Waters 1Emily WatersSusan LesterAdvanced Grammar and Composition5 March 2012                                         Speec...
Waters 2to talk to him when I needed something or to give me life lessons.Working with Jim Harp hasmade me enjoy teaching ...
Waters 3my own tournament would be much more fun and I would learn more because I would bemanaging the tournament from sta...
Waters 4before I could do anything. I did not know that I had to do that so I changed the location to theWoodmont courts. ...
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Mla format integrated senior project speech outline 2011


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Mla format integrated senior project speech outline 2011

  1. 1. Waters 1Emily WatersSusan LesterAdvanced Grammar and Composition5 March 2012 Speech Outline How would you feel about not even knowing how to grip a racquet but yet going on topursuing and receiving a college tennis scholarship?On my fifth birthday, I received a tennisdress from my parents and the first thing my dad said was, “You can wear that when you go toWimbledon.” I never really took that into consideration when I was five.I said I would butwithout even really understanding what it was.Three years later, after a basketball game forMacedonia elementary school, my teammates asked me if I would like to start an ALTA tennisteam for Woodmont. I did not have any idea what ALTA was, but my dad always talked abouttennis around the house. Our coach was Todd Miller and he would always have a saying wewould do about hitting the ball correctly: Stop, Step, Hit, Flashlight.This phrase stayed with methrough middle school all the way up to my senior year.He was a huge impact in my life becausehe started me on my path to a tennis scholarship.He was my beginner coach who gave me all thetechniques and knowledge I needed to know to go to the next level: junior tournaments.When Ireached high school, I moved to a new tennis academy in Forsyth County.My coach is Jim Harpand he helped me develop more into the player I am today.He got me on the path to reach above100 in the south and top 40 in the state of Georgia.He is like a second father to me because notonly did he help me improve tremendously with my tennis skills, but he was always there for me
  2. 2. Waters 2to talk to him when I needed something or to give me life lessons.Working with Jim Harp hasmade me enjoy teaching people about tennis and giving them the knowledge to perform at highlevels.Since I enjoy teaching others about tennis I wanted to inform people about the risks of notkeeping their bodies healthy while playing tennis and working out. Furthermore, my research paper was over the effects of injuries to the body while playingtennis and ways to improve eating habits.The topic of my senior project is linked to my career byme teaching a boy how to play tennis and giving him information about eating habits andworking out.I chose this topic because I love tennis and I have a passion to spread my knowledgeabout it.In the research for my senior project I learned about eating correctly and if players didnot work out in the ways they should injuries would be knocking at their doors. My facilitator was Jim Harp from Harp Performance Tennis Academy. My facilitator is mytennis coach and he is familiar with being around beginners in tennis and knows what to expect.He played in college at Perimeter. Then he circled the pro tour and decided that was not for him.So he went on to coaching junior tennis. He coached the top juniors in the world after trying togo pro. He has been my coach for two years and he knew what a facilitator was and was morethan happy to be mine for my senior project. He tried to go pro and he knows what it takes to getto that level and will push anyone who is willing to get to that level as well. He is determined tomake as many opportunities for kids as he needs to. Knowing all about my facilitator, we hadsome ups and downs with the process in getting to the end. There were not as many steps taken to complete this project, but in some steps there weresome problems we faced but the first step was to figure out what my product would be.First, Iwanted to put the boy I was going to teach into a USTA tournament but I thought about thatmore and it would cost me around one hundred dollars to do so. My coach thought that hosting
  3. 3. Waters 3my own tournament would be much more fun and I would learn more because I would bemanaging the tournament from start to finish. Next, I had to find someone who would beinterested in learning tennis and playing in a competitive tournament. I asked around and finallyfound Bennett Gibbs, a freshman at Creekview High School. He was so excited to get startedwith me. Then, my coach and I had to establish a meeting time that could fit into both of ourschedules.There was a problem with meeting on the weekends so we met on Mondays during myprivate lessons.We worked on the basics during the first five hours because Bennett needed toget the hang of things before actually competing.The second set of five hours, we worked onmatch play.He could not keep score very well.I took him step by step on how to keep score andthe numbers you use in the scoring process. I let some of my academy players play him to seewhat the competition really is in the tennis world.He could not keep up with the higher players soI told the academy players to slow the ball down and to not go for winners but to let him actuallyhit the ball with no problems. The last five hours I was impressed with him because he wouldcome to me outside of when we practiced to go hit some. He would always ask me if he wasdoing something right or wrong and always wanted me to be watching him during practice.Highschool tryouts were coming up so Bennett told me he wanted to get ready for them. We workedon tweaking his game and improving little parts of his serve.He went on to make the high schoolteam playing line two doubles. After high school tryouts were over I needed to figure out whatday to host my tennis tournament. I decided that it would have to be on a weekend so March 10,2012 was the only open weekend I had available. I made flyers and emailed them to all the girlsand boys tennis players on the high school team. Many were very interested in the tournamentand signed up. I had a little trouble with finding the courts to host the tennis tournament becauseI was going to use the high school courts but I had to get permission from the administration
  4. 4. Waters 4before I could do anything. I did not know that I had to do that so I changed the location to theWoodmont courts. Since I do not live in Woodmont, I personally could not save the courts so Ihad one of the girls on the tennis team, Alexis Pache, reserve the courts for me. For the snacksand refreshments, I had peanut butter crackers, granola bars, bananas, goldfish and bottled water.I printed out official USTA medical release forms for them to all fill out before thetournament.In the end, everything went smoothly and I had a good amount of people show up tomy tournament. For the winners I purchased ten dollar gift cards to Brain Freeze. Those went toEric Daniel and Erik Gammon. Eric Daniel is on the Creekview tennis team and Erik Gammonbeing a friend from academy is on the West Forsyth tennis team. With the few problems I had Istill have learned a little about myself about planning and contacting others. The saying my coach tells me if I am not playing my best is just find a way to win. I ama procrastinator but I pulled through with learning to contact people through different ways.Iused email, Facebook, and text messages through the year to communicate with my facilitatorand people that were in my project.This field is definitely not for me because I do not enjoywatching sports all the time and dealing with people to plan different events that are associatedwith sports.I am going to Tusculum College which is in Greeneville, Tennessee on a scholarshipto play tennis and I will pursue Graphic Design as my major and soon go to Graduate school andmajor in Interior Design and one day work for Montgomery Roth. It is a total opposite swingfrom the Recreational field but I enjoy this field much better. Thank you for letting me informyou all about my senior project and the steps I took in pursuing it.ASK FOR QUESTIONS: