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Lindsey Multipage


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Lindsey Multipage

  1. 1. Lance Armstrong Foundation Headquarters Lake Flato Architects Austin, TX Office Building SUN Existing foot print and solid concrete walls presented a challenge for a well lit interior. Replaced the roofs center bays with north facing clerestory diffused light for core workspaces- 90 footcandles during summer. While re-milling the roof decking to construct ‘boxes,’ creating a dynamic mixed use neighborhood of interior spaces REUSE 88% of materials from warehouse were recycled and used in the new design Utilized the existing glulam beams Re-purposed the removed concrete for retaining walls, garden elements and walkways Fly ash by-product fo coal burning power plants replace 40% fo the cenment used reducing carbon footprint Reuse of warehouse Office space, meeting rooms, dining facilities, an in-house gymnasium, open-air courtyard Specialized ventilation system supplies 30% more fresh air than required by code. Uses 39.5% less energy 40% less water use by efficient flushing appliances Central location, bike storage and shower, bus stops encourage less single passenger trips. Privileged parking to low emitting car
  2. 2. THE GREEN BUILDING (fer) STUDIO LOUISVILLE, KY MIXED USE LEED Platinum Former 115 yr. old dry goods store 10,000 sqft Gallery space, event space, offices, conference room, organic restaurant WATER No city water is used for landscape Absorbed by green roof Rain barrels Rain gardens REUSE Saved shell of existing building Saved structural wood Saved brick from existing structure RECYCLED 100% of flooring 70% of windows 80% of insulation (blue jeans) 551 cubic yards of demo materials were donated ENERGY 30,000 pounds of CO2 saved a month Offset carbon footprint of all employees vehicles 81 solar panels 1,100 gallon ice storage 12 geothermal wells 225 ft. under building Off grid efficiency is 68%
  3. 3. TASSAFARONGA VILLAGE DAVID BAKER + PARTNERS OAKLAND, CA RESDIENTIAL mixed income APARTMENTS A three-story apartment building affordable rental units in multiple configurations. hidden parking structure, setting a residential rather than industrial tone, and enclose a second-level open-air courtyard. The front of the building is topped with a green roof LEED ND Certified Gold Plans Seven and a half arces Apartments, the Village Square, a former factory, and habitat for humanity houses A defunct pasta factory and parcel of unused industrial land are reclaimed as 20 small lofts with a neighborhood-serving medical clinic. Reuses everything from the concrete shell, wood framing, and roof to concrete floors and structural steel. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY VILLAGE SQUARE Tassafaronga is anchored by a large public plaza known as the Village Square. Each of the three new areas of housing also has a semi-private shared space, creating sheltered play and gathering areas for children and residents. 2011/1102_Tassafaronga_Village.asp REUSE Twenty-two family townhomes are going up in cooperation with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity Solar power for on site generation of electricity and hot water 157 LEED Plat. rental units provide solar heated water Energy usage remains 20 to 30 percent below California's code New Urbanism and Defensible Space planning principles: pocket parks, walkability, high density community Location of site reduced car dependency Swales achieve 100% stormwater remediation 97% of waste materials were recycled existing foundations were ground up and used for roads
  4. 4. WATER AIR QUALITY SUN 1315 PEACH TREE PERKINS + WILL ATLANTA, GA REUSE Rain water collected in 10,000 gal cistern Filtered and treated on site Used for 100% of restroom flush fixtures and for irrigation Under floor air distrubtion Fresh air ventaltion Reuse of 1985 office building 16000 square-foot facility High performance curtain wall/glazing Mortorized steel trellis Amount of natural light reduced energy needed for lighting by 67% 60% of is demountable and designed to be deconstructed and repurposed.