswhat has been used for this shots to make it look natural.The non-diegetic sound of music is continuing. It than cuts toa shot of the protagonist playing squash, it fades in from oneshot playing squash to another. This is done by a wide shot.The lighting is low key. The mise en scene is showing that heis exercising and may be trying to de-stress.
  2. 2. It than cuts into a mid-shot of him at his desk. This is highkey lighting this is to make it look natural. The diegeticsound of dialogue in this second shot has a woman saying‘Happy Birthday Sir’. The non-diegetic sound of music iscontinuing. This cuts to quick black out which cuts to aclose-up of him washing his face. The lighting is a again lowkey. In the first frame here he says ‘I don’t like her’. A fadein from the first shot goes into black and carries on fadingto a shot of the antagonist washing his face. The non-diegetic sound of music is continuing we also hear a non-diegetic sound of coins dropping. This is signifies the waterfalling onto the floor. It than cuts to a low angle shot andpanning of the car driving away. A cut than show theprotagonist out for a lunch or something. This is done by anover the shoulder shot. Diegetic sound of the antagonistsaying ‘So what brings you into town Conrad? Everythingalright?’. The non-diegetic sound of music is continuing.
  3. 3. It cuts an over the shoulder shot. With the new characterthat the audience has just been introduced to replying‘October 12th , Happy Birthday’. This gives the impressionto the audience that their maybe some tension betweenthe two characters. Fades in showing the same persondone by an over the shoulder shot still but handing overan envelope to the protagonist. Diegetic sound ofdialogue and non-diegetic sound of music continuesthrough this sequence. The lighting remains low key. A cutinto a close-up of a card it has a little zoom in and cutsback to a close-up of the new character. Using the 180◦rule the conversation between the two character continue. The audience are still hearing the non-diegetic soundcontinue. This continues to be low key lighting.
  4. 4. A cut shows the audience the protagonist has gone to theplace where the character in the last sequence told him togo. It fades in closer to the CRS and zooms in onto thepictures that are beneath the letter CRS. The low keylighting is still used. The non-diegetic sound continuesthrough the sequence however this time it is slightlylouder as there is no diegetic sound in the sequence. Theaudience than sees mid shot of another conversationbetween the protagonist and a new male character. 180 ◦rule is applied here. The protagonist has no idea what thisplace is. That when the diegetic sound appears of himsaying ‘What are you selling’ with the response from thenew character being ‘It’s a Game’. The protagonist is notsure what to make of this. Low key lighting is used to makethe scene seem natural.
  5. 5. A close-up is just showing a male lower part of the face starts thenext sequence at the same time we see this we get the non-diegeticsound of ………….. It than fades into to results of the heart. A cut intoclose-up of the protagonist having fitness tests. Another cutthan show a close-up of a new character. The lighting in the firstshot it high key with the second shot being low key.
  6. 6. A cut starts of the next sequence this sequence isvery fast with each shot lasting about ½ a second. AVarity of different shots make up this sequence thereis a wide shot and extreme close-up. Also they useanchoring, the have written the words in whitecapital letter in the centre of the screen and on ablack background.
  7. 7. The fast sequence is still happening eachshot it cut into the next. The shots we havehere are a close-up, wide shot and a midshot with.
  8. 8. ……. A cut has shows the audience a close-up of theprotagonist face sleeping a cut to a wide shot of a man fallingof a building. This shows the audience what he is dreamingof. The lighting is low key this is to give the effect that it isnatural. An extreme close-up of a clowns face. This is to scarethe audience as some people have a fear of clowns. Thelighting is low lighting.
  9. 9. A cut than show the audience the man with the clown this is done bya wide shot when he looks round he seems startled. There is non-diegetic sound the words said is ‘Are you going to spend the rest ofthe evening ….. In that clowns mouth?’ The next shot looks as if thereis a hidden camera in the clown. A shot of a woman looks shocked,she also says ‘He’s in on it’ which than let’s the audience know thatshe knows something and will make them want to know what it is.
  10. 10. A mid pan shot that shows the antagonist coming home to see hishouse has been vandalised . The antagonist than looks extremelyscared and does not know what to do. We see someone going into theantagonists office this is gone by a close up of the handle . We thansee quick shots of pictures.
  11. 11. A wide shot shows a car speeding the road it than cuts to a black out.We than see the antagonist in a lot of different shots and locations.We see him in the alley trying to get away. This sequence has a lot ofsound effects of bullets, a phone ringing. This music builds to greatthe tension to the audience.
  12. 12. The antagonist looks extremely scared and doesn’tknow what to do. The actors name than appears onscreen ‘Michael Douglas.’ It follows with a close-upof his face.
  13. 13. The second actors name than appears on screen ‘Sean Penn.’ this is alsofollowed with a close-up of the characters face. Quick cuts than shows aVarity of characters faces. While this is happening the music is gettingwhich is building the tension to the audience. A bang than lead to thewords ‘From the Director of Seven’ appearing on screen.
  14. 14. A cut than shows the car heading towards s the sea with the malecharacter in. Through this we can here music and the man screaming,there is also sound effect of the car. As the car hits the water there is asound effect added. The words ‘ The Game ‘ swipes onto the screen. Thisis followed by the character looking extremely scared and breathingdeeply this really builds tension to the audience and makes them wantto go watch the film. ‘Player Wanted’ makes the audience know that thisfilm is all a game .
  15. 15. The music than fades out as the website come onto the screen.