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Product Work Log


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Product Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName Nicole Torralba Date April 19, 2012Product Muscular Dystrophy Walk-a-thonDate/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Drove to Nashville, Tennessee withJune 21, 2011 Mrs. Orfale for the National Beta Good learning8:00 AM – 4:12 PM Convention where MDA National experience to start myTotal time: 8 hours 12 Chairman, Luke Christie was present. project off with!minutes Commentary: I was on my way to meet the Muscular Dystrophy National Chairman. I couldn’t explain how excited I was to meet him!Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Met MDA National Chairman LukeJune 22, 2011 Christie. Struck up a conversation I can’t wait to start10:00 AM – 11:00 AM with him about our past Muscular raising money forTotal time: 1 hour Dystrophy walk-a-thon. He was Muscular Dystrophy. excited when I told him that I was This is such a great going to host a Muscular Dystrophy cause to support. walk-a-thon. Commentary: Luke Christie is such a down to earth human being. He is such an inspiration and I am in awe of him. He has motivated me to continue with my senior project. I am excited, now more than ever, for the fact that I am helping individuals like Luke Christie.
  2. 2. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Drove back home from Nashville,June 23, 2011 Tennessee. Time to start the senior2:00 PM – 10:23 PM project!Total time: 8 hours 23 Commentary:minutes Learned a lot from this trip! I realized how blessed I am and now I want to go out and make a difference. I am ready to start my senior project.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Brainstormed ideas for the walk-a-August 13, 2011 thon. Made a checklist of items as Be organized. Make sure5:30 PM – 7:02 PM well as people to contact for the walk- to accomplishTotal time: 1 hour 32 a-thon. Tried to narrow down where everything on theminutes to host the event. checklist. Commentary: Right now, I am just in the planning stages of hosting the walk-a-thon. Although I have just started planning, I have just realized how much work will go into planning this event. My checklist is quite long and I better get started on it right away. As of yet, I have not chosen where I want to host the walk-a-thon. I will have to conduct more research to find the best place suited for this event.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Introduced the walk-a-thon to theSeptember 29, 2011 high school Beta Club. Talked about Everyone seems eager to7:40 AM – 8:15 AM goals and plans for the event. be a part of my project.Total time: 35 They are excited for theminutes Commentary: great cause we are
  3. 3. I talked about the walk-a-thon today raising money for. I’m in front of the entire Beta Club during hoping for the best! one of their morning meetings. As president of the club, I am the chairperson for this event. The Beta Club has supported the Muscular Dystrophy Association for the past two years. I will need the help of people in the club to help during the walk-a-thon.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Talked to the Beta Club again aboutOctober 13, 2011 the walk-a-thon. Told them it was a Talk to Mrs. Orfale as7:40 AM – 8:15 AM mandatory service project that they soon as possible. I needTotal time: 35 needed to attend and take part of. to choose the final dateminutes Encouraged them to start asking for and talk to Dr. Eddy donations and raising money for the about using the stadium event. to host the event. Commentary: I need to decide on the date of the event soon. I’m trying to decide if I want to hold the event between January and February. I can’t believe that the time is going by so fast. At least I have been checking off a couple of items from my checklist along the way. I’m making progress slowly but surely.
  4. 4. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Talked to Mrs. Orfale about the dateOctober 14, 2011 in which to host the walk-a-thon. Make an appointment12:30 PM – 1:00 PM Decided on January 21, 2012. She told next week with Dr.Total time: 30 me to talk make an appointment with Eddy’s secretary. Mustminutes Dr. Eddy to reserve the track. reserve track as soon as possible. Commentary: I need to make an appointment with Dr. Eddy as soon as possible. I want to make sure that there are no other events planned for that day. I hope the track will be free that time.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Tried to get an appointment with Dr.October 17, 2011 Eddy to reserve the track for January Ask Mrs. Orfale to talk2:30 PM – 2:50 PM 21, 2012. to Dr. Eddy to reserveTotal time: 20 the track.minutes Commentary: I was not able to get an appointment because the secretary told me that I needed my facilitator to talk to Dr. Eddy to reserve the track. This was much harder than I thought. I really hope Dr. Eddy says yes!Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Talked to Mrs. Orfale about theOctober 18, 2011 scheduling program. She agreed to Wait for Dr. Eddy’s1:30 PM – 1:50 PM talk to Dr. Eddy herself. response. Then, I canTotal time: 20 begin to finalize plansminutes Commentary: for the walk-a-thon. I think with Mrs. Orfale’s help, I will be able to reserve the track. I hope this all works out. I am quite nervous!
  5. 5. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Talked to Mrs. Orfale and she wasOctober 19, 2011 successful in reserving the track for Start contacting people!1:30 PM – 1:50 PM our desired date. Send out invites for theTotal time: 20 event. It is time to startminutes Commentary: advertising. I am so ecstatic! I officially have a date and a place to host my event. Now, I can finally start getting down to the details and make this event a success.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Told the Beta Club the official date ofNovember 10, 2011 the event. Informed them that they It is time to be creative! I7:40 AM – 8:15 AM needed to clear their calendars and need eye-catchingTotal time: 35 mark this date down. Told them that posters and simple fliersminutes during the upcoming Christmas that will attract the parade, we would be handing out attention of families and fliers to families as we walk along the those that want to come parade route. and support the Muscular Dystrophy Commentary: cause. I need to make fliers and posters for the upcoming Christmas parade. I have a lot to do! I anticipate for there to be a lot of people at the parade so I need to make enough fliers to hand out.
  6. 6. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Made Muscular Dystrophy fliers toDecember 2, 2011 hand out during the Cherokee Continue editing the9:37 PM – 10:59 PM County Christmas parade. flier format! I am notTotal time: 1 hour 22 quite satisfied with theminutes Commentary: look of the fliers yet. It is definitely hard to make fliers that Something is missing, so are small enough to fit all the I shall keep on editing information necessary for the walk-a- the format and see what thon. I don’t want to have a huge flier else I can add to make because people don’t tend to pay the fliers more attention to it as much. I want to attractive. make a small little handout that goes straight to the point. I feel that will be a more effective way of coaxing people to come to the event.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Made the fliers, printed them, and cutDecember 3, 2011 them out. Also made posters to carry Great first promotional1:00 PM – 6:00 PM during the parade advertising the spot. Need to keep onTotal time: 5 hours walk-a-thon. Handed out the fliers advertising. Get the during the parade to a lot of families. word out around town! This is going to be a big Commentary: event. Today was definitely a success! We got to promote the event during the Christmas parade. A lot of families looked very interested and excited. I think there will be a big turnout this year. It was definitely tiring running around handing out fliers, but it was definitely worth it. I appreciate the entire Beta Club helping me out with the fliers. They made the task much easier for me.
  7. 7. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Sent out an email to local MuscularDecember 26, 2011 Dystrophy representative, Erin Wait for response!11:12 PM – 12:00 AM Dawkins.Total time: 48minutes Commentary: I am trying to contact a local MDA representative. I am hoping that she will be able to help with my event. I want to invite a family to come to the walk-a-thon. I’ll have to ask her if she knows families that would come to the event. I hope she responds to me. I am kind of nervous at the moment. Deadline is nearing. Crunch time!Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Made fliers to post around the schoolDecember 27, 2011 and local shops. Print out posters soon.7:00 PM – 10:34 PM Post fliers afterTotal time: 3 hours 34 Commentary: Christmas break is over.minutes I am going to post a lot of posters around school so students will be motivated to come. I am also making the fliers to put in grocery stores such as Kroger and restaurants such as China Star, Brooklyn Joes, and Taco Mac.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Emailed Ms. Dawkins again. SheJanuary 3, 2012 responded to the last email I sent her. Great news! Ms.10:28 PM – 11:37 PM Wrote a letter to give to the principals Dawkins responded.Total time: 1 hour 9 of several schools. Made a Facebook Ask her for suggestionsminutes group for the event. and goodies to give away at the walk-a- Commentary: thon. Make Ms. Dawkins was really ecstatic about appointments with the the walk-a-thon I am going to host! principals around
  8. 8. She is really appreciative that I am Cherokee County. supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Update Facebook group cause. She wants to come and speak constantly. Keep people to the Beta Club about volunteering up to date about the for MDA summer camp. I think that event! is a great idea! She also told me about a Muscular Dystrophy walk that will be held at Turner Field on March 24, 2012. I also wrote a letter to the principals to advertise in different schools. I need to make appointments with principals around the county! I know this is going to take a long time especially with their busy schedules. I hope they can fit me in so I can talk to them for just a little bit about my walk-a-thon. I really hope they will support me and tell the rest of the school about my event. I made a Facebook group so that I could invite everyone I know to the event. Some people are already confirming the invitation which is a good sign. I am remaining hopeful!Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Looked for t-shirt and sign place.January 6, 2012 Found a phone number on a billboard Research on the internet2:10 PM – 3:30 PM to call. Wrote a letter to the sponsors. for printing shopsTotal time: 1 hour 20 around the area. Find aminutes Commentary: place with reasonable It is really hard to find a t-shirt and prices! Pick a day to go sign place. Everything is so expensive out and ask for right now. I called the phone number sponsorship for the that was on the billboard, but the cost walk-a-thon. was way too much. I guess I will have to continue looking for more places to make the t-shirts and the signs. I wrote a letter to hand to sponsors when I go around and ask for
  9. 9. donations. I had to make sure that all the information for the event was on the sheet. I am really hoping to get a lot of sponsors and donations from them. I hope they see what a great cause we are raising money for. I will definitely have to find a day to go around Canton and talk to the managers of the local shops.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Emailed Ms. Dawkins updating herJanuary 7, 2012 with the status of the walk-a-thon and Keep on working hard!3:10 PM – 4:30 PM what I have accomplished so far. The Walk-a-thon isTotal time: 1 hour 20 Emailed Mrs. Orfale about what Ms. about 14 days away. It isminutes Dawkins and I are talking about definitely crunch time! which is to give out goodies for the event and her coming to speak to the Beta Club about Muscular Dystrophy. Commentary: Ms. Dawkins has been really helpful throughout this process. She has definitely been encouraging every step of the way. Mrs. Orfale has also been keeping me on track and has been checking up on the status of the event and what I have checked off of the checklist.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Made a letter to the Fire DepartmentJanuary 8, 2012 asking them to assist me during the Find a day to give the8:43 PM – 10:24 PM walk-a-thon just in case of Fire Department theTotal time: 1 hour 41 emergencies and also to put the walk- letter. Preferably, asminutes a-thon information on the billboard soon as possible. sign in front of the Fire Station. Commentary:
  10. 10. I’m asking the Fire Department for help just in case there are any accidents during the event. I want to make sure there are medical professional on hand at every moment. Also, I think by asking them to put the MDA information on their billboard, more people will see it as they drive by the Fire Station.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Inquired about t-shirts prices andJanuary 9, 2012 yard sign prices from Chandler Finalize design for t-4:30 PM – 10:10 PM Graphics. Went to the Fire shirts and yard signs.Total time: 5 hours 40 Department. Unfortunately, no one Find another day to gominutes was available. Made t-shirt and yard to the Fire Department. sign design. Commentary: I finally found a place where I can print my t-shirts for the walk-a-thon and a place to buy yard signs for a much more reasonable price. I went to the Fire Department today to give them the letter, but no one was in the station. I will come back another day very soon.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Made a donation form for the walk-a-January 10, 2012 thon. Wrote a newspaper article about Check up on Facebook9:18 PM – 12:18 AM the Muscular Dystrophy Walk-a-thon group for the event!Total time: 3 hours to go in the high school online Keep everyone up to newspaper. date. Commentary: I wrote an article that was published in the school online newspaper about the walk-a-thon. A lot of people have
  11. 11. already read the article. I liked the Muscular Dystrophy Association page on Facebook in the past and when I logged on today, they had a link to my article for everyone to read. I was so happy and surprised that they found my article on the Internet after I had just uploaded it a couple of hours before.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Talked to the Fire Department andJanuary 13, 2012 asked them to be on hand at the walk- Good job checking off 23:45 PM – 8:20 PM a-thon and to put the information of items off of the checklist.Total time: 4 hours 35 the walk-a-thon on their billboard. Keep it going! Only aminutes Put up stakes all around Cherokee couple more days left County at schools, in subdivisions, until the big event. and at major intersections. Commentary: I have officially talked to the Fire Department and they have graciously agreed to help me with my project. I couldn’t be more thankful for their help. I also put up the yard signs all across the County which was definitely a challenge. It was so cold tonight which made it harder to stick the stakes in the ground. My hands were frozen by the end of the night, but it was all worth it. Now, I have more advertising around town about my project.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Talked to the manager at KrogerJanuary 14, 2012 asking for a donation of refreshments Go back to Kroger when1:00 PM – 9:15 PM for the walk-a-thon. Went around to the head manager isTotal time: 8 hours 15 different stores in the Canton present.
  12. 12. minutes Marketplace area asking for donations and sponsorship. Published the Facebook event. Invited people to the event. Commentary: Going around today was definitely challenging. A lot of stores can only donate through their corporate house which made it hard when we were asking for sponsorship. There were a couple of places that did sponsor which was so generous of them. The Facebook page is up and running and now people are confirming the invitation.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Sent an email to all Beta membersJanuary 15, 2012 with their assignments for the walk-a- Reinforce the email at3:29 PM – 3:53 PM thon. the next meeting whenTotal time: 24 talking about the MDAminutes Commentary: walk-a-thon. I want all the Beta members to know their responsibilities ahead of time and realize that this is a very important event. I really hope they take this seriously because I want the event to run as smoothly as possible.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Emailed Ms. Dawkins back. SheJanuary 17, 2012 informed me of a Muscular Need to get something1:00 PM – 1:20 PM Dystrophy family attending the prepared to welcomeTotal time: 20 event, the Gunnfamily. the Gunn family with. Itminutes is a huge honor to have Commentary: them attend the event. I am very excited that Ms. Dawkins got an MDA family to come to the
  13. 13. event. I can’t wait to meet them and get to know them. I’m sure they are wonderful people.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Talked to Ms. Shugart and Mr.January 18, 2012 Oglesby about giving their students Keep the refreshments2:00 PM – 6:00 PM an incentive to come to the walk-a- in a safe place until theTotal time: 4 hours thon. Talked to the manager at event. 3 more days! Kroger. They generously donated 10 cases of 24 pack water and 8 boxes of 18 pack granola bars all for free. Commentary: I hope that students come now that Ms. Shugart and Mr. Oglesby are offering extra credit for attending the walk-a-thon. Also, I am so grateful to Kroger for giving me such a huge donation. It is amazingly kind and generous of them and I can’t thank them enough for their contribution to my project.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Printed permission waivers andJanuary 20, 2012 registrations forms for the walk-a- Make sure to have10:00 PM – 12:00 AM thon. Finalized details for tomorrow. music ready and allTotal time: 2 hours forms on hand. Bring Commentary: pens and pencils for I can’t believe the walk-a-thon is registration tables. Bring actually tomorrow. All my hard work the list of jobs to keep will finally be worth it once the event everyone organized and begins. I am really nervous about the on task. outcome. It is supposed to be horrible weather tomorrow so I am scared that we will not be able to host the walk-a- thon in the track. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!
  14. 14. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Woke up early to cook some food toJanuary 21, 2012 serve to all the volunteers that came Raised $2,400 for5:45 AM – 4 PM to the event. Got all the refreshments Muscular Dystrophy! So10 hours 45 minutes loaded in the car. Arrived at school excited and so relieved and it started pouring rain. Mrs. that the event was a Orfale and I went to the high school success. I cannot believe and scoped out a place we could hold how much money we the event and we decided on the raised! I am so thankful lunch room. We moved everyone to everyone that helped from the track to the lunch room. me make this event a Everything was set up and the event success. I could not have finally started! I welcomed the done it without their Schopmann and the Gunn family to endless help especially the walk-a-thon. We played games my facilitator, Mrs. such as musical chairs and relay Orfale. games. We sold shamrocks and gave out t-shirts. The event was a huge success! Commentary: I couldn’t be happier with how today went. Although we had to move the location of the event in an instant, that still did not damper any of our moods. We trudged on and people still showed up. I know for a fact that the Schopmann and the Gunn family enjoyed themselves greatly. We raised a lot of money for Muscular Dystrophy and I couldn’t ask for anything more.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Thanked the Beta Club for all theirJanuary 26, 2012 help during the Muscular Dystrophy It is great having a Beta7:40 AM – 8:15 AM walk-a-thon. Club that helped me runTotal time: 35 my walk-a-thonminutes Commentary: smoothly. Definitely
  15. 15. I am so proud of all my Beta members couldn’t have done all and I am really thankful that they of this without their came to support me as well as the help. cause of Muscular Dystrophy.Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Recognized at the State BetaMarch 3, 2012 Convention by Angela Brown, MDA All my hard work and8:00 AM – 12:00 PM representative, for raising the most stress was definitelyTotal time: 4 hours money in the state. We were called worth it in the end. I got the “lucky charm” of MDA. recognized for our huge achievement and Commentary: success in the walk-a- I got a certificate from the Beta Club thon and I was able to for taking part in the MDA service raise money for project and hosting the walk-a-thon. I Muscular Dystrophy. I was so ecstatic when Angela Brown would call that a recognized our school in front of all success! the Beta Clubs in the State of Georgia.