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Itac benoit long deck final eng - feb 12 2013


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An Update on SSC Transformation Initiatives by Benoit Long. ITAC Breakfast Feb 12, 2013. MarketWorks Sponsored.

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Itac benoit long deck final eng - feb 12 2013

  1. 1. Shared Services Canada: An Update on Transformation Initiatives ITAC February 12, 2013
  2. 2. SSC Service Transformation Model Mandated to deliver An Integrated organisation technology designed to services transform Transformative (PBOM) by design Industry, An applied workforce, and transformation partner methodology relationships 2
  3. 3. Transformation Methodology Plan Build Operate Service Strategy & Service Design Service Transition Service OperationsStep  1:     Step  2:   Step  3:     Step  4:     Step  5:    Current  State   Requirements   End  State   Plan  and   Execute   Procure   u Inventory   u Requirements   u Target   u Consolida3on   u Progress   Strategy  and   u Applica3on   Analysis   Architecture   Plan   Reports   Map   u Engagement   u Target   u HR  Strategic   u Benefits   Strategy   Organiza3on   Plan   Reports     u Networks  Map   u Change  Mgmt.   u Case  Studies,     u Service  Delivery   Plan   Industry  Trends   Model   u Business   Case(s)   Management (enabling services such as HR, Finance and Procurement among others) 3
  4. 4. DCC & Telecom Transformation Strategies Reduce   Standardize   Key  Driver:    Capital  refresh  lifecycle   Modernize   Commodi6ze   4
  5. 5. Conceptual End State – Simpler, Safer and Smarter Allies   (+Interna)onal)   Internet   Virtual   Canadians   Private   Cloud   Businesses   Governments   GC  Network   Regional  and  Interna3onal  Carriers   (377,000  users;  3500+  loca3ons)   Public  Servants   GC  Offices   Produc3on  X   Produc3on  Y   Business  Con3nuity   Enterprise   Security   Sensi6ve  Data   Enclaves   Development   Development  Centre   Geographic  Diversity   •  Separate  Development  Data   Centres  for  best  support  of   •  Data  Centres  in  pairs  for   applica5on  development   high  performance   •  Leading  prac5ce  to  ensure  strong   •  Data  Centres  in  diverse   segrega5on  of  produc5on   loca5ons  for  disaster   environment  from  non-­‐ tolerance   produc5on   5
  6. 6. Schedule for DCC and Telecom TransformationsStep  1:    Current  State   Step  2:   Requirements   Step  3:     End   State   Step  4:     Plan   Step  5:     Execute  Wave  1   High-­‐Level                                  Detailed   Step  5:     Execute  Wave  2   Plans   Step  5:     Execute  Wave  3   Program  Management:  Project  Management,  Repor3ng,  Communica3ons,  Governance,  Stakeholder  Engagement,  Finance   Sep.   Dec.   Mar.   Jun.   Sep.   2014   2016   2018   2020   2013   6