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Internet services and interface design for marketing

Internet services and interface design for marketing



長榮大學 經營管理研究所

長榮大學 經營管理研究所
行銷組 R76062091 游家麟



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    Internet services and interface design for marketing Internet services and interface design for marketing Presentation Transcript

    • Internet services and interface design for marketing:A preliminary study of Cliven products Cheng-Wu Chen Global Earth Observation and Data Analysis Center National Cheng Kung University 作者為高雄海洋科技大學 海事資訊科技研究所 副教授 陳震武 International Journal of the Physical Sciences Vol. 6(15), pp. 3585–3596, 4 August, 2011
    • Introduction• And according to the study of the next- generation mobile phone services , the core of the market position is focused on products and quality services.• Mobile services can deliver very important customer value creation as described in Value-based Adoption of Mobile Internet. 電信公司透過媒體的廣告策略、節日促銷等服務提供更多的產品優勢來獲得他們的宣傳。在德 國的研究顯示,為了滿足客戶需求並提供優質的傳輸,電信公司投入巨額的資金在增加基本的 信號覆蓋率。 根據韓國在下一代行動電話服務中研究,市場上的地位的核心是集中在產品和優質的服務。透 過行動網路,行動服務可以提供客戶創造價值。
    • Mobile capitalism• The meaning of Mobile capitalism is to takes mobile services as the core, emphasizing the structural constraints on social life made by the capitalist mode of production and the cycle of capital accumulation.• In the field of production.• In the field of consumption.• The use of mobile services also reflexes the differences between generations, classes or income levels and the differences between genders and sex appeal.行動資本主義的含義是行動為核心的服務,強調對社會生活的資本主義生產方式和資本積累的週期提出的結構性制約。在生產領域,資本家和經理們試圖實現行動電子商務服務,提高生產效率和降低生產成本。在消費領域,移動服務不僅是行動通信的工具,為他們創造獨特客戶的消費價值。
    • The social behavior of the mobile information fetishism group• To digitalize the reality they sense via mobile services and partition it into virtual reality.• Important is the reality which Internet shopping services assimilate, project, and reflect. 生產和行銷的行動服務實際上是談到馬克思的商品迷信。 所有提交的信息是信息產品、信息迷信的基礎。
    • Study on customer value and internet shopping services • In studies of consumer behavior, scholars mainly focus their customer product usage studies on two main stream points of view: • Instrumental point of view. • hedonic point of view. • Value is the interaction relative, the preferred and experienced. This means that the customer value does not exist in the customers brand choice.在消費行為的研究,學者們主要集中在兩個主要的觀點,工具性的觀點和享樂主義的觀點。工具性的觀點奠定了很大的壓力,對產品性能的有關產品是否可以提供有用的功能。享樂主義是一種精神現象,社會消費活動作為純個人的精神狀態伴隨著許多象徵意義,反應的愉悅和審美感性的考慮原則。
    • • Although the previous models can measure a very large part of customer value, but there are also shortcomings and limitations listed as follows: – It is difficult to provide customers a measure of meaning. – It is difficult to go deep into the macro view of customer values and social context. – Lack an organized integral framework of the customer value in Internet shopping services in documents. – scholars have not reached any common conclusions of point-of-view on customer value theories. 這項研究將從一個新的角度在網路購物服務的顧客價值的內容,運用扎根理論,並深入基礎領 域探索,以獲得顧客價值的完整性。
    • Behavior model of online consumers• The behavior model, for both the young and older consumer, included ten stages: • motivation • searching for websites • browsing websites • searching for products • examining products • evaluating and comparing products • temporary purchase • payment process • receiving and checking • after-sales service這方面的知識,不僅產生有相關產品的購買決策影響,而且也有利於零售商找到問題的核心。EX:如果消費者購買書籍,年輕的消費者會執行網站搜索、網頁瀏覽、產品搜索和產品檢驗更加頻繁,而年長的消費將執行網站搜索、網頁瀏覽、產品搜索更加頻繁。
    • Website information and supporting interface• The most important interface design issue during the Internet shopping processes is thus website design.• The increasing level of education and change in population structure make a noticeable difference on the future ability and potential importance of Internet consumption by the elderly. 網路購物流程提供給消費者比傳統購物方式更高的信息負載。大量的各種信息測試消費者處 理信息的能力,從而影響他們的意圖,瀏覽或購買。最重要的介面設計問題在網路購物過程 中的網頁設計。 老人用戶的比例一直在增加,網路零售商應設法利用和在這個新的市場創造商機。進一步提 高設計、支援介面,方便的互動,例如在支付過程中,透過簡化複雜的步驟。
    • The B2C consumer behavior model for young and elder population 他們的行為模式,年輕和老年消費者的10個階段:動機, 尋找網站,瀏覽網頁,搜索產品,產品研究,評估和比較 產品,臨時購買,支付過程,接收並檢查和售後服務服務, 但是重複在每個階段的行為是不同的各組。
    • A case study of website design of CLIVEN in Taiwan • The history of Italian Cliven CLIVEN是由義大利Laboratori Chimica Applicata 生化實驗中心與義大利醫科大學 合作研發製造,所有產品以天然植物萃取生產。於西元1958年成立於 Milano北部,有四 十多年的歷史。所有產品通過歐洲【人體臨床試驗】。現在Cliven™品牌透過50個國家的 網絡獨家分銷商與它擁有嚴格的合作協議的分銷、行銷和推廣。
    • A case study of website design of CLIVEN in Taiwan• Introduction of the selected product Cliven網站的介紹,為了檢查每個消 費者和用戶的質量,每個產品都有經 過臨床測試,其中有沒有不良的副作 用。 圖中的產品是:1000毫升的沐浴乳。
    • A case study of website design of CLIVEN in Taiwan • The message from consumers 台灣 Cliven網站提供一個平台給消費者詢問問題。
    • A case study of website design of CLIVEN in Taiwan• The evaluation from consumers 台灣 Cliven網站有一個消費者可以留言形容他們的經驗和評價。
    • Conclusions• Quality service providers must close the knowledge gap between the information poor and the information rich.• Use customer curiosity in experiential marketing. 在實際的戰略業務方面,行銷效果可以最大化。有二個關鍵路徑: (1)品質服務提供者必須關閉資訊窮人和富人資訊之間的知識差距,特別是在第二代和第 三代之間的差距。否則服務將只是少數人的精英和學生的時尚商品。 (2)使用體驗行銷中客戶的好奇心。根據經驗,消費者會實際上被說服參加。
    • Thank you foryour attention 長榮大學經營管理研究所 網路行銷期末報告 by 行銷組 R76062091 游家麟