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  1. 1. Danny BrewerLesterAdvanced Grammar and Composition5 March 2012 Triathlon Training You are lining up at the start line, your adrenaline is pumping, and you can feel yournerves rising. Runners to your mark. Runners Set. BANG! All at once your adrenaline propelsyou forward and you are sprinting towards the water. A five hundred meter swim, fourteen and aquarter-mile bike ride, and a five-kilometer run is all that stands between you and your goal, thefinish line.The months of preparation and long hard practice are now about to be put to the test inyour race to the finish.I started running track and field my freshman year as a sprinter andhurdler.As a sophomore I decided to join the cross-country team to stay in shape for track andfell in love with running long distances.My junior year I kept running cross-country and track butalso decided to try swim out as a winter sport to stay in shape.When I learned of the seniorproject, I started thinking of a way to combine swimming and running, the two sports I liked themost, into one race, and I found the triathlon.I was never big on biking, but since a triathlonincluded a biking portion I started training on the bike as well. Because I was an avid runner andswimmer as a freshman, sophomore and junior I decided that a triathlon would be a great projectto embark on because it uses both swimming and running and it also provided me a learningstretch through biking.While on my journey preparing for this triathlon I encountered an injuryknown as a shin splint, an overuse of the legs causing pain in the shins, which can lead to a stressfracture. This injury sparked a curiosity in me. I knew we were going to have to do a researchpaper, so I decided to research common injuries that can happen to any swimmer, biker, orrunner, and a way to prevent or treat the injuries.As a physical trainer it is important to be able torecognize potential injuries and be able to treat them before they become a problem.I chose to
  2. 2. research injuries that often occur to triathletes because while I was training for my triathlon Ibegan to strain my legs to much that could have caused an injury much worse than what hadalready happened to me.Now I’m going to tell you about the process I followed to find a projectfacilitator,to train for a triathlon and then to compete in one. My project facilitator is Blake Bearden.Some qualities I looked for in a facilitator werethe abilities to help coach me while I trained for the triathlon and to have participated in onebefore.I chose to ask my track and cross-country coach as a project facilitator because he hasworked with me before.Blake Bearden is a qualified facilitator because he has run the Hogpin17k twice now and placed 4th in his age group on his first run; then with his time of 1:24:34:00,last year he got 3rd in his age group.Blake started running when he was twenty seven and startedbiking when he was twenty- eight; and has now competed in over one hundred races.Within hisfirst year of running he was able to qualify for the Hawaii half marathon. Then he decided tocompete in a bike race, the Tour of Atlanta, and in the time trials he took 2nd place. After runningand biking Blake decided to compete in a triathlon, and has placed in every single one of thetriathlons he has ran. Then Blake ran the Warrior Dash, a 5k with obstacles to overcome, andplaced 3rd in his age group. Over the summer of 2011 Blake ran his first 50k in four hours andtwenty-two minutes. His personal goal now is to compete in the “Ironman WorldChampionships.” Blake started his coaching career at Creekview High school three years ago asa track coach; he now is the head coach for track and the assistant coach for Cross-country. Now that you have met my project facilitator I am now going to tell you the steps I tookin preparing for my triathlon.I started working on my project by first contacting my facilitatorand setting up days to work with him.Due to scheduling conflicts it was difficult to find dayswere we could both meet and train.As a solution to this problem we started meeting after cross-
  3. 3. country and track practice.Then after finding a project facilitator and setting up days to train andtalk about strategy for the triathlon. After setting up days I found a triathlon in August to run as atest to see how well I could do without any training.After completing the trial triathlon I startedtraining.My training started with me running twice a day once in the morning then again in theafternoon with the cross-country team.Once cross-country season ended I started working outwith the swim team in the morning then biked or ran in the afternoon.I trained for the swimportion of the race between November and the end of January then started training on thetransition between the bike and the run. I kept in shape for the triathlon by training with the trackteam and either biking before or after school.After the many months of training I signed up for atriathlon in Jacksonville, Florida, and competed in it. Though the triathlon was easy to prepare for I did run into some complications in theprocess.As I was training for the triathlon I encountered an injury that I had to overcome. Aboutmid December I got shin splints and had to take a week long break from training so that theinjury would not turn into a stress fracture.Another problem I had was finding a triathlon thatwas about the same distance as the first one in participated in. After a couple months ofsearching I finally found one in Florida that was just one hundred more yard in the swim than theone I did in August. Throughout this project I have realized that there are other careers I want to pursue.Bytraining and participating in a triathlon I learned that I can overcome any weakness in my bodyand mind. I learned that my abilities to work around other peoples schedule increased as I gotfurther into the project.Through the process of the senior project I have realized that I do notwant to pursue a career in personal training, but instead I will pursue a career in animationgraphics. After high school I will be going to Young Harris College up in north Georgia to do
  4. 4. their graphic arts program, but I will not give up on running because I joined their cross-countryteam.