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Senior Project Speech


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My speech for my senior project.

Published in: Education, Sports
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Senior Project Speech

  1. 1. Sadler 1Sami SadlerMs. TilleryBrit Lit/Comp16 April 2012 Senior Project Speech There are many perks to being a student athlete. There are 338 division 1programs who give out 15 full scholarships each and there are 291 division 2 programswho give out 10 full or partial scholarships each. Hello my name is Sami Sadler. For mysenior project I decided to organize and run a basketball camp. There were two parts tomy camp. There was the actual camp that the athletes went to and then there was aseminar on college exposure for the parents. (College exposure is when girls go totournaments or camps to get seen by college coaches and recruiters.) My product was the basketball camp and parent seminar. For the parent seminar Ihad two speakers come to speak to the parents. Bruce Price, the founder of PeakPerformance (basketball organization), and Kim Sadler, the mother of two basketballplayers who are very active in the college exposure basketball world. Bruce Price was avery important speaker to me because he is the one who introduced me to the world ofcollege exposure basketball and taught me all I know. He is very successful as well, hestarted his own basketball organization. Peak Performance. Also he has had a daughterwho has played basketball at the college level so he knows what it takes to get yourdaughter to play on the colligate level. I chose to have Kim Sadler speak at my campbecause she has done a lot of research on college exposure basketball and how to get yourdaughter seen. Then I had to find people to help me train the girls at the camp. I decided
  2. 2. Sadler 2that I didn’t want to get coaches to help me I wanted older players, that’s when I called ateammate of mine named Mackensie Block and my sister, Alex Sadler. Makensie playsfor a well known college exposure team, she also is the starting guard for WoodstockHigh School. She is a very hard working, strong minded girl who is very dedicated to herplay. This is why she was a great person to help me with my camp. I also had Alex Sadlerhelp me with my camp because she is a very talented athlete who the other girls canrelate to well. Alex Sadler has played for some very well known teams for some verywell known organizations. I chose to run and organize a basketball camp because I have had all sorts ofexperiences and I want to share them with others. There was a lot of work put into my camp. I started by looking for a venue and Ifinally decided on All Tournaments Players Park (ATPP). I decided ATPP was a goodplace for me to hold my camp because I could get a gym and a meeting room for $150dollars. I then had to go and talk to the owner to set a date and time for my camp. Theydid not have a lot of available gym time, which was very aggravating for me because wecould not set a date. So I then waited and went back a week later. When I went back wefound a date that would work so that then became the date of my camp. We decided thatFebruary 19, 2012 from 2-5pm would be the time my camp would take place. I thenemailed some coaches I knew to see if any of them were interested and available to speakat my camp. This was a big challenge for me because no one immediately emailed meback and I had to email quite a few people. I then had two people respond to me and wereinterested in speaking. Next I found two girls I knew to help me train the athletes at mycamp. This was the easy part because a lot of people were willing to help me. The next
  3. 3. Sadler 3thing I had to do was find a way to get the word out about my camp. That is when Idecided to make fliers and a Facebook event page. Once I finished making my fliers Istarted emailing them out to basketball coaches I know and a list of athletes I had emailaddresses for. I also posted the link to my Facebook event page all over my Facebook andmy friends Facebook’s. It was a bit annoying for me when I was trying to get the wordout because I did not feel like I was getting the word out well. The next thing I needed todo for my camp was make a sheet I could hand out to all of the parents with all sorts offacts about getting their daughter seen and scholarships. As the date of my camp startedto creep up I then needed to make a schedule for my camp. I had to manage out time anddecided what activities to do, when to do them, and how long to do them for. I then hadto email all my helpers once again to make sure they remembered the camp was comingup and I sent them the schedule for the camp. I then got some bad news that one of mytrainers got hurt and could not come help at my camp and I also had one of my speakersback out at the last minute. I then had to frantically call people I knew to try to getsomeone to come speak at my camp. That’s when my mom stepped in and said she wouldspeak at my camp for me. My project facilitator was Brandon Clay. Brandon Clay was a good person to bemy project facilitator because he runs a recruiting service. My facilitator was a greatperson to help me however he did not help me much through out the process. My research paper was about how exercise helps children. It relates to my projectbecause sports are a great way for kids to get exercise. My research paper did not goclosely with my project, however I did learn a ton from doing all my research aboutchildren and exercise. Something I found interesting is that exercise has many benefits on
  4. 4. Sadler 4kids like keeping them at a good weight, teaching the life lessons, and setting them up fora healthy life. Another thing I found interesting was 42% of children in the nation getmore exercise during recess then they do in physical education class. I learned that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to do this as a career.However, I do plan on studying sports management in college and go on to pursue acareer in the field.