The convenient worldmade by DAEBO Communication& Systems CorporationDBCS makes the world more convenient and safer.       ...
Specialized                                           workforces     94% of all employees are engineers with know-how     ...
Income        Statement        Summary                                                                                    ...
11                                                                                                                        ...
Greeting           Message                                                                   DBCS of                      ...
History                                                                                                                 DA...
Business           Area                                Providing total services from consulting to establishment,         ...
SI     System     Integration     Providing optimized IT system     DBCS provides optimized IT system for customers’      ...
SI _ System Integration             ITS (Intelligent Transport System)                                                    ...
SI _ System Integration                                                                                                   ...
Night scene of the Seoul officeof Korea Expressway Corporation                                                       Opera...
SM _ System Management                                                                                                    ...
SM _ System Management             IT Outsourcing                                                                         ...
Smart Highway                                                               Providing the most efficient and optimized    ...
Solution             Solution                                                                                             ...
Solution             Solution          No.1 company specializing in ITS solution in Korea _ DBCS                          ...
Solution             R&D          A company that adds convenience to each and every corner you step _ DBCS                ...
Intelligent Transport System Soulution Company in Korea
Intelligent Transport System Soulution Company in Korea
Intelligent Transport System Soulution Company in Korea
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Intelligent Transport System Soulution Company in Korea


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Intelligent Transport System Soulution Company in Korea

  1. 1. The convenient worldmade by DAEBO Communication& Systems CorporationDBCS makes the world more convenient and safer. Profile DaeBo Communication & Systems(DBCS) is the company specialized in traffic IT service. It was established in 1996 for efficient operation and enhancement of IT systems installed for the convenient and safe use of highways. We are contributing to the development of national industries and improvement of national life through the sustainable development of Contents techniques, fostering of talents and innovation activities, and etc. And we provide total services throughout the traffic IT field from designing the traffic systems of national roads and municipality roads, as well as highways to the establishment, operation, and management of them. 04 Company Introduction 10 Greeting 12 History & Vision 14 Business Guide DBCS is extending business areas to the building, operating, and managing IT systems of public facilities like airports, railroads and local governments by utilizing specialized solutions and nationwide networks. Additionally, the company is strengthen its position as an advanced 16 Business Guide I _ SI 22 Business Guide II_ SM 28 Business Guide III _ Solution enterprise of total IT service by extending research and development of future-oriented fields like‘Green growth’and green IT 34 R&D 36 Affiliated Companies 38 Social Contribution convergence in preparation for future IT environments.
  2. 2. Specialized workforces 94% of all employees are engineers with know-how DBCS in operation in specialized fields of IT technology. delivering impressionImpressionWe make a strong impressionon peopleDBCS is providing impressive services tocustomers and users all through long- Rank in ITaccumulated IT technology and service construction Ranked No.4 among 6,900 IT constructionknow-how. capability companies in Korea by years I 05
  3. 3. Income Statement Summary DBCS delivering happiness Balance Sheet Summary Credit Happiness Raiting We deliver happiness Fast and accurate traffic information services that link people and logistics; connecting them ‘AA’ class ISO/IEC 20000 certified National Quality Prize for happy meetings. in credit evaluation (Presidential Citation) (Official)06 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd.
  4. 4. 11 a d lity rde ua wa al Qe A n z tio Pri Na 11 a nt as elle nt DBCS All about ICT, tedf Exceme lec o g Se any ana e mp or-M ultu r co ab C DBCS L delivering 10 ied rtif safety 20 00 0 ce C /IE ISO 08 op tion a T va ❶ ❷ ed Inno ard IT Awlent Prize ❶ Longitudinal tunnel power generation equipment cel ❷ Bus information system Ex 06 of ny y pa ualit om Q a c ce as ervi ied t S rtif len Ce xcel E d 99 Major ifie 01c ert Awards and 90 ISO Certifications Global Standard Awarded a Quality management prize in National Quality Awards DBCS transitioned to a system of company-wide quality (Presidential Citation) management through ISO 9001 certification in 1999. DBCS 2011 Selected as company of excellent labor-management culture (Ministry of has also been conducting quality management activities Employment and Labor) continuously certified as a company of outstanding service Awarded a excellent service prize by Incheon Airport Corporation quality and through ISO/IEC 20000 certification. ISO/IEC 20000 certified Awarded a top excellent quality prize by Incheon Airport Corporation We have been providing top quality services through Received citation for contribution to maintenance work by Korea continuous innovations based on the managerial vision“Let’ s Expressway Corporation provide top quality services with our best dedication and 2010 Awarded a appreciation plaque from National Security Research Institute passion” and on that basis, The company has been , Awarded a appreciation plaque by Daecheong Social Welfare Hall for social contribution activities awarded numerous prizes including “Top Excellent IT Innovation Received citation by Construction and Management Administration for Innovation Prize (Prime Minister Prize)”“Citation for the , the contribution to building ITS contribution to ITS industry development (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs prize)”,“Top excellent service Received appreciation plaque from Police Administration for the Safety prize (Incheon Airport Corporation)” (Presidential citation)”and etc. , , “National quality prize 2009 contribution to the establishment of Incheon UTIS Awarded a citation as outstanding company for tunnel operation by Korea Expressway Corporation Awarded a citation as outstanding company for the maintenance of New Daegu-Busan Highway Awarded a citation as outstanding company for the operation of Daegu- We deliver safety Busan tunnel Top excellence prize on IT innovation (Prime Minister Citation) to people ❶ ❷ 2008 Citation in appreciation of the contribution to the development of Land and Maritime Affairs (Ministry of Land and Maritime Affairs) Excellence Prize on the ethical management of Incheon Airport ❶ IR antenna for ETCS Corporation ❷ Tunnel general control center Citation for the contribution to the execution of disaster taskforce work ❸ Smart highway lane (Ministry of Public Administration and Security) control system Citation for the contribution to the establishment of traffic information 2007 center (Governor of Gyeonggi province) ❸ Citation in appreciation for the contribution to the maintenance of ※ ETCS : Electronic Toll Collection System Incheon Airport Corporation DBSC operates cutting-edge IT systems for UTIS : Urban Traffic Information System Citation for the contribution to the development of ITS industry in 2006 2006 (Ministry of Construction and Transportation) more comfortable and safer transport; serving Selected as faithful taxpayer by Yongin District Tax Office 이전 Certified as outstanding company in service quality as a bright lighthouse to the world. ISO 9001 certifiedThe FIDS front view of Incheon Int’Airport l(Maintained the aviation communication systemof Incheon Intl airport 2006 through 2011) I 09
  5. 5. Greeting Message DBCS of We will enrich the lives Dedication of customers based on cutting-edge technologies & Trust and services. Ever since I experienced big failure in youth, I have cherished in my heart and put into practice the conviction of mine :“Striving for continuous training to become stronger”I have developed Daebo Group with such mindset and created an enterprise that emphasizes on stability and strength rather than rapid external growth. An enterprise that everyone trusts and applauds that is Daebo At the moment, Daebo receives considerable trust from the people and the nation and is greatly acclaimed for its social contribution. All of this is because the workers of Daebo Group have done their utmost and the corporate spirit of Daebo encourages giving DBCS has been conducting the establishment and maintanance of intelligent transport systems(ITS) back to society. for highways and the social infrastructure of the nation for 16 years since its inception in 1996. And it has grown to be the No.1 company specialized in traffic systems in Korea. It also provides total service of ITS ranging from designing to building and operating of various ITS equipments for national Our accumulated In the future, Daebo will grow as an and urban roads. know-how and invaluable enterprise that makes the world technologies will lead even more prosperous through the solid Also, DBCS is growing as a bona fide‘Total ICT service company’by extending business areas to the fields of building and operating the IT systems for public facilities like airports, railroads and local the growth of our growth and relationships we create with you governments by utilizing specialized solutions and a nationwide business network. customers. in even greater trust. For counteracting a rapidly changing future IT environment with initiative, DBCS is concentrating on Thank you. the R&D of future-oriented fields like green growth, smart IT technology development, green IT convergence, and etc., and is putting efforts to create a richer IT world through new technological Chairman innovation. of Daebo Group All of the executives and employees of DBCS will continue to provide optimal ICT services later on as well through customer-centered technological innovation and solution development based on our undying passion and challenging spirit. Thank you for your business with us. Chief Executive Officer DaeBo Communication & Systems Co.,Ltd.10 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd. I 11
  6. 6. History DAEBO ~2011 New leap Philosophy 2011. 1 2 Awarded a Quality Management Prize in Korea National Quality Awards (Presidential citation) 2011. 06 Certified as Excellent Company on labor-union culture (Ministry of Employment and Labor) Provide service of 2011. 06 Ranked No.4 among 6,900 IT construction companies in Korea the highest quality 2010. 1 2 Awarded a Top Excellenct Quality Prize for Incheon International Airport Corporation with all our dedication Dedication + Soul Customer 2010. 05 ISO/IEC 20000 certified and soul 2010. 03 Conducted integrated maintenance of national road ITS (2,045km) ~2009 Preparation for leap 2009. 1 0 Developed traffic information system based on DSRC 2009. 09 Completed establishment of the UTIS of Incheon metropolitan city Code of Conduct (commercialized UTIS the first time in the world) 2008. 1 2 Awarded a Top Excellence Prize on IT innovation contest in Korea 2007. 1 2 Built Hi-Pass system(ETCS) nationwide ~2006 Opening of the era of DBCS Do your best where you are now 2006. 1 1 Executed the operation and maintenance of aviation communication system You can’ outdo others if you act like them. t for Incheon International Airport 2006. 03 Awarded a Ministry of Construction and Transport Citation in appreciation for the contribution to ITS development 2005. 1 2 Acquired the certification as outstanding company in service quality (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) 2005. 1 0 Changed business name to Daebo communication and systems Co., Ltd. 2005. 0 7 Ranked within top 10 (No.8) in the evaluation of construction capability at IT Vision & field in Korea Core Value ~2004 Preparation for growing ground 2004. 0 1 Established and awarded an ITS academic prize (joint with Korea ITS Society) Vision 2020 2003. 1 2 Built the ITS of national road (395Km) 2003. 0 1 Executed ITS maintenance for private highways (Cheonan-Nonsan private ❶ Top 5 ICT company in Korea highway) 2002. 1 2 Developed runaway vehicle enforcement system with image detecting ❷ The ICT company trusted the most by customers 2002. 0 1 Privatized by the plan for the advancement of public enterprises (Daebo Group) ❸ Top 5 most admired ICT company for job seekers 2000. 1 2 Completed domestication of the 310 types of major key parts for highway information and communication facilities 2000. 0 7 Ranked within top 100 (No.95) in the evaluation of construction capability at IT field in Korea Core Value ~1999 Birth of DBCS Dedication to the fingertips 1999. 0 7 ISO 9001 certified Honesty in all things 1999. 0 7 Established R&D center Expertise in work 1998. 1 2 Approved as research and development specialized organization by Ministry of Science and Technology 1997. 06 Executed the business of integrated maintenance of highway 1996. 06 Established Highway TeleCommunication Corporation (invested 100% by Korea Expressway Corporation) Successful Management Stockholders12 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd. I 13
  7. 7. Business Area Providing total services from consulting to establishment, operation and maintenance System Integration Strategy consulting, design and supervision SI Intelligent Transport System Public IT system 28% Electrical and Fire prevention system Software engineering U-city strategy planning and building DaeBo Communication & Systems Corporation Solution SM 8% 64% Solution System Management Hi-pass(ETCS) / Smart Highway ITS maintenance Vehicle number recognition system / AVI Longitudinal tunnel DSRC traffic information collecting system operation & management VMS / VDS / Multi-function CCTV IT Outsourcing UTIS / BIS / Transfer association system HS WIM Cutting-edge IT solutions and services that lead customers to success We provide IT total services based on core technology ranging from system consulting to Sucessful establishment, S/W development, operation management and solution sale, and etc. We Business increase successful business for our customers with optimized solutions and services that Partner customers require.14 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd. I 15
  8. 8. SI System Integration Providing optimized IT system DBCS provides optimized IT system for customers’ needs based on our specialized knowledge and accumulated know-how in various fields like transportation, aviation, railroads, national defense, communication, electricity, fire prevention, and etc. We maximize the business competitiveness of customers through distinct services in various IT convergence fields like U-City and green IT; including ITS.
  9. 9. SI _ System Integration ITS (Intelligent Transport System) Incheon Traffic Information Center (UTIS for Incheon metropolitan city in 2009) Company that builds up a cutting-edge traffic system that everyone is happy with _ DBCS DBCS provides optimized services for customers’needs based on experiences accumulated for over 16years ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) as the No.1 ITS specialized company in building and operating the traffic system in Korea. ‘Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea’ control center Busan-Ulsan highway ITS ITS infrastructure for Iksan Regional Construction and Management Administration In order to provide swift, safe, and comfortable traffic environments in the IT society that is accelerating even traffic management system for the major roads of Seoul more, the company implements optimized next-generation traffic systems that integrate cutting-edge HS WIM (High Speed Weigh In Motion) techniques like electronics, IT, and communications technology in various traffic fields like highways, national Overloaded vehicle unmanned crack-down system for Suncheon national road Overloaded vehicle unmanned crack-down system for highway roads, urban roads, tunnels and airports. BIS (Bus Information System) We create a new future on the roads through an integrated center that controls the smooth flow of traffic and Seongnam city Suncheon-Gwangyang metropolitan area an ITS facility for the enhancement of roads using an efficient, cutting-edge road traffic control system that Goyang city shuttle bus collects, processes, and provides traffic information, bus information system, overloaded vehicle enforcement Namyangju-Gapyeong metropolitan area system, Hi-pass system(ETCS): a wireless highway toll payment system, and etc. ATMS (Advanced Traffic Management Systems) Ulsan metropolitan city Suncheon city Gwangju metropolitan city UTIS (Urban Traffic Information System) Incheon metropolitan city Gyeonggi province traffic Overloaded vehicle Traffic information system information center enforcement system based on DSRC18 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd. I 19
  10. 10. SI _ System Integration SI _ System Integration U-City & SOC Telecom & Electric system U-City for Sejong City (2011-2013) The ICT company that builds up an enriched and happy world _ DBCS DBCS is building national IT infrastructure for U-City that integrates various technologies such as green IT, DBCS is conducting communication construction projects in various fields from home networks to facility public domains, national defense, railroads and harbors by utilizing our accumulated know-how and specialized communication construction based on various accomplishments and technological power in the entire field of workforces. information communication construction industry, and presently marks No.4 in the nation in construction capability evaluation among 6,900 telecom companies in Korea. DBCS builds up an intelligent and innovative city by integrating the function of the city for convenient and efficient life. Ubiquitious computing and IT technology enables it to be successful. Also, equipped with licenses and technical workforces, the company is executing electrical equipment constructions and specialized fire prevention construction for commercial buildings and public facilities. U-City Integrate the Sejong U-City, 1st stage ※ U-City(Ubiquitous City): A city or region with ubiquitous information Designed the U-City for Pyeongtaek city technology. All information systems are linked and virtually everything is Designed the U-City for Jinju innovation city, Gyeongnam province linked to an information system through technologies such as wireless Information Communication Construction Designed the U-City for Byeolnae district of Namyangju city, Gyeonggi province networking and RFID tags. Home network system for Segok complex apartment Magok U-City USP Home network system for Songdo 4-1 complex apartment Designed the U-City for Gimcheon innovation city Home network system for Songdo 4-2 complex apartment Designed the U-City for Chungbuk-Jeju innovation city Communication construction for Munsan Seonyu apartment Construction of transmission network equipment for the Geumgok-Chuncheon railroad of Aviation Gyeongchun line Aviation mobile applications for smartphone Construction of communication facility for East Suncheon-Gwangyang railroad The functions of aviation portal system reinforcement Public facilities Electrical & Fire prevention construction Distributed processing system of the Defense Information Command Relocation system for the Daedong building of Korea Internet & Security Agency Electrical construction for the traffic signal improvement of Ansan city Security control technology support center for National Security Research Institute Electrical construction for the dormitory of Yeoju Jeil High School Kr DNS network and system for Korea Internet & Security Agency Highway electrical facility construction U-learning environment for Daegu metropolitan office of education and improved Electrical facility construction for New Daegu-Busan Highway the structure of the computer network Fire prevention construction for Eumseong Samsung Apartment of Land & Housing Corporation Aviation mobile Sejong U-City integrated City integrated operation Home network system Spare power equipment application for operation center center smartphone20 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd. I 21
  11. 11. Night scene of the Seoul officeof Korea Expressway Corporation Operating 247 service teams by 8 business groups nationwide SM System Management DBCS provides integrated maintenance services for the entire range of IT facilities based on the integrated maintenance operation know-how and business network of highway information communication facilities for the last 16 years. We provide more stable and efficient maintenance services by utilizing the cutting-edge infrastructure that only DBCS is equipped with; like systems for integrated maintenance service network, building, designing, analysis, operation and post- management on a nationwide scale.
  12. 12. SM _ System Management SM _ System Management ITS Maintenance Operation & management Maseong Tunnel We provides 365 days / 24 hours nonstop operating services _ DBCS (Operating and managing presently as of 2010) DBCS is the No.1 ITS maintenance specialized company in Korea equipped with a nationwide service network. DBCS is currently operating and managing 34 longitudinal tunnels nationwide through the operation Based on our experience and know-how accumulated for the last 16 years, we are operating and managing management solutions optimized for tunnel management and specialized engineering workforces. various ITS equipment for infrastructure. ※ longitudinal tunnel : tunnel which is longer than 1Km Holds largest accomplishments of ITS maintenance and largest specialized workforce 2005 Major Longitudinal { Occupies 90% or more of the ITS maintenance market in Korea Cheonan-Nonsan highway TTMS Tunnels in Operation Holds well-organized processes like operation manuals by equipments and emergency situations. 2006 8 locations in addition to Jecheon tunnel and Management 2007 ❶ Hangye tunnel Highway 4 locations in addition to Gomti tunnel 2008 ❷ Gwangahm tunnel Korea Expressway Corporation (3,211km for 25 routes) Highway Munsu tunnel Cheonan-Nonsan highway (85km) ❸ Jecheon tunnel Busan-Ulsan highway (43km) 2009 ❹ Maseong tunnel Daegu-Busan highway tunnel West Suwon-Pyeongtaek highway (39km) ❺ Mungyeongse Pass tunnel Seoul Ring Road (36km) 2010 13 locations in addition to Maseong tunnel ❻ Mungyeong 2nd tunnel Jeonju-Gwangyang highway (118km) 2011 ❼ Sangju tunnel, National road 15 locations in addition to Osu 1st tunnel ❽ Gimcheon 3rd tunnel Seoul Regional Construction and Management Administration (749km) { 2004 ❾ Oduryeong tunnel Daejeon Regional Construction and Management Administration (663km) Busan Regional Construction and Management Administration (4,167km) Jincheon tunnel, Dumundong tunnel, Noruje tunnel ❿ Gomti tunnel, Iksan Regional Construction and Management Administration (241km) 2005 Jangsu tunnel Wonju Regional Construction and Management Administration (191km) Samshinbong tunnel, Sojoryeong tunnel, Paktalje tunnel, Yuksipryeong tunnel Darije tunnel, Bonghwang tunnel, Suin tunnel, Local government Manse tunnel, Dumundongje tunnel Changwon 1st tunnel Gyeonggi province National Jinju 1st and 2nd tunnels 2006 Ansan city road/ Samshinbong tunnel provincial Samshinbong tunnel Daegu metropolitan city 2007 Daejeon metropolitan city roads Gimhae 1st tunnel, Changwon Anmin tunnel, locations in addition to Osu 1st tunnel Incheon metropolitan city Samshinbong tunnel Gimcheon 2nd tunnel Jeonju city Daegu-Busan highway tunnel Gunsan city 2011 Hi-pass(ETCS) CCTV maintenance Gyeonggi traffic Samshinbong tunnel, Hangye tunnel, Suin tunnel, Munsu tunnel maintenance information center Paktalje tunnel, Darije tunnel, Sojoryeong tunnel, operation and management Jeokseok tunnel24 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd. I 25
  13. 13. SM _ System Management IT Outsourcing Integrated call center is in operation 24 hours a day/365 days a year. A company holding top-level specialized technologies on IT services _ DBCS Call 080-852-5800 (Domestic calls only) DBCS is maximizing customer IT capability and efficiency through our extensive maintenance experiences and IT outsourcing for Public Agency Holds the infrastructure for the operation and maintenance advanced technological power in IT service fields along with nationwide information system operation. Information system of National Information Society Agency of a nationwide network, operates 9 parts(repair) centers Address resources information system of Korea Internet & Security Agency and 322 units of emergency repair vehicles Traffic system of Incheon International Airport Specifically, we provide distinct IT outsourcing services based on an optimized nationwide network of 8 Aviation communication system of Incheon International Airport Korea Rural Community Corporation business groups and 247 local service teams, service support systems, solutions for networking, and IT Seoul regional police administration Seoul region outsourcing methodologies like Eagle OM/PM/ITSMF/SMIS. Korea Gas Corporation ❶ Seoul head office Korea Workers Compensation & Welfare Service agency Central region National safety management of Gyeonggi province ❷ Airport business group Having obtained ISO 9001 certification and the service quality outstanding company designation in 1999, we Computing equipments of Korea Food & Drug Administration ❸ Gyeonggi business group acquired the certification of ISO/IEC 20000 the international standard for IT service management in 2010, and Gyeonggi Net system Chungcheong region Committed operation of KT Mokdong ICC MSP now we are recognized on our authentic power for quality internally and externally by being awarded a Quality ❹ Chungcheong business group Management presidential Prize in the service sector in a National Quality Awards in 2011. IT outsourcing for National Defense Agency ❺ Cheonan-Nonsan business group Korea Armed Forces Medical Command Honam region Repaired computing equipments of Korea Armed Air Force ❻ Honam business group Defense Information Technical Standard Management System Gangwon region Korea Defense Intelligence Command Korea Navy Central Accounting Group ❼ Gangwon business group Korea Army Accounting Section Gyeongbuk region PC and subsidiary equipments for Korea Army Headquarters ❽ Gyeongbuk business group Gyeongnam region Eagle OM Network Intergration for public agency Brand of the outsourcing methodology independently of DBCS ❾ Gyeongnam business group Distributed processing system for Defense Information Command Eagle PM Relation system for Daedong building of Korea Internet & Security Agency Business management methodology uniquely of DBCS developed Security control technology support center of National Security Research Institute appropriately for ITO business based on the knowledge area of Kr DNS network and systems for Korea Internet & Securities Agency business management proposed by PMI and the process that meets Environment for u-learning of Daegu metropolitan office of education and CMMI level 3 improvement of computer network structure Eagle ITSMF ISO/IEC 20000 based IT service management framework Eagle SMIS Operation management system developed internally by DBCS Maintenance Spare Emergency center equipments/ repair vehicle parts center26 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd. I 27
  14. 14. Smart Highway Providing the most efficient and optimized solution that customer requires Equipped with solutions and specialized workforces to maximize the competitive edge of customer business, DBCS is developing sustainable and well-organized systems. The effort of DBCS to provide comfortable and safe cutting-edge IT environments continues today, as well.Smart Highway Miniature(Smart Highway; Government-led Research Project 2009 ~ 2014)
  15. 15. Solution Solution Gyeonggi province traffic information center (built in 2007 and in operation and management as of 2011) No.1 company specializing in ITS solution in Korea _ DBCS Vehicle number recognition system for highway DBCS holds total solutions on ITS like UTIS, DSRC and VMS that provide traffic information, VDS, DSRC and Vehicle number recognition system AVI that collect traffic information, Hi-Pass that collects tolls, unmanned speed and overload enforcement A device that provides various services with the use of a digital camera and recognition of the vehicle number from the image. solutions, toll evasion prevention systems, transfer association system for the convenience of public Managed transportation users, and etc. And we are also contributing to the improvement of human living quality by > Bussiness > record incoming & outgoing cars providing a comfortable and safe road traffic environment through sustainable and well-organized ITS Exempted vehicle management system for Daegu Eastern Beltway research and developments. Toll violating car enforcement system for Cheonan-Nonsan highway Toll evasion prevention system for Cheonan-Nonsan highway Violating car enforcement system for Busan-Ulsan highway cracked down on Toll evasion prevention system for Busan-Ulsan highway Hi-Pass System violating cars & Runaway car enforcementg device for Cheonan-Nonsan highway collected traffic Hi-Pass System is a wireless toll payment system that once a vehicle mounted with OBU Violating car photographing device for Korea Expressway Corporation inforamtion terminal in which a smart card is inserted, information is exchanged between gate antenna Toll evasion prevention system for Korea Expressway Corporation and OBU via IR or RF communication. Then the highway toll is paid automatically from the smart card where the payment result is transferred to the main computer of the gate office. DSRC Traffic Information Collecting System > Business > record A system that collects traffic information in real-time through DSRC communication between RSE installed on the roadside and a vehicle equipped with an OBE device, and Hi-Pass system(ETCS) for highway in Korea provides traffic information for drivers by processing the traffic information and calculating Hi-Pass system(ETCS) for Busan-Ulsan highway average travel speed and traveling time after transmitting the information to the traffic Hi-Pass system(ETCS) for Uiwang-Gwacheon highway information center. (※ DSRC : Dedicated Short Range Communication) > Bussiness > record ATMS for Suncheon city Traffic management system for principal roads of Seoul city ATMS project for Gwangju metropolitan city (※ ATMS : Advanced Traffic Management System)30 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd. I 31
  16. 16. Solution Solution No.1 company specializing in ITS solution in Korea _ DBCS Advanced Traffic Management System(ATMS) VMS and LCS of Gyeongbu highway Variable Message System(VMS) Advanced Traffic Management System(ATMS) This is an electronic traffic sign often used on roadways to give travelers information about ATMS : A new integrated system that collects and provides bus operation information and road traffic information simultaneously, and the project for the build of special events. Such signs warn of traffic congestion, accidents, incidents, roadwork zones, this system is being conducted actively since 2009 through the full support of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs to acquire continuous traffic flow or speed limits on a specific highway segment. through the traffic management of city areas associated with the highway or national road. DBCS manufactures DSRC RSE base station equipment: the core technique of ATMS directly, holds official certification and thus, has obtained a matchless > Bussiness > record competitive edge. Route display for highway in Korea Traffic guide electronic display for Gwangju metropolitan city > Bussiness > record Namyangju city Vehicle Detection Systems(VDS) Ulsan metropolitan city Loop Vehicle Detection System (LVDS): A system that detects traffic volume, speed and occupancy rate by lanes that run along the road from the loop sensor installed on the road and transmits the data to traffic center. Loop VDS is composed of a sensor part that detects vehicles through the Urban Traffic Information System(UTIS) change of magnetic field and a control part that processes the information to traffic data with the UTIS : A system that provides real-time traffic information to a moving vehicle while use of the signal generated while the vehicle passes and transmits it. RSE(Roadside Equipment) is installed on the CCTV within a city with cutting-edge IT Image Vehicle Detection System (IVDS): As a system that detects traffic volume, speed and technique grafted in intelligent traffic information systems, and OBE(On Board Equipment) occupancy rate by lanes that run along the road from the camera installed on the roadside and communication equipment is installed in moving vehicles to collect and process traffic transmits the data to traffic center. IVDS is composed of detection part that detects vehicle by Video information. Our company applied UTIS to Incheon metropolitan city for the first time in the image and a control part that processes the information to traffic data with the use of the Camera nation and is operating it successfully. image and transmits it. > Bussiness > record > Bussiness > record Incheon metropolitan city VDS for South Sea highway, Youngdong highway, Gyeongbu highway and Honam highway (the first commercialization in the nation) ITS infrastructure for the national road of Wonju city, Gangwon province Bus Information System(BIS) Weigh-In-Motion(WIM) WIM: A device that can classify moving vehicle type, speed and weight, is classified into BIS is a system that collects, processes, and analyzes information like the real-time location and low speed WIM and high speed WIM(LS-WIM, HS-WIM) depending on measurable speed operating condition of a bus in operation with the use of wireless communication, and provides range. In a nutshell, WIM can be considered as equipment that measures only the weight of useful information to passengers, drivers, transporting companies and local government’ s a moving vehicle, but in the long-term perspective, this system is recognized as a critically authorities. Recently, there are active establishments of metropolitan bus information systems that important system in planning, designing, and operating social overhead capital. shares bus information among local governments on account of expansion of the operation of metropolitan buses. > Bussiness > record > Bussiness > record Metropolitan BIS between Namyangju and Gapyeong Suncheon city BIS for Seongnam city, Gyeonggi province Highway (Korea Expressway Corp.)32 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd. I 33
  17. 17. Solution R&D A company that adds convenience to each and every corner you step _ DBCS Bus Information System for Gyeonggi province UTIS terminal for Incheon metropolitan city We open up the future of ICT world through R&D by“selection and concentration”strategy. Research on Smart Highway Aiming“Multi-Lane, Free-Flow Toll Collection”as a goal, targeting driving/running cars at high speed, developing a system that is capable of collecting highway DBCS has been researching and developing ceaselessly 24 hours a day by setting sustainable system tolls maintaining high speed driving conditions at the same time, and developing development as our core value since the establishment of our technology research center in 1998. the technology of handling payment and communication for handling toll calculation Also, in order to realize the core value, we are pursuing sustainable advancement and refinement of our developed products by receiving feedback for improvements and new service demands from our customers. DBCS also provides real-time technical support and consulting services for customers by specified organizations and technical systems to take action in the shortest time possible for customer complaints. Research on Traffic Association & Transfer Association System We are researching and developing a system that provides customized real-time information to transfer users by smart phone through which information is provided by collecting, integrating and processing the information on various public transportations like bus, subway, aviation and railroad, plus information on the transfer users like location and on-demand event information within transfer center. Smart tolling system Vehicle number Transfer information recognition system system application for smart phone34 I DB Communication & Systems Co., Ltd. I 35
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