Are you a cost center or profit center


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Are you a cost center or profit center

  1. 1. Are You A CostCenter Or ProfitCenter?Writing this entry kind of feels like I’m talking about Christmas in January, not lastChristmas, but next Christmas. Lemme ‘splain.So, the whole idea of being able to invest effectively in social media, in my mind,is not even a fully developed or coherent thought. Social Media is a huge idea. Itmeans so many things. Sure, people are down the road a stretch on certainactivities called “social media’ but the idea of trying to classify it into just a singlecategorical thought just seems futile. …back the to reason why it’s Christmastime… So, some people say we haven’t even figured out how to properly invest inSocial Media, how then can we start talking about measuring a return on it?This is simpler than you’d think. The mere facts are that sometimes we let bigideas get the better of us and were start imagining all the impossibilities, ratherthan focusing on blocking and tackling and letting results be what they may. Atleast, I know that I do. I have to remind myself how tribal nations eat elephants.One bite at a time, same as you and me.I’d like your opinion on this, but I say start small. In my world, I’ve got to convertpeople who normally keep to themselves into a flourishing, publishing, interestinggroup of social identities. But no amount of creating the best platforms to blog on,and video feed supplies and simple workflows will make them produce content.
  2. 2. Right?”. There a few lessons in that, but the one I’ll use is that you need to beprepared to do the thing you want to do and timing is everything.So start small in your approach to social media, in the sense that you should limityour interactions to something you can measure investment, return and the time ittook to reach. Try to quantify your time invested by simply using man hours. It’sactually more expensive than that, but as you begin to do this, you’ll start enablingyourself to think in those terms. Then, you’ll be able to bring intelligence to thediscussion about the actual return on social media time….and you’ll be able toexplain how spending time on facebook at work is toooooootally worth it… ; )We’ll publish some more advanced things later, but hopefully for those of us whodon’t know where to start, this could be a good place!Posted in: Influencer Marketing