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Aaliyah multipage2

  1. 1. A Ba of Na ture Pla ce (Id ces lize Urban Center eviti s R En Tra ns C h oi Sense o f ) tity en Des ign Design on rs tte a ce M le ca S lan Hu ma n Co ns The Path To Livable Communities ape ndsc a eL v er cou ra ge M ix ed- Use B u il d i n g Options ion tat or p a Vibr nt lic Pub S c pa es
  2. 2. Assembly Row Housing Retail Office Space Boston, MA Existing Retail Housing Restraunt 1 Parking 2 3 2 1 3 About... Advantages... - 1.75 Million Square Feet of Building/Suite/Offices/Lab Space -30-45 Retail Stores - 2,000 Residential units -Park and Amphitheater In this type of community all of the different types of program; restraunts, retail, and office space are grouped togehter in certain locations. This benifits the people living there, because they know what streets hold what, so if they want to go eat they only have to go to one central location to find a restraunt and same for retail spaces. All buildings are still considered mixed use and have housing above for the most part though. -Transit Score 60/100 -19 Bus & 1 Rail -Walk Score 82/100 -Daily Errands Can be completed on foot easily -School, grocery, restraunts, shopping, offices within an .8 mile radius.
  3. 3. Santana Row Mixed Use w/Housing Special Ammenities About... - 1.5 Million Square Feet of Mixed Use -65,000 Square Feet Office Space -70 Retail Stores -20 Restraunts -9 Spas/Salons - 622 Residential units -Movie Theatre, Gym, Hotel San Jose, CA Green Rental Parking 3 Interconnected Parking -Transit Score 47/100 -7 Bus Options -Walk Score 82/100 -Daily Errands Can be completed on foot easily -School, grocery, restraunts, cinema, hotel within a .3 mile radius -Bike Score 49/100 -Flat with minimal Lanes 1 2 Advantages... In this type of community the buildings are layed out in small groups by street. Each street has some retail and some restraunts, with housing above. One thing that this community does that is interesting is to make use of the median spaces separating the road by putting small cafes there, which invite people to come together in places where they would usually not stop, increasing community interaction. Restraunts 1 2 Housing Offices Retail 3
  4. 4. Bethesda Row Bus Stop P Mixed Use w/Housing Grocery Green Retail Bethesda, MA P 4950 Elm Street Bethesda MD, 20814 Hotel Restraunts 1 Drivable Streets Parking Elm Street Parking Garage Housing Woodmont Ave. Surface Parking 2 P P 2 P 1 P Dine Bethesda Avenue Surface Parking About... P -Transit Score 66/100 19 American Tap Room 15 Tandoori Nights 30 Dolcezza Gelato 10 Mon Ami Gabi -12 Bus & Bar Rail 56 531,000 Square Feet of Mixed 52 Tara Thai 47 Dunkin’ Donuts 18 Mussel 1 - Assaggi Mozzarella Bar 25 Boloco 2 36a Five Guys Burgers and Fries 33 Nando’s Peri Peri Gourmet -Walk Score 95/100 American 62 Taylor Julio’s Rio Grande Café 39 Use 54 Georgetown Cupcake Bethesda Bagels 51 Parker’s Classic Uncle -Almost all errands can be Vapiano 20 Café Trail & Pedestrian Haagen-Dazs 2 reached on foot 11 Oriented 2 Pureé Juice Bar -Bike Deluxe 45 Capital Teas 23 Yogiberry 3 Jaleo 40 Quartermaine Coffee -School, shopping, restraunt, grocery, & -Grocery Store 53 Cava Mezze Grill 68 Le Pain Quotidien 16 Raku pharmacy Restaurant and Bar radius 50 Shop House (coming soon) 67 Lebanese Taverna 29 Redwood within a .4mile 6 Cosi 21 Mamma Lucia’s 35 Sweetgreen Advantages... What is interesting about this community, is that all of the interior streets are walkable and cars can only access the area from three ally streets that lead to parking garages. This type of arrangement allows pedestrians access to all needs easily and become less dependent on cars.
  5. 5. Walkscore Health Environment Savings -Promotes more walkable neighborhoods -Tool to evaluate how easy it is for people to walk to where they want to go. -Based on the available walking routes to nearby ammenities. -Short commutes reduce stress and increase community involvement -People weigh 6-10 pounds less -82% of CO2 emmissions are from burning fossil fuels -Cars are the 2nd largest household expense -Health Benifits -Good for the Environment -Savings on household expenses -Every 10 minutes you spend in a daily car commute, community activity falls by 10% -Those that walk are typically happier -Your feet are zero pollution transportation machines -One point is worth $3,000 in home value Allendale... Examples: Shreveport: 38 Downtown Riverfront: 83 Allendale: 43 *9th most walkable neighborhood in shreeveport. Ability to walk to 0.1 shops and food markets within a 5 minute walk. Drive Less To Live More The walkscore of Allendale is 43, which means that the neighborhood relies mainly on cars to get around. This poses a problem because most of the people living in that area have limited access to cars. As you can see in the map there are very few places in close proximity that one can get to easily to take care of daily errands, such as grocery shopping. The only store in the grocery category is a liquor store. If Allendale was to put in more pedestrian friendly streets and build up the stores along that street, not only would it bring up the walkscore, but it would increase the economy flow within the area. With more people walking and more available businesses in the area the community would be more engaged and people would be healthier.
  6. 6. Bikescore Benifits of Pedestrian Oriented Neighborhood... -Determined by whether an area is good for biking for a given location -Measured by the amount of bike lanes, trails, hills, destination, roads, and connectivity. -$10 can be saved each day by coomuting 10 minutes by bike -One pound of CO2 is saved for each mile that a person bikes to complete their daily activites. Transit Score -How well a place is located to public transportation. -Usefullness of transit routes based on frequency of travelers and distances to shopping areas. -Becoming more active in a pedestrian oriented atmoshpere reduces the risk of heart diesease and stroke by 50%. The Ideal Neighborhood... -It cost nearly $8,000 to own a car, which is much more costly than a bike, and bikes require no gas and less upkeep on an annual basis. A neighborhood that encompasses both a good bike score and transit score, would have a good defined center with a main street or boulevard for maximum walkability. The neighborhood would also be very people oriented to increase community interactions. Alos the proposal of mixed use buildings, is one that would bring people closer to their three basic needs: Home, Work, & Errands. Mixed use buildings would also increase the diversity of the neighborhood, which is another good benifit. If these principles were used in Allendale; a city center, pedestrian oriented, mixed use, diversity, school/work in the same place, and complete street, Allendale would become a more well rounded neighborhood that would invite for people to want to live there.