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Senior Project Work Logs

  1. 1. Product Work LogName: Nicole SmithProduct: Race in Downtown Ballground to benefit North Canton Baptist churchDate/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:August 6, 2011: Work on trails behind middle school to Start to consider7:00-10:00 am clear it out so it can be ran on. I potential locations forAugust 8, 2011: worked with my facilitator and other the race and possible12:30- 1:30 pm team mates who volunteered. This routes. BeginAugust 10, 2011: gave me an idea of how much work I considering some race12:30-1:30 pm am going to need to put into the course logistics, such as I choose and how I am going to need to timing methods and go about it. Discuss where I am going systems. to host my race. We decided I should plan on going through downtown Ballground. It should go through the fire station to the pharmacy and back. Also, we discussed how I am going to need several volunteers to make sure everything goes smoothly. Also, we decided I need to get permission from city hall. Commentary: Overall, this experience made me realize that a road course will be easier to do because you do not have to worry about roots and people tripping this way. I realized for the 1st time that there is going to be much more to this project that I thought.
  2. 2. Product Work LogName: Nicole SmithProduct: Race in Downtown Ballground to benefit North Canton Baptist churchDate/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:January 2, 2012: In the 5 hours that we worked this He suggested that I 12:30-1:30 semester, we made final plans about make sure to trip theJanuary 6, 2012: where the race was going to take place. course just to make12:30-1:30 It will start at the community building sure that the distance IJanuary 19,2012: in Ballground and then end at the same had was correct.12:30-1:30 place. This basically means that it willJanuary 23, 2012: be 1.55 miles out and then 1.55 mile12:30-1:30 back. We also made final decisions about what kind of prizes I was going to give out. I decided that t-shirts for the race would be given to the top five finishers (male and female) in the 5k race. We also discussed that I would need to have fruit snacks and bananas and water for recovery after the race for the runners. Commentary: I’m pretty positive that the course is correct, but just to be sure, I took my coach’s suggestion and tripped it. Turns out, it was exactly the distance I thought it would be.
  3. 3. Product Work LogNameNicole SmithProduct Race in Downtown Ballground to benefit North Canton Baptist ChurchDate/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:February 3,2012: We worked on final plans and Coach He suggested that if,12:30-1:30 Beardon showed me how to use the for some reason, theFebruary 4, 2012: timing program that I needed. It was timing system did not8:00- 12:00 the system that the school uses when work I could use a we put on our races so it really wasn’t wrist watch because it hard to use. This also has the hours that has the option of we spent at the actual race. He helped getting what is called me through the race and made sure that splits. Then, I could everything went the way it was match the splits to the supposed to. order of names and get the times for the people that way. Commentary: I think that the race went very well. When we were going over the last minute details the day before I was getting a little nervous, but everything went as planned. I am very happy that he was there to help me with the last minute kinks so the everything would go as smooth as it did.